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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsAnonymous Letters to the Editor with Pictures. Published Daily by Noon Since 2002. No Saturday Edition

Rare albino corals spotted on reef off Big Pine. Could this bleached beauty be giving us the finger?
I think it’s fun reading all of “The way it was” comments on the CT and especially when someone expounds and adds to the history. I hope it continues and people who have been here for a long time join in on the fun. By the way The Serendipity on Big Pine eventually became the Dip N’ Deli when Kasey was threatened with a lawsuit for using the name Serendipity back in the early 80’s.
Most popular prime time 30 minute TV shows have fully ten minutes of commercials.
[Diddling Boys] The Catholic Church doesn’t want to accept gays into their fold because they already have to many pedophile priests.
A large population of pus caterpillars in Florida this year has stung locals, leaving a swelling, burning wound. The caterpillars look like a brown lump of fur. Pus caterpillars cause the most severe reaction of the state’s 15 species of venomous caterpillars. Forest Entomologist Rob Lawrence advises against touching hairy caterpillars. Spines from the insects can be removed with a scotch tape. Stings should be washed with soap and water and monitored in case of an allergic reaction.
The ordinary folks of the Lower Keys may be getting those deep injection sewage wells after all.  I hope this doesn’t in any way detract from re-building that all important and “vital” Pigeon Key driveway (i.e., Old Seven Mile Bridge to nowhere) that our sewer money got siphoned off for.
One thing we can all agree on concerning FTR is that he’s relentless
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[Eclipse] The farther north and west you are, the deeper Thursday afternoon’s partial solar eclipse will become.
[“Big gray night helicopters”] A conspiracy theory on the CT no less. How could that be? If it’s night, how do we know they’re gray? How come we can’t hear them? How do you know it’s our government and not another government or Google? Or maybe it’s LifeNet looking for potential customers? Only on the CT can you find these half baked conspiracy theories. If you can imagine it, it must be true? How can our government hide this particular activity when investigative reporters seem to expose every half baked thing the government tries to do all the rest of the time?
[Received top billing] “I love it when Ed puts the most intelligent posts at the top.” Wow, I was at the top! I’m shocked and impressed. I don’t know what I expected, but I do know this is nothing I imagined. Thank you.
Blue_Hole_Big_Pine_Key[Le Blue Hole] littéralement « Trou Bleu » en anglais, est un petit plan d’eau artificiel au centre de Big Pine Key, une île des États-Unis d’Amérique située dans l’océan Atlantique au sein des Lower Keys, dans l’archipel des Keys, et qui relève, d’un point de vue administratif, du comté de Monroe, dans le sud de la Floride. Il s’agit d’une carrière d’oolithe abandonnée qui servit peut-être à la construction d’un chemin de fer au début du XXe siècle, l’Overseas Railroad, ou plus sûrement durant les travaux routiers conduits à proximité quelques décennies plus tard.

Infiltré par l’eau de mer, cet ancien emprunt est aujourd’hui le principal plan d’eau de son île et le seul de tout l’archipel des Keys à disposer d’une réserve en eau douce conséquente. Alimentée par les pluies, cette dernière forme une couche à sa surface devenue essentielle à l’écologie de la région. De fait, désormais situé au cœur du National Key Deer Refuge, un National Wildlife Refuge qui protège le cerf des Keys, sous-espèce menacée du cerf de Virginie, le Blue Hole concentre une faune variée, parmi laquelle des poissons, des tortues et des oiseaux dulçaquicoles.

Le plan d’eau convient également aux alligators d’Amérique. Animaux rares dans le reste des Keys, ils constituent, pour les guides de voyage, son attraction principale. Sur place, un kiosque et un sentier d’interprétation informent les visiteurs à leur sujet. Mais au cours des années 2000, les rangers et autres volontaires qui s’y relaient ont eu à déplorer, que ce soit du fait des ouragans ou à cause des dégradations et déprédations humaines, la mort de plusieurs spécimens. Site touristique le plus visité de Big Pine Key, le Blue Hole n’abritait plus qu’une seule femelle début 2009 jusqu’à ce qu’en mai de cette même année une autre la rejoigne.

