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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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[Sponger] The last of a vanishing era (along with the sponges). This sponger was spanking the mud and animal parts out of a sponge with a plywood paddle. He has to beat and rinse the sponge to remove the gunk and mud until the water flows clear, then he can sell it. This picture was taken yesterday at the end of Kohen.

fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13
[Crook] Federal agents arrested an Upper Keys Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy in Miami Tuesday on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the federal government. The allegations stem from a time prior to Jason Strong’s employment with the Sheriff’s Office, when he worked in Baghdad, Iraq from January 2005 to April 2008 as a contractor for a Nevada-based company.
oil-delivery6[Unsung Heroes] We used to praise the mailman for delivering during “rain, snow and sleet”. The real heroes are the oil men who deliver home heating oil under the worst conditions nature can dish out.

My cousin is an oil man in the northeast and has never missed a day’s work due to weather. He lugs the eighty pound hose over his shoulder in the worst blizzards, trudging through snow drifts and ice, to bring heating oil so people can stay warm and toasty.

If the mailman doesn’t deliver, you don’t get your magazine. If the oil man doesn’t, you can die.


[Printable Puzzles] You can find hundreds of printable puzzles at KrazyDad. There are 17 different types of puzzles including word puzzles, math puzzles and spatial reasoning puzzles. They range in difficulty from very easy to major headache difficult! Each PDF includes brief instructions on how to solve each puzzle. You might not recognize each type, but try branching out! You never know which one you’re going to love. Each of these puzzles is completely free, but you’ll find a PayPal donation button throughout the site. Link




Look west after sunset near the horizon. Binoculars may be needed to pick Comet PanSTARRS out of the bright sky. Look too early and the sky will be too bright; too late and the comet will be too low. On the altitude scale at left, 10° is about the width of your fist held at arm’s length.
This diagram is drawn for a viewer near 40° north latitude (Denver, New York, Madrid) 30 minutes after sunset. If you’re south of there, the comet will be a little higher above your horizon early in the month than shown here. North of 40°, it will be a little lower early in March than shown here.

What do we want?”
“A cure for ADHD!”
“When do we want it?”
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Springers-Prime-Rib00     Doerfels-at-Springers

Prime Rib Dinner    Live Music





John’s True Value sells all kinds of ground coverings and pea rock by the bag, pallet or truckload. He even delivers!

[Trauma Star Saving Lives] Here’s the facts,  to offset the poster’s bs, in trauma transport situations, private trauma transports can only collect what the insurance will pay. Under EMS medical flight rules, providers cannot bill the patient privately for any uncollected bill money. That’s called back billing – and it’s not allowed. So the private company eats the money they can’t collect.

Whereas, Trauma Star on the other hand, does practice back billing, in violation of EMS medical flying rules.

Let’s talk about all the times when Trauma Star is on inter facility flights, (not traumas)  taking patients from Key’s hospitals to Miami hospitals,  so is not available for its real intention – trauma flights – real life and death stuff.  But instead, some patients are able to walk from their hospital bed to climb into Trauma Star,  and for that privileged patient  the non-emergency flight is also courtesy of the County taxpayers. Also, those patients are usually from Lower Keys Medical Center, and usually patients of the LKMC same doctor who has a practice in the Miami hospital where the patients are being flown (maybe somebody should look into that). 



Peace, my puppy, is growing up.

[Drones] Better workstations for drone operators may reduce mishaps. The U.S. Department of Defense reports that drone accidents in which personnel or aircraft are damaged or destroyed occur 50 times more often than mishaps involving human-operated aircraft. Link

an_betsy ross

I need to replace my Bimini, dodger, & main sail cover. I need recommendations of who does great affordable work.  Also who to steer clear of. Please and Thanks. 

[Uptight Locals] Finally, after literally way too many posts to count, a beleaguered tourist speaks up to rebut one of the hundreds of sophomoric posts directed at what is literally the lifeblood of the Fl. Keys economy; and the recipient of his post gets his nose all out of joint and complains that he has been insulted and not uptight. Well maybe the poor fellow should consider what the other side has been enduring for so long a time with nary a peep, and that is juvenile insult after insult. His uptight reply to the poster is about what one can expect from someone with the mentality that his post’s language exposes. I hope that other Keys residents are able to overlook the antics of some of the low I.Q. residents in our midst and realize that it takes all kinds of people to gain diversity. We should all apologize to all the tourists visiting the Keys and hope they don’t believe that this type of person is the norm in this neck of the woods. 
[“No dredging seagrass”] It is usual that society passes laws and ordinances that the majority want — usually after much consideration. Then forever after, people try to get exceptions. The more crooked the local government, the more variances are allowed. 

alamo6[Remember the Alamo] (for what I don’t know, but I remember it) On this day in 1836, the Alamo mission and fortress compound in Texas fell to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege.

