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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Today is 11/12/13 an auspicious number

I am a Veteran and am not proud of it in any way. I killed lots of people I did not know, in countries I have never heard of, and did it three times because I thought it was right to defend my wife and kids five thousand miles from my home. After realizing how stupid war is and how crazy the enemy is, and how much money is made by the war machine, I will never do it again unless they attack me in my country, on my street, in my house then I will make our desk jockey rulers drop the Big One and get it over with once and for all. Anyone who thinks war and killing is honorable should be on the front lines with a big stick and no shoes like the enemy, then see who cries for peace. God save us all!

(Ed: Speaking of old geeks, this old geek can’t get photos to load this morning. — another first. I got some loaded and then it stopped. So this episode of the Coconut Telegraph is mostly with images I had loaded before it stopped. Post that need pictures will be published tomorrow. Damn computers!)
[Freedom of Information is Not Free] It appears that the School District is trying to bury Larry Murray in useless paperwork in order to hide the simple information that he’s asking for. Something still smells at the School Board.
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[Coast Guard Veterans] I gave 4 years of my life as a proud member of the U.S. Coast Guard. I served all over the country, including 2 years in Key West on CGC Ute. I did drug busts, fishery patrols, and SAR (if you know what that is). I was involved on the Mariel boatlift. We saved a lot of people, and went above and beyond, so don’t tell me that didn’t count. You have no clue. Did you ever serve your country? I was a volunteer. Do you know about CGC Tamaroa, the ship in the Perfect Storm? I served there too. How dare you disrespect the U.S. Coast Guard!


[Why you shouldn’t buy most “smart” tech] For years U.S. information technology firms (like Apple) have actively backed weak privacy rules (like the new forced online syncing) that let them (or others) collect massive amounts of personal data. The strategy enabled the companies to work their way into every corner of consumers’ lives and gave them a competitive edge internationally. Those same policies, however, have come back to haunt IT firms. Lax rules created fertile ground for NSA snooping. In the wake of the surveillance scandals, as consumer confidence plummets, technology companies’ economic futures are threatened. Link

magic electric hands

[Scary Magic] If I ever see this guy on the street, I am walking the other way!  He could bring back witch burning! Video 

[Pickle Talk] I just got a jar of Madame LeFeye’s Pickles at the Big Pine Moose Lodge… Didn’t know they were still around. They are the best ever. Does anyone remember them? I do, and they are just like old times. Yummmm!


[“How well do you know the US Constitution”] Answer to yesterdays Constitutional question: C. Senators appointed by and answerable to the State Legislatures.

The House was designed to be the voice of the People. The Senate was designed to represent the States. Senators were appointed/elected by their State Legislatures and answerable to them. The 17th amendment changed the election of Senators to popular vote. Senators now often do not represent the People of their State, but instead serve the interest of the entities which fund their campaigns. Some Senators get significant campaign contributions from outside their States.

Constitution question for the day:   In the absence of Congressional consensus, article II authorizes the President to:
A.     Dispatch the military to foreign countries.
B.     Ensure the general welfare of the people through executive orders.
C.     Ensure that the States comply with Federal laws through executive orders.
D.    None of the above. 

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[Old Geeks Unite!] I’m pissed off at the post that equates age with technical illiteracy. Do you think that knowing how to fill out a form online or post a picture on Facebook really means that you understand computers? Have you ever written code? Do you know what hexadecimal is? Can you explain clock speed? Well, there are many of us geezers who can answer yes to all of that and more. If you can’t then it’s you who are clueless!
Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

[Bike Path] Do they really expect drivers to stop on Route 1 to let the bikes go through to the crosswalks on the other side? If they do, remind them of the destruction at the Crane Boulevard light.

love goon flowers


Love is a wonderful thing. Ah, I’ll never forget what’s-her-name

[“Veterans and the drain on our society”] I noticed the author never admitted to serving him/herself.

