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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Let me get this right. My tax dollars will pay mosquito control employees to do volunteer work for some agency? Since I am paying for it, how about they “volunteer” to clean my yard?


[Petition #2] You may have signed one but please sign this one too. Important petition that I recently signed. I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time. No Grinder Pumps

frankenstein electric charge

Kudos to those putting on the Haunted Laboratory at the Community Park. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into those creepy little shows. I loved it. Well done!

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screwed[Screwing Taxpayers] A new policy voted on last week (3-2 vote) by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) called the Volunteer And Community Outreach Policy. The principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward”.  FKMCD employees who are eligible — Regular Full-Time Employees may utilize up to twenty (24) hours during their regular work week. 10 hours for regular part-time or seasonal employees.  FKMCD has about 60 employee’s X 3 days a year per employee equals about 180 hours a year which comes to about $50,000.00 a year coming out of your tax dollars.

Do you make donations to charities of your choice voluntarily (private money)? Volunteer is defined by Webster Dictionary “as a person who does work without getting paid to do it”. Do you see a contradiction or dichotomy here?  Voluntary work by FKMCD employees but we, the taxpayers are picking up the tab. With the newly adopted policy of FKMCD it now seems you the taxpayer will be making donations (tax public money) to charities without benefit of your choice of charity or non-profits you are making a donation to.

Hope you drop an email to the Director of FKMCD asking Mr. Doyