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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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[“Composting toilets”]
I think a composting toilet is the way to go to protect our Keys unique environment. The toilets can work without water or electricity and the only impact on the environment is a plus, rather than detrimental as the sewers, grinder pumps, injection wells, etc are. I want one. I don’t want a grinder pump! It’s not too late to bring up this issue to the power that be. They work for us and it’s time that they listen and pay attention
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So the Wiccans want to kill a chicken and leave it on Ed’s door? Not true Wiccans I’d say.
[“Fried food lunch at Mangrove Mamas”] Actually it wasn’t fried! I had my usual summer special . Monday’s yummy meatloaf, corn and real mashed potatoes with a soda for under $10. Specials are for lunch every weekday off season, just like last year and they give you a card to get punched so after so many lunches you get one free. I don’t know about dinners there
[Sarcasm] When is the lobster mini-season again, I didn’t quite catch it?
[“Immigrants refuse to learn local language”] So how did that immigration policy work out for the Native American Indians? Can you speak Navajo?
[Library Card Renewal] I got an email from the library telling me I have to come in and renew my account. I read eBooks and don’t go to the library. What are they afraid will happen by not renewing in person? I don’t buy anything or physically take a book from them. Even if I did, what’s the point of having to go there in person to renew? Do they just want to look at me? I shouldn’t have to physically go to the library every year to renew my account. I should be able to do that online. Why do I have to renew it anyway? It’s only a library card. Do they think I’ll use their card to buy jewelry at Tiffany’s?
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Come cool off in Vermont. Link
[Illegal Luxury] The news said that it is costing the US $500 a day per illegal child from Central America. That’s so typical of government. If they put each child in a hotel suite with room service they could save about $200 a day for each illegal.
When someone calls out FTR on the number of deportations by Obama vs Bush he says he doesn’t know if the poster’s numbers are correct or not even though there were 3 posts that day saying they were. It doesn’t seem too hard to prove or disprove, but why bother since if they are correct Obama is “cooking the books”. Besides that, “Bush isn’t president anymore”. I guess that means he won’t be mentioning Bush anymore.
pray16[“Regarding prayer”] Someone said yesterday that the results are the same whether you pray or not. Well, there was an experiment a few years ago in a hospital where terminally ill patients were divided into two groups. One group had people come into their rooms and pray over them. The other group had no one praying for them. Guess what? The group being prayed for died sooner than the other group. Researchers surmised that the people being prayed for likely gave up, figuring that theirs was such a lost cause since people were praying for them. The group that was not subject to prayer lived longer. So much for the power of prayer
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[“Giant Snails”
] Yummy, break out the garlic butter!
Old folks’ perspective on the environment. Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.” The clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”

She was right – our generation didn’t have the green thing in its day. Link

Obama has used his executive power less than any other President. He even said he would use it during his reelection campaign.
carwash shower
[Car Wash] The gas station at K Mart shopping center in Marathon has a 20 cent a gallon discount if you get a car wash. They do the bottom and the body very well. Money for Micky D’s
[Poachers] There appears to be an unannounced pre mini-season going on down here. In the area on the south side of Cudjoe Key, people have been working the shallows for about a week. I really don’t think they are sightseeing. I sure hope it is not the locals doing this
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Happy Wednesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today’s special is our traditional Sheppard’s pie. It’s comfort food at its best. It’s a favorite soshephard-pie23 come on in and get it while it lasts.
Thursday special: pesto chicken on a Kaiser roll.
Friday special: mango curry mahi mahi
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s.
FTR is like a lawyer for the crazies. He is presented with a fact (i.e. Obama’s immigration record) and then he dissects it until he finds a small element that satisfies his prejudices. If he can’t find one, he imagines one.
[Worlds Shortest Fairy Tale] Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl will you marry me. The girl said no and the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch and had money in the bank and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted. THE END
Huge 18-pound lobster being sent back to sea. Link
[America’s Got Talent] This seemingly polite and humorous 84 year old man turned up at the auditions for America’s Got Talent and you’ll never guess what he sang. Video
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[“The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should be recognized as the one true church”] Wrong! All bow before the mighty Hypnotoad!
[Sewers] DEP has issued a Notice of Intent to Issue Permit for the Cudjoe Regional wastewater plant. Anyone can protest it if they file within 14 days in the required format, but you have to have a valid complaint.

