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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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sterile-guy[Screwworm] Federal agriculture regulators plan to release radiated flies as early as next week on Big Pine and No Name Keys to battle an infestation of screwworms that have been preying on Key deer for more than a month. Screwworms are a fly larva that feeds on the flesh and blood of animals.

As of Friday, 50 of the estimated 1,000 Key deer had been euthanized during the course of the past month, Clark said. Also, two dogs and a pot-bellied pig have been euthanized. The sheer number of euthanized Key deer have refuge managers running out of room to store them in freezers on site.

Federal and state agriculture officials issued an animal quarantine declaration in the Florida Keys and set up a checkpoint in the Upper Keys on Monday to make sure domestic animals are not infected by screwworms before leaving the Keys. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services established an Animal Health Check Zone on U.S. 1 at Mile Marker 106. Motorists with domestic animals leaving the Keys must stop and have their pets physically inspected to ensure that they do not have screwworms

Judy, the bartender at Marriot’s Tavern N Town, had an asthma attack, fell and got a concussion, then either a stroke or heart attack on top of that! Last news was she is still in ICU. She worked at Sugarloaf Lodge for many years. Hope she pulls through all right.
nurse needle squirt[Free Flu Shots] From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 20th at Bayview Park, United Way of the Florida Keys will be at the Southernmost Boys & Girls Club’s “Lights On Afterschool!” event distributing vouchers for a no-cost flu shot provided on site by pharmacists from Walgreens Healthcare Clinics. The vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis to uninsured adults (over 18 years of age) while supplies last. They are provided by Walgreens as part of a nationwide program that helps to make flu shots available to those without health insurance coverage or those who are unable to afford a flu shot.

Tips to help prevent the flu: Clean Your Hands: Wash your hands as often and thoroughly as possible with soap and water. If soap is not available use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Stay Home: Avoid leaving your home for school, work, and errands when you are sick. Experts recommend you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone.

Avoid Close Contact: Do your best to avoid close contact with people who are sick. You should also avoid close contact with others when you are sick.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth: Viruses often spread when a person touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth after exposure to the virus. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean: Clean and disinfect anything that may be contaminated with germs.

In the 16th century Jesuits priests brought influenza, smallpox, and slavery to the new world on their sacred mission to save souls.

[69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings] Saving money is still a struggle for many Americans, finds a new survey. I wonder which candidates, both national and local, can relate to this reality. Which one will want to stop putting business’ interests before the middle class’s. Government should not be run like a business it is much more than profit. Link

[The FTR Files] I just reviewed the DEP permit application for the KOA sewer connection on Sugarloaf and compared it to what FKAA had on their permit application for the entirety of Upper Sugarloaf.
KOA says they produce a peak flow equivalent to 100,000 gallons a day. They would know because they have their own treatment plant that has to be abandoned, and they have had to keep track of flow through it. They don’t need to make wild assumption-based guesses like FKAA did.
FKAA designed their collection system on Upper Sugarloaf to handle a peak flow of only 180,000 gal/day for all 377 EDU (equivalent residential connections) on the entire island. In other words, FKAA did not design enough collection capacity for Upper Sugarloaf even if every residence does not produce any more wastewater than a camper trailer or RV with their super low-flow fixtures.
So what if the collection system is inadequate and overflows or backs up? They saved a few bucks and thought they were going to avoid a deep well.
I was surprised to see that the pressurized sewer pipe coming out of KOA is thinner-walled than the gravity sewer pipe demanded of homes. I also noticed another false statement signed by FKAA’s own Tom Walker attesting that the plant will have sufficient capacity for this and all other permitted connections. That’s not even close! DEP has permitted a third more collection than FKAA has treatment capacity. Was someone at DEP asleep at the wheel or just told not to notice that they were permitting more than plant capacity? “Your tax dollars at work.”(Part 2, The Zika Files) ZIKA.  Yep, it’s still here, it’s not going away.  In fact we’re getting more and more cases. As of 10/10 there were 993 known cases — more than 10% involve pregnant women. 5 new cases are not travel related.  Meaning it was caught right here in the good ole US of A, probably in south Florida.  And, yes, most of the cases are in south Florida, home base for most of our tourists.

