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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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[Clean Up] Kudos to the Florida University Alpha Zeta Spring Breakers who did the shoreline marine debris clean up. Thanks for leaving this paradise better than you found it.

911 flashing red lightFormer Monroe County Sheriff candi­date Sandra Downs was arrest­ed Saturday night on suspicion of misusing the 911 call system, according to sheriff’s office arrest reports. Downs was charged with the misdemeanor and booked into Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island and released Sunday after posting $328 bail.

Deputies were called to the Big Pine Key Library about 5:15 p.m. after Downs’ boyfriend reported her Harley-Davidson stolen, but the case was quickly dosed after it was determined that the motorcycle’s co-owner – her ex-husband Nicholas Downs – had taken it, reports say. The boyfriend called back to report that he had a backpack and clothes in a saddlebag and that should constitute theft, but deputies explained the issue was a civil matter and not criminal.

At 7:37 p.m., Downs called 911 from her home to report the theft and a dispatcher told her to call back on the non-emergency line. A deputy was dispatched to Downs’ home on Bluegill Lane where the boy­friend said there was $4,300 in cash in his backpack, reports say. The deputy had to leave for a higher priority call, but returned at 9:21 p.m.

The returning deputy told Downs’ and the boyfriend that the case was civil, unless they could prove her ex-husband intentionally took the money.

“I also questioned why there was now money reported in the backpack, the value of which was significantly higher than that of the backpack and the jacket,” the deputy wrote. “Sandra (Downs) stepped away briskly and it appeared she was not happy with my response.”

While the deputy worked on scene to locate the motorcycle and possibly return the boy­friend’s items, a dispatcher radi­oed him that they just received another 911 call from Downs’ and she was requesting to speak with Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

Two deputies yelled upstairs to Sandra Downs from the carport if she had just called 911, she said she had. She was arrested and taken to jail. (Citizen Staff)



When you hear the term “Six pack abs” and Florida Keys, this is usually what you get.

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smartphone frog


Sheriff’s Office releases mobile app. Residents who regularly browse the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office website for daily arrests, traffic updates and 911 call information can now get the same information on the go.

The sheriff’s office officially rolled out mobile applications based on for the Apple iPhone and iTab as well. As for devices that use Android software will come out on Thursday, but the apps have been in beta, or testing for a while.

[Peary Court Development Hearing] Neither the people nor the developer/architect/Hendrick’s side got what it wanted yesterday. I do not feel you should concede anything as to Angela Street. You should aim toward the City Commission having to make that call, and all calls about Peary Court. You need an able lawyer and an able architect, who are not one of you, representing you at future city government meetings. You are no match for Jim Hendrick, who you saw yesterday is the developer’s field general. The HARC Chair may be a match for the developer’s architect, but he and the other HARC members are lined up with the theory of completing what was allegedly envisioned many years ago for the extension of Southard, Eaton and Fleming Streets. As is City Planner Don Craig. You need to accept Peary Court redevelopment is a larger issue than the Meadows; it is a city-wide issue, in which the Meadows happens to be located. However, the Meadows should not be likened to Truman Annex, as happened yesterday. It is the other way around. The Meadows has been there a long time, and the Peary Court developer is an interloper, who only is thinking about money. Stop trying to make deals with the developer vis a vie Hendrick and the architect. Deal directly with HARC, then Craig/Planning, on up the line to the City Commission, led by an able lawyer and an able architect. 

help wanted sm


Full time kitchen helpers wanted. $12-$14.00/hr. Sea Camp, Big Pine Key. Send resumes… Classified Ads > Help Wanted

Board of Commissioners Meeting, March 19th, at 3pm, Wednesday at the Key Largo/Ocean Reef Club. Now is your chance to let the 3 Mosquito Control District Commissioners who want to increase your Mosquito Control taxes because they want to increase the new building in Big Coppitt. Come and voice your opinion on how you feel about building increase.
[Are They Insane Department] Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac want to create a new branch in order for banks to resume their bundling and selling of mortgages. Under their new plan (or should I write ‘scam’?) when the bubble collapses 10% of the loss will be paid by the banks. This is the same scam Freddie and Fannie pulled that got us into this mess in the first place. Who pays the other 90% of losses? What if they then decide that those banks are too big to fail too?



On March 12, 2002 The color-coded terror alert system was unveiled by Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge (blue is moderate). 

