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blue-marlin27[Our First Keys’ Blue Marlin] I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. The weather was just awesome! My wife and I bought a place down in Port Pine Heights this winter and finally got our boat down here earlier in the month. So we just started fishing offshore around here this weekend. We live full time in St Petersburg which is home to bottom bouncing and grouper digging, so we have been really excited about hitting the blue water and chasing the pelagics around the ocean.

Monday we had a really unproductive day fishing in the jacked up Gulf stream in 600 – 800 feet. Lots of birds, flying fish and scattered weeds, but no fish. We decided to pull back in shore, and worked our way back north. Once we got inside the humps and out if the Gulf Stream the seas calmed down considerably, but we still had the same scattered weeds, birds and bait. Just as we could start to see the 7 Mile Bridge our port long rigger popped off, and the line started pulling off. Finally, something that actually pulled drag! I grabbed the rod off the rocket launcher, and the fish accelerated, came out of the water and gray hounded toward the horizon. All I saw was a bill as long as my arm, it’s back, and whitewater everywhere.

It was just my wife and I on the boat, so I hollered for her to put on the belt, and handed her the rod while I cleared the rest of the lines. Of course the fish hit a TLD20 loaded with 20 pound mono, so we knew we had to be careful chasing this thing down. The fish just kept running and almost dumped the reel by the time I could get back in the pilot house and start backing down on it. My wife did really well, and other than cussing a few times at the fish and at me for putting her in this situation, she held up like a trooper. We played tug-o-war with the fish for an hour and a half and finally got it close to the boat. We began circling each other and had a couple of shots to try to get it up so I could get a leader on it. It must of been fun to watch, my wife reeling her heart out and me diving between the pilot house and the cockpit trying to leader the fish. Finally, after a good turn, we got the fish up and coming in. The leader came up and I grabbed it and pulled the fish alongside the boat for the official release. Right when I reached for the bill, pop a crimp failed on the leader, and marlin slowly swam away tired but healthy.

So no pictures, but memories for a lifetime. It was the first blue marlin that my wife has ever caught, and the first blue one on our boat the Woody Too. What an awesome way to start our fishing down here in the Keys.

For those that care, the reel was a Shimano TLD20, 600 yards 20 pound test, the bait was a dink ballyhoo rigged on a small pink squid skirt, 80 pound mono leader 6/0 j-hook.

[“Concrete patio floor problem”] I wouldn’t glue carpet as it’s a mess to replace and looks cheap and smells like mildew after a while. The perfect solution would be to tile the floor. The second best solution is to use industrial floor coating (epoxy paint) similar to what auto repair garages use. It looks good and is easy to maintain. I used the third solution–porch and patio paint from Home Depot. That works well and it too lasts a long time before having to repaint. To make it look homier I placed an indoor-outdoor area rug over it and it looks great.
draftcard27[Bring Back The Draft] If you want to end foreign wars, bring back the draft. Old men/women send our young to war. During our last war, those that voted to go into Iraq, had no skin in the game. Their sons and daughters were not at risk. The massive demonstrations against the Vietnam war were fueled because of the draft and the lottery. We lost 50,000 -plus in that wasted exercise. I believe if we really want to stop the stupidity of foreign wars, a compulsory draft would end this foolishness.

“Happy Memorial Day.” How does the word “happy” fit with Memorial Day? It is an oxymoron. Are we happy so many have died so we get a weekend to party, fill our gullet, drink to excess, go to the beach? Some may say those that made the extreme sacrifice allow us to imbibe in our excess “celebration.” Every year during this “holiday” I regurgitate these same thoughts. I guess you need to spend time in the thick of war or be of age during the draft era to truly understand where I’m coming from.