DEP has blown off concerns of citizens and environmental groups by intending to issue this re-permit. At the end of the long draft permit, there is a ‘basis for decision’ section where they address why they are ignoring the several concerns about the shallow injection wells. I think my favorite was where they dismiss the fact that the whole area is saturated with landfill leachate by saying that since the landfill is unlined, there is no leachate. (you just can’t find good help anymore, I guess). DEP also posted a bunch of emails (but not all) where they discussed various permit issues with engineers. If you have an engineering background, these are amazing in their attempts to obfuscate the facts. If you would like to browse through the postings on DEP’s Oculus site, here is the link, filtered to just show CRWS posts. click “public log-in”, than click on a date column header to sort. Click once, then again to get the most recent at the top. Click on the icon to download the document you wish to view. Link

[“Giant Snails”] Hmmm, Nigeria again? Maybe we should just put ‘refused’ on everything that comes from that criminal, corrupt 5th world country. Also, it seems they have lots of free money they want to share with American strangers via e-mail. I still get an occasional ‘offer’ from those idiots. Some places would be better for us if they didn’t exist. Okay, sympathetic bleeding hearts, attack me on this!
[“Canned Heat”] I was walking along Ventura Blvd in LA one time and stopped in for a beer at a nice looking little bar and there was Canned Heat playing in a corner. This was while they had big hits on the radio. There were maybe a hundred people there. The lead singer was so fat and had so many ‘inner tubes’ around his waste that I thought he looked like the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland.
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[They Live!] We don’t live in the prehistoric age. Dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. So why did Steven Spielberg kill a triceratops? Turns out lots of non-“Jurassic Park” people on Facebook didn’t realize that Jay Branscomb was joking when he posted “disgraceful” photo of a “despicable man, namely director Steven Spielberg posing with a poached triceratops. It’s been shared over 30,000 times! One Facebook commenter who was in the dark about the animal’s extinction wrote, “Disgusting! I bet he only kept the horns!
[“Israel vs Hamas”] Remember and do not forget that Palestine started this recent crisis buy killing 3 young men. Hamas ignored the cease fire. Now all hell is going to break loose. The Arab world has always been warring nations, it is part of the way they live all the way back before the arrival of Jesus and will be going on till the end of time. These people are absolute lunatics and there is no changing the way they behave. I do not know why we try to help over there, it does no good.

Our country and our allies need to develop small killing units to infiltrate terrorists and destroy their networks. We also need to develop a rifle that can kill someone from two miles away

heavy medal guitar2
[Heavy Metal] I met a 50 year old guy yesterday extolling the virtues of heavy metal & what wonderful guitar heroes he has, that can really “shred.” I never heard of any of them, except for Slash & Ozzie Osbourne, as it is simply not my kind of music. Here’s the kind of “shredding” I prefer.
Vince Gill – Remington Ride
[Religion] It seems strange to me that those souls who have different religions spend an inordinate amount of time extolling the faults of the other religions and extolling the virtues of their religion on these sites. I would think the matter is more of a personal nature. Let those with mainstream religious beliefs alone and likewise those possessing other religious beliefs alone. I believe the majority of our populous feel the same way. How does one say it? Oh yeh, “To each his own!”
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[“Composting toilets”] I’m getting an aerobic system. Can I have a Composting toilet instead? Link
It’s sad but the Israelis and Palestinians have a higher success rate negotiating than Democrats and Republicans.
[Parking Decals] Key West is overbuilt; there is no fix for Old Town parking, but I think anyone who owns a home in Key West should have a Key West driver’s license and license tags, if he or she wants an Old Town parking decal
I’ve come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to technologies.
1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.
2. Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.
3. Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.
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You aren’t imagining seeing old people everywhere.  You are! The 65 & older population is projected to reach 83.7 million by 2050–almost double the 2012 level of 43.1 million. Better learn to respect your elders. Majority rules. Link
[Veterans Memorial Party] Saturday, 19 July from 2- 10 pm at Mangrove Mama’s MM 20. Lots of prizes, 50/50 raffle, live music

$20 all you can eat and drink. All proceeds to living veterans memorial.

[Conch-rete] Come on you guys, I’ve heard the story of concrete being made using salt water in the keys and resulting rusted rebar (spalling) a gazillion times. Now someone’s theory is it was done on the old 7 Mile Bridge. Keep on believing the myth if it makes you feel better
[KW Goombay Festival Problem] I have watched on television or attended numerous city commission meetings and for the most part, whatever a commissioner in their district approves and votes for the others normally support them. I believe this is the procedure followed because most often it is the consensus and wishes of those commissioners’ constituents.

This was not the case at the July 1 commission meeting, and to me it was a slap in the face of those living in and those that have a vested interest in Bahama Village, other than Goombay. It somewhat reminded me of the days of old when candidates for city commission and other elected positions would tout and visit the black community just prior to election dates. However, with single-member districting that process is no longer the norm.