Florida is famous for sun, fun,bugs, alligators, pythons, hurricanes and now sinkholes.



[Siamese Lizards] I found these double-yokers in between a couple of clay pots. I believe it’s an anole or gecko’s twins. I’ve got my wife sitting on them keeping them warm. I’ll let you know what hatches.

[Uptight Locals] Sheese! I guess the troller the other day snagged a local with pretty thin skin. After all the nasty remarks on here about snowbirds from up north, one chirp from a snowbird and this guy is ready to commit murder. Chill dude, you live in the Keys, you’re supposed to be laid back, not demonstrate how uptight you are.
Also you may want to be careful what you ask for as you may meet this troller and find out he’s a Gorilla Monsoon. Better to be laid back than laid out!


This film is currently being shown as an intro to an exhibit at the Washington state History Museum in Tacoma. 20 or so bikes with descriptive boards to read and stories. Some of you may have seen some parts of this before in other places.  I know I recognized a little of the footage and a few of the stills. Link 

Either you love bacon or you’re wrong! 
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an chief winks[Pale face continue speak with fork tongue] The original inhabitants of the Keys were the Native American Indians. Indian tribes such as the Calusa and Tequesta were living in the Keys when the Spanish discovered Florida in the 1500’s. In 1513, during his discovery of Florida, Ponce De Leon named the Keys the Martires (the martyrs). Experts have speculated that this name actually came from the Indians, as there was an Indian village named Cuchiyaga or “martyred place” during this early time. Memoirs, dated around the middle 1500’s from a ship-wrecked Spaniard who lived in the Keys among the Indians for 20 years, reported that there were deer, raccoons, manatees and bears. Their diet consisted of fish, turtle, snail, lobster, manatee and raccoon.

My Grandma from my mothers side was 100% Hopi Indian. My Grandma from my fathers side was 100% Arawak Indian. My wife is 100% Mayan Indian.You pale faces out there don’t have a clue on how it irks me to hear or read of your ignorance when it comes to who’s a native Keys a-hole. Here, I’ll tell you plain and simple, none of you are! The Hopi, Navajo, Apache etc. come from what is now known as the southwest. Since the Spaniards were the 1st Europeans in the New World, those tribes were obligated to speak Spanish. The same with the Arawak, Calusa and Tequesta, Taino, Hatuey etc., who were dominated by the Spaniards throughout Florida and the Caribbean, and also speak Spanish.

What really irks me is when a paleface sits next to me and automatically assumes that I’m Cuban. When I inform them that they’re incorrect and tell them my ancestry, the routine answer is, “oh, I’m Cherokee, or I’m Blackfoot” or some other tribe. I look at them and laugh inside. How is it possible that so many palefaces have such a high percentage of native American blood in them, when the history books written by the palefaces say the opposite?

I happen to speak English, Spanish, Italian and some French. I’ve been told by ignorant, superior feeling palefaces to go back to Cuba because they heard me carry on a conversation in Spanish. Who are they to talk to me like that and to butt into my conversation? What gives them that right? Where, or, who gave them the authority to carry out such a ludicrous attitude towards another human being?

On top of that my ancestry has fought in every war this government has declared. Have you or your father or grandfather or great grandfather, etc? I don’t think so. Most likely your genealogy in America goes back as far as your grand parents who migrated from Europe. I hope that you will never have to experience what was done to my people by your ancestors. But then again, you’re already doing it to yourselves now. Grow up people and focus on something more positive. 



[SpaceX-2 Mission Launch] Space Exploration Technologies’ Falcon 9 rocket lifts off Space Launch Complex 40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 10:10 a.m. EST on Friday, March 1, 2013, carrying a Dragon capsule filled with cargo. The SpaceX Dragon capsule is making its third trip to the International Space Station, following a demonstration flight in May 2012 and the first resupply mission in October 2012. The SpaceX-2 mission is the second of 12 SpaceX flights contracted by NASA to resupply the orbiting laboratory. 

[School Board] I have had an opportunity to review your agenda for the March 11 meeting.  As always, you have much to do.  However, as you move forward, there is another subject which you might wish to address.