[“With Parallels you can jump between Windows and OS X”] VirtualBox is free open source virtual machine software from Oracle that does the same thing and is supported for older host operating system versions a lot longer, Win/OSX/Linux versions make it a breeze to run nearly all guest operating systems on other platforms. Link


[Stupidity — the documentary] This documentary about stupidity tells us the history of the word “moron”, the difference between stupid, moron, smart, intelligent, genius and questions the regular practice of classifying peoples intelligence through standardized IQ tests. Video

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[Free Herbicide] The Institute for Regional Conservation will be hosting their 3rd annual Holiday Holly Roundup on December 14 from 10-3 at their office at 30933 Ave A on Big Pine Key. Come out and learn about treating Brazilian pepper and receive a free bottle of herbicide. IRC staff will be on hand to answer questions and dispense herbicide. For Information on this event please contact Cody-Marie Miller at 305-304-6610 or email Events 

[Grinder Pumps] Lookie what Piedmont, Georgia warns people with E/one grinder pumps about if they will not be flushing for a few weeks. Know any snowbirds getting stuck with a grinder pump? Is this ever going to run up maintenance costs. One more reason that grinders don’t make sense here. Please sign on to the petition to dump the pumps! Link 
Climate science is making inroads. Picking & planting healthy mangrove seedlings is 1st line of defense against sea level rise. Link 


Girl sticks bare butt on electric fence. New Zealand, in case the accent has you wondering. Video

[Grinder Pumps] Leaving your home for a few weeks? The E/one pump in your home is designed to be low-maintenance unit. However, it is important to recognize that this is a submersible pump that needs to be rotated on a periodic basis. There are two reasons for this. First, the seals need to maintain proper lubrication to keep moisture out of the motor cavity. This is typical of all pumps. If the pump sits with out rotating, the seals can dry out and allow moisture to bypass the seal and enter the motor cavity, causing corrosion and electrical shorting. Second, the bearings in any piece of rotating equipment must be rotated. If a motor sits for extended periods of time, the bearings will actually crease the races causing a condition known as “flat spotting”. This will cause the bearings to seize up, and the added friction can cause the pump motor overheat and fail.

If you plan on being away from your home for more than 2 weeks, the pump manufacturer recommends performing the following procedure:

1. Run clean water into the unit until the pump activates.

2. Once the pump activates, immediately turn off the water and let the pump run until it shuts off completely.

3. DO NOT DISCONNECT the power for the pump.

Please note that this procedure may not be sufficient to preserve the pump if the home is to be unoccupied for an extended period (in excess of three months.).


I definitely don’t see an issue regarding health care for servicemen who are serving currently or who were wounded or injured in their service to our country. (like permanent disability) I worked for a cable company when I graduated from high school and I didn’t have my health insurance through them. Why should the military be any different? Isn’t it socialized medicine anyway? I bet half of the doctors don’t even speak English and they get 2nd rate care like in England and Canada.



Bow season is open!

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[Marathon Journal] The Journal interviewed Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC) Officer Robert Dube at Leigh Ann’s Coffer Shop.

Robert Dube’s short bio is as follows: He was a military brat born at Fort Monmouth. Dube moved to Florida in 1989. He is a graduate from Florida Marine Patrol Academy. He has been on the job for 24 years.

What is FWCC’s current biggest story? The net ban on gillnet has been repealed. Now that is back in courts. Monroe County snook season is open. Stone crab and lobster seasons are doing well.

What are some FWCC’s promotional news items? FWCC is still actively aggressive with trap robbing. Also, there is zero tolerance with boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Boating safety is always key.

What are FWCC’s educational pursuits? Down here in the Keys boating safety checks prevents tragedies. There is the “Ladies, let’s go fishing”. Kids fishing clinics are popular. While we in the Florida Keys think about FWCC patrolling the near shore waters, hunter safety is key up north, central Florida.

Do you have any last thoughts? If you see any violations, please call FWCC. Anonymous calls are accepted. Reporting violations help FWCC and you.

FWCC patrols a large section in the state. Dry Tortugas are always busy. Up north in the middle of the state hunter programs take precedence.


Two cashews went for a walk in the park and one  was a salted!

big12The Good Health Clinic has named its third BIG KAHUNA. Vicki Walker of Centennial Bank raised $15,722.50 for the nonprofit during the last few weeks as part of an annual competition among Upper Keys celebrities.

Last year’s BIG KAHUNA, Captain Skip Bradeen, raised $4,780 for the Good Health Clinic, which provides free health care for individuals living or working in the Upper Keys and earning at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Rick Freeburg, CEO of Mariners Hospital, still holds the fundraising record by successfully soliciting $25,000 to secure the title in 2011.

Vicki Walker will receive the coveted Big Kahuna statue at the Good Health Clinic’s sold out 3rd Annual Big Kahuna Beach Luau at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Islamorada this Saturday, November 16. Major sponsors include Horizon Mortgage Services, Tolley & Hill, Florida Keys Electric Cooperative, Dr. Eileen Turbessi, Gale Roberts, The Joe and Lindy Roth Foundation, Centennial Bank, The Morgan Insurance Group, Morada Bay Beach Café & Pierre’s and The Moorings Village and Spa.

