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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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broken heart hammer

Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg you to never hire a lawyer. If you’re thinking about a divorce you must first try to settle among yourselves, even if you’re both mad as hell at each other. I just got the bill for my divorce — $35.000.00. We ended up agreeing to each other’s demands — by ourselves! The lawyers kept dragging this unbelievably painful process for as long as possible just to pad their bill. I’m telling you please never, never, ever hire a lawyer, you don’t need one.

[Earthquake] We have to worry about hurricanes, lethal yellowing, white fly, Dengue Fever and now earthquakes. Cheesh!

alien remote control saucer

[“Key West UFO”] Convincing post, too bad the video was nothing but a reflection off the interior of the vehicle’s window from some other source. It disappeared at the brightest flash of the lightning revealing no real shape was there. The red flares were caused by the digital camera moving. It was filmed in some other country and the original was taken of a severe lightning storm as it appears to hit a transformer someplace as there is a small fireworks display in background. What a waste of a post trying to fool believers.

[Sewers] I visited High Springs, FL this past weekend. The local newspaper, ‘The Observer’, reports that of the 900 grinder pumps serving the initial sewer phases, 425 pumps have failed. The pumps were installed beginning 2013. The High Springs City Manager states that all future phases will have a gravity wastewater collection system. I will try and get a copy of the article reporting same.
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[Jobs] It’s too bad FTR Guy only reads right wing media. Manpower’s latest survey states that nineteen percent of employers will be hiring in the next quarter. That’s good news.



Cessna collides with skydiver at small airport in Florida. Of course it’s in Florida and of course the pilot was old enough to part of the Wright brothers ground crew. More photos … Link

I felt the earth quake at 7:27 A.M. on the Sunday the 9th and it lasted for about 12 seconds.
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And this is what you get when you cut funding for education.

What will we write and talk about when the sewers are completed? 
nira tocco realtor 9.12
Electing certain locals around here to be Sheriff was one of the best things we never did.



[Animal’s Big Schlong] A banana slug can be 6-8 inches. The slug’s erect penis can be just as long as it emerges from their heads. After sex, banana slugs eat each others penises. Now that’s some safe sex for you! Link 

[Niles Channel] The contractor just completed borrowing a mile of sewer pipe 60 feet below the channel floor in the last major piece of pipe for the Cudjoe Regional Waste System. What an amazing thing to be able to do.
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[Say what?] A full head of human hair is strong enough to support 12 tons, or the weight of two elephants. Link 


Lost. Black Hobie kayak paddle, Niles Channel, Gulfside. If found, please call Classified Ads > Lost and Found

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[What’s Wrong With American Law] Shoplifting family steals $7 million in goods to sell on eBay. The patriarch, Bogdanov, 58, emigrated in 1973 from the former Yugoslavia and is in the U.S. llegally! He been arrested 16 times and convicted six times, including for shop­lifting.


[Millipede] After searching for the answer unsuccessfully within my circle of piner buddies, what are the hard curly worm-like guys that come to die on the garage and screened-in porch? And where do they come from?

The search for the missing airplane will give every countries’ intelligence services a goldmine of information about everyone else’s electronic spying capabilities.
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judge sleeping


Key West’s Spring Break Court was been shut down by State Attorney Cathy Vogel due to lack of customers. It appears that the kids are begaving like adults most of the time.

[Marathon Journal] The Marathon Seafood Festival was March 8 and 9. Just from the looks of the crowds, I would say this one has to be one of the best. We had a steady stream of visitors to the Florida Keys Journal vender tent. We had several advertisers at the booth to interact with possible customers. Island Time Tattoo shop here in Marathon was very popular attracting a steady crowd. Tattoos are mainstream now judging by the diverse crowd. 18-year-olds both girls and boys to middle aged men and women, and then all the 50+ crowd with some in their 70s and beyond.

Councilwoman Ginger Snead shocked everyone by resigning at the last Marathon City Council. According to the charter, the City Council must elect a qualified person to fill in the next 7 months left on her term. There is talk of not doing that, just letting the position remain empty. This does wrong to all those who elected Ginger Snead to the City Council. Frankly, it does wrong to all residents. They deserve to be represented by the entire council.

With just 4 councilmembers, you will get a lot of tie votes which is considered a no vote. Councilwoman Ginger Snead was considered the swing vote on many votes. There is a strong possibility that nothing gets done with just 4 councilmembers.

Nothing getting done is bad, very bad. We have ongoing projects that need the council’s guidance. We have lost a couple of grants due to inaction of the council’s part, or, at least, that is what it appears to be. It is practically criminal the number of necessary projects languishing without funding or guidance.

My thoughts on replacing Snead to provide balance to the above issues are that a replacement must be named at the March 11th Marathon City Council meeting. This person has to be qualified and experienced. This person should not run for reelection when the term expires.

This person should waive the councilmember remaining salary. While a salary is necessary for full time councilmembers because of all the hours and work required, the replacement does not need such a salary. To serve Marathon’s residents for 7 months is reward enough.

This person should not replace all of Ginger Snead’s appointments to committees, commissions, and boards. The only way that one of her appointments should be replaced is for exceptional reasons.

The near future is important considering capital infrastructure projects that are outstanding. The budget process starts soon which is another very important project. We are maturing as a city. It is time to step up and be counted to do what is right for Marathon’s residents as they see the issues.

So I ask that Marathon City Council deliberate during the March 11th council meeting. Then they must appoint a replacement to former Councilwoman Ginger Snead’s seat. 