Microsoft employee leaks plans: Windows 9 to be voice-controlled only] This has to be a put-on! A voice only OS? No way would Microsoft be that stupid to try this. Star Trek’s computer is never going to happen while there’s porn watchers and weirdo’s on the web. “…but Mom, I only wanted to see a bunch of ‘trucking’ videos!” Link
Thank you to those who send “The way we were” memories. It makes me realize how much change and newbies suck!
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Google Key West 1977 or Big Pine Key, Fla. 1977 and check out all the great images, blogs, etc.
[Tax Waste] Each and every registered voter in Monroe donated $272.86 of their tax dollars to the save the Old Seven Mile Bridge fund or some other feel good Pigeon Key fund. Yep, $14,000,000 so some early morning walkers could get their fix. And we should thank those two stalwart long term Marathon residents and the I-got-my-marina County Commissioners for making this donation whether we like it or not.
[“Some architects should be shot”] Dead? Really? You have a problem with reality. You do not own the property on Colson drive. You have no say. Get over it. It is someone’s dream, for Gods sake
[“No beauty shops named Medusa”] Here is what a 10 second search found on this new thing called the Internet. Link
charred electrician
Help wanted.
Commercial electricians for government work at NASKW and in Marathon. Must have drivers license, pass back ground check, and electrical knowledge test. Classified Ads > Help Wanted
[“The way we were”] I do miss Shorty’s diner. You could get an all vegetable and fruit plate for $1 in 1975. The neon sign was still there until a few years ago. In summer you could shoot a cannon down Duval St it was so empty. It was great.
[“Breaking Bad dolls”] I prefer to give my kids GI Joe dolls so they know how to shoot ’em up with a gun! Meth and all that jazz are too hard to explain.
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[Hypocrisy] I find it odd that the Catholic Church is against Gay people when so many of it’s priests are child molesters. If it wasn’t so perverted it would be funny.
[Old People Web Site] Do you think time is catching up with you? Perhaps it’s already overtaken you and left you in the dust.Do the years seem to be going ridiculously quickly now? There’s a reason for it. You’re getting old. We will provide you a report full of interesting stuff. But first, we need to know who this is for. Link
The harmful effects of weed aren’t so harmful after all!
I would love to see the expression on white peoples faces if when after they die and go to heaven they realize Jesus is Black!
[“Crappy speakers and drive-ins”] Anybody remember the drive-in on Stock Island at Cow Key?
[“Bermuda hurricane. Who would think it would have any thing to do with the weather in the Keys.“] Someone who recently moved here from somewhere else that has never looked at a map or nautical chart. The same folks order tilapia and think it’s fresh ocean fish and good for you. But, “the weatha’ is wonnerful heah in Flaraduh! Betta than Joisey.”
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I watched some of the 2nd annual Zombie Bicycle Ride. A nice event, but not terribly exciting for a real zombie to watch. There were very few spectators on Duval Street, where the event ended. I say it has less than zero chance, contradicting what many Key West people predicted after the 1st Zombie Bicycle Ride last year, to replace super-energy-pack Fantasy Fest, which will jam-pack Duval Street later this week.
[“The way we were”] Blast from the past 1977. How about Daffy Dilly’s Deli in K.W.? They would cut a 7 layer chocolate cake into 4 pieces and sell you a piece for a buck. It was the same with their Key Lime pie. At 3 in the morning, with a cold glass of milk, we called it breakfast. And what about the nude beach at Bahia Honda?
I bet that if we just gave each one of those ISIS guys a $1,000,000 cash they would just go away and do something else. It would be cheaper for us.
vote for eleanorDear Citizens of Monroe County,
Early voting has arrived, and I hope that all registered voter will exercise their right and vote in this election, but just think about this before you pull the lever. My opponent has not carried his district in the last 2 elections. He has been pushed upon us by the old guard of years ago. Does he care about the little people, is what you need to ask yourself. He has insisted that the Cudjoe Wasterwater system is the best system for the area, and yet we are seeing that this in not true, Slowly, but surely, the truth and changes that should have been in the original plan are being implemented. So consider this when voting: do you want more of the fiscal irresponsibility that we have seen in the last year or do you want your money spent more wisely? Are you willing to waste more of your hard earned tax dollars on, let say:
The Hickory House which was a 1.1 million dollar loss along with all those years of land taxes not being paid.
Boat pump outs which is costing you $327,000.
Tugboat Tilly will cost the homeowners up to $500,000 to remove from the bottom of the ocean and all the other derelict vessels.
SUFA cost you at least $45,000 for the payout and who knows how much for the County to create its case in manpower hours. Possibly up to $200,000.
Deep well injection $5-8 million additional, when it should have been in the original plan.
Purchasing Rowell Marine for more then assessed value.
If you can afford this much wasted tax dollars in one year, then vote for the incumbent.

My opponent says I know nothing about government. I know this much, the government of this nation was created by the people and for the people. Not just the select few people. He says I never go to the meetings. He’s is right. I work a full time job just like the majority of our citizens and I understand the expense of living here in the county and paying mortgage, flood and wind policies. Most county meetings occur in the middle of the day, so only a select few can attend. He says I took up the same issues as in the primary: Term limits and contract bidding just to name a few. Yes I did, as they are continuing issues and have not been resolved. We need other issues resolved too, like employee housing and affordable housing. Is anyone out their worrying about our water supply with all the development that is occurring? As issues arise I will examine them with the eye of a single mom and ask myself, how does this help our citizens? what benefits does it have for us? what is the best possible and most cost effective way to address the issue?

Commissioner Kolhage should not have to be the champion of our district, but we are grateful that he is. If you want someone with the wisdom and common sense of Mr. Kolhage to work for you, then vote for me, Eleanor McAdams, and allow me to help you save Paradise.

[“The way we were”] Florida local maps of Monroe County from 1975. Compare this data to today’s. What has changed in your area? Maps
[“Looters”] Their not looters anymore they are now called undocumented shoppers.
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[“Owners of Liquor Store had a disagreement with owner of strip mall”] There was no disagreement. The Kaiser family figured they would get more highway traffic if Big Pine Liquors was located at it’s present location. The owner of the strip mall actually helped him get the property rezoned so BP Liquor could open on the highway. Billy and Sue were married at the time and it was Billy’s father that passed away on Feb. 8 1987.
If I find the CENSORED who put my email address on the advertising pop up site for spam and malware, I will break his CENSORED fingers, toes and eyeballs! Got that?
Zombie-FBEarly Voting has begun! As your Mosquito Control Commissioner, District 2, I, Roger Cousineau, will represent all the Citizens of the Florida Keys in combating mosquitoes to provide for our comfort and the safeguarding of our health from exotic disease. I will make sound decisions based on evidence and science. I know the earth is round (No Zombie Mosquitoes!) and respect the wonders of science in finding the best methods and tools available to combat mosquitoes against the diseases they carry, the tourists and residents they irritate, and to maintain our enjoyment of paradise!

In addition to being a real estate agent, I raise honeybees as a hobby and respect the environment and the havoc pesticides can play on our fragile ecosystem. Towards that end, I support environmentally sound practices – such as reducing habitat around homes as well as larviciding, and I also support research that will help reduce the use of harmful pesticides into the environment.

I want to actively enlist the involvement of our Keys’ Community – both by providing useful information to them and cultivating them as partners in combating mosquitoes.

I know the best way to meet the challenges of combating mosquitoes on all levels is by supporting an independent and strong Mosquito Control that is always ready to act at any moment and is never beholden to any special interest, private enterprise, or political ideology, but to remain faithful, fully accountable, and transparent to the citizens it serves.

This is what I am about, simply making pragmatic decisions that are the most beneficial for the most people. I encourage you to find me on Facebook and contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for your time!

Won’t you vote for Roger Cousineau, Mosquito Control District Commissioner for District 2 this year? You’ll be glad you did.