Competitors Brett Ekblom, Jennifer Miller, Jenny Bell-Thomson, Jo Gunthner, Dr. Travis Bennett, worked hard to spread the word of the clinic’s good work. The six volunteer “Kahuna” fundraisers in total raised $39,849, versus $15,349.83 in 2012. “This is important for the clinic since we receive no state or federal funding,” said Good Health Clinic executive director Jennifer Rickmann.

The Good Health Clinic, sponsored in part by Baptist Health South Florida, serves over 600 Upper Keys residents and employees who are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty level. To make a contribution to support our community’s only free healthcare facility, contact the Good Health Clinic at 853-1788 or visit


[“Cop car parked in a no parking spot”] That’s because they are the police and they think they can do what they want because they know people are afraid of them.

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[“The fact that NJites hate Christie”] Is this the reason that he won the election 60% to 38% and took almost every county in the state? Perhaps the electorate made the same mistake as the original poster did and thought they were voting for Charlie Crist. ‘Ton of Shiite’(sic)? Is this an implication the Governor Christie is a Moslem? 
nira tocco realtor 9.12
Does anyone know if grinder pumps will be adversely affected if not used for 6 or 7 months during the summer and fall? Right now, my house in BPK is strictly a secondary home until I retire in a few years and I don’t rent it so if I’m forced to get a grinder pump it will sit idle each year for months at a time. Do they dry out or something? Do they need to be completely emptied first? Do they even get completely empty or will there always be sludge in the bottom? Or worse, will I be told to keep the faucet running for six months so it won’t accumulate gases? The very fact we have to keep asking these questions reflects poorly on the way the county has gone about introducing this change to its homeowners. 



Stop the demolition of Cherokee Market in Georgia in order to build a Flash Foods gas station. Link

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isaksen-flood 4.23.13

How do you know your grinder pump isn’t working. Do you get a shitloat of shit in your living room? FKAA should have hired a professional to explain this whole thing to us.



[How Tequila Works] Thank you, no one ever explained it to me before

I’m not sure why people keep talking about the legality of bicycles in the road. There is no legal obligation whatsoever to bike in the bike path, although I certainly prefer to do so for my own sake, but it isn’t always possible, particularly when parked cars and strolling pedestrians are already in the bike path. A bicycle is a vehicle, and cyclists have all the same rights and obligations as any other vehicle, and yes, I wish more of us stopped at stop signs. How about we all look out for each other and have a nice day?
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[“Sin Sity in the Sea”] Thank dog Key West does not have a bunch of crank yankers and holy rollers controlling the last party place. Just think how great it would be if the Holies made you go to church daily and stopped your partying! I think Texas would be a better location for the holies, eh?


This is not an RC aircraft.  This is a fully flyable, experimental aircraft.  With the four engines, retracts, and a total of over 240 hp. This would be considered a complex category of airplane and require a special certification on your pilot’s license to be allowed to fly it.  It sure looks like it would be a fun one! Link


[“Cop car parked in a no parking spot”] That’s our church and our cop. Thank you for your concern.

religion politics zone

Back in the day, people who wanted to destroy the government at all costs were called anarchists. Now they’re called the Tea Party.

[Regressive Hypocrisy #2] Panic about Obama’s birth and silence about Cruz’s birth. Hmmmm
Obama: Dad born in Kenya Mom born in USA Barack Obama born in USA
Cruz: Dad born in Cuba. Mom born in USA Ted Cruz born in Canada

[“57% of all personal bankruptcies are due to debt caused by health issues”] That sounds more like propaganda than fact.  Here’s a link to bankruptcy statistics.  I found no where on there the reason for bankruptcies, just the number and type of bankruptcies.  You need to realize that liberals think the ends justifies the means and they have no problem using scare tactics or false information to achieve that end. Link


[“57% of all personal bankruptcies are due to debt caused by health issues”]  The solution is not getting someone else to pay your bills, it’s taking the stifling load of bureaucracy off the medical profession and practice!  Ask someone in medical billing how much of the bill is padded to cover the cost of all the paper shufflers in line with their hands out.  Ask the doc how much he has to charge extra so the insurance will pay enough to cover all that.  Ask how much it would cost if you pay cash and you will be in for a pleasant surprise as to how much you can save.  Health insurance as it is didn’t even exist 2 or 3 decades ago.  It was for the big things, not every office visit and prescription, and that made it much more affordable.