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NSA whistleblower Snowden is treated like a hero by many. The “My country right or wrong” crowd think he’s a traitor.
nira tocco realtor 9.12
65% of emails were opened on a smartphone or tablet in the fourth quarter of 2013, up from 61% in the previous quarter.

cruise 3 day

[Cruise Ship Tips] Going on a cruise? Pay attention to these tips. cruise

[“Niles Channel: If I lay pipe I’ll be damned if I’m gonna borrow”] But there will be some burrowing!
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[Cat Trapping] The brave men of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are out trapping predators to make our environment safer.  Are they targeting cougars, or bears, or maybe even wild boars?  Nope, these super manly public servants are trapping house cats.  Fluffy, Boots, and Morris are all directly in their sights.  They are in the Eden Pines neighborhood with their high tech traps and cameras. purchased with thousands and thousands of of taxpayer dollars.  And the result of all their efforts?  Less than five cats trapped in nearly four months of trying. 

Lobster mac and cheese


Happy Hump Day from Springers Bar and Grill. Back so soon and an overwhelming demand, has brought todays comfort food special back to the table, Lobster Mac & Cheese. So come on in for this creamy bowl of goodness before its all gone and it will be going fast. Since its another beautiful day in paradise why not enjoy your meal on our patio soaking up some sunshine. What better way to spend the day.

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Without nipples titties would be pointless.

saucer flying long[“UFO video, a reflection off the interior of the vehicle’s window from some other source.“] I wish you were correct about your fictional fact! But, this video was taken in Key West that night. In fact it was raining in KW on the night of Feb. 27th. What you see on the video are not fireworks, but the reflection of the headlights of the oncoming cars. Everything moves but the UFO. Hundreds of people witnessed the UFO hovering silently above Fleming and Eaton streets, and it was mentioned the next day on the local radio news stations and newspapers before the video came out on YouTube. Another fact is, that on that same day, Feb. 27th, there were numerous UFO sightings nation wide. I personally did not witness this particular UFO sighting, but many of my friends who know me, but not each other were witnesses to the event, and this was how I found out about it that same night Feb 27th. Nice try at trying to debunk this one though!


The Orchid Show was a success! This month’s Newsletter is just focusing on pictures from the show. There is no general meeting in March. Everyone needs to rest up. See you in April. For the March 2014 Newsletter see Menu > Ongoing Events


[WhiteFly] I don’t know about anyone else but the white flies are gone from my palm trees on Summerland and have been for some time.  I never sprayed or injected  or did anything else.  I guess after a short messy  stay they decided they didn’t  like it here.

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[Missing Jet] The mystery over the plane’s whereabouts has been confounded by confusing and occasionally conflicting statements by Malaysian officials, adding to the anguish of relatives of the 239 people on board the flight — two thirds of them Chinese.

Just about every bit of information points to foul play in the disappearance. Why did it go off course? Video

A poster asked “What will we talk about after the grinder pumps are in?” Answer: the grinder pumps malfunctioning and the ensuing property damage and general nastiness. And perhaps more lawsuits against the County and FKAA for said damage and inconvenience.



[Lucky’s Landing] Oops, I sent you a mistaken telephone number for the advertising sign we saw for the Little Torch cottages. The correct telephone number is 872-4700. A company called Lincoln Properties is advertising the “cottages” on line as well. 48 2 bedroom units jammed onto that small parcel of land on Barry Avenue, Little Torch Key. Sorry for the mistake on the phone number. 

I have been wondering if the FTR guy is over there shooting off his gun on Big Pine Nutso Wednesdays?

female with attitude

[Fun Fact] Over 97.8% of men have already made mistakes this year that a woman will remind him about for the rest of his days

[“What will we write and talk about when the sewers are completed”]  Not to worry.  This fiasco will, as most large public works projects go in Monroe County, drag on seemingly forever.  Even when the  FKAA and the politicians tell us it’s complete it won’t be.  Ongoing maintenance, grinder pump failures and replacement costs, various lawsuits that will drag on while the lawyers line their pockets, homeowners with sewage spewing from their drains from clogged pumps and sewage pollution in canals and near shore waters from failed grinder pumps on water and/or canal properties would keep us in crap for the next decade or so.  There will be plenty to rant about.

[Situation Wanted] Shared accommodation. Employed at Sea Camp in Big Pine Key, Single. Background check and finger print cleared. If you have a shared rental available please contact… Classified Ads > Situation Wanted 

union12[Unions] I don’t care how low your current bar is but labor unions raised it and actually created the middle class in this country. Everything employers now offer to their employees would never have existed if not fought for and bled for by labor unions.  You whatevers can crush the unions back down to whatever level suits you.  You will only be setting the stage for an inevitable rebirth when workers get pushed down far enough.  The sad truth is that there never should have been any need for a union anywhere in the first place. 
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Today in 1930 Mohandas Gandhi began his 200-mile march to protest the British salt tax.
[Sewers] The Niles Channel sewer line drillers were from Michigan, otherwise known as up north, where some people know what they are doing.   Of course they closely outbid a local consortium of  drug addled barflies who could have done things much better, whomever are still committed to the idea that sewers aren’t really necessary because they can drink the water out of their cesspits without any adverse effects.

auction paddle bid

Don’t forget to tune into Conch Country 98.7 today (Wednesday) to join us in this huge Radio Auction.  More than $24,000 worth of merchandise has been contributed to support the Chamber’s work. You can expect to hear about fantastic items that will go for great prices.

