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Wednesday, May 29, 2014

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[“Michael Moore”] I don’t usually agree with him and his entrapment approach to documentaries, but yesterday’s quote was right on the money. I know folks want their right to bear arms, but I don’t recall any stories of the US being invaded and the citizens repelling the attack. In fact, if the newspapers are any indication, I don’t recall any good stories coming out of citizens being armed.
[Crooks] A second member of Key West’s Sustainability Advisory Board has resigned in the wake of the city commission’s May 6 vote to keep Waste Management on board as Key West’s trash hauler. It seems the list is growing of people who see this no-bid multi-million dollar contract with Waste Management as fishy.
[“Poisonwood rash”] The sap from the gumbo limbo tree will help. Just slice thru the bark and the sap will appear and it does not hurt the tree. Cover the effected area with the sap.
[“First Keys Marlin”] Congratulations on a great catch, and thanks for sharing the story. We’ll look forward to more updates from you as life is great in the Florida Keys!
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crazy-smoke-ears29The news is in. Springer went crazy – Ese tío está loco – Der ist verruecktHappy Hour 2 pm – 7 pm all week long

Tuesdays:  $10 Pizza – That means any Pizza on our menu or build your own with 2 toppings (no take-out)

Wednesdays:  Kids eat for FREE when accompanied by paying adults. (Kids must be 12 years or under) No take-out

Cornhole:  The next season is up and running

Friday Karaoke:  Come sing a song at Springer’s Friday Karaoke, May 30th.
Happy Hump Day From Springer’s Bar & Grill

Our Special Today is Craw Fish Etouffee and let me tell you – it is delicious! But for all you Meatlovers we have a Meatloaf Sandwich with a choice of one side dish. Both Specials are under $ 9 for lunch.

Don’t forget about Happy Hour from 2 pm to 7 pm
$1.50 Domestic Drafts in a chilled 16 oz. glass
$2.00 Domestic Bottles
$2.75 Well Drinks and Wine by the Glass
Yall Come Down & See Us! Link

Private pilots say Customs in the Keys are too intrusive with little or no suspicion.  Link
scratch bumps first-aid cream
] I’ve found that poisonwood rashes last 8 days. You can get the itch just by standing under a poisonwood tree. Every part of the tree is itchy: bark, leaves, sap and seeds. The only good thing I can say about the rash is that you can scratch it all you like because, unlike poison ivy, it won’t spread by breaking open the tiny blisters. The rash stays put and never spreads. That is because poison ivy is a topical skin allergy where poisonwood is absorbed and spread through the bloodstream.
[“Michael moore’s gun article was wrong on just about every point.”] So what in the following statements is wrong? “A quarter billion guns in our homes that are often easily accessible to young people, burglars, the mentally ill and anyone who momentarily snaps.” Is that wrong?
“While other countries have more violent pasts (Germany, Japan), more guns per capita in their homes (Canada [mostly hunting guns]), and the kids in most other countries watch the same violent movies and play the same violent video games that our kids play, no one even comes close to killing as many of its own citizens on a daily basis as we do.” Is that wrong too?
“Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males. None of them are committed by the majority gender, women. Hmmm, why is that? Is that wrong?
I find it very sad that some people still have this kind of denial and defensive attitude.
Glenn Greenwald to publish names of people targeted by NSA. Video
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tarzan beat_chest
There’s a new fitness class studio on Cudjoe Key, Foreverfit Studio. Business Directory > Health
[Voting Republican] I  make a hell of a lot lees than a few hundred thousand, but I will continue to vote Republican. Why?  Because with the money that I do make, I prefer to pay my own bills and spend on myself as opposed to total strangers that I don’t know and probably wouldn’t like.
[The Earth is Hollow] At least the conspiracy, UFO people think so. Why? Simply because they are able to imagine it. Link
Please join Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys at Boondocks for Bingo. Ticket sales begin at 6:15pm. Fifty percent of the Bingo Ticket sales and fifty percent of the 50/50 raffle is donated to the shelter. There will also be a fantastic silent auction with items including Liquor, a Sunset Sail on the Lilyanna, FURY trips, Dive and Snorkel Trips and so much more! All proceeds from the silent auction benefit our homeless pets. Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys is not just the “Marathon” shelter, serving mile marker 70-16.7. Show your support for the Florida Keys only no time limit shelter. With over 100 homeless pets in their care, they need your support! Please come out and have some fun! See you there! Events
[“Weekly World News”] I too am so sorry to hear about that wonderful tabloid ending it’s publication. But be reminded, we still have Fox News and the Drudge Report to turn to for similar sensational amusement.
Vote Danny Coll. We need someone new. Get rid of George Neugent.
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Seven-Years-War[History Lesson] On this day in 1754, a 22-year-old lieutenant colonel of the Virginia militia named George Washington successfully defeats a party of French and Indian scouts in southwest Pennsylvania as Virginia attempts to lay claim to the territory for its own settlers. The action snowballed into a world war and began the military career of the first American commander in chief.The Ohio Valley had long been a contested territory among French Canadians, various Indian groups and the British colonies of Pennsylvania and Virginia. When the French began to establish fortifications along the river and refused Virginia’s written demand that they depart, Virginia’s governor, Robert Dinwiddie, dispatched Washington to complete and defend a Virginian fort at the forks of the Ohio.