Under the present format, the only member of the commission voted on by the entire city is the mayor, which makes the entire city the mayor’s constituents. On July 1, personally, I don’t believe Mayor [Craig] Cates listened or voted the wishes according to the overwhelming majority of his constituents who support or live in Bahama Village. Maybe he believes that he does not represent, or have to listen to his constituents who have a vested interest in or live in Bahama Village. Because only one person of the “yes” voted group has a vested interest or business or lives in Bahama Village.

The “no” vote we received was because of something that happened several years ago that did not involve this new coalition that addressed the commission. Something that 99 percent were not a part of then, nor were they aware of what had happened. This was a new coalition under new leadership with many members of integrity and their reputations unquestionable. The coalition is a group who has put policies and procedures in place to avoid any one person doing something that is not right.

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bill-16.14[Captain Doom and Gloom] Why do you think culling is bad? Most countries do it in one form or another. Prisons, bad water, bad food, slavery, spreading diseases, war and other ways. The UE’S[?] are not just the inept, the criminal, the sick, or the insane, but also the Wall Street tycoons and big business moguls who would destroy this rock if the profit was great enough. Earth seems to be going through a testing period as to who will inherit what is left, after the uncaring eat, drink, pollute and destroy everything and there is nothing except Amish running around. Then earth might last a bit longer!
Oobama’s reaction to the various severe problems our nation now faces.

Immigration:  Deny the problems, Don’t secure the border., Admit in everyone no matter of their criminal or gang affiliation background including, no doubt, terrorists and the violent and murdeous MS-13 drug dealers who have taken advantage of our open border, and grant residency to everyone allowing their families, no matter how limited their education, language skills, ability to work at a self sustaining jobs and will be sucking on the taxpayer teet for decades.

IRS scandal:  Lies and denials despite overwhelming evidenced to the contrary that the IRS was used to target Obama’s political enemies and the Republican  party.  Not to mention the reported $50 million spent on lavish parties.  Hey, why not?  Obama and family have spent, according to record, an estimated $48 million on travel, vacations, shopping etc.  (What the hell, it’s free to them.  Just taxpayer money in the bottomless slush fund).

Benghazi :  With the help of his lap dog Hillary, who spins lies like a spider spins webs, more denial.  (I wasn’t aware!  Hillary:  It was the video!  Now exposed for the blatant lei it was).

NAS spying:  More denials and lies including another lap dog, Attorney General Holder, the Attorney General of tr U.Swho has impeached himself and lied to Congress.  (Obama:  “Not a bit of evidence to support these allegations)  He says he didn’t know of anything of the sort and it didn’t happen.  Another blatant lie that has been exposed.

Fast and Furious scandal:  Justice Department under Holder supplying weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels.  Obama’s statement:  “We didn’t do that.”  Holder is now caught in more lies . Obama denies and lies again.

1st Amendment scandal:  Obama regime targets the press attempting to quash negative reports about his abuse of executive power.  Obama denies everything.

Contempt for the Constitution:  Ignoring the provisions of our Constitution he rules by “Executive Order, Fiat, Tsar-like rule and creates laws, ignores laws he doesn’t like and subverts any constitutional  guarantees that he seems to feel are against his political agenda of transforming our nation into a purely socialist state whereby the government rules everyone’s lives.

Ignorance:  He bows to heads of state of foreign  governments who then laugh at him as a buffoon.  Russian President gives him the political middle fingeras he captures more and more land and enslave more and more people into the Russian State.  He stands idle while our ally Israel is besieged by rocket attacks.  With an agreement by our enemies he has de-funded and dismantled the missile system defense in Europe putting our allies at risk.

He cuts our military budget by billions of dollars, reducing our military strength to pre- WWII levels while sending those billions to foreign countries to support their infrastructure. This, while our own infrastructure is in dire need of rescue, he brags about “our commitment”  to help our neighbors.  (Hey, Obama, how about helping our own people and solver our own problems before you go trotting around the world trying to solve their problems .  Never mind the fact that most of the billions of dollars get funneled into some despots or dictators secret stash and their people are left to rot in their hovels and starve.

And the scandals, lies, deceit, abuse of power go on and on.  When do we all wake up?

“Illegals come here for love”. ~Jeb Bush leading Conservative for the next Presidential election.