The number of cases is growing. It is nearly certain that by the time the next Coconut Telegraph drops there will be a 1000 known cases.  God only knows how many actual cases.

And still the Mosquito Control Board dithers.  And still the hysterical opposition to the single most effective vector control continues.  I just can’t figure out the Save Our Skeeters kids.  Remember all of this come election day.Isaksen-2.2016

[Part 1] I just figured it out why we have pains and headaches and cannot sleep well.  With my AC off, I opened the windows.  The vehicle fumes from US 1 are so strong when the winds blow from the north that I can taste the oil and gas in the air. The AC is bad enough by not allowing fresh air into the house, but this is worse! Nothing I can do about it either.

[Part 2] I just had the best night’s sleep in years by opening the windows and shutting off the AC. Most of my pains and aches are gone too. No dry mouth in the middle of the night either. That tells me something.

shanty-houndsdustindelaneyCongratulations to the winners of the 6th Annual Votes for Notes benefit for Habitat for Humanity! The winners in our new JUNIOR category: 1st Place – Delaney, 2nd Place – Amelia. SOLO/DUO: 1ST Place-Dustin Sedlak, 2nd Place – Glenn Harman. BAND: 1st Place -The Shanty Hounds, 2nd Place – Bob D’Antonio and his pick-up band. The Shanty Hounds were also the winners of our One Night Wonder Prize, for bringing in the most money in one night!

The musical competition to see which acts could raise the most money was held over a period of 3 weeks in venues from Marathon to Key West was produced by local musician Ray West.  The winners in each category won a $300 cash prize and 2nd place entrants were awarded gift certificates from local business.  Cash prizes were sponsored by Marathon and Middle Keys Magazine and Smokin’ Tuna Saloon.

Proceeds from the events were divided between Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Key West and the Lower Florida Keys and the Middle Keys.  Habitat for Humanity is committed to the development of safe, decent, and affordable homes. For more information or to make a donation, visit

Is everybody going bonkers in the Keys or is it just me? Most of my friends, of all ages, seem to be losing it or getting some sort of dementia. Is this country weird or just here? What else is in the bug spray?
[The Movies] In low budget movies they usually have a little dirt on the face of the mechanic or laborer. I’ve never seen a mechanic with a dirty face. Dirty clothes and dirty everything else, yes, but a pro is very aware of his surroundings and seldom gets grease on his kisser. The only time you see a mechanic with grease on his face is in the movies.


Did you know that Coconuts is the only real pool room in the Florida Keys?

[Domestic Violence Awareness Month?] Am I alone in being creeped out by our City of Marathon proclaiming October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month? Apparently it is on the Agenda for the October 11th meeting. I believe that most all the People of Marathon oppose domestic violence in all its forms. Talking about domestic violence is one thing. Making a proclamation against domestic violence is a statement. Being aware of domestic violence seems to be a problem that our City Government apparently needs to proclaim a month for. Maybe by thinking about it for a month we will come to understand that we have a domestic violence problem in our City of Marathon government. Who knows, maybe someday the City of Marathon will stand up and take some meaningful action against domestic violence in its own jurisdiction?

Peter Rosasco, Marathon’s domestic violence poster boy and admitted wife abuser, holds the financial services contract with Marathon for the City’s financial services and for its wastewater finances. While the City Council continue to talk about his accounting “awards” they fail to remember his major mistake in over paying the City’s first wastewater bond payment. Then after abusing his wife, the City of Marathon not only continued its relationship with Rosasco but also gave him after the fact permit approvals for illegal filling and then gave him preferred development approvals for his Country Club project. Peter Rosasco can abuse his wife yet the City of Marathon has no problem conducting business as usual with him.

The City of Marathon needs to move away from the self-serving beneficial politics of the Pete Worthingtons and Ralph Lucignanos. Stop enabling the Mike Cinques and Greg Michelle Coldirons. And finally do something meaningful and tangible about the Peter Rosasco’s and his domestic violence and abuse in our community!

Talking about issues is one thing. A proclamation is only talk. It took 10 years for the City to reverse its 1500 foot rule which most candidates today for City Council agree was the biggest mistake in our short history. Hopefully this proclamation making October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month will finally cause a majority of the Marathon City Council to understand that Peter Rosasco should not continue receiving Marathon Taxpayer dollars on any level, for any reason. Peter Rosasco should be removed from the City of Marathon payroll and know that we have zero tolerance for people like him. Otherwise, we must admit and be aware of the reality that domestic violence is our new normal for Marathon.

