2013 March

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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[“Planning firm study”] The outcome of the study is assured –protect the barrier islands– but they need some study results before they can show it to the court in order to deny electricity to No Name Key. They can’t just go before a court empty handed. They need documentation and that costs big time. 
[Uptight Locals] “Booze soaked mouths”  Who the hell do you think you are talking to?  I personally take that as a slap and I hope to hell that I find out who you are because I’ll run your ass right off US1, back over your dog and do whatever else I can think of to ruin your day.



Oven-baked pancake keeps flavor, loses fat. Link 

Downplaying PTSD to save money. Many soldiers gave their lives for us, the least we can do is try to help them readjust. Link 
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Did everybody so soon forget that the Key West Citizen endorsed Mitt Romney for President?  That was like endorsing Darth Vader for ruler of the galaxy.  What was their sorry excuse? Todd? Charlie? What did they say? I have not bought one since then.  Stay classy Key West Citizen.
fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13
If a private developer bought the baybottom along with the land, isn’t it their option, their choice to do with it what ever the law allows? 



Keys coastal trader 1898

[Diversity] I have been noticing that there is very little diversity in the lower Keys: most people are old white guys with ponytails and their women. I would like to see every minority equally represented down here, like every commercial you see on TV (with the exception of Asians, they don’t seem to count). We have got to keep pace with the trendy northeast folks or we will be viewed as a bunch of hicks. And NJ women don’t count as a minority. 
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Springers-Prime-Rib00     Doerfels-at-Springers

Prime Rib Dinner    Live Music


[Super Coating] Superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating repels just about anything. Link 

an tire change pump


It’s nice of you to compliment a cop for doing for your wife something that you both should already know how to do. You need to learn how to change flat tires in your cars or you shouldn’t be driving.

[Narcissism] I’m always baffled by the way our Congressmen can’t help themselves when a camera is around. Always ready to jump in front of the closest microphone to babble on about how they did this or that. How embarrassing for those that jumped on the super-committee, actually thinking that they could come to any kind of a resolution, even with what was at stake. I truly believe that narcissism only works well for big time wrestlers, not politicians. 
I happened to bump into the owner of Water Water yesterday and asked him about what I had read on the C.T. He told me he’s leaving town for good. 
[Social Security Recipients Beware] Even though I have my check direct deposited, my check was diverted to a fraudulent account by hackers. After months trying to find out where my checks were the girl at the Key West branch helped me. She was most efficient and helpful. Check your bank statement each month to be sure your check has been deposited.

The drive around KW and paying to park was the worst part. 

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[The Blues Pirates] Please contact some of the places in the Lower Keys, it’s always cool to hear something new. 



[Martial Law] Yesterday while working in Marathon airport, I saw the Gunship Helicopter around the airport. I asked what that helicopter stuff was all about, they responded, claiming they’re preparing for the unavoidable soon to come Martial Law on us citizens. How many out there still continue to insist that the New World Order is a figment of our imagination?

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[“let’s all hold hams and sing cumboliya”] Cap’n Doom and Gloom wouldn’t let a little thing like spelling (‘monye’) interfere with his rants! While he is busy chastising everyone else for their faults he is oblivious to the grammatical nightmare that he vomits on to the CT every day. I guess Deer Ed only edits for content, or maybe it would just be too time consuming to try and rewrite the Captain’s posts. He and FTR make quite a pair.



Rodman wanted to know if he’d run in to Psy, the Gangnam Style dude (who is from S. Korea). 

Don’t try to understand woman. Only women understand women, that’s why they hate each other.
[Uptight Locals] “We don’t need to be told how long you lived here in the first sentence out of your booze soaked mouths.” Uhh, anyone who does that is a transplant of the Johnny-Come-Lately variety. Most of us true locals are here hiding from our pasts and detoxing by raising orchids and hamsters. We wouldn’t waste our time talking to you unless we knew we were getting paid. 
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The Marathon gunship is a CH53E Super Stallion or a MH53E Sea Dragon, it is piloted by Marines or Navy pilots, not Army pilots, so they did not come from Ft. Bragg and it is not a gunship, it is a heavy lift Helicopter, used for troop transport, or anything that is heavy and needs to be transported. Semper Fidelis 

