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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsSince 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday through Friday by Noon.

walking grinning man[Local Goes To Town] My third visit to Lee nails on Flagler in Key West was my best nail experience ever thank you Ben. Easy free parking on Southard Street. A $2.50, 16oz Yuengling draft with excellent service at the Green Parrot. Not so good conch fritters at Mallory Square. Got to watch the cat show! I wanted to get coffee at the Cuban restaurant close by, but couldn’t get any service at the nearly empty bar. Stopped at Arigato, for dinner, sake was a treat all was well with the exception of imitation crabmeat with my sushi combination. Last stop Square Grouper, my first disappointment. Mediocre coffee bread pudding with rum sauce that was crumbled bread mixed with rum sauce. Sorry Rose. A fair afternoon out. Could’ve stayed home and had the crab claws I brought in this morning and Cafe Bustello this evening.
hareens 12.2.14
Last fall the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which consists of hundreds of scientists operating under the auspices of the United Nations, released its fifth report in the past 25 years. This one repeated louder and clearer than ever the consensus of the world’s sci­entists: The planet’s surface temperature has risen by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 130 years, and human actions, including the burn­ing of fossil fuels, are extremely likely to have been the dominant cause of the warming since the mid-20th century. Many people in the United States—a far greater percentage than in other countries—retain doubts about that consensus or believe that climate activists are using the threat of global warming to attack the free market and industrial society generally. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, one of the most powerful Repub­lican voices on environmental matters, has long declared global warming a hoax.

The idea that hundreds of scientists from all over the world would collaborate on such a vast hoax is laughable—scientists love to debunk one another. It’s very clear, however, that organiza­tions funded in part by the fossil fuel industry have deliberately tried to undermine the pub­lic’s understanding of the scientific consensus by promoting a few skeptics. The news media give abundant attention to such mavericks, naysayers, professional con­troversialists, and table thumpers. The media would also have you believe that science is full of shocking discoveries made by lone geniuses. Not so. The (boring) truth is that it usually advances ‘incrementally, through the steady accretion of data and insights gathered by many people over many years. So it has been with the consensus on climate change. It’s not about to go poof with the next thermometer reading.

iguana-vultureDeer carcass story. I heard from a biologist, who is a great photographer as well, that iguanas eat carcass. It was hard to believe as they are herbivorous lizards, a kind of salad eating beast. But he has even documented and published it!

Well, I immediately started to vision a scene with vultures and iguanas competing for the carrion… or at least the two species interacting. It’s always cool to have such behavior in a wildlife film.

Here are the preparations, remote camera, dead deer, blind.

I have spent two days in the tent and I was lucky enough to have an iguana already in the second hour! Well, then for one and a half day nothing, only vultures and of course the nice smell of the dead animal (I was under the wind) and warm beer. I have a feeling that I know the secret how to really enjoy holidays.

Here are some shots from the blind, raw footage. Turkey vultures and a black spiny-tailed iguana at a Key deer carcass. (scroll way down) Video

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piano blues[Jam Session] Last week my brother came in for a few days and he plays the keyboard and asked me where there might be a place to sit in . I took him to the Looe Key Tiki bar jam figuring he would love the place and have a chance to get up. Well, to say the least, we sat there for over and hour and a half listening to what would be the house band and never heard anyone get invited up to play. My brother said that the house band wasn’t very good and the vocals were terrible. He told me that open mic shouldn’t be about the house band because people are there to see an array of talent and not some hacked up band . After an hour and a half we left never to return. Thanks for nothing.
I’m going to work on my boat today…oh, look beer!
Subtitle: [Eerie Ambiance]
keys fob[Lost key fob] I lost my auto’s key fob — twice in one location that wasn’t home? I lost them two years apart and haven’t the foggiest idea how? My friend found both my key fobs in his driveway years after being lost. What are the odds of that?
[Marathon Journal] The Marathon City Council had a meeting February 24, 2015 at the Monroe County Government Center. Agenda items should have a closing date. Lay downs and addition or subtraction should be clearly controlled.

The council is now ready to get an Assistant City Manager. The Assistant Manager would work for the City Manager. There was a discussion on a timeline to make this happen. Also the council discussed hiring a Parliamentarian. RFQs for each item will be needed. City reports were given on a number of items. The Public Works report was quite interesting, no, really.

US-1 needs in many areas to be cut back. The legal report from our new temporary lawyers. The rate is basically $140 per hour. Other charges are to be determined. The rates are affordable. An in-house attorney has already done well. Several cases are pending, some of which in closed session.

