2020 June

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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Kudos to Janice Mona Keely a ranger at Bahia Honda State Park. This fine lady hand sewed these beautiful face masks to hand out for free to guests. That’s community spirit!

300,000 People Register For Trump 2020 Campaign Rally In Oklahoma. Link



The Royal Poinciana trees have been extra spectacular this year. We live in paradise!

[Virus Bailout] I want to know where our tax dollars went for this bailout. We were promised full disclosure and now their hiding who the big receivers are.
[“Why do Key deer chew all the time” Part 2] More in-depth info from Save Our Key Deer: “Chewing cud” is scientifically referred to as “ruminating”. Deer have 4 stomach sections: the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. The rumen is essentially a “storage space” – eat what you can now, worry about it later (if humans had deer stomachs “All you can eat salad bars” would have definitely gone bankrupt!). The first deer chewing occurs during the initial food uptake but is not very thorough. The rumen already has microorganisms helpful in breaking up the initial coarsely chewed food. After the initial foraging, typically in a safe, relaxing environment, an expansion of the deer’s chest causes a bunch of the rumen contents (called a “bolus”) to shoot back up into the deer’s mouth. Our deer friend then squeezes it against the roof of his/her mouth, swallows the excess water…and re-chews the rest. This goes on twice – from the rumen and again from the reticulum where nutrients such as fatty acids begin to be absorbed in great quantities all with the help of vital microorganisms. The abomasum is the final stage and is equated to a human stomach since its purpose is to use acid to break down the left-over material. It is where the majority of nutrient and water absorption takes place including minerals, proteins and left-over fatty acids.
Here’s the quirky part, though: The majority of saccharides, amino acids and peptides in the abomasum have been taken up earlier by the microorganisms doing all the work in the rumen and reticulum, and put towards their growth and multiplication. As the microbial population grows, a portion of them get washed out of the reticulum into the abomasum, where they’re killed by the abrupt change in acidity and are digested – it is estimated that up to 90% of the deer’s amino acids (protein building blocks) are obtained in this way. The digestion of microbes is also an important source of glucose in starch-poor diets. Consequentially, deer are sometimes said to ‘farm’ microorganisms, obtaining their essential amino acids by digesting them as they leave the reticulorumen. The food finally passes out of the stomach and into the small, and then large, intestine where further digestion and absorption takes place.
There! – if you’ve lasted reading this post after Friday’s on the same subject, you now know more about ruminant animals’ digestion than 99.9% of the human population!
[Price Gauging] A $.60 face mask mask now $3.90 at Kmart.

[Satan] Can the world get much crazier? The Luciferians are reportedly planning a march next Sunday, June 21, during the solar eclipse ring of fire to call for formation of a one world government and may erect satanic monuments to replace ones pulled down by rioters. Their Facebook page offers you anything you want on earth in exchange for your soul. Later comes the disclaimer that basically says you may not have it for long! I always suspected marketers were agents of the Devil, and it is no surprise that Lucifer supports one world government and probably mandatory vaccinations. I thoroughly enjoyed the older 1967 version of the comedy movie Bedazzled where Dudley Moore is the short order cook who swaps his soul for 7 wishes that he hopes will win him the girl that waits tables. As Wikipedia describes it “The Devil (Peter Cook) offers an unhappy young man (Moore) seven wishes in return for his soul but twists the spirit of the wishes to frustrate the man’s hopes.” Link

[Blood Drive this Friday] One Blood now includes antibody test. One Blood Drive Friday at Beall’s Outlet Big Pine Key June 19 from 11 am-4 pm. Results are available from 1-4 days. The antibody test will indicate if your immune system has produced antibodies to the virus, regardless of whether you ever showed symptoms. This is not a COVID-19 diagnostic test. Positive test results do not confirm infection or immunity.

As a thank you for saving lives, all blood donors will receive a free T-Shirt! Plus, all donors will receive a free wellness checkup, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening. To help with social distancing, appointments are required Click to schedule your appointment.

[Strong Leadership] Just this week, New Zealand’s prime minister declared the country virus-free and lifted all COVID-19 restrictions. Meanwhile other countries, including the United States, continue to see an increase in new cases. What did New Zealand do that worked so well? How can other nations learn from their experience? New Zealand probably had the toughest lockdown and criteria anywhere in the world,” said Michelle Dickinson, founder of Nanogirl Labs, based in New Zealand. “(They) decided to act early, to communicate really well with the public, and were very clear about what we were going to do, how we were going to do it, and what was coming so people could plan, so they didn’t have to panic by not know what was going to happen next week.