[Bribes] There’s a bit of a half million dollar mystery asso­ciated with the re-election campaign of Gov. Rick Scott. That’s how much money Florida Crystals, a leading sugar producer founded by one of the state’s politically prominent families, was reported to have given a political organization set up to help the campaign of the Republican incumbent. The haif-million-dollar check to the organization called Let’s Get to Vlsrk was one of the larg­est the group reported receiv­ing last year.

nuclear reactor

On this date in 2011 Japan is hit by an enormous earthquake that triggers a deadly 23-foot tsunami in the country’s north, about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo. Cooling systems in one of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station fail shortly after the earthquake, causing a nuclear crisis.

[Guns] Evidently our elected representatives believe that what the Big Pine shooters are doing is the best thing for the rest of us.
Wasn’t it Captain Doom and Gloom who needed a new computer to take along on his next cruise? And isn’t it Captain Doom and Gloom who complains about cruises?  And isn’t it Captain Doom and Gloom who complains about yard sales and continues to have them?



[Trash] Spring Breakers hit the beaches to combat marine debris in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Assisted by Education Specialist Todd Hitchins, Alternative Spring Breakers from Florida University’s Alpha Zeta fraternity collected over 1400 pounds of marine debris over 3 days in shoreline areas of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

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Marcelle Fressineau’s team heads down the trail toward Nome during the official restart of the Iditarod dog sled race in Willow, Alaska

[Windows XP expiring early next month] Windows 7 is the new “XP” like standard of the business world, it’s supported until 2020 and likely a bit longer, like XP was. If your used to XP or Vista, you’ll be up on Win 7 in little time at all. Windows 8 is simply hell and still in a experimental phase. Windows 9 is supposed to come out next year and fix things. Getting a Mac isn’t a option really, they nearly force you to upgrade the operating system every year now to slow down and bugger up your machine or you can’t run the latest programs or after 4 years not get security updates (bummer). So actually it’s worse being on a Mac now that Windows 7 security and aesthetics have come up to Apple’s level.
from the right

What follows is column from the Washington Examiner published 3/9. “A national union that represents 300,000 low-wage hospitality workers charges in a new report that Obamacare will slam wages, cut hours, limit access to health insurance and worsen the very “income equality” President Obama says he is campaigning to fix.

Unite Here warned that due to Obamacare’s much higher costs for health insurance than what union workers currently pay, the result will be a pay cut of up to $5 an hour. “If employers follow the incentives in the law, they will push families onto the exchanges to buy coverage. This will force low-wage service industry employees to spend $2.00, $3.00 or even $5.00 an hour of their pay to buy similar coverage,” said the union in a new report.

“Only in Washington could asking the bottom of the middle class to finance health care for the poorest families be seen as reducing inequality,” said the report from Unite Here. “Without smart fixes, the ACA threatens the middle class with higher premiums, loss of hours, and a shift to part-time work and less comprehensive coverage,” said the report, titled, “The Irony of Obamacare: Making Inequality Worse.”

Based on government and private reports, polling and statements from administration officials, the report, to be sent to pro-union members in Congress, charges that low-wage workers are taking the hit under Obamacare, while wealthy insurance companies fatten up on government subsidies. Union head Donald “D.” Taylor, in a note also being sent to Congress, demands changes and admits to being reluctant to bash a president his union supported.

“Believe me; I enter this entire debate about the consequences of the ACA with a deep reluctance,” he wrote. “Unite Here was the first union to endorse then-Senator Obama. We support the addition of health care to millions of Americans. Yet facts are facts, and Obamacare will cost our members the equivalent of a significant pay cut to keep their hard-won benefits.”

Taylor and other union leaders have criticized Obamacare before. His union’s report was uploaded by Ralston Reports.

unite logoUnite Here’s document charges that the administration is putting union health care into a “death spiral.” It endorsed criticism that employers will move workers to part-time status to avoid the requirement that those working 30 hours or more a week be provided health insurance — or else the company pays a penalty. And it says the Affordable Care Act will shift workers from union insurance to the more expensive Obamacare health exchanges, costing them up to half of their pay to cover premiums.

“The information addresses the very unfortunate irony of Obamacare,” Taylor said in his letter about the report. “Namely, that it will inevitably lead to the destruction of the health care plans we were promised we could keep. And, as a result, it will lead to greater income inequality for the very segment of the population Obamacare should want to help most.”

Taylor also suggested that Democrats in Washington are telling unions to stop griping about the impact of Obamacare on their members. He quoted a Senate aide saying, “Labor needs to regress to the mean.” Said Taylor: “In other words, roll back what you have and take one for the team. Ironic, given that Congress and the president carved out an exemption for staffers on the ACA. We cannot sit idly by as the politicians carve up our health plans while they carve out exceptions for themselves and every special interest feeding at the trough in Washington.”

Part 2) What   follows is a direct quote from the just released CBO’s annual Budget and Economic Outlook. “CBO and JCT project that, as a result of the ACA, between 6 million and 7 million fewer people will have employment-based insurance coverage each year from 2016 through 2024 than would be the case in the absence of the ACA. That change is the net result of projected increases and decreases in offers of health insurance from employers and changes in enrollment by workers and their families.”

That same report forecasts that Democare will leave 31 million people uninsured. That is approximately the same number that are uninsured today. Democare will cost not 1$ trillion, but $2 trillion.

Democrat governance at its best.  Please recall that Obamacare, aka ACA, aka became the law of the land without a single Republican vote.

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