Karen Farley-Wilkinson, community activist, told the City Council that a new ordinance is needed. It is about illegal burning. The current ordinance is inadequate with terms not defined. She was not against legal burning like a screened fire place, but thoughtless people burn garbage in illegal places.

There were five amendments to the mobile vendor code issue. After a long discussion period, the council will have their final say in the second reading March 10.

Vacation rentals are in the news again. There are two sides all riled up about the issue. Items discussed were hiring another Code Inspector along with a car, Fire Inspector, and looking for a flat fee. Councilman Senmartin wants a spreadsheet to track legal actions

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We saw the Who at the L.A. Forum on Thanksgiving night in the early ’70s. There was a cloud of marijuana smoke hanging over the twenty thousand hippies in attendance. When the great concert ended we made our way back to my hippy van and saw the battery was gone! Being good little hippies we stole the battery from the next car to the van and went on our happy way.
[“Try typing instead of using an existing link”] Deer Ed, Thanks for the great tech support. Cleared cache and now it works!
[“What does Judgment Day mean and when is it coming”]  I have always believed this meant when you die, that is judgment day for you.
snow bumps
[“Snow bumps”] That would really freak out my neighbors. They’re in the pool now and it’s 82 degrees outside!
[“No Name Pub greasy pizza”] I brought family there last year because all tourist must see the hanging dollars. I warned them about the food, but my sister insisted on having the fish. I think the fish was Gorton Fish Sticks or some such dried out frozen fish-like think from Asia. She couldn’t eat it. I tried to explain that they only served tourist food there. My family couldn’t understand why they would do that.
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[Trikes] It’s not just the sound of two-wheeled thunder headed to the Florida Keys in coming days. More motorcycles touring U.S. 1 on a side trip from Daytona Beach’s Bike Week in early March may be riding on a third wheel, too. Trikes have been the fastest-growing segment of the motorcycle industry over the last five years.
The Israeli election falls exactly two weeks after Netanyahu’s visit to Washington. How then can we avoid interpreting his speech to Congress as an attempt to merge the interests of the Republican Party and Benjamin Netanyahu? The Republican Party carries a banner that reads “United States” and Netanyahu carries a banner that reads “Israel.” His acceptance of the invitation is thus several things at once. It is an attempt to disrupt a process of international negotiations in which the US and Europe have been deeply involved. It is an exercise of brazen electioneering to promote his continued leadership of Israel itself. And it is a calculated insult to the sovereignty of the United States
 The Best Burger in Every State in America. Link
foolThe first day of April is fast approaching, which widely celebrated as All Fools’ Day. What are you going to do on this day? Yes, it’s time to play pranks and tricks on each other, share jokes or behave other forms of mischief making the trickee become a fool. Whatever you do, just enjoy all that funny jokes taken on you, and make the others laugh.

So are you ready for the upcoming Fools’ Day? Have you prepared cool jokes for your friends? Are you thinking of a glorious way to prank your friends on that day? Don’t wait until the last minute when you realize you’re on a tight deadline. You need to have some really cool ideas in your mind before you become someone’s target.

In fact, there are so many normal prank ideas for your information, for example, put some hot sauce on someone’s toothbrush, tape a kick me sign on someone’s back and a bucket of water over the door also never goes out of style. Besides, sending funny April Fools’ Day cards is also another special and gentle way to spend this day with others.

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an_blind-mouse-3On this day in 1887, Anne Sullivan begins teaching six-year-old Helen Keller, who lost her sight and hearing after a severe illness at the age of 19 months. Under Sullivan’s tutelage, including her pioneering “touch teaching” techniques, the previously uncontrollable Keller flourished, eventually graduating from college and becoming an international lecturer and activist. Sullivan, later dubbed “the miracle worker,” remained Keller’s interpreter and constant companion until the older woman’s death in 1936.

Sullivan, born in Massachusetts in 1866, had firsthand experience with being handicapped: As a child, an infection impaired her vision. She then attended the Perkins Institution for the Blind where she learned the manual alphabet in order to communicate with a classmate who was deaf and blind. Eventually, Sullivan had several operations that improved her weakened eyesight.

Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880, to Arthur Keller, a former Confederate army officer and newspaper publisher, and his wife Kate, of Tuscumbia, Alabama. As a baby, a brief illness, possibly scarlet fever, left Helen unable to see, hear or speak. She was considered a bright but spoiled and strong-willed child. Her parents eventually sought the advice of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone and an authority on the deaf. He suggested the Kellers contact the Perkins Institution, which in turn recommended Anne Sullivan as a teacher.