It only takes a motion by one City Council Member to not renew the Rosasco contract and begin the possibility of a search. A second to that motion will cause a discussion which up to this point has not taken place. A vote will tell the Voters of Marathon where each City Council Member stands concerning domestic violence. Silence or no action is consent and affirms this new norm!

I would propose to you that the status quo must change. Do not fear the fact that we can become better than we are. The only question is if our current City Council Members are politicians with new self-serving agendas or problem solvers with the courage to move forward for the betterment of all.

PS: For the record, I do not question Mayor Mark Senmartin since he is the definition of courage from the day he stepped forward. Of the four candidates up for election, I support and uphold Bill Kelly and Doc Dan Zieg. The others need to evolve, become smarter and hopefully learn to stop being manipulated and used. In the case of Michelle Lincoln Coldiron, she should resign or be recalled for her self-interest, bias and conflicts of interest. This is my opinion.  ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US




Coconuts, this Wednesday, 7ish. Uke Out! Video

That chick on the Weather Channel, Alex Wilson I think is her name, should be slapped for saying “as well” at the end of every other sentence
[Zika] The U.S. government on Friday declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico as a result of a Zika epidemic. The declaration allows the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to award grants, access emergency funds and temporarily appoint personnel where needed, among other things.
wind-rain-palm-flamingoWind Insurance. Here is some information all homeowner need to know about Citizens:
1. Do not let your wind policy lapse. Depending on how long you have had your policy you might need to get a new roof certification and a new mitigation inspection, should your information be over 5 years old. These inspections would need to be done before the policy can be rewritten. A new policy will be more expensive than the one you lost.
2. If your policy has lapsed more the 45 days you will have to bind a new policy and then have a 30 day wait before your policy becomes effective.
3. Based on rule number 2, do not think that you can purchase a wind policy when a storm is approaching. There is no box of binding any more, the 30-day wait eliminates that issue.This public service information provided by Keys Insurance
[Hurricane Relief] Last week the Florida Keys was fortunately spared from the devastating tragedy of Hurricane Matthew. This powerful storm has already claimed the lives of 900+ victims with thousands more facing extreme hardships in the weeks ahead. The Islamorada Fitness and Yoga team has come together to help all those families that need our help in Haiti and Cuba after Hurricane Matthew. All next week from October 10-14 our team has volunteered to do all classes at no cost in exchange for items donated for those families in need. All items collected by Friday will be sent to Miami Gardens to get shipped in containers to help the victims feeling the devastation from Hurricane Matthew. If you want to donate without taking classes you are welcome to do so. For more info call 305-432-BODY (2639)

Here is an item list: food, toiletries, clothing, shoes, shampoo, soap, medicine, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, underwear, towels, water, formula for babies, diapers, baby wipes, pads & feminine things for the women, everyday things for children, men and women.



[“Recommend a physician with expertise and success performing cataract surgery”] Maybe this guy, Dr Anal!

Your stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate. Mine is ‘White teriyaki chicken’. What about you Deer Ed? (Ed: color me ‘Naked beer’)
NOAA, the Marine Sanctuary and FDOT all have the same goal in common. And that is if they don’t make changes whenever possible, they’ll all be out of a job.



You know why I hate people with “grants”? I’m jealous. I know that a lot is accomplished through grants that would probably not get done without the free money. But they get to do all the cool stuff while I dangle off a ladder banging nails. Yeah, I’m jealous.

I’m suspicious of conclusions and findings from those working on a ‘free money’ project. I was watching a video of an archaeological dig and they were saying one thing to get grant supporters’ money when the evidence clearly pointed to another. They said the houses were parallel in the ancient village when their computer rendering showed the huts in an unorganized mishmash of all directions, some even clumped together.

They were trying to falsely sell this mishmash of an Indian village to investors as an advanced, organized, planned Huron city while the evidence demonstrated they were totally unorganized. “Grants, I hear you coming!”

drunk bottle stars


I walked around Old Town, KW last evening and was surprised at the number of drunks passed out in front of the library. I was not surprised when the bartender at the Bull stiffed me $5 from change for a twenty!

