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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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[Free Gun] Coleman .22, compressed Air target pistol previously used for iguana problems. Very accurate and quiet (this is not a firearm).  It will be given away to the first person to respond. He/ she/ it must be an adult over 21 and not be restricted by the law. Contact Dr Eugene Nanay
How GoFundMe perpetuates the myth that only some people deserve help. Crowdfunding distracts us from the fundamental idea that everyone, regardless of “merit,” is worthy of care and assistance when they need it. Link
[Hurricane Beryl] Heading towards Mexico without mercy. Link
[Air Conditioning the Olympics] With the Summer Games in Paris just weeks away, athletes will arrive at an Olympic Village without air conditioning. As part of Paris’ commitment to a greener Games, AC has not been installed in the village, with French officials insisting the buildings will stay cool through a geothermal water system. However, many athletes are worried, especially given the expected scorching temperatures throughout Europe.
I had $28 fish and chips at Morado Bay in Islamorada yesterday. Many years ago we used to buy fish and chips every Friday (along with every other Catholic in the State) for $.45. It was fresh haddock and wrapped in newspaper.
[End of the British Empire] The United Kingdom transferred dominion over Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China on July 1, 1997. The handover occurred during a formal ceremony attended by then-Prince Charles and ended 156 years of British rule over the region. The event is generally seen as marking a definitive end of the British Empire.
[“Mosquitoe (out of) Control”] Just bring back the old yellow/white DC 3s flying at 100 ft over our roof tops (I really miss them) and all the mosquitoes will be gone – just as in days gone by (not).  Then life was better and mosquitoes were plentiful as always here and always will be. Live with them, they are Florida natives, or go back North
[Only in American Politics] A Republican Vermont state legislator apologized after a video camera caught her repeatedly pouring water into a Democratic legislator’s workbag. After the hidden video footage was released, Mary Morrissey, 67, confessed to five months of secret harassment of legislator Jim Carroll, 62. “I am truly ashamed of my actions,” Morrissey said. An angry Carroll said, “Her apology holds as much water as my canvas bag.”
[Ten Commandments] Louisiana has passed a “wild new law” that “obliterates separation of church and state,” said Edith Olmsted in The New Republic. Last week, Republican Gov. Jeff Landry signed a bill requiring that a poster-size display of the Ten Commandments — in “large, easily readable font” — hang in every public classroom, from kindergartens to universities. “If you want to respect the rule of law, you’ve got to start from the original lawgiver, which was Moses,” said Landry. He and other proponents claim the commandments aren’t purely religious and are — as the law reads —”foundational documents of our state and national government.” But posting moral rules from the Christian Bible is a “startlingly clear” violation of the Constitution, which prohibits any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” The ACLU and other groups said they’d sue to block it.
Israel’s useless eaters, the religious sect composed of 13% of their population must now serve in the military. Historically they did nothing but read the Torah all day, over and over, contributing nothing to society. The government supports them in a kind of religious welfare.
[Massachusetts Ride-Share Drivers Win] Uber and Lyft have agreed to pay drivers a minimum of $32.50 per hour, in a settlement by Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell. The companies will also pay a combined $175 million to the state to “resolve allegations that the companies violated Massachusetts wage and hour laws,” which will be largely split between existing drivers.
Festival-goers at Glastonbury explore a graffiti-covered London Underground subway car as part of a festival art installation, as 210,000 people descend on the U.K. village for the annual event. Link
[Longer Lobster Mini Season] Oh, No! An extra day has been added to Lobster Mini Season (Florida residents only). It happens on July 14th (the day after the Underwater Music Festival). The Governor believes that this will be a financial boon for our area. The last wave will be here on the last Wednesday and Thursday of the month for the traditional Lobster Mini Season.
[Dengue Fever] Two people have fallen ill with dengue fever in the Florida Keys after being bit by infected mosquitoes, prompting health officials to issue an alert for the island chain. The alert comes just days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory warning of an increased risk of dengue infections in the country as cases surge globally. Link

Dear vegans, I’ve killed this cow because he was eating your food. You’re welcome.

Before the hurricane heats up, it’s time to restock your kit. Here’s what you need. Link
Buffing Cybertrucks into dangerous mirrors on wheels. A customized Cybertruck on sale for $149,999 recently earned headlines after being polished to resemble a funhouse mirror on wheels. Questions still linger about its road safety (and whether or not it violates Tesla’s resell policies) but the man who shined the EV into semi-invisibility confirms the “marketing tactic” has paid off, and more eye-straining Cybertrucks are likely on the way

Mosquito Control do something about the goddamned mosquitoes! We’re confined to the inside of our house. We’ve got a lot of gardening to do and don’t want to cover ourselves in chemicals.

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The global box office gross of Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” as of Sunday was 1.04 billion dollars! This makes it the first movie to earn $1 billion at the box office in 2024 and the fastest animated film in history to achieve the mark. Before this, no Pixar movie had generated more than $480 million at the box office since 2019
[The Bubba Coup, Explained] The City Commission voted 4-3 to fire the new City Manager in “one of the ugliest . . . raucous public meetings” the very experienced editor Linda Grist Cunningham has ever seen, what she first called the “Bubba Uprising” until it succeeded as a “Coup.”  Mandy Miles and Tim O’Hara also reported the facts, so now I’ll come in and do the ‘splaining. Link
[Hating Jews] Americans are significantly more likely to view antisemitism in the U.S. as a problem now than two decades ago, according to a new Gallup poll. The poll found that 49% of Americans view antisemitism as a “very serious” problem, compared to just 9% that felt this way in 2003. Another 32% view antisemitism as a “somewhat serious” problem
Why do some people sneeze so loudly? Whatever you do, don’t try to hold in your ah-choo or you might blow your brain out. Link

[Architecture] 7 wild concepts from the 2024 Skyscraper Competition. From underwater towers to suspended cities. Link

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