BO’s Fish Wagon across the parking lot from Schooner Wharf has/had very good grouper sandwiches. Also Late Night at PT’s had a very good dinner menu.
These posts about the old Keys are fascinating, thanks for sharing them. If you have any photos, can you share them too? I can see where the “character” in the Keys came from. I’m loving it more every day!
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[Conspiracy] I can’t believe that no one else has the guts to post this so I guess it is up to me. While busy debating your petty grinder pump issues you may have not have noticed that on Friday the X37b space plane landed after a secret 2 year mission. What was it doing up there for two years? Well at the mission’s completion what occurred on the ground? An Ebola epidemic! How did it spread Ebola world wide? Chem trails! It is so obvious. Wake up sheeple. (Note to Deer Ed only: Yes, I am trolling here, but I can’t wait to watch the tin foil hat brigade to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon.)
[Governor Debate] Isn’t it strange that FTR has said nothing about the debate between Scott and Crist. The debate solved nothing with each side claiming that they won. What I find telling about the whole thing was what happened behind the scenes such as Gov. Scott not even being in the building at the time that the debate was to begin. He was back in his trailer. When he was asked about his whereabouts his reply was that he did not know when the debate was to begin. Sorry but 7pm means just that. All this happened before the dust up over the fan, so that can’t be the reason.
Another telling moment came when the two were discussing the minimum wage. Gov. Crist is in favor of raising the minimum. He knows that you can’t support a family on a wage of ten dollars an hour. Gov. Scott replied that the CEO’s that he talked to have said that any raise would cause people to lose jobs. (CEO’s of course would make less and their stock holders would have to earn less on their investments.) Thank God that Scott is concerned with his rich friends and has chosen to ignore the vast majority of Florida residents whom he doesn’t listen to.
I’m sure that these things escaped the eagle eye of FTR. He probably was putting all of his conspiracy theories together to prove that the iceberg that sank the Titanic was a government plot or that the Great Depression was caused by too much governmental regulation. But wait, he has moved on now claiming (with absolutely no proof) that certain childhood diseases have been caused by immigration policies. He must get tired jumping to conclusions. With a mind like FTR’s he must have been a great cop, solving crimes by intuition, why worry about evidence? He just knew that he was Right. He is so far Right he makes FOX news look liberal and accurate.
The Keynoter has come out endorsing George Neugent!
perscription rx[Big Pharma Price Gauging] Lesley Stahl: Are you saying that the drug companies are raising the prices on their older drugs.
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: That’s correct.
Lesley Stahl: Not just the new ones. So you have a new drug that might come out at a $100,000, but they are also saying the old drugs have to come up to that price, too?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Exactly. They are making prices unreasonable, unsustainable and, in my opinion, immoral.
When we asked Novartis why they tripled the price of Gleevec, they told us, “Gleevec has been a life-changing medicine … When setting the prices of our medicines we consider … the benefits they bring to patients … The price of existing treatments and the investments needed to continue to innovate…”
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: This is quite an expensive medication.
Dr. Kantarjian says one thing that has to change is the law that prevents Medicare from negotiating for lower prices.
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: This is unique to the United States. If you look anywhere in the world, there are negotiations. Either by the government or by different regulatory bodies to regulate the price of the drug. And this is why the prices are 50 percent to 80 percent lower anywhere in the world compared to the United States.
Lesley Stahl: Fifty percent to 80 percent?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Fifty percent to 80 percent.
Lesley Stahl: The same drug?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Same drug. American patients end up paying two to three times more for the same drug compared to Canadians or Europeans or Australians and others.

It’s done because they can!