[“Why is not chronic homelessness viewed”] Because nobody wants losers like them around. Home Depot has ready-to-build crosses in the lumber section if you bleeding hearts want to cry the blues!
russian-dolls[Hospital Scandal] Like a set of increasingly small wooden Russian nesting dolls placed one inside the other, Key West’s hospital cannot be understood by unpacking it.  Reputed as community and tourist-unfriendly, our hospital system consists of two for-profit hospitals—dePoo Hospital on Kennedy Drive  — and Stock Island’s, Lower Keys Medical Center. These two privately nested hospitals are part of a corporate superstructure dubbed, ‘Key West HMA LLC.’ But the Alpha corporation within our hospital system’s nesting set is the Delaware/Tennessee for-profit corporation, … Link
All weather rescue in Wales means just that–all weather! The lifeboats of Wales make our Coast Guard look like a bunch of Girl Scouts out on a canoe trip.  Video
tennessee-williams-exhibit-by-susan-kent-728x485_54_990x660_201406012234[Tennessee Williams Exhibit] The Key West Historic Marker program recently added the Tennessee Williams Exhibit and the circa 1884 bungalow at 513 Truman Avenue that houses the collection to its map as Historic Marker 91. Detailed historic information about the house, the Tennessee Williams Exhibit, and the Historic Marker program can be accessed at; or on foot at the Truman Avenue location. For more information, contact Dennis Beaver, Curator, at
Do stupid people ever hit a point in their life where they realize they’re stupid?
nira-tocco 700x175
[“Recommend a physician with expertise and success performing cataract surgery”] A friend had Dr Stanley Rosenburg do the surgery and raved big time about Stanley and his improved vision.  I am calling Stanley Monday to hopefully get this handled.




If they only made nutritious cookies, what a great diet that would make!

[“Parking fee raised to $1 per hour”] Are you nuts or what? You want to rip the tourists, then rip everybody else that brings their wallets to Key West more. All for “affordable mansions” for the semi-rich and infamous. Why not just have a Key West income tax of 100% and get it over with? Legalized prostitution is a good start outside of the local junta offices. Stop the free hand-outs to the useless eaters and they will leave Key West to those who can afford to live here! Stop feeding pests and they will go away.
[“More unnecessary railings”] I would bet the Railing Company’s owners first name is Tony or Guido, right? Someone, a while ago, asked who that company was and how much per foot those over-engineered prison bars cost, but we never got a reply. Wonder why?
[Out of Control Editor] For some reason, Deer Ed feels the need to embellish peoples’ posts. After my recent post about the Key Deer refuge calling antlers “horns” and calling venomous snakes “poisonous,” he added the following nine words: “Poisonous”? What other kind of rattlesnake is there? “Horns”?

Not only does it make no sense, unless comparing them to the correct word, “antlers”, but it was not part of my original post.


It’s official. Clowning around is now illegal. Is it a hate crime if you scare someone in a clown suit? Clown haters are going to win this one. I don’t particularly like clowns unless they’re scaring people I don’t like.

[Protectionism] The City of Key West as well as other cities should stop protecting the taxi business and let Uber operate here. People want it. Stop protecting obsolete businesses. Did cities protect buggy whip manufacturers when the auto became popular? Probably.
[Gary Bauman, Running for Key Largo Wastewater District] Gary Bauman & his wife Barbara have lived and worked in Key Largo for 30 years. They have a son who lives in Atlanta. Gary is a Realtor with Shoreline Properties. Gary has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a MBA in finance degree from the University of Chicago. Gary was elected to the original Wastewater Board in 2002 and again in 2004. In 2008, he left the board to run for County Commissioner hoping to take his knowledge and community experience to serve the rest of the Keys.

What are your qualifications for the job?
Gary served on the Board for 6 years, 4 years as Chairman. He is very proud to be part of the team that completed a $160 million project on time and within budget and saved our near shore water quality. We were able to build the foundation of a world class utility from scratch. He is both experienced and knowledgeable of the workings of the Wastewater Board and the District. Gary is passionate about water quality provided by the centralized system and he truly cares about our environment. Gary is a hands-on business person. He will watch your money, he will insure the system is maintained and in good working order and he will help develop a world class Customer Service department.

