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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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big show town fireworks
[Fireworks Suggestion
] As we approach fireworks this July 4th I would like to make a suggestion for the Lower keys display at the new park. Since we don’t have a lot of money to buys tons of fireworks how bout instead of sending them up every three seconds (no kidding) , space them out a little bit, maybe every 8-10 seconds. They shoot them off so fast you literally can’t tell the difference between the Grand finally and the show itself. We would go from a 8 minute show to a 25 minute show. The nice people at Rotary work very hard for weeks and weeks and then want it over as fast as possible it seems. The light from the previous explosion detracts from the new explosion and it loses its effect.
[“Atheists don’t help others, only the religious do”] Those who believe in God think you can only be good if you do too. You can only be good if you read the bible. They are wrong on both counts. The rest of us do good instinctively. We were taught right from wrong by our parents and those we admire.
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[“Detroit is better than the Keys”] Wow, I never would have thought that. Not that I have been there, but it just doesn’t seem possible. I have only been in the Keys for 4 years and I think it is a different lifestyle, but I love it. I guess it is not for everyone but I think that post from yesterday was a little harsh. I have met so many nice people here in the Lower Keys. My children are grown and did not go to school here but I have met many children from here and they are all so polite. I am always commenting about the children we meet here. They will actually talk to you, unlike children from other places who are afraid to talk to you or are staring at some hand-held device and they don’t even see you. So the schools are teaching them something or maybe it is their parents that are teaching them to be polite and friendly. Or maybe they are happier children because they are growing up in Paradise and get to swim, fish, snorkel, kayak and go boating everyday. They meet all types of people here and do not judge them. But I am sure the shopping is a lot better in Detroit so it is a good thing that you moved back there.
What a foolish post insulting atheists for not organizing and administering relief during disasters. Religion plays no part in our life so why should that play a part in helping others? We have helped in every tragedy you mentioned. We have helped whenever we’ve seen a need and always will. Helping has nothing to do with faith. Faith is a private matter for you believers. You’re the ones who pray for miracles only to have disasters still happen over and over again in “answer” to those prayers. You should stop trying to interfere with other’s lives. Your faith is the problem and you always try to make it ours.

We help with our checkbooks and shovels not useless prayer. If you ever need a hand let me know and I’ll do all I can–always have, always will. Stop trying to make those who believe in reality into the bad guys. We don’t have anything to defend. You’re to ones who can’t defend your belief in something that doesn’t exist.

Those food tents after the hurricane were manned by believers and non-believer’s in the National Guard. The driver of the blood mobile might be an atheists too. Don’t let faith blind you to the overwhelming compassion of non-believers.

[Gun Nuts] Last night ten people were shot and two died in Miami. (They’re getting closer and we still refuse to do anything about gun violence).
Play the free Assassins Creed Pirates game online for a limited time. Game Play
41.2 million tablets shipped worldwide during the just the first quarter of 2014. Android is the most popular OS on new tablets (56.3% of devices), followed by lOS (39.6%) and then Windows (4.3%)
a-24[“Atheists don’t help others, only the religious do”] As an Atheist, I must respond to this nonsense. If you are waiting for a newspaper article to write about a non-existing group not sending help to a disaster, I can tell you that many of us contributed time and money, while never asking about political affiliation or religion. As for Hurricane Georges, there were many people just helping neighbors. Sorry if you were searching out help from only those that believe in your special kind of thinking.  Coincidentally I just made a huge donation to the local food bank, but will not “shut-up’. See a pattern?
pizzaHappy Tuesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today is pizza day. Any menu pizza or 2 topping pizza all day today for $10 (eat in only). Gotta love that!
Wednesday: shrimp and grits
Thursday: chicken salad
Friday: Parmesan encrusted mahi with a tomato basil cream sauce.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.

There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s.