    We all know that the School District, and the Finance Department in particular, have reached a crossroads in both leadership and activity, specifically responding to the Auditor General’s report.  I am hearing more and more conversation that perhaps the best way to address the continuing problems in the Finance Department is by contracting out some or all of their functions.

        The fact that the AG’s report includes a number of repeat failings strongly suggests that it may be beyond the capacity of the Finance Department, at least as currently staffed, to make the necessary changes and improvements.  Those talking about contracting out tell me that there are several large national accounting firms that routinely perform “back room” accounting procedures for school districts.

        In any event, I believe that the idea of contracting out District financial services may be an idea whose time has come.  Certainly it is a subject that deserves your expertise.  Regardless, change within the Finance Department is imperative and there is no group better skilled to make recommendations in that regard than your committee. ~Dr. Larry Murray 

an tire change pump[“If a woman doesn’t know how to change a tire she shouldn’t be driving”] I think that statement tells me that you have never had to change a flat tire in your life because you probably have AAA. Let me tell you what it takes to change the average tire. I have had a number of flat tires over the years and, yes I do know where to find the spare which, in most modern vehicles, is quite difficult to access on a gravel covered shoulder from under the vehicle, especially at night. And then what happens when you try to take the lug nuts off the flat? Usually they have been tightened by a service man who has used an impact wrench for speed and efficiency. Guess what? I weigh 170 pounds and I typically have to jump with my full weight on the lug wrench to loosen the bolts. Add to this the fact that cars are racing by you on US1 at 45 or 55 or more miles an hour. Do you expect this effort from your wife? If so, you both must be from NJ. Give the officer credit where credit is due. 

[“I’ll run your ass right off US1”] Leave that to off-duty MCSO cops on their crotch rocket cycles. They do it and get away with it.

[“Let’s all hold hams”] A la John Lennon, “All we are saaaaaying, is give pork a chance!”
[Cop Road Rage] I am not sure what would happen if I were allegedly speeding, passing on the right, kicking a door of the vehicle I was passing, threatening the driver, and finally pulling a hand gun out.  I believe it would be time for me to be sitting behind bars. 
an_heliocopter_army[Natl Guard helicopters] We live not far from an airport that is also a base for Natl Guard helicopters.  It’s about 20 miles away, but we see them flying wide circles past our neighborhood a lot, usually a pair of them.  Occasionally we’ll get the really big twin-rotor fellas come by as a special treat!  Their heavy rotor beats move so much air you can feel the vibration in your bones, deeper than a boom truck next to you at the light.  I’ve always enjoyed their flybys, they’re a welcome sight around my house anytime.  I have faith in our military, much more than our govt. 
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Good Insult: You are about useless a decaffeinated coffee. 
an_stars_sparkleI miss the night sky in the Keys. Stargazing when I couldn’t sleep. There’s too much light up here. Link
Drone strike in America? Holder does not rule out drone strike scenario in U.S. Link 
[Cuba in Peril] Now that Chavez is dead Cuba will have to find a new benefactor or have to change its ways. First Cuba lost the Russian ruble now the Venezuelan bolívar cuba6will stop supporting them. Chavez was popular, but not in his lavish support of Cuba. 
[“If a private developer bought the bay bottom along with the land, isn’t it their option, their choice to do with it whatever the law allows”]


Ahhh,  there’s the rub.  In the case of the looming Walker Island dredging (and yes,  it is dredging,  don’t get fooled by their ridiculous spinning of calling it re-dredging),  what they want to do is not what the law allows.  The philosophy appears to be anything can be bought and to hell with the environment.  And to get their way, they hire a lobbyist who’s known for disrupting and challenging land use regulations.

To be clear, what’s at the center of this controversy is the County Comp Plan, which protects the entire county. In order to dredge, the Comp Plan has to be changed. Once that happens,  dredging can occur anywhere in the county. Legap president will have been set. It’s the good for the goose good for the gander scenario.  Because the Comp Plan does not allow new dredging, somehow, the county’s Growth Management Director came up with the idea of putting a new category called re-dredging into the Comp Plan.

Speaking of goose and gander, this dredging controversy is also about entitlement.  It’s the same as the anti-electric No Name Key argument – they bought there knowing there was no electricity.  So too the Walker Island people made their development plans, knowing the bay bottom protection laws were already in place.  Now they do not want to abide by the existing laws.  What’s the difference between no electricity and no dredging? None!  