What are your top three items should you get elected?
Review and assure that the following processes and procedures are in place: hurricane preparedness, rigorous maintenance of all vacuum pits and lift stations, customer service logs and follow-up (to ensure quality service to customers and management)

What do you have to say to voters?
I am passionate about serving our community. You know me and you know I am committed to the best interests of the wastewater district and Key Largo moving forward. As when I was on the board previously, you can contact me any time on the phone, on the internet or face to face and I will listen to your concerns and issues and to work to resolve them.



[Free Sailing Lessons] The Key West Community Sailing Center is offering free sailing instruction for women at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 9, and continuing on Sundays through December. No experience is required and beginners are welcome. For information, call 305 292-5993. The Sailing Center is located at 705 Palm Drive, Key West.

[Screwworm] Radiated flies to be released today. The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to release as many as 1 million radiated flies on Big Pine and No Name Keys today to battle an infestation of screwworm that has been preying on Key deer and some household pets since July. The fly releases would begin today and occur every two weeks for up to six months — or until the screwworm is successfully eradicated. This is a horrendously gruesome parasite and it threatens the remnants of the last Key deer population. The sterile flies were flown in from Panama on Monday with a team trained to handle them. The flies are initially given a low dose of gamma radiation to render them sterile. No larvae will be produced when they mate. As of Monday, 60 Key deer have been euthanized due to the parasite

[Screwworm] Finally a way to cull the thousand-member deer herd. Over 60 so far have been put down because they were infected with the flesh eating screw worm maggots. That’s 60 less deer eating my hibiscus plants. The State wouldn’t cull the herd so nature is doing it. Way to go Mother Nature!

Seth Meyers needed to find his place in late night television. Then Donald Trump ran for president. Link


[Movie Review] I went to a free screening of the movie Donald Cried last night at the Tropic Cinema in KW and loved it. What a good movie. I laughed through the whole thing. The dialogue, acting and everything was really good. It was presented during the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. It was really fun because Jesse Wakeman, co-writer and lead actor was there and answered questions from the audience after the film. Link

[Old 7 Mile Bridge] Instead of spending our tax money as the voters mandated the BOCC decided it would be a better gesture to give away our tax money to the State of Florida to repair the State’s bridge instead of just abandoning it. Those three commissioners who reside North of the 7 Mile Bridge should be put in a pillory at the North end of the Old 7 Mile Bridge for all the Keys’ taxpayers to heckle and throw old garbage on them. Then after a week of the public abuse and humiliation (the classic tarred and feathered) and then frog marched out of the Keys. Just like the song says (Government) What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
[“Poisoning with anti-freeze”] You are right, if a cat drinks anti-freeze it will die.  As will a dog, a deer, and any number of other creatures.  They will die a long, lingering, and painful death.  Anyone who would intentionally do this to any animal is, in my mind, a sick SOB.  I would advise keeping your kids away from him if they annoy him.
weather-boobsI’m really tired of the newsies trying to gin up excitement about storms.  Today, on the Weather Channel, I saw a guy standing under the bridge over the Intercostal Waterway talking about how, since the bridge was closed, there would be no emergency services to the “out islands of Daytona”.

What in the Hell are the “out islands of Daytona”?

[Marathon Journal] Kevin Madok, running for Monroe County Clerk.
Short Bio: I have been in the accounting and finance industries my entire career. My career began at a CPA with the firm of KPMG Peat Marwick, in Los Angeles. Most recently, I worked as the Deputy Finance Director under former Clerk Danny Kolhage. I currently work for Monroe County BOCC as the Senior Director of Strategic Planning where I implemented the Performance Pay Plan and created an innovative financing strategy for the County’s major capital projects. This strategy will save Monroe County taxpayers well over $30 million in financing costs.I have an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California and am currently a licensed CPA in Florida and California.
Community involvement includes: Vice Chair, Board of Trustees – Florida Keys Community College, Board Member – Sigsbee Charter School, Chair – Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Florida Keys Chapter, Rotary Club of Key West, Vice Mayor – City of Layton, Chairman – Monroe County Board of Governors Fire and Ambulance District, Board Member – Key West Montessori Charter School, Leadership Monroe – Class XXI

What are your qualifications for the job? The Clerk serves as the County’s Chief Financial Officer and Auditor. My entire career has been spent in leadership roles in this industry. I have proven success in the Clerk’s office. I ran the Finance Department for 8 years. The Finance Department had a stellar reputation for paying the County’s bills on time, clean audits always filed on time and negligible staff turnover. The lack of staff turnover for the entire 8 years of my leadership proves my technical competence in running the department as well as my effective people skills in maintaining a professional and enthusiastic workforce. I know and understand the Clerk’s office very well. This knowledge can only be obtained by working hands-on in the office for an extended period of time.