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[Armed and Diapered] A man and woman who killed two Las Vegas police officers and a Wal-Mart shopper before they died in a store shootout earlier this month were heavily armed and were both wearing adult diapers!
[“Jersey Mike’s Subs”] I grew up stationed for a time near the original store. As kids, in the summer we pedaled 12 miles every weekend just to enjoy the shore, ride the roller coaster and get an original Jersey Mikes sub. They are really good and mildly addictive, provided you get them made Mikes way to find out why they are so popular and why the franchise was born in the first place. Yes I would agree a properly placed Jersey Mike’s in Key West would likely put Subway and Quizno’s out of business and put a serious hurt on the local Publix. Link
. reminds me of someone who posts on here quite often.
If Charlie Crist is so friendly with so many ne’er-do-wells why isn’t he really great friends with Rick Scott? After all Tricky Ricky makes them look like small-timers with the way his companies robbed the government.
Mayoral candidate Romero is not a liberal. She is hard-core conservative, based on all I’ve heard her say during citizen comments at city commission meetings, where I’ve heard her give the mayor and commissioners what for many times. I have heard Yaniz described as a populist. I think he’s spot on at times, and spot off at other times. He has a big testosterone drive, mano mano. The Conchs would like to retake the city government, but two things hinder that. First, there are different factions of Conchs, and they don’t always get along. Second, there are a lot of immigrants who vote in Key West. People like you and me, for example. Three city commissioners, counting Yaniz, are immigrants. Yaniz’ predecessor, Barry Gibson, is an immigrant. Barry resigned in 2012 to run for Supervisor of Elections, unsuccessfully. Key West politics can be maddening, infuriating. I tend to look for the irony, the dark humor, the outright ribald. Otherwise, I might just run out in the traffic and lay down in front of a city transit bus. It’s all a grand play, and sometimes it’s a lot funner than other times
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I looked at the Jersey Mike’s subs website because of all the chatter on here and they don’t look very appetizing. The cold subs’ bread looks stale and the meat plastic. I hope they taste better than they look. They look just like Subway’s do. The hot subs look good though. Link 
[Kangaroo Court] 3 Al Jazeera journalists have been convicted by an Egyptian court to 7 years in prison for simply reporting on the Muslim Brotherhood and former President Morrissey. One of the journalists was even sentenced to 3 extra years for pocketing 1 empty shell casings as a souvenir. (Coincidentally the USA released $572million in previously frozen funds to the Egyptian government.) Link
We got some Chicken Little commenters sounding the alarms about global warming, oil spills, Jersey girls invasion, the Keys sucking etc. They sound like they are singing a bad version of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”
No one is useless
in this world who lightens the burdens of another.  ~Charles Dickens
[Gmail’s Critical Mass] Google’s Android Gmail app was downloaded 1 billion times. Gmail is the first app in Google’s Play store to cross the 1 billion downloads threshold.
[“Winn Dixie sells local food”] Are you kidding me? Take a good look at the frozen seafood boxes at the back by the meat department. You’ll see that almost everything comes from China or Asia.

Speaking of China, while in Home Depot the other day some folks were walking out with a big box of lawn furniture assisted by an employee with a dolly.  And what did the box state in big black letters on the side you ask?  Yep, Made in China.  Moving on to purchase my chest freezer, I couldn’t make my mind up on a Magic Chef or a GE, both basically identical and of similar size.  So, I decided to select the one made in America.  Which one was it you might ask?  Neither.  Both made in China.  Our nations economy is doomed to failure unless we start making things for ourselves besides hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