And another consideration is how many millions of dollars have been spent restoring baybottom, restoring seagrass? Does all that money and effort just get tossed down the drain, does the whole county lose environment protections because a few rich people want to bring bigger boats closer to their houses?

They’re spinning that this Comp Plan change is site specific. But making this one Comp Plan exception opens the floodgates, sets the precedent for every other “I want to dredge too” application. And over time, the exceptions become the norm, and the Comp Plan becomes nullified, useless.  That’s the real loss to all the county at the hands of a lobbyist and a few rich people who want what they want. 

big plant kohen00


Big plant on Kohen Ave is the size of a small house.

[Peary Court Developers] The city of Key West will send a formal complaint to state lawmakers who want to give tax exemption status to private companies who build housing on military-owned land. City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, who sponsored the agenda item. “In this case, it’s right that housing that has been transferred to a private individual should be paying taxes.”



[Found Bicycle] Bicycle found on a refuge trail on Big Pine Key. It had been there for about a week. It was not reported stolen according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s department. If your ladies bike is missing, call the Refuge Visitors center at 872-0774 and describe if it. Classified Ads > Lost and Found 

[Uptight Locals] The mindset of the locals in the Keys has to change from being uptight, arrogant, and unkind to being thankful, helpful, and pleasant. Why, because the Florida Keys is a tourist destination. Millions of outsiders come to the Keys and spend millions of dollars which in turn runs the Keys economy which every local benefits from. It’s the circle of life in the Keys. If you refuse to change your attitude you will always be miserable and our good tourists won’t have a fabulous time because of you. 
[No Name Electric] Planning firm study assured” They need some study to show the court…and that costs big time.”

Are you convinced this guy is a dope? Do you believe, you as a taxpayer of Monroe County, should pay for the county attorney’s mindless search to justify his bad legal advice passed on to the commissioners?

The legal facts, precedent, case studies, Supreme Court judgement, court denials of jurisdiction, not to mention the moral and ethical denial of basic human rights have already been absurdly costly. I knew you thought this guy’s rationale for saving the islands was stupid. There can’t be two CT readers that hard-up for logic. If you think it makes no sense to foot the bill for any further delays to improve the quality of life, and the environment of No Name Key, you are missing your chance to sound off to your elected county commissioners.

My new band’s going to be named Silent Fart. 
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an spear[Best Kept Secret] 5 million people have been killed in Congo’s civil war since 1998 and the world doesn’t seem too concerned.
The mindset of the locals in the Keys has to change from being uptight, arrogant, and unkind to being thankful, helpful, and pleasant. Why, because the Florida Keys is a tourist destination. Millions of outsiders come to the Keys and spend millions of dollars which in turn runs the Keys economy which every local benefits from. It’s the circle of life in the Keys. If you refuse to change your attitude you will always be miserable and our good tourists won’t have a fabulous time because of you. 

an jump


[ATVs] Does anyone know of someone on Big Pine or in Marathon that works on ATVs? I have a Suzuki and an old Honda that need some attention. 

[“Diversity”] Perhaps you should ride through the subsidized/low cost/affordable housing areas.
I’m sure you will find diversity there. 
[“No dredging seagrass”] Private developers are not lawfully allowed to dredge privately owned bay bottom. All waters and submerged lands below the mean high water line are part of the Sanctuary as are the marine resources (seagrass). It does not matter whether the lands are privately-owned. They are still subject to FKNMS regulation and those Federal regulations state that “Drilling into, dredging, or otherwise altering the seabed of the Sanctuary” is prohibited. So too does the state regulations and county regulations prohibit dredging, that is why the the private developer needs to change the law.

County Commissioners should protect the nation’s natural resources and vote no on allowing dredging. 



Keep calm everyone! That heavy lift helicopter is not here for any nefarious purpose but only to act as a supplement to the Trauma Star service. The Sikorsky S-76 that they fly doesn’t have the payload capacity needed to lift a Jersey girl.

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[Jersey Girl] Could someone please reply and explain to me the term Jersey Girl?  Are the girls from New Jersey bad? Are they overweight? Just what is it? 