What are your top three items should you get elected? The Clerk’s office is in a heightened state of turmoil. This is due to a lack of effective leadership over the past three years. The two individuals running the Clerk’s Office for the past three years had no relevant experience in the office prior to assuming their roles. The lack of an understanding of the office hampered their effectiveness as the managers of the office. My first goal would be to restore the general accountability to the office. This would include re-establishing the controls and procedures that were in place when I ran the Finance Department. Re-establishing those controls, combined with training the current staff would eliminate the problems that currently exist in the Finance Department.
For the recording and court related areas, I would fill vacancies and establish an organizational chart. The poor customer service that exists today is completely due to mismanagement of the staff and uneven allocation of workload.
My second goal will be to get the office’s technology upgrades back on track. The Florida Supreme Court mandated public access to court records. The deadline has long passed and Monroe County is one of the only Circuits in the State that have not been able to meet this deadline. The problem stems for the current management’s decision to outsource the work. Two vacant technology positions exist that should be working on this initiative full time. Current management has not been able to keep these positions filled and was forced to hire consultants. I will hire experienced technology experts and get our Clerk’s technology initiatives back on track.
Finally, I will serve as a hands-on Clerk. I will be in the office every day, not micro-managing but engaged with a full understanding of what is happening in the office. This is the model that Danny Kolhage defined and that served the residents of Monroe County so well for decades. This is the only Clerk’s office I know and I have no intentions of continuing the current management’s philosophy of outsourcing as a substitute for proper training and retention of staff.

What do you have to say to voters? Who we choose for our next Clerk is critical. My opponent and I have very different backgrounds and different views on how the Clerk’s office should be run. I am a lifelong accomplished financial professional while my opponent is a lifelong politician. I believe the Clerk’s most important duties are serving as the County’s Chief Financial Officer and Auditor. My education and experience as essential to effectively fulfilling these duties. I do not believe the Monroe County Clerk should be in Tallahassee lobbying the legislators. Lobbying is the responsibility of other elected and appointed officials.

The Clerk’s role is to be in the office in Key West managing the staff and maintaining a full understanding of the office and its issues.

wind-turbine-floatingHow does a floating wind turbine stand up? It is not just utility companies racing to respond to the rise of renewable energy. Oil and gas giant Statoil is building on four decades of offshore experience to erect its first floating wind farm. Video
[Hurricane Damage] Note what happened to their grinder pumps. Tank is in the utility easement, electrical is installed by the utility according to the link on the system embedded at the end. Lots of power losses and inconvenience, no mention of flood damage mentioned. Link
LP records and paper books are going up in price because collectors know that computers are tentative.


FantasyFest soon come!

This Month at United Way of the Florida Keys. Link


They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world, someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday. We are so blessed to live on one of the most beautiful of Gods creations, Big Pine Key!

Politics are killing me. I’m going with something a little softer, easier on my heart. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.  ~Coconuts Bar & Package Store

Star Spangled Banner as you have never heard it. This remarkable video should be seen as a history lesson to every American, both young and old, and to every person who wants to live within America’s boundaries.  As an American Veteran, I stand proud when I hear our National Anthem.  This video touched me deeply, gave me better understanding of our flag, our history and made an even more proud American  Watch this – learn, and be proud of our Nation, and our Flag as I am.

Those recent publicity seekers that – for whatever reason- ‘take a knee’ and refuse to stand with hand on their heart to honor our Flag and Nation – need to see this presentation and perhaps will begin to understand what courage and sacrifice founded this Nation and for what this Nation stands.  Refusing to stand and honor our National Anthem Insults the Greatest Nation in history and insults the 300 million citizens that love and respect the USA. Video

Submit anything but National Politics to For National Politics go directly to that page, log in, and post your comment. NATIONAL POLITICS

national politics an(Click here)