[“We are lost without a Surgeon General showing us the way”] Ed, Jocelyn Elders actually said Clapner- not Clapton. That is what was funny. You gotta keep up! (Ed: I though it was a typo when the poster referenced “Clapner’s” Crossroads.)
[“The way we were”] I remember the Esquire Lounge and Pirates Den and Full moon Saloon. I loved watching my wife dance at the Esquire and the Den back in the day! And the jewfish sandwiches at the Full Moon was bigger than her before Ted (who was working at Camille’s last I heard) filleted them. Damn, those were the days. Anybody know an exterminator that can get rid us of the rich Yankees and parasites that ruined the Keys? If only we had used gunpowder instead of stale loaf of Cuban bread when we declared ourselves the Conch Republic. How many remember the 99 cent breakfast at the Chit Chat? or rooms at the Q Rooms or Tilton Hilton for a week at less than a cheap night at Isbis Bay now?
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The moral of Breaking Bad is to pay teachers more money (especially science teachers).
It is amazing that the so called upper class is in reality a bunch of con artists and do nothing drones. Think about it. People in entertainment, in politics, in art, in writing, on welfare, street people, criminals, charity hounds, advertisers, sports figures, real estate, salesmen, most executives, etc. All do nothing for society but take and play! The real workers sweat and slave for what, to serve these useless eaters, to care for their needs, to obey their whims? Time to throw out the trash.
Even Beavis and Butthead know the more things change, the more they suck. Restaurants are the best example of the “its all about the money” thing. No one is in business to lose money, but some folks take it too far. There are restaurants in the Keys I’d never be seen in.
holocaust21[“The real Holocaust”] What is with you people? The Germans attempted to cleanse many ethnic groups and undesirables. Whether one group or another references or counts their own group is their own business and is really immaterial. It was a tragedy for each and every person who died. You do them all a disservice with your petty comments and attacks on each other. If you really want to honor them do something to ensure it never happens again. Knock of the childish attacks and comments. In other words, grow up!

Ed, I have no idea what must go through your mind having to read all the attacks and ‘genius’ comments. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you start drinking at 6:00 am.

[Safe At Home] I have torn out my alarm system and unregistered from the Neighborhood Watch. I have two Pakistani flags raised in my front yard, one at each corner and the black flag of ISIS in the center. The local police, State Police and other intelligence services are all watching my house 24/7, I have never felt safer.
[The way it was is still how it is] El Siboney is still the best Cuban restaurant around.
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Oscar Pistorius
has been sentenced for murdering his girlfriend. He was sentenced to five years, but jurists estimate he will serve only ten months. Link
There are many kinds of vocalists on this planet. Operatic singers, crooners, pop singers, yodelers, hummers and noise makers like country singers.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[?] Who and what is causing this revisionist history to occur and for what reasons? Ask the IRS who gets tax breaks because of this and other religious BS. It is the old squeaky wheel con. “Oh, pity us, pity us, give us money!”
1978 Irwin Citation 34′
. LOA 34’ 7.5” LWL 27’ 4”, Beam 11’ 3” Draft. Swing keel up 4’ 0”, swing keel down 8’ 0” Mast height DWL 46’ 1” Nice live-a-board, spacious below decks, Perfect coastal cruiser, Solid fiberglass, no pox, very stable sailboat, restoration 90% complete. Price : $17,000.00 cash only. Classified Ads > Boats
[“Maybe the Church will admit that gays are humans”] What would this planet be like if all humans were gay? And you wonder why straight people call gays, bent?
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[“You would never get a local guy to work as hard as the Mexicans do”] That’s because us locals don’t need no stinkin’ Green Card!
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from the right
thinking bug scratch headSome times you’ve just got to scratch your head and wonder about Democrats and their thinking. For example, in 2010 Governor Charlie Crist quit even trying to give Floridians some relief from Obamanonics. He cut and ran from the devastation that was then Florida’s economy. An economy he had helped to destroy. On his way out he even smooched Obama. He had chosen to run for US Senate.

His campaign for US Senate was a catastrophe. He started out as a Republican, but as he was getting his fanny kicked all the way up to his chin while campaigning against Marco Rubio, Crist, always looking out for Charlie, suddenly slithered out of his Republican skin and slid into an Independent Party skin.

That was a move that gave great comfort to the Republicans. First of all, we were rid of him. Then his metamorphosis to Independent resulted in Democrat candidate Democrat US Senate candidate Kendrick Meeks being defeated. Charlie stole enough votes away from Meek so that Meek was defeated.

Spanking new Independent, former decades long Republican, “Sorry” Charlie, called Republicans “racist”. Really that was no surprise because hypocrisy has always been Charlie’s long suit.

But then, to add insult to Democrat injury, Crist again shed his skin and morphed into a Democrat. Charlie has all the scruples of any skin shedding reptile. I wonder if his handlers can keep him away from hamsters. Still, many Democrats will vote for him. Go figure