The President must have seen his poll numbers. He placed his hand over his heart while taking part in the laying of wreath Ceremony at the grave of the Unknown Solider.

[“57% of all personal bankruptcies are due to debt caused by health issues”] I heard that same claim on the Sunday talk shows. I can believe it. They brought up that figure during the debate over healthcare. What do you do when you reach your limit your policy stops paying? Republicans don’t seem to have that problem. God bless them for it.

Republicans dominate America’s Top State for Business list. Link

Our incompetent President and his movement into socialism has been painful. We can fix this. 2014 elections are just around the corner. Don’t sit this one out — Vote!

[“FTR: the poverty rate climbed in relation to the bank failure in 2007 and the ensuing great recession that followed it”] How about including all the facts with your baloney? A complete sandwich is much better for you.

[“Democrats will be in power for the next 50 years because of all the freebies”] Please tell me what freebies you have been promised.

[“57% of all personal bankruptcies are due to debt caused by health issues”] It’s because many are not earning enough to pay for it and if they are would be already doing so through their employer. In order to get one of those jobs that pay enough one first has to pay for college. Then if they have managed that there has to be a vibrant economy providing employment for them and that can’t occur if there are too many people in the world willing to do anything to survive, including thinking up methods to put other people out of work.

One of the most famous of these people was Steve Jobs who’s computers earned the famous title of “Ferrari’s with their hoods welded shut”, not that they are fast, rather they were fancy, expensive, mass produced by robots and designed to be disposed rather than repaired or upgraded. Apple’s ingrained corporate discontempt for their fellow human beings is why their market share is miniscule and they have to resort to brainwashing to get people to work for them or buy their products.

[“57% of all personal bankruptcies are due to debt caused by health issues”] Republicans sure don’t like seeing that in print. They think no one has money problems because of bad health and bad insurance. They think it’s all a giant Left wing conspiracy for some unknown reason. Just watch FOX and see what I mean.

Anyone who considers themselves capable of objective thought and appreciative of fact base deductive reasoning needs to look at this web page. I especially hope those into politics and education will read it all. Both from the Right and Left. Link

from the right

If you thought that the firestorm created by the millions of people being robbed of their health insurance by Democare was limited to this years “individual mandate” maelstorm, you were wrong, very wrong. If you thought that Mr. Obama was not aware that the promises that he was making were lies, you were wrong, very wrong.

Obama insisted anew Thursday that the problem is limited to people who buy their own insurance. “We’re talking about 5 percent of the population who are in what’s called the individual market. They’re out there buying health insurance on their own,” he told NBC.

But a closer examination finds that the number of people who have plans changing, or have already changed, could be between 34 million to 52 million. That’s because many employer-provided insurance plans will likely be verboten by the government, not just the individually purchased insurance plans. Link

We may never know, but it is very likely that that fact led to the one year delay in implementation of the employer mandate. News that 69% of certain employer based policies are likely to be canceled by Democare would be catastrophic for Democrat candidates in the ’14 elections.

Part 2) Yesterday a poster claimed that “57%” of bankruptcies were “caused” by healthcare bills.  Deer Friends that is an old, decrepit D/L/P canard that was used to sell the ACA by the Democrats. It is not true. It is not true. We have discussed this issue here before.

That false claim stems from a 2005 Harvard University study that suggested that 54 percent of bankruptcies in 2001 were caused by health expenses.

The fact is that the Harvard study only asked respondents if medical bills were included in the unmet obligations that led to the bankruptcy.  The Harvard study listed any bankruptcy with $1,000 or more in unreimbursed medical expenses in the previous two years. For our D/L/P friends, I remind you that’s only $500 per year, substantially less than what millions of Americans will be paying in new Democare insurance costs.

Moreover, the Harvard researchers’ use of the term “medical” for expenses includes issues such as having a gambling problem.

ABC news reported in 2009 that they had reviewed Harvard’s claim and found it to be false. They reported:  “An academic reviewer did the same in 2006. Recalculating Harvard’s own data, he came up with a far lower figure – 17 percent. A more recent study by another group, approaching it another way, indicates that in 2007 about eight-tenths of one percent of Americans lived in families that filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical costs.”

Deer Friends, please consider that ABC news most certainly is no mouthpiece for, or even a fair broker on behalf of the Right Wing. If anything, like most main stream media, it leans decidedly left.  I urge you to read their entire report of the matter to be found at Link

Please note that the ABC report is titled: “FALSE TALKING POINT ALERT — NUMBER TWO IN A SERIES.”