Upon their arrival, Washington discovered that a scouting party led by the French ensign, Joseph Coulon de Jumonville was nearby. Fearing that Jumonville was planning an attack, Washington struck first, successfully ambushing the small party. In one of history’s murkier moments, Jumonville was murdered by Washington’s Indian ally, Tanaghrisson, while the monolingual Washington struggled to interrogate the French-speaking Canadian.

Jumonville’s murder in captivity incited a strong French response, and Washington was unable to defend his makeshift “Fort Necessity” from French forces led by Jumonville’s half-brother. Washington surrendered on July 4 and signed a French confession to Jumonville’s assassination, which he could not read.

Benjamin Franklin had drafted his Albany Plan for Union earlier that month, in the hope that united colonies could better orchestrate their own defense and governance. Colonists voted down the proposal everywhere it was presented. After Washington displayed his incompetence on the Ohio, the British decided it was time to save their colonies from themselves and dispatched two regiments of Redcoats under General Edward Braddock to America. Braddock too suffered a humiliating defeat at the forks of the Ohio; it took the British and their colonists seven years of world war to redeem themselves. The Seven Years’ War would go on to strip the French of their American empire and test the bonds of the British empire in America.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of children’s death behind those from gunshots.
[“Guns”] I wonder if the poster’s ban on all guns would apply to police and the armed forces? This is a prime example of a small mind who cannot think in world terms. It is no wonder we have wars and kill toy makers, people like this work for them! The inhuman race is not going to make it.
Some believe the Veterans Administration issues never existed before our President was elected. Take a walk down Jon Stewart’s memory lane. Video
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cuba-protest29[“Always wanted to go to Cuba, but have heard bad things from friends in Miami”]  Many, if not most all, Cubans in Miami hate Castro and his dictatorship as most of their grandparents and families lost everything after the revolution.  They have vested monetary and mostly political reasons to discourage open travel to Cuba usually citing that our money spent in Cuba supports the Castro regime.  They, however, are allowed to legally travel to Cuba to visit family using US dollars to do so.  Also, US dollars sent to families in Cuba or US dollars used by Cuban Americans to travel there will eventually find its way into the government coffers.  Isn’t that about the same thing?It’s far past time to end the useless so-called embargo and begin to open relations with Cuba.  The Castros aren’t forever.  They’re old and their empire is waning. And the emerging middle class will develop more political clout as time goes by.  We should be cultivating more negotiations and trade with the Cubans rather then letting them get into bed with the China and Venezuela despots who want to take control of the vast natural resources of oil and natural gas.  It’s a mere 90 miles from Key West.  How about if the Russia’s Putin decides to move back into Cuba?

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba the easiest way is to contact a US based Cuba Travel agency and take a group trip and see for yourself. (Google: cuba travel)  It’s easy, legal, affordable from Miami, and quite educational.