[Uptight Locals] I agree with the first post on Mon. about the constant tourist diatribes, enough already, without the tourists we could all go up North, when this veteran and many,many of his associates fought in numerous wars for the U.S. I was under the impression that we were fighting for the whole U.S. not just parts of it, and when we got back to civilian life it would be all ours to enjoy, I have lived in the Keys longer than most people live, and I am ashamed when I read these juvenile posts condemning tourists, they act like little children that got spanked at the kitchen table for farting. 
nasa3.5Two impressive comets will both reach their peak brightness during the next two weeks. Taking advantage of a rare imaging opportunity, both of these comets were captured in the sky together last week over the Atacama desert in South America. Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon), visible on the upper left of the above image, is sporting a long tail dominated by glowing green ions. Comet C/2011 L4 (PanSTARRS), visible near the horizon on the lower right, is showing a bright tail dominated by dust reflecting sunlight. The tails of both comets point approximately toward the recently set Sun. Comet Lemmon will be just barely visible to the unaided eye before sunset in southern skies for the next week, and then best viewed with binoculars as it fades and moves slowly north. Comet PanSTARRS, however, will remain visible in southern skies for only a few more days, after which it will remain bright enough to be locatable with the unaided eye as it moves into northern skies. To find the giant melting snowball PanSTARRS, sky enthusiasts should look toward the western horizon just after sunset. Deep sky observers are also monitoring the brightening of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), which may become one of the brightest objects in the entire night sky toward the end of 2013.
fatwoman5[Jersey Women] My favorite sea creature next to a dolphin is a manatee.  Gentle creatures all.  I had the pleasure of swimming with them in Crystal River some years ago.  Last week after a good day of fishing I pulled up to Picnic Island for a little sun and a cold beverage and to my surprise I saw a manatee close to shore.  At first I thought the creature was in distress to be in just two feet of water and jumped off the boat to investigate.  Imagine my shock when I realized that it wasn’t a manatee at all but a Jersey woman wallowing in the shallows. 
How many people out there got screwed when Tropicool Services just up and left town?



[On hateful talk and Capt Doom] “Golly, let’s all hold hams” Just another example of “consider the source,” as the writer bashes others on and on. Too bad some people cannot be more tolerant of any differences. We tolerate you – why can’t you tolerate others?

A new CT Slogan for us: “Let’s All Hold Hams!” New Beatles song, “I wanna hold your ham.” 

Hey, Dude who flips me off for honking at him in the parking lot, your groceries are on top of your car.
I love Burdines’ fries also.  The service is something to be desired though.  The kitchen is just so damn slow.  I think Porky’s kitchen is slow also. Would it not be great if both those kitchen’s all got their food out as quickly as Franks.

It’s not that, as a local, I want to rush through my meal, but I’m there because I’m hungry and getting crankier by the minute. 



[Conch-rete Bridges] Little detail here that some may not know. It appears to me when one looks at the old 7 mile bridge, it seems to be holding up better than the new one. When Flagler mixed his conch-crete for his bridge he used Vermont granite. As for the salt water, I suppose that was the same as the new bridge used? I am not sure, but I don’t think their are re-bar in Flagler’s bridges, thus the arches, maybe someone out there could enlighten us more on this? 

[BP Oil on Trial] The spreading slick of blame for the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil spill.  It ain’t over until the fat lady chokes on it. Link 



Whole grain recipes. Link 

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Horse meat, It’s what’s for dinner” After working in a meat plant for 13 years, horse meat would be a blessing compared to the ‘meat’’ that goes into some products. Ruff, ruff, meow, meow!  If it walks crawls flies or swims eat it. 


[“Government only takes”] Government takes and gives. Government is not suppose to be run like a business. A business’s only purpose is to make money. Government’s only purpose is to take care of our whole nation’s welfare. Otherwise we wouldn’t need government at all.



[“Are you better off now?”] My expenses are down too. I lost my job so now I don’t have to pay commuting costs any more. I’m saving a bundle.

Our government set up Social Security so most of us died before we could collect (both of my parents) and changed the system to spend our money that had been paid in with no interest and gives money out of the system to newcomers that have not paid in and whines about the system going broke and wants to cut our entitlements and is trying to make it seem it is welfare and does not correct for inflation for the money you pay in and wonders why we are not happy with them.
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[Sequestration] A poster on here said that they believe the Sequestration was a great start and that Obama is the one responsible for it. Then went on to say Obama was to blame for it. Huh! You think its a great start but hate the guy responsible for it? I smell pachyderm poop.

Ann Romney said she is happy blaming the media for Romneys loss. That a girl. Its beats admitting Mitt was a horrible candidate.

Matthew Dowd, a chief strategist for George W. Bush’s reelection, slammed CPAC the Republican Lovefest.  Dowd said. “And you invite Sarah Palin, who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to a CPAC meeting?”  Oh Snap.

Yesterday, FTR said, “.you should know that in GWB’s last year in office, 231 American citizens renounced their citizenship. After 3 years of the Obama presidency and his new tax laws, 1,781 Americans kissed America goodbye and renounced their citizenship.”

That is a wonderful example. It just goes to show that the Democrats don’t have quite as many crybaby quitters than the Repubs. Democrats are made of stronger stock and are willing to tough it out until they can use their votes to turn things around.
I think the fact that Capt, Doom & Gloom is an avid FTR fan says a lot. It’s that demographic that FTR is selling his BS to. FTR & Capt D&G are two peas in an alien pod.