I’ve noticed on my Facebook page those that post about Memorial Day. Most who were a soldier, of an age during the draft or know someone close to them who was killed or horribly wounded, honor our lost soldiers. The younger “friends,” but not all, post how they are partying hardy today. They don’t even comprehend or connect that the day is dedicated to preserve the memory of the fallen. I don’t blame them. They never received a notice from the draft board. They never sat waiting the day of the draft lottery to find out their number. Bring back the draft!

Fortuitously, I found this article shortly after writing this rant. Only 28% of our younger generation know the reason for this holiday. Link

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: people who wander the streets, eyes glued to their phones, oblivious to their surroundings.
[“Borrow boat”] How did the innocuous post from a few days ago (“We are looking to rent or borrow a boat …”) turn into a cheap “tourist” who wants a boat for free and will trash the boat as well? He clearly says he’s staying on family property — that’s a tourist? And will pay a “small price” to “putt around” for a few days. Sounds like he’ll be happy with a 14′ skiff with a 25hp motor on it and probably pay a couple of hundred bucks. Jeez, give the guy a break.
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Free coconut trees.
 2″-30″ sprouts. Nurseries welcome. Will trade for sand or rock.  Call Dave Classified Ads > Free
After reading Michael Moore’s comments about gun violence, I was reminded of a rotary meeting several years ago when Manny Madruga representing the Masons gave a presentation describing the Chip program. Child Identification Program. It is a program determined to sign up children and fingerprint children so that when a child is abducted and murdered we have a database to quickly identify the child’s remains so that they may be returned to the family and peacefully laid to rest. I am not knocking the good and hard work the Masons do, but a group of tourists from some place like Sweden noticed the sign for our rotary luncheon and showed up. But once Manny started his presentation I think they went cold. They seemed in shock. I added that we must be able to do better for our children. Is that the best our society can do to protect our children — identify their remains? I think that our focus is really skewed.
[Guns] I have been thinking about some of the suggestions put forward from some on this site, and thought that maybe some of them were just a tad out there, then again who knows. Lets say we banned all guns, do you really think that this would dispel all gun crimes? and if we increased the minimum wage do you think that would solve a lot of the working persons problems? If so, lets really give it a shot say at least to $50 an hour subject to monthly increases. and how about doing the opposite of what they rant about on Fox news. I heard Bill O’Reilly say he wants to get tougher on pedophiles. A poster here was extolling the virtues of doing just the opposite of what Fox was for, so lets just give them all a free pass and see if we can’t find some merits in their fetish. I wonder if the poster’s ban on all guns would apply to police and the armed forces?  I think his ideas are a little scary, but then I was just wondering.
Low carb, gluten-free salad
It is an impossibility for the sea level to have risen in one part of the Gulf of Mexico and not in another. How about if it is the land that is moving up and down?
When people say, “Guns aren’t the problem, mental illness is,” reply, “They’re both problems, and we’re not addressing either of them.”
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pipe-bomb27[Mass Murder in California] That young man was crazy. To think more restrictions on gun ownership would have stopped him is as crazy as he was. If no gun he would have made a bomb with help from the internet. He could have killed many more folks. I know, “ban the internet.” With that being said, perhaps the 2nd Amendment should be left as is and new amendment put before the American people banning crazy folks.
[“Eimers death”] You should be ashamed of yourselves picking on the poor cops doing their job. Like they say in the shrink books, stick a uniform with a badge and a gun on a frustrated human and you turn him/her into a god. Point was proven many times. Now about the military …
[Cuba] I’ve been enjoying the posts and pictures about Cuba. I’ve always wanted to go there, but have heard bad things from friends in Miami. These pictures paint an entirely different picture.
[Tabloid Trash] In 2007 one of the few remaining pillars of a long-established American journalist tradition closed its doors: The Weekly World News ceased paper publication. Over the years the tabloid news magazine had featured such headlines as: Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby, Bat Child Found in Cave, Mermaid Caught in South Pacific. Link
[Lessons to Help Change the World] Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command. Video
Thanks so much for posting the Memorial Day story of the 4 Marines all coming together!
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Watch the crescent Moon pass between Jupiter and Procyon as it waxes from evening to evening.
Five divers stranded in the water when anchor line snaps but are rescued when party boat happens to pass by. Link
[Gun Nuts] I am all for gun control as guns are totally out of control. As a nation we continue to ignore the deadly damage they to daily — and that is no exaggeration! I think the NRA should be deemed a terror organization for their stance of enabling untold death. We need gun control not confiscation. Background checks are a first step. They must look for the obvious like criminal records, history of mental illness and little penis syndrome. That will remove many of the nuts, but not all. To weed out them all you would need a psychiatrist to psychoanalyze every applicant for nuttiness and that would be ridiculous.