[For Rent] 2 bedrooms. One bath. Unfurnished Duplex on clean boating canal w/seawall going to Pine Channel and coral reef. Tiled floors throughout. Stainless steel appliances. Ceiling fans in living room, kitchen and bath. Laundry room. Small screened porch. Very clean. A/C., large brick patio. Parking for 2 vehicles. Ground level. Port Pine heights subdivision. Quiet neighborhood. 750 square feet. No smokers or dogs. $1800 a month. First, last and $1000 security ($4600 total to move in) Utilities not included. 3970 No Name Road. Port Pine Heights sub-division. Email for further info. More pictures on Craigslist. Link

Since the Keys re-opened I can tell who the tourist are because they don’t wear face masks.



[Miracle] According to the Knights of Columbus, the miracle involved a mother whose pregnancy was threatened by a medical condition in 2015. The family prayed to Father McGivney, the Knights of Columbus said, and the condition was healed. Pope Francis has now attributed this to the priest, who died in 1890 at age 38.

[Big, Big Rig Pro] Watch a big rig driver masterfully steer a colossal trailer across a freeway. Video
[Slave Reader] I have been a slave reader to this website over the past 16 years and think it has lost its collective mind.
~Stealing TVs: If you come into a house uninvited you will be met with one force or another, lead or otherwise legally.
~We here are not a racist group, so those of you trying to sell that point need no longer opine.
~I’m former USMC and State police officer, you can take your collective BS and try and sell it elsewhere.


[Masks] If you want to wear a mask, and most especially if you are forced to wear a mask to comply with COVID mandates, you might want to consider one like in this image. I grew up in South Florida from the late 50s. There were oak trees that had “history” and signs on buildings that said “No Jews, No Blacks, No Dogs” we’ve come a long way. Are there really jerks living in the Keys sending you pictures like that? Here’s the masks I want to wear for COVID-19. A prettier thought, no?

[Police Culture] There’s a bundle of money waiting for a police leader to sell his services to re-build troubled police departments across America. Someone like L.A.’s Bratton or, before he was disgraced, Rudy Guilianni, both experts in rebuilding lousy police departments. These boys’ clubs are dangerous to the public and to each other. They don’t do the people’s will. If you don’t play their game they ostracize you. Ever hear of the “blue wall”. It exists.


When heroin came on the market at the end of the century, it was thought not to be addictive. The original manufacturer was Bayer (as in the Bayer that makes aspirin today). These snippets of medical history were both fascinating and sadly still timely, given our opioid addiction crisis today.

Robert E. Lee graduated at the top of his class at West Point and became a highly decorated member of the US Army. He proved to be a man of honor and integrity, and was so well respected that, when war became inevitable, Lincoln offered him command of all US forces. But because of his high sense of honor to his state of Virginia, even though he deplored secession and slavery, he resigned his commission to support his state, and became one of the greatest tactical generals ever produced in this country.  Post Civil War, Lee was revered not only in the South, but the North as well. In 1865 Lee became President of Washington College in Lexington (later Washington and Lee) and was named the spiritual founder of The Kappa Alpha Order because he was a moral role model [Even though he was a traitor to his country and fought to enslave 12.5 million Africans.]
The Bar-KaysSoul Finger



I think my house is haunted.  Every time I look in a mirror I see a wild eyed, crazy looking old man looking at me blocking my reflection.

I do not support George Floyd! All lives matter and looting is unacceptable. Everyone should watch this speech from a well-spoken and intelligent black woman who has the truth. Video



Redneck calamari

[“Anti-stupid“] In the post of Friday that began “I am not anti-vax, I am anti-stupid.”, there was a link at the end that may have been stripped off by censorship software. Both Microsoft and Gmail messages have been doing this, presumably to prevent the sharing of information not in line with the truth. I copied the post before hitting the send button, so I know what went out. There should be a video link at the end of this next paragraph from that posting- that I just confirmed works:
The MD’s presentation improves as the video progresses.  ~”404 Error”
[Healing Water] Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who discovered that water can form beautiful crystals if taken from natural sources, but not from tap water. He theorized that chlorine damaged the water in such a way that even when the chlorine was filtered out, crystals did not form. Using distilled water, perfect crystals would form if it was exposed to positive energy in the form of words and loving thoughts, or certain music such as some Mozart and Beethoven classical, “Amazing Grace”, and John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Water infused with positive energy (Hado water) was found to be very healing. Since your body is mostly water, it was theorized that exposure to loving words, thoughts and music may likewise transform the water within you to heal yourself. A 35 minute video demonstrates the transformation of water exposed to both negative and positive energy vibrations. Video
We’re going have to retire the expression “avoid it like the plague” because it turns out humans do not do that.


[Schrödinger’s Dumpster] Only true nerds will get this joke. (link)

[Social Distancing] Is everyone drinking as much booze as me?