I disagree, Mr. Bush. Sell your wares at the next Tea Party gathering

Obama has the power to close the border. He has chosen to not act. The figures you use to report the deportations during his administration are based on a different method of counting. as reported by NBC. Maybe he uses the same method for counting Obama Care enrollment. :Look at what is going on……open your eyes
from the right
track16Many Americans are more than disgusted at the seemingly unending parade of scandals and emergency’s that Democrat leadership has foisted on us. More than 2/3rds of all Americans now believe that our nation is on the wrong track. Many are suffering from a severe case of buyer’s remorse. Many are convinced that the change that Obama has wreaked on us is not in their best interest, not in the best interest of our nation, nor the world.

Many have asked what we can do about it. Personally I’m convinced that it is imperative that the Democrats hold on the Senate must be broken. It must be broken in November.

If you really want to help in accomplishing that goal, I suggest that you visit the web site of Colorado Republican Senate candidate, Cory Gardner, at Link

I also suggest that you check out the web site of Michigan Republican candidate for Senate, Terri Lynn Land, at Link

It seems that Ms. Lyn Land missed reading the memo that the Republicans are at war with women.

I ask you to examine their record and their plans if elected. If you share their views I urge you to send them a few bucks, it will help. I did.

Part 2) A poster complained that I had misused the word “perfidy” in describing the behavior of the IRS. A dictionary definition of: Per·fi·dy: 1. deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery.

Perfidy is exactly the correct word to describe the actions of Obama’s IRS. The consummate arrogance of IRS management is shocking. Their claim that 7 hard drives suddenly malfunctioned and then were conveniently destroyed thereby destroying evidence absolutely beggars belief. It would not fly in any court of our land. No jury would believe it. Every administration has a basic responsibility to ensure that the IRS, probably the most powerful domestic authority, acts in a perfectly fair, nonpartisan way.

But, it is happening again in the Obama administration. There is substantial evidence that has been revealed that convinces me and many others that there is probable cause to believe the IRS was used as a political tool to punish the administrations enemies. That course of conduct is perfidy personified. And it may be a criminal act. Not since Richard Nixon have we seen the IRS used as a weapon against the Presidents “enemies.”

Even though the IRS scandal continues to grow, it is a very real possibility that the IRS’s acts will never be decided by any court. It is probable that the evidence has been destroyed by the suspects. One need not be a Harvard constitutional law instructor to know that if the evidence of the crime has been destroyed, there is little likelihood of prosecution, especially if the prosecutor is an ally of the suspect. Nonetheless, in the court of public opinion Obama and the IRS are guilty.

The poster also suggested that the IRS was “innocent” until proven guilty. That standard applies only in criminal matters, it does not suggest that you ignore your common sense. Certainly every one of us has had the occasion to interact with a person who is a habitual liar, a cheat, and perhaps a thief. He/she may even be proud and arrogant that he/she has not been “caught.” Ask yourself if you would trust your money to the care of that perfidious person.

Part 3) Incredibly the White House is bragging that the Obama administration’s foreign policies have enhanced the world’s “tranquility.”

How is it possible that they can have the hubris necessary to make such a claim given that N. Korea continues to develop a nuke. Iran continues to develop a nuke. Warfare is breaking out in the Gaza strip. Syria continues in the throes of a vicious civil war and is slow walking or refusing to abandon its chemical weapons. Russia had made incursions into the Ukraine. China is in a mad rush to massively increase their military, and they are threatening Japan. The free and democrat nation of Iraq is dying at the hands of Juhadists who are claiming that they have established a Caliphate that includes part of Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Jihadists run rampant in North Africa, kidnapping hundreds of children. Militant Muslim fundamentalism has never been more powerful since the Ottoman Empire. Our southern border is being overrun by a tsunami of illegal immigrants and tens of thousands of children seeking asylum. The world is in chaos.

None of the above addresses the mess in the IRS, the VA, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover-up, off the chart unemployment for Blacks, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, welfare and food stamps at historic highs, for the first time since 1978 we have more small business deaths than startups, etc., etc. etc,. Is it hubris, or are they so radicalized that they cannot or will not see the truth?

news flash
FLASH….FLASH….FLASH: Late yesterday afternoon it was reported that yet another hard drive that was in the computer of Louis Lerner’s circle of communicants has crashed and cannot be recovered. That’s 7 now, or is it 8? This time it was the hard drive in the computer of April Sands, a close associate of Lerner. Sands doesn’t now work for the IRS, but she did work with Lerner in the past. Until she was forced to resigned, she worked for the Federal Election Commission. She is a lawyer and friend of Lerner. She recently was forced to quit the FEC because she violated the Hatch Act. She used her government computer to send a laundry list of anti Republican postings. She was politicking. It’s against the law. She should be prosecuted