Background checks are the first step along with controlling sales at gun shows to help protect us from them.

I got poisonwood itch form trees at my friend’s barbecue Sunday. What to do to stop the itch? How long will it itch?
[Populists’ Rise in Europe Vote Shakes Leaders] Four days of balloting across 28 countries elected scores of rebellious outsiders, including a clutch of xenophobes, racists and even neo-Nazis. In Britain, Denmark, France and Greece, insurgent forces from the far right and, in Greece’s case, also from the radical left stunned the established political parties. Link
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[Cuba]  The Havana waterfront, the Malecon, stretches for about 4+ miles.  A beautiful stroll and an opportunity to meet and greet.  Many locals fish here for food for their families.
[Floor covering]  Do not glue down indoor-outdoor carpet.  Moisture will find its way underneath the material and you’ll wonder where the mold and mildew smell comes from.  A better solution is to talk to someone in the paint department at a home store (Home Depot etc.) about an epoxy based floor treatment applied by roller.  It will seal the concrete, comes in colors and will last for years with minimal care.  You should have the surface acid washed before applying the coating to remove any dirt, grease build-up etc. and have the job done by a professional unless you’re confident with your ability to do the work yourself (it really is quite easy).  Installing indoor-outdoor carpet will turn into a bad dream of mold and mildew.  Been there and done that!
[Guns] As I was reading the article on gun violence posted yesterday I was lamenting the article and wondering how we could have such an uninformed and or misinformed individual in our midst. The article was wrong on just about every point. I was relieved to read at the end that it was a repost by one of the biggest Idiots in the country, Michael Moore, and am just glad that he is far, far away.
WarThemed-22[War Is A Racket: A Few Profit, And The Many Pay — Still] As relevant as ever this Memorial Day, the great War Is A Racket speech by Major General Smedley Butler, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and the most decorated Marine in U.S. history, on war as profit. It ends, “To Hell with war.”

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

The military industrial complex has become so pervasive that it now forms the basis of a very large part of our national economy. In short, until we stop glorifying war and start building a peacetime economic structure, we can’t end our war making without putting our economy at substantial risk. So, yes, let us deeply honor those who have served, but let us also honor those who, whether having served in the military or not, now work to end the dominance of the war machine in our national life.
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[Bismark Anniversary] On May 27, 1941, the British navy sinks the German battleship Bismarck in the North Atlantic near France. The German death toll was more than 2,000.On February 14, 1939, the 823-foot Bismarck was launched at Hamburg. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler hoped that the state-of-the-art battleship would herald the rebirth of the German surface battle fleet. However, after the outbreak of war, Britain closely guarded ocean routes from Germany to the Atlantic Ocean, and only U-boats moved freely through the war zone.

In May 1941, the order was given for the Bismarck to break out into the Atlantic. Once in the safety of the open ocean, the battleship would be almost impossible to track down, all the while wreaking havoc on Allied convoys to Britain. Learning of its movement, Britain sent almost the entire British Home Fleet in pursuit. On May 24, the British battle cruiser Hood and battleship Prince of Wales intercepted it near Iceland. In a ferocious battle, the Hood exploded and sank, and all but three of the 1,421 crewmen were killed. The Bismarck escaped, but because it was leaking fuel it fled for occupied France. On May 26, it was sighted and crippled by British aircraft, and on May 27 three British warships descended on the Bismarck and finished it off.