The politicians Scott, Nelson, Rubio and others are what we call Sugar Boys up here in Stuart FL. Because they they are owned by the big sugar and cattle barons. They make sure our Government keeps subsiding sugar and they do nothing to fix the flow of Lake Okeechobee water which is supposed to flow south, but that is where the sugar farms are! These sugar barons funnel huge amounts of money to these politician thieves. Florida Keys’ folks already know about corruption. If you really want to make big money and I mean BIG money become a politician in Florida, you will get rich.
[Sewers] It is too bad that the County Commissioners were too self absorbed to relate to the ordinary Key’s homeowner and foisted the grinder pumps on certain home owning taxpayers in order to cater to the wants of a vocal and relatively well off few domineering  champions of falling down bridges and loser marinas.  It is totally physically possible to service everyone with gravity sewer systems.  It’s all about who gets the available money and how much clout they have. 



I believe this pretty much sums up Putin’s response to Obama on the Ukraine situation.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has strug­gled with lackluster poll numbers during his entire time in office is launching a $2.2 million statewide television ad buy this week.

The 30-second ad is primarily biographi­cal and features the governor mentioning his poor upbringing and how the family car was once repossessed. Scott stresses his background as the reason for his continued focus on improving the state’s economy.

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from the right

It was flat wrong to use the term “Bribes” in the lead into the posting about a campaign contribution to Rick Scott.  Nowhere in the posting is there even a hint that a bribe was involved.  Nor has there ever been even a hint that Scott has been involved in bribery. The notion is foolish, the man was raised by a single parent, put himself through school, followed the American ethic of work, and made himself a multi-millionaire. He is truly concerned about your tax dollars.

crist-birthday-with-scott-rothstein-52k-birthday-presentAs Governor, one of his first acts was to sell the states jet and turboprop, both of which Crist used extensively. That sale saved you hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars. I suggest that you read the link for an eye opener about Crist’s flying habits and tastes Link

Scott has his own plane, which he uses on state business, and he doesn’t charge the state for its use. Nor does he take a salary.

He has no need for bribes. Money, campaign contributions, are the mother’s milk of politics. Every single candidate busts their butts to raise money.  If you follow the rules, it’s perfectly legal. (Crist was part of a fund raising scandal when he was running for the Governorship as a Republican. His very-very close friend and campaign operative, Jim Greer was convicted of a felony)  Without money, and lots of it, it is impossible to run a political campaign.

In fact, Charlie Crist raised over a million in February alone.  God knows how much more he could have raised if his biggest supporters, like Scott Rothstein, thief and corruptor, who testified that he had bribed Crist, had not  been in prison. Or Jim Greer, thief, who Crist paid to raise funds for him, had not been in prison. Crist’s campaign fundraisers have a curious habit of going to jail, and then testifying against Crist.

Any thinking voter who is interested in good government has got to wonder about a candidate who has been a Republican, then an Independent, and then a Democrat, each time choosing an affiliation the he felt could fluff him up. It’s obvious that the man has no core beliefs. And you’ve got to wonder about a person who would quit the Governor’s office when the going got tough as a result of his mishandling of Florida’s governance. Crist is a career politician who has had precious little experience in the real world, he is constantly seeking new employment in government. His only strengths are the fact that he is photogenic and is a glad hander, he would be an exceptional maÎtre d’ at Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach.

democrat vs republican

Part 2)  This is a big, really big deal. I’d quote Joe Biden, but this is a family web site. Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink on Tuesday in a Tampa-area House district where ObamaCare got its first test ahead of November’s midterm elections. In that race Democrats and Republicans spent millions of dollars auditioning national strategies for the rest of the year. The race to replace the late Rep. Bill Young was considered a tossup, and was cast as a political bellwether, and a testing ground for each party’s messaging strategy — which revolves in large part around the Affordable Care Act. Sink embraced Obamacare/Democare. Little known Republican candidate Jolly didn’t.  Jolly won, that fact is big trouble for Democrat candidates nationwide.

Picture caption:  Charlie Crist and only one of his felonious friend, Scott Rothstein.

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