[Guns] What’s all the fuss about?  This California incident was just another run of the mill routine American mass murder.  It’s the American way of solving our personal problems.   If you don’t like somebody for any reason just shoot them.  I have heard this sentiment expressed by the locals down here more than a few times  over the years.
hindu_guru29[100 Words of Advice] Here are the first 10.1. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them.
2. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.
3. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
4. If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.
5. Always use ‘we’ when referring to your home team or your government.
6. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.
7. Don’t underestimate free throws in a game of ‘horse’.
8. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
9. Don’t dumb it down.
10. You only get one chance to notice a new haircut. Link
[Bimbos] When a reporter asked Kim Kardashian why she wore a white wedding dress, she replied, “I don’t want to be called Monica II.”
[“Bring back the draft”] I have had that thought for years, not all for war time purposes. How about rebuilding what’s left of our antique infrastructure? I believe back in the 30’s they had the WPA. I can’t remember what it stood for, but they built a lot of things. Dear ol’ Ma said they called it, “We Poke Along”. We know the corporations are not going to put anything back unless they can profit. Maybe even FTR might agree with this.
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heart in bloddy hand[Accidental Death?] I once filed a lawsuit in federal court in Birmingham, Alabama. A man’s home had caught on fire and he had made a break for it and had collapsed and died on the front porch. The Medical Examiner determined the man had died of a heart attack. He had an accidental death policy, $20,000. My theory for recovery was the fire, which was accidental, and induced the heart attack. The defense lawyers argued the death was from natural causes, a heart attack. The day of the trial came. The jury was in the box. The judge told the lawyers to meet him in his chambers.The judge told me he was  going to give the defendants a directed verdict, if all I had was what I was arguing. He advised me to take the defendant’s insurance company’s $5,000 settlement offer. I knew the judge was not bluffing, and I knew there wasn’t enough money involved to appeal, and I knew I would lose the appeal, so I accepted the settlement offer, even though I was convinced the fire had induced the heart attack, and the death indeed was accidental.
Never underestimate a woman’s ability to make anything your fault.
You’re welcome.
[President Defends Foreign Policy In Landmark West Point Speech] “You are the first class to graduate since 9/11 who may not be sent into combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. We have the best hammer, not every problem is a nail.” Video
[“First Keys Marlin”
] I usually skim the CT while looking for the good short stories like Sunday’s first marlin story. Kudos to the fisherlady who most likely had very sore mussels after her exciting adventure.
 For The guy with poisonwood. Use hydrogen peroxide – it kills it somehow.
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[Solar Roadways] From Idaho-based start-up Solar Roadways, a brilliant idea that will provide clean energy, cut pollution, keep roads snow-free, revolutionize road safety, eliminate electrical and phone poles, create thousands of jobs, and oh yeah, save the planet. A couple more days to a crowdfunding campaign that has already raised way over their $1 million goal. Detractors raise objections – ie: a projected $56 trillion price tag – but dreams have to start someplace. Their video is almost as brilliant as their idea. Link
I was at the Senior Center last night and failed a Health and Safety course that was put on for us old fogies. One of the questions was, “In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?”F**king big ones was apparently the wrong answer.
mob guy sub machine gun
[PCs and the Mob] While bragging to another professional while on tech support I commented that, “I made my fingers” on FrontPage. “Fingers” meaning keyboard clicking to create professional design. It was a take on the mob’s expression, “Made his bones” meaning he killed someone and is now qualified to be a made man. I know it’s not quite the same and that’s why it’s amusing.
[“Bring Back The Draft”] It really doesn’t work, because these fine Americans are draft dodgers. And yes, there are many rich Democrats that could be added to this.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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[“Mass Murder”] Yes, yes. more control , more regulation that’s what we all need, we need more rules emanating out of that fountain of smart also know as government, it is painfully obvious that at least 99% of all American citizens are to far down the comprehension ladder to look after ourselves without strict guidelines to aid us on our baffling journey thru this brief period of existence that we spend on this rock called earth, a two or three hundred million background checks program would be a godsend just think another government program put into place all for our wellbeing , I can see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi just drooling at the thought.
Whistleblower Eric Snowden said he’s stranded in Russia because the US intentionally pulled his passport just after he left the US. He was on his way to Cuba and then onto South America when the State Department pulled his passport. Kerry said if he’s a patriot he can come home tomorrow (and go to jail for the rest of his life after a mock trial).
Republicans hate Obama because he thinks about “us” and not “me” as Republicans do. Obama saved the country from a second depression (that Republicans are arguably responsible for), Killed Osama bin Laden (Republicans couldn’t), Ended the war in Iraq (that Republicans started) and ended the war in Afghanistan (that Republicans started). He’s wants gun control. He understands the difference between science and politics. It’s no wonder Republicans hates him. And he’s only part way through his presidency! He ruins all the things Republicans favor. I wonder what the last Republican President accomplished in his 8 years?
It has been over a week now since elections in which the tea party had their asses handed to them. Someone tell FTR, he apparently missed it.
Some of our troops  are leaving Afghanistan finally, thanks to Obama, except for a residual “training force” who will inevitably get picked off a few at a time by the Taliban, creating even more “wounded warriors” left with burned off faces, the latest high tech artificial limbs so they can run in 5Ks,  and delayed VA appointments.  What in the Hell is wrong with our leaders who are perpetuating this tragic farce?   Afghanistan as a viable country as we westerners picture one is a pipe dream. As soon as we cut off the money to that crap hole what little organization we are propping up will be over.  We don’t need to prove anything to anyone in the World in spite of what the GOP and Fox News says.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “You’re wrong about FOX News covering the President in Afghanistan. I watched the coverage, I also watched solider after solider make no eye contact with President Obama, and not reach out to shake his hand. Unless directly spoken to or addressed, turn & walk away. Yes I saw more than enough coverage of our Commander and Chief. President Obama, the most unqualified & incompetent President since President Carter. To all of our Vets here and passed, thank you for your service to our great America.”FTR’S RESPONSE: None needed, the poster nailed it.


