2019 November

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

[Bacon] Great news. Bacon is now healthy. An article in the medical journal PLOS reported the nutritional value of 100 foods and pork fat ranked 8th from most healthy. Un-hydrogenated pork lard makes the very best tasting fried foods too. HSI reports “With a “nutritional fitness score” of 0.73, it placed among the highest within the “fat-rich” category — just behind dried chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.” This is the kind of health news I like!
[IKEA Swedish Meatballs] We went to IKEA in Miami and bought a total of 9 pounds of their 3 varieties of Swedish meatballs. I heard they were so good I bought a bag of each. Well, they are not good! They are awful. The vegetable ones weren’t half bad, but not good enough to eat unless it was an emergency. The beef and chicken meatballs were uneatable even in an emergency. They reminded me of the inside of hotdogs. Extruded grey mush with absolutely no texture. The only difference from a hotdog is the meatballs were flavored with nutmeg and hotdogs are flavored with sage. They both have the same insides. I don’t eat either one. Well maybe, I’ll have a hotdog on the Forth of July just to be patriotic.



The Knights of Columbus will be selling Christmas trees at St Peters church again this year starting Friday November 29 from 12-6 pm every day until sold out. The trees are freshly cut Fraser firs from North Carolina and we will gladly make a fresh cut and even tie it to your roof if needed. This is the only fundraiser we hold, and all profits are used to support the church and the community. Don’t miss the one day only sale on Sat. 11-30 from 9am-noon. continental breakfast with Santa himself making an appearance! Bring along your camera or let Santa’s elves take your family picture with your cellphone.

[“Bucktooth Rooster”] What happened at Bucktooth Roosters that they had to close? Also weekend breakfast starting. February 17th isn’t a weekend.

[Crooks] Hidden camera investigation reveals ‘scary’ and ‘misleading’ sales pitches to sell blue light lenses. Video

[“MREs are awful”] Try some KW jail food sometime!
[“Marine sanctuary”] The central sewer plants use mostly shallow wells that eventually spew the plant’s effluent primarily on the reef. Small wonder that the reef is deteriorating more rapidly. Barring diver access to the most affected reefs simply removes observation of the continuing damage from eyes that truly appreciate unspoiled reefs. I hope that is not the hidden agenda. NOAA needs to get the priorities straight!





Joins us for a great meal at the Big Pine Moose Lodge. We are delivering to shut-ins too. Contact the lodge with information for who you would like to have a great meal delivered to.

[Caring] The less you care the happier you will be.


[Get Off My Lawn] I have determined that the reason older people are so cranky is because they have had a lifetime of putting up with other people’s bulls**t.

More surgical items being left inside patients blamed on rushed operations. Woman still had a glove and sponges still inside her. Link


[Dope etiquette] “Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me.” Link

[Oldies But Goodies] Once upon a time a long time ago. Video


[Cruises Are For Old People] We tried to enjoy a holiday cruise with all the kiddies, the fat sloppy grandparents and all the smells and dirt of the over 80 crowd. We did and will never do it again! Most cruise lines should be sunk.

The Everglades Python Huntress. Donna Kalil is the only woman licensed by the South Florida Water Management District to hunt Burmese pythons. Video


In the 1960’s, having my parents fight over what they wanted to watch on television was especially hard on me. Back then, I was the remote!

The December AARP calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events



[Slow Divorce] It’s said the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach and I think my wife is doing me in that way!

[Pretend Boobs] The FDA is now warning about serious health effects of breast implants, including lymphoma. They are recommending 5 year MRIs as a precaution, and now require a warning on the implant box that you will never see.. The FDA warning was intende4d for mastectomy patients who wanted to look whole again, but I think the warning also goes for those thin chicks with big hoooters and the he-shes of the Keys.
[Zombie Deer] You remember Mad Cow Disease and maybe heard of Chronic Wasting Disease that affects deer, elk, etc; both are brain eating diseases. Now there is suspicion that the bug behind these diseases is causing Alzheimer’s. So if you cook up a Key Deer, don’t make sausage from the brain is what I think they are saying.

[Shitty Laws] Maybe if we underpaid politicians and overpaid teachers, there would be smarter people and less shitty laws.

FBI statistics reveal that concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits have gone up 304% since 2007. Violent crime dropped about 27% in the same period. CCW permits went up 8% in the first 10 months of 2019. The fastest growing segment is female minorities. 16 states require no permits at all so those states are not counted in CCW permit info but are included in the violent crime drop. Violent crimes dropped 3.9% in 2018 and property crime dropped 6.9%. The violent crime rate in 2018 was the third lowest since 1970. More people able to defend themselves and others is directly corresponding to reduced violent crime.
Dr. Ignatius Piazza voiced his conclusions in a recent article that highlighted that every mass shooter since Columbine has been on psych drugs. He said “It is not about hate or easy access to guns. It is about the anti-social, psychopathic effects of psychiatric drugs that are irresponsibly forced on society from the cradle to the grave through pharmaceutical marketing budgets that are larger than the gross national product of many third world countries and the drug pushing psychiatrists and medical doctors who prescribe them.
[60 woman accusers are lying] Poor Bill Cosby. At 82 he will not back off telling the accusers to go to hell. “It’s all a con to get my money” he says! When you’re in show business, you get conned into doing stuff you’d never do normally just for publicity and because it is different. These bimbos and their brothel lawyers need to be culled out of society or this country will fall. Quick riches is the name of the games today. Video



[Orchid Society] Carlos Cahiz is our speaker once again. If you saw him last year you know how entertaining & informing he is. Also since he is OFE he will have orchid supplies. Good chance to do some shopping. Please note the attached forms for the Holiday Brunch, and for Membership renewal. All memberships are due for renewal on Jan. 1, 2020

[Conspiracy Theory] Lately the Keys have been inundated with junk housing under the guise of allowing for low class workers, but in reality, these junk housing projects are being pushed to lower the values of these islands for future high end tourist development as done in many water front shore lines and island chains. It’s all a con to get the dirt cheap and built for profit, caring less for the locals or paradise. Cudjoe Gardens is next to allow trash built homes and multi level slum lord shacks. There is no honor in real estate greed.
Free alternatives to Windows operating systems. Link