Sink The Bismarck–Johnny Horton

KWPD Chief Donny Lee does not go anywhere without one of his cronies, I think he needs support to do his job. He states that he wants to clear his Eimers Murder suspects so his department can move on to other citizen abuse.
[Choices] Any person who votes for Republicans that is not wealthy or makes less than a few hundred thousand a year is a fool. You are voting against yourself. Just keep buying all the guns and religion B.S., while your pensions disappear and your wages remain stagnant and the super rich and multinational corporations run amok in their wealth. If you don’t understand this, get away from corporate news, then you will.
When this country was solvent and the middle class was vibrant and prosperous, the rich paid way over 50%. That went away with Reagan. Romney paid a meager 13% and that was on the income he admitted to. Ever wonder what percent he really paid on his total income? Pick a corporation of your choice and look up what they paid in taxes last year. It will sicken you. Keep voting stupidly and wondering why your paycheck isn’t getting the bills paid.
Capitalism without regulation eats its young.
contact-us27[Contact Us Suggestion]  There were 6 links to contact the Coconut Telegraph in Monday’s edition.  I think 2-3 would be plenty.  For me, one would be ideal. (Ed: I continually receive email asking how to contact us. I think people assume there are different personal and departments for different things, forgetting that this is the Keys.)
[“Concrete Floor Covering”] Sandblast the floor, lay thin Astroturf with adhesive, and use metal drill bits for the drainage holes all around. Enjoy your retirement. (Ed: I believe he means a masonry bit, but I get yelled at when I edit so I didn’t.)
[Government] I have lived in this country a long time and the government has never interfered with my freedom or my rights.  The only people who came close to doing that talked like the FTR guy.
tv-ct27[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Gun Violence”  All the BS about guns, guns, guns, no one has the brains to stop manufacturing them or for that matter any weapons, world wide! You have nuts in labs making germs so deadly they have to seal the building forever! You have nuts making Atomic Bombs that can split the planet in half, why? You have nuts in labs making poisons in many forms that will snuff out life world wide in seconds, why? You have nuts in pointed buildings telling the sheeple there is some sort of master god controlling their lives, but in reality those in the weird cloths are that master, why? People are so into their bubbles they have not only lost reality, but lost any basic awareness of self and that is the beginning of the end for any species. When greed, egos and a me, me, me mentality take over the family bubble, there is not much time left for us. True the utopian thinking is a dreamers way of trying to figure out how to survive to the next day, but just think if all people gave up and got naked and just walked around like the animals we really are, what would happen then? Just joking of course, it is way too late for that!
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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Obama speachs at Arlington]  What gall this so-called president has.  As he decimates our military, cutting it back to pre-WWII strength, ignores the plight of our veterans, cuts their benefits, denies his obvious knowledge of the VA scandal and lets a hero Marine languish in a Tijuana jail, he has the unmitigated gall to talk about our veterans who gave their lives for our country.  He is on record, prior to his election, stating his contempt for our military.  This man deserves nothing but our contempt.  He is a fool to our enemies, played as an idiot by Russian’s Putin and abandoning our close allies around the world.  He deserves nothing short of impeachment for high crimes.  This guy makes Nixon  (“I’m not a crook”) and Clinton (“I did not have sex with that woman”) look like altar boys.  Stand by for more and more lies, obstruction and crapola from the White House as more and more and more Obama administration scandals  come to the public knowledge.
Koch Brothers. This is my contribution to being a good citizen. Link
I am starting wish Obama would go ahead and fire someone in the VA if only to shut up the yammering GOP and Fox News.
from the right
Reading yesterday’s Michael Moore’s maundering was like having a root canal without lidocaine. MM has become the consummate hate America celeb. But, then again, Obama sure loves celebs. In yesterday’s posting MM lectures us that America is base evil. He has determined that it is our society that is the root cause of all violence. America is evil in MM’s world view. Then he writes that if you don’t want to believe that, you must blame violence on young white males. As usual he makes claims that are glaring lies. He says that 90% of Americans want stronger gun laws. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, only 31% want stronger gun control, that’s a 7 point decrease over 2013. The number of people who want less strict gun laws has more than trebled in the last year.