A POSTER WROTE: “We’ve all heard President Obama trumpet the fact that American oil and gas production has reached an all-time high during his administration.  What he fails to mention is that, according to the Congressional Research Service, oil and natural gas production on PRIVATE land was up 61% and 33%, respectively; while on FEDERAL land, by contrast, oil production was down 11% and natural gas production was down 28%.

And, as Paul Harvey used to say, “That’s the rest of the story.”

FTR’S RESPONSE:   Little needed. Also please don’t forget that for purely political reasons, Obama is refusing to OK the Keystone Pipeline.  That pipeline will create thousands of jobs during its construction and afterward. It will pour long tons of money into our economy, it will ensure our energy independence and it will be a huge boon to our lopsided balance of payments.

Obama is on record as saying that he doesn’t want less expensive oil and gas. Please never forget that since Obama took office the price of gas has more than doubled. Mr. Obama and the left are perfectly happy with that.


Many of our Democrat friends seem fundamentally incapable of having political discourse without being insulting. Yesterday one such Democrat branded all of you who are not well off as being fools if you choose to vote for Republican candidates. He/she then took off on a tirade about guns, and “all that religious BS.” What a classy poster! The poster excoriated the wealthy and claimed that all was milk and honey when the tax rate was much higher than is now.

ass29Let’s think about that. Please remember that the Democrats have had putative control of our government since 2007. Then please remember that that during the first four years of Reagan’s first term the national average wage index rose from 13,773 in 1981 to 16,135 in 1984, an increase of 17%. By comparison, during the first four years of the Obama’s first term the wage index went from 40,711 to 44,321 an increase of 9%. So it’s accurate to say that the national average wage increase rose almost twice as much under Reagan than under Obama.   By the end of Reagan’s eight years it rose 46%. Since the median income of Americans has declined to where the average working family now earns as much as they did in 1996, it’s fairly safe to say we won’t see an increase of 46% by the end of Obama’s second term. Workers are getting screwed by Democrat governance.

The poster ignores the fact that 7 out of 10 of the wealthiest members of Congress are Democrat. Also please remember that, in general, the Republicans earned their wealth, but the Democrats inherited it or married it. The median estimated net worth of Democrats in Congress is substantially higher that the Republicans.

The leader of the Democrats in the House is Nancy Pelosi. While the economy continued to tank in 2010, Rep. Pelosi reported her own wealth to grow by 62%. Pelosi’s husband, Paul, is a financier.  They own a multi-million dollar vineyard and a number of million dollar homes. They have a net worth of $196 million.

Harry Reid has a net worth of about $6-10 million. Reid is wealthy by any standard.

It’s worth noting that Reid blocked any consideration whatsoever of several House bills that would have boosted employment.

In the 2008 campaign, Obama sucked up much more money from Wall Street and the Bankers than did McCain. I trust you will remember that Wall Street and the big banks reaped huge profits and their execs got huge bonuses paid for with your money.

The moral is simple, Democrat philosophy poisons the waters of business. When business withers, wages and employment wither. We’ve seen ample proof of that since 2007 when the Democrats took control of Congress.

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