Washington Post Hits Obama–finally! Link

[“After 3 years of the Obama presidency and his new tax laws, 1,781 Americans kissed America goodbye and renounced their citizenship.”] Good, I hate quitters!


right only grey

fedora5A tip of the FTR fedora to the poster who tells us that he and his thrive as a result of the explosion (no pun intended) of the natural gas industry. He should consider himself fortunate because he is in the vast minority.  ABC news reported just a few months ago that American household income had declined for the 4th straight year. The poster was absolutely correct when he opined that this olde fart would credit GWB for some of the growth in the industry. I will, but only because it is true.

Judging from the info in the posting, I’m assuming that he and his are employed in shale gas production from the Marcellus shale deposits in the North East.  It was during GWB’s admin that the shale gas industry really started to boom. In 2000 shale gas provided only 1% of U.S. natural gas production; by 2008 it was about 15%. Let’s face it; starting from nearly nothing to growing the industry by that much is pretty damned good. Currently we are reaping the benefits of the exploration and infrastructure building that was encouraged by GWB. That permitted our current natural gas boom.. Our current level of shale gas production has grown from those beginnings.

The poster is correct when he says that Obama has done little to hamper the production of natural gas. That’s no surprise because we have a whale of a lot of natural gas, and it is relatively eco friendly. It can power cars, trucks, electricity, etc. etc. etc.  Obama is doing a very good thing by not resisting the production of shale gas from private lands. The economic benefits of the exploitation of shale gas are huge.  If Obama would get the hell out of the way of petroleum production and if he would get out the hell out of the way of the Keystone Pipeline, the economic benefits would be huge. Thousands of jobs would be created, nationwide and energy prices would plummet.  Huge new taxes would be collected and our balance of trade would be nearly healed. We would no longer be energy dependent on people who are not our friends. Combine those factors and you have a recipe for the start of the recovery of our tattered economy.

Obama is flat wrong in his fey crusade against petroleum. The evidence clearly proves that exploitation of our petroleum resources results huge in economic benefits for all. Just look at North Dakota and the huge economic boom that they are enjoying.  The Washington Post has said: “The economy is so good in North Dakota; it’s almost like being in another country.”
Obama is flat wrong in his refusal to permit the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline would drive down the price of gasoline and other energy. We would be selling part of the product overseas and that fact would seriously help our balance of payments problem. We have the potential of being the world wide King of the Hill in energy production; Obama’s stubborn refusal to open public lands to oil exploration or exploitation on public lands is a huge drag on our economy.  Thanks to  Obama’s intransigence our economy is still in tatters.

an_fart_bendoverThe gas passing poster also commented on cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The fact is that Obama has already take billions from Medicare in order to fund Obamacare. I believe the number was $755 billion. The gassy poster seems to be prepared to laud Obama for “cutting Medicare and Social Security.”  Deer Friends, Obama and the Democrats have steadfastly refused all efforts by the Republicans to reform those programs so that they will be there for those of you who are in your 30’s and 40’s.  Unless we make sweeping reforms the programs will be gone.

Under Obama we have accrued more debt than under any other President. Federal entitlements are prime drivers of this massive spending. Currently entitlements consume about 63 cents of every federal dollar that is spent. The three major programs—Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—dominate in size and growth, soaking up about 44 percent of the budget. Entitlement spending, when joined with $1.7 trillion in new Obamacare spending—will drain about 18.5 percent of the nation’s total economic output by mid-century. Because that is about the historical annual average of total federal tax revenue, it means all other government programs—national defense, veterans’ health care, transportation, federal law enforcement, and others—will have to be financed on borrowed money. Already we have to borrow more than 40 cents for every dollar the feds spend.  We will shell out more than $5 trillion in interest payments over the next few years, according to the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office. That’s more than half of the projected $11 trillion increase in debt held by the public during that period.

Let’s all hope and pray that the Democrats come to their senses and begin the process of compromising with Republicans to actually reform Social Security and Medicare. Let’s hope that Democrats come to their senses and begin compromising with Republicans to cure our government’s addiction to massive spending.

Deer Friends, there is no reason in the world that we cannot cut our deficits and our debt, we have plenty of money. We have plenty of tax revenue. The CBO announced yesterday that in 2013 we are setting a record for the most money the government has EVER taken in. The so called rich are paying more in taxes than they have in 30 years. Remember the great economy we had under Carter, our tax rates are nearly the same? Our problem is not in taking enough money; it is solely and explicitly that we spend far too much.

If we can’t convince the Democrats to compromise with the Republicans and agree to slash our spending, and to actually reform our entitlement programs, America as we know will soon founder.