Body piercing by Glock 

[Development] Tallahassee meeting sets development units for Keys.  3 Fla. Keys groups are opposed to a plan that will dictate how much development can occur in the next 10 years. Link
Governor Scott expected in Islamorada. Link
Hugo Chavez, dead at 58. Link 
apocalypse6[A Sure Sign That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us] The administration is wailing that the sequester will force prosecutors to release criminals, TSA to be forced to make us more vulnerable, and illegal aliens to be released while U.S. Fish & Wildlife spends more than a quarter of a million dollars to catch cats that they say are contributing to the demise of a species their own computer models say cannot be saved. 
[Cholesterol] I have been eating the fries at Burdines for 14 years now and have never seen slow service there, except when a busload of tourists arrive at one time. Look around you, this is our busy season. I went to Sloppy Joes last week and never saw so many people. You, literally, could not find even standing room it was so crowded, and this was around 2 pm, and no cruise ships in town. Come back in July if you want your fries in 4 minutes after the rest of the snowbirds leave. 
To the poster who worked in the meat plant, please post more of your experiences. What are they doing that is wrong? Thanks.
[Crook] Keys cop charged with conspiracy, money laundering. Yet another. Does MCSO screen applicants or do they just accept any old chubby dude with military training. Link 



Steamed Clams deliver big. Link 

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[Jerk] Oh great, so the Water Water Store guy just leaves town and does not inform his customers! Did it ever occur to you that maybe the health dept shut him down because of his processes to purify water, and that maybe it has been unsafe to drink? I would like to know the rest of the story since I  have been consuming that water for two years. 
[Support Local Merchants] Don’t forget all your local merchants.
[Hates Tourists] Woohooo! It won’t belong now. All the greedy and obnoxious tourists with their stupid clothes will be gone. I can’t wait. Think of it, decent traffic; you can get a seat at your favorite restaurant or bar; doctor visits where you’re in and out in under 45 minutes; no insanely long lines in the stores or pharmacies; no tourists ordering 10-15 burgers at a time at the Moose so they can “Take them with me.” and leave none for the locals; no more idiots trying to order five in-house $5.00 lunch specials to go; no more outright idiots out on the water disobeying every rule and bag limit there is and no more idiots trying to troll for dolphin in the middle of a thirty foot channel that’s only ten feet deep. This list can go on and on. Good riddance to you. Just think how you’d feel if the same kind of thing happened to you in your home town.

Oh yeah, leave some chicken for the rest us at the Moose instead of taking ten at a time you filthy locusts. 

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Diversity”Wow man, you gotta be a developer or some other smacked ass to say that crap. The Keys are turning into a holy rolling chain of moronic islands and us party animals are being culled out by over taxing, over building, over invasion of weirdoes and bankers. Sure the Keys are almost all gone, but not during Happy Hour in most places that ain’t chain restaurants and garbage dumps like them. Save the Keys! “Burn the bridges” was the cry way back, and it’s more so today!

““let’s all hold hams and sing cumboliya”” It is called poetic license and if you had the intelligence to read it by sound, you very likely would understand the meanings, definitions, and subliminal sarcasm. Let’s see what humoristic endeavors you come up with. Please use more than one syllable words, understood?

“FTR & Capt D&G are two peas in an alien pod” Thank you! Being associated with the only other intellect on this blog is truly a compliment.


tour6[White House Tour] Forgive me if I mess up here, as I am a first time political contributor. I saw a bumper sticker in the Winn Dixie parking lot that read, “If you aren’t outraged, then you aren’t paying attention.” President Obama got my attention yesterday when, as part of the cutbacks caused by sequestration, there will no longer be any White House tours given. The same house that Michelle Obama called the “people’s house”, of course while in front of multiple cameras. These tours cost approximately one million dollars for the year and are staffed by volunteers!

So thank you, Mr. President, now Girl Scout troops, class field trips and other groups who have waited months if not years to tour will be denied that simple pleasure so you can make a political point and go for the maximum hurt factor. Guess what? I’m paying attention. Please other CTers, do the same.

The Key West Citizen endorsed Romney only because they got ordered to from their corporate higher-ups. Ask the editor. He already wrote that publicly, I believe.

an up red



[Obama Bad] Under that nasty, foreign, Muslim, colored, birthless Obama, the stock market is at the highest it’s ever been, breaking all records!

Not a peep about it praising the President, but if it had gone the other way they wouldn’t have shut up about it.

In all fairness FTR I mentioned that I do work in the natural gas field, but I also mentioned that I help control the Frac water flow and drive a water tanker on the well pad. That doesn’t make me gassy at all. Its means I pass water. Want a towel to wipe your shoes off? 

I am so upset over the passing of Chavez, that I am not going to shovel the snow off my front steps!



Oh my, helicopters at Key West and Marathon airports. Military filled with non-americans a non-american President. Damn, maybe the skinheads were right. Sounds and looks just like the book Turner Diaries and kind of spooky. 