sicko27It is supremely ironic that the obsession of the left to shut down our Second Amendment rights has caused the biggest boost in gun sales, ever, and the biggest push for less strict gun laws in our history. It is also a crystal clear referendum on America’s thoughts and values.

Those who blame gun control laws for this most recent mass violence in  California must remember that California has some of the most draconian gun laws on the books. The three handguns apparently used by the shooter were all lawfully purchased by a young, patently mentally ill, white male who was consumed with self-pity, hate and rage.  The existing laws prevented the police from acting. You should also recall that the killer began his rampage by fatally stabbing three of his roommates. Yet there is no hue and cry to outlaw knives. In his rampage, the murderer used his car to attempt to kill two separate innocent bike riders. Yet there is no hue and cry to outlaw cars (well, maybe BMW’s should be banned).

The stone cold fact is that the murderer was hell bent to kill. He used three different tools in his spree, firearms, a car, and a knife.  Had he not had these tools, he might have used a screw driver, or a chain saw, or Molotov cocktails. The killer clearly telegraphed his intentions to kill. Just days before the carnage the police, at the family’s request, checked him out and could see no reason to detain him for evaluation.

Spree murders have been with throughout history. Some killers names come to mind, Caligula, Jack the Ripper, Gilles de Rais (the original “Bluebeard”) , Elizabeth Bathory (the “Blood Countess”), Gilles Ganier and Peter Stubbe who butchered their victims with such bestial ferocity that they were believed to be literal werewolves. Other homicidal monsters of the pre-modern era include the Scottish cannibal Sawney Beane and Vlad the Impaler.

Andrew Kehoe on May 18, 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan, killed 38 elementary school children and six adults in total, and injured at least 58 other people. Kehoe first killed his wife, fire-bombed his farm and set off a major explosion in the Bath Consolidated School, before committing suicide by detonating a final explosion in his truck. It is the deadliest mass murder in a school in United States history. Please note that Kehoe’s carnage was not done with a gun.

Spree killers are not a modern phenomenon, they are not the fault of our gun laws, the twisted murders have simply updated their tools.

The tools, the guns, the car, and the knife, were not responsible for the California killings. The cops were not responsible, the killers parents were not responsible. The gun laws were not responsible. American society is not responsible. The responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of the deranged and very dead killer who was so determined to kill and maim that he used every tool at his disposal.

MM is a truly heavyweight hypocrite. He tells us he hates guns. But MM has admitted that he owns handguns and that he retains armed security guards. All of which are young white males. I guess he likes that.

no-money27Part 2) Do you think that our economy is well on the way to recovery? That is what Team Obama and many in the left tilted media claim, they say all’s well. It isn’t.

In the first quarter of this year our GDP growth was barely discernable, it was only one tenth of one percent. The economy’s meager 0.1% GDP growth in January, February and March represented the slowest three-month growth in the economy since the end of 2012, and a sharp deceleration from growth in the second half of 2013, when the economy grew at a 3.4% rate. GDP should have been well over 4%.

We still have nearly 10 million Americans unemployed. Team Obama is pushing and pushing hard to force a $10 per hour minimum wage. Yet, the CBO, The Congressional Budget Office tells us that a $10 per hour minimum wage would cost us a half a million jobs. You have to ask yourself why Obama and the Democrats would make such a demand at this time given the harm to the job market and our economy that it will do. Is it strictly to get votes from base of the Democrat party, or is there another reason? Would you like to be one of the half million who lost their job?

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