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zombie eating
[“Eagles are dangerous”] Yeah, and what if that was a Zombie that grabbed you or your kid, bit you and then you started to rip apart your friends for lunch? Ouch, yooch, ouch! Scary huh? (Sarcasm)
[“It’s hogie–no a”] Everybody means “hoagie,” except for those whose views are so narrow that facts most of America agrees on, they believe to be incorrect.
[Space Station Live] Live streaming video from outer space! See what the ISS sees as they see it. The space station circles Earth every 45 minutes. If the screen is blue, the station is between transmissions. Video
[Posing the deceased as if they’re alive is a new funeral trend] I don’t see what the big deal is, walk into any bar and you’ll see this has been going on for decades. Link
$26 million is the amount retailer Target has paid to date in lawyers’ and security investigators’ fees as a result of a massive holiday data breach in 2013. During the breach, crackers stole data from tens of millions of customer credit cards.
The unhappy family from Detroit can go back! Buh bye. Don’t bring your Detroit to my “useless island string”. Thank gawd you didn’t invest you would have built a mall!
buffalo running
[“Before the Big Bang where did the first New Jersey Girl come from”]  An unfortunate cross breeding with an American Bison.  The Plains Indians, finding that their pelts were useless for clothing or tepee coverings herded them back eastward to rid their land of the invasive pest.
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al jazeera logo
Why is the only source of unbiased news I can get from al Jazeera? You would think an Arab news organization would be the very last place for unbiased news. MSNBC and FOX are a joke for those of us who seek the truth of what’s going on..
Winn Dixie in BPK has always had serious problems keeping their dairy products cool enough to last until the freshness date.  I reported it to W/D a couple years back when I took the time to fill out their survey.  Nothing changed.  Last week I bought 2 bags of salad with a June 22 freshness date.  The one I opened didn’t make it to June 18.  The unopened one looked slimy on June 20.  The BPK W/D manager needs to get these problems fixed.
[“Detroit better than Keys”] On behalf of everyone who lives in the Keys all year round, I’d like to thank you for deciding to move to Detroit or Canada instead. It takes a special kind of people to live in the Keys and you surely are not one of them. the Keys aren’t made for prim donnas. Detroit and Canada are.
scuba ray
[Why not to move to Detroit
] Here is the link to the first episode of “Explore the Keys” hosted by Chris Emmons. In this 30 minute show
Chris takes her friends on a fun filled day of SCUBA and SNUBA. Video
The total number of patent lawsuits filed in 2013 against Apple was 59, which had the dubious distinction of being the defendant in the greatest number of patent cases in the U.S. Other tech companies also were frequent targets of patent lawyers last year, including Amazon (ranked second with 50 lawsuits) and AT&T (coming in third with 45).
Printed books and magazines will always be necessary. (Try killing a spider with your phone!)
d- report card
[“Detroit is better than the Keys”
] The Keys aren’t for everyone, especially main stream Americans. A lot of new arrivals flunk Keys 101 and have to move to where there is no nature and plenty of malls. City folks don’t really do well here.
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help wanted sm
[Help Wanted] Guard. Cudjoe Key Blimp site currently has two guard position openings with benefits and an opportunity for advancement. You must be physically fit, drug free, and able to work holidays and weekends.  If you are interested in applying, please email your resume to Chip  Classified Ads > Help Wanted
Security is the fastest growth sector for internet technician jobs.
[“Grinder pump issue is done”] No way is the grinder pump issue done. It is being forgotten by you dummy’s just like the FKAA want. Watch your back and wallet!
[“Thankful to the stranger warning us about the pitfalls of living in the God forsaken string of useless islands”] And us locals are also extremely thankful to the bar maid that was smart enough to steer you away from here!
[“Keys are better than Detroit”
] What is there to do in Michigan during the long winter months? We are moving to the Keys this summer with my two teenagers who will be going to KWHS. We already own a home there, debt free except for taxes. I’d rather hang out in Key West than Detroit any day.  In Detroit you don’t dare stop at a stop sign in fear you’ll get robbed.  I know, I worked downtown for many years. It is a different lifestyle in the Keys, but to live in Paradise over Detroit I would choose the Keys. Michigan roads suck. Snyder sucks and Michigan schools are losing monies. So go back to Detroit, a piece of trash city, and have a miserable life. Shop all you want and get fat
[“The countywide canal clean up is of particular interest”] Interest to whom? the bankers? developers? the County Commissioner’s cousin the contractor? Smells like another Hickory House, Monroe Marina, sewer dig, Route 1 beautification con job again. It has been said the junta wants to dig the canals deeper for bigger boats which bring in owners with bigger wallets. Why not dig all the canals through from ocean side to bay side, with gigantic pipes under Route 1. That will surely provide cleaning of the canal waters. Let’s raise the gas taxes and the tourist taxes to pay for the NWO Amity Keys, huh?
Thank you for running, Eleanor McAdams!
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cdg-24[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Humanitarian n,  Incompetents who think saving the worlds useless eaters will guarantee entry into the mystical bubble called heaven. SEE: Democrat, Bleeding Heart, One Human Family, Religious Dreamers

DEF: Realist n, Any person with enough sense to realize if they do not defend their own butt no one else will. SEE: Survival of the Fittest by G Orwell.

[Before the Big Bang where did the first New Jersey Girl come from”] From the first big NJ Mama, where else?
FTR wrote, “FTR’S RESPONSE. OK, You’re point?.” Oh my God. The man with all the answers, who loves to point out grammar or spelling mistakes of anyone who disagrees with him. He doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” I thought he was infallible. My world has been turned upside down. Of course, somehow it must be Obama’s fault. Or maybe Ed edited him,
Do Democrats really masturbate ten times or more than Republicans on this blog. or is it just they are born in hand?
from the right
pounding laptop
Deer Friends, I will be down for a few days. We are in Fort Lauderdale and my laptop has gone bonkers on me. Will be back asap.  ~FTR