Sullivan, age 20, arrived at Ivy Green, the Keller family estate, in 1887 and began working to socialize her wild, stubborn student and teach her by spelling out words in Keller’s hand. Initially, the finger spelling meant nothing to Keller. However, a breakthrough occurred one day when Sullivan held one of Keller’s hands under water from a pump and spelled out “w-a-t-e-r” in Keller’s palm. Keller went on to learn how to read, write and speak. With Sullivan’s assistance, Keller attended Radcliffe College and graduated with honors in 1904

As Bibi marches on Congress, Obama says if Iran talks fail ‘military action’ awaits! Link
hydrogenMaking hydrogen from water. Early balloons, that didn’t depend on hot air, used the gas hydrogen for lift. Later on hydrogen was replaced by helium as the gas of choice. Hydrogen gave good lift and was cheap to get, but was also very explosive. Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe and can be made by splitting a molecule of water apart into two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Here’s how you can do it at home.
STEP 1: Get two pieces of wire about six inches in length each. Strip off any of the insulation leaving only the metal core.
STEP 2: Find a nine volt battery.
STEP 3: Get a glass filled with water and mix in a couple of teaspoons of baking soda (If you don’t have baking soda you can use salt instead).
STEP 4: Wrap the wires around the battery terminals and then dip the free ends of the wires into the water.
STEP 5: Observe the bubbles rising from the wires. The water is being split by the electric current into the gases oxygen and hydrogen. These are the bubbles that you observe.
Warning! The amount of hydrogen produced by this experiment is to small to be dangerous, but don’t try to gather the bubbles of hydrogen or oxygen. Let them disperse naturally into the air. Boom
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crust-crete[“No Name Pub food”] 4 or 5 years back some friends insisted I go the NNP with them. The wings were under cooked, the conch fritters were like concrete and the pizza was served on a nasty old piece of plywood! The whole meal was a disaster and I haven’t been there since.
[“Snow lumps”] Great idea! I’m going downstairs right now and make some on Aster Lane in Eden Pines!
Ruh roh! The CT is late! Does that mean Deer Ed is heating up the phone lines with the not-always-so-helpful tech staff at GoDaddy? (Ed: I was early publishing, but you might have to type in and not use your link, but there was no way I could notify anyone.)
boat license[Boat ID] Are you 27 years old? Get your Florida State Boater’s Id Card. Anyone in Florida born after January 1, 1988 must take a boating safety course in order to operate a boat of 10 hp or more. The Key West Sail and Power Squadron is offering America’s Boating Course at the Key West Sail and Power Squadron, 5205 College Rd., Stock Island. This course covers boating handling, elementary seamanship, navigation aids, weather, marine radios, Florida boating regulations and more. Completion satisfies the mandatory Florida State boating certification requirements for anyone 27 years old or younger.

This weekend course starts Saturday, March 7th and 8th, 2015. The class will run from 8AM-5PM on Saturday, March 7th and 8AM-12 Noon on Sunday, March 8th. The fee of $60.00 covers the cost of the materials and a reduced rate of $75.00 is available for family members who are willing to share materials. Students who pass the class are offered an introductory 6 month Power Squadron membership. For information, call Vince Melendy at (305) 296-1126.
The Key West Sail and Power Squadron is a nonprofit boating safety organization that offers a variety of boating courses. Completion of this course and Squadron membership entitles you to reduced fees for advanced courses such as seamanship, piloting, cruise planning, weather, sailing and marine electronics. Members also participate in boating raft-ups and other social events. The Key West Squadron’s jurisdiction begins at the South end of the Seven Mil Bridge. Events

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batman walking
Do you know what I’ve noticed? I’ve never seen Big Pines Radio Shack owner Kevin Gerard and Batman in the same place at the same time! Hmmmm… I smell a conspiracy here!
[RV Space] Couple with 37 foot RV looking to rent a lot long term. Please contact Denise or Kris. Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
FTR must be giddy with joy at Bohner trying to make Obama look bad by having Netanyahu visit. Anything that makes America look weak, the Republicans seem to love.
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The new Republican Congress has unveiled their brilliant new strategies to advance America.
Turns out the great plans called “More of the same”. Brilliant
from the right
(Ed: As of 8:46 FTR was having trouble connecting to the CT in order to send in today’s missive.)


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