[Narcissism] Who are you talking about, our President? I don’t like him.
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All the President’s Picks. So who are they? Link 

I keep hearing Republicans saying that Obama is responsible for the TSA allowing knives to be taken on planes again as thou its a bad thing. I swear a month or so ago I heard people telling us how we should arm teachers and everybody every where because it would give people a way of fighting back and stopping an armed intruder. Then why wouldnt a plane full of knife carrying flyers be able to take out a person that was trying to take over a plane? A person carrying a knife could end a plane being taken over.

If folks want to renounce their citizenship then adios. We dont want you here anyway. Dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you. Didnt Rush (wheres my pills) Limbaugh say he was going to leave if Obama gets elected? Whys he still here?

It was interesting to read how our countrys affordable healthcare plan was supposedly raiding medicare. Take a second and search Paul Ryans plan which was coveted by Republicans and see how much Ryans plan was going to take away from Medicare. Great reading but read it for yourself dont let anyone “tell” you what it says. Excepting anything spoon fed has way to much room for some being disingenuous.

Now that the individual states have cleared the paths for the Keystone pipeline to be built it will be. To believe it wont be built is naivete. Go to Keystone pipelines website. There were even republican Governors that wanted it rerouted and you cant do that in 6 months. Now its in its final stages approval. It will happen. I have $5,000 I will be happy to put in an escrow account that says within 2 years the pipeline will be in the process. Any takers. 2 years form the day the money hits the bank. Put your money where your rhetoric is.


Hugo Chavez is dead and the people are crying. The difference between Chavez’s reign and any American President’s reign is that Chavez put his people first and our Presidents all put corporations first. Americans don’t like to hear that, but it’s the truth. 

I stopped reading KW citzen a long time ago, but endorsing Mitt Romney was the only good thing I seen in 22 yrs from them. Obama is a choice for the “give me free stuff” I don’t see any of his supporters wanting to share their wealth with the have-nots.

The key west citizen actually researched the candidates and choose Romney based on fact. The “free shit for everybody” campaign strategy worked because most americans arent capable of rational thinking when someone will rob peter to pay you for not working. Wake up America  


right only grey

redink6Yesterday 2 posters told us that they were glad that 1,781 Americans kissed America goodbye and renounced their citizenship last year.  I think that it is safe to believe that most of the renouncers were persons of substantial wealth who chose to give up their citizenship rather than be scourged by Obama taxes. I wonder if those two posters gave any thought whatsoever that those nearly 2000 wealthy persons will no long have to pay any taxes to the USA? As more and more people become aware of the Obama’s obsession with taxing our achievers, you can be sure that we will see even more folks abandon their citizenship, we will lose their tax dollars. That is not a good thing.  America loses talent people and tax income, their new home nation benefits. America remains awash in red ink. The same metric is at play between California and Texas. California has crippling taxes and is losing businesses by the long ton. Many of the businesses are moving to Texas which has a more reasonable tax structure. Texas benefits, California become and ever bigger loser by going even deeper into debt. The golden state is slathered with red ink.

Part 2) Kudos to the poster(s) who took the time to do some careful research about sea level rise. Their research certainly seems to be dispositive of the issue. Sea level is now rising, but by only about 9 inches (2.2 millimeters) per century.  It has been so for centuries.

coast6-Deer Friends, that is no surprise. About 10,000 years ago, Florida was twice the size it is today. The  Gulf of Mexico shorelines were located as much as 120 to 150 km seaward of their present locations.  Because the water level was 60 meters (197 feet) to 100 meters (330 feet) lower, the Keys were high and dry and our offshore reefs were cliffs.

But Florida, even then Florida, had a robust population.  That time is called the The Paleoindian period. Paleoindians stalked now-extinct Pleistocene megafauna. Large, stemless, stone spear points, the most diagnostic of the artifacts made by Paleoindians. There are many archeological sites in Florida that prove the forgoing.

In the 1700’s note was taken that the seas were on the rise. William Bartram was a naturalist who roamed the SE during the mid 1700’s recording plants, animals and people. He recognized that sea levels were rising. He observed coastal forest conversion to salt marsh and, the submergence of islands off the coast of Georgia.  I urge you read page 11 of the following link: Page 11
Conversely, at one time in our geologic history, Florida was nearly completely submerged. Want proof? Just visit the Windley Key quarry. It’s an archeological park run by the State that shows fossil reefs that are 20+ feet above our current, ever changing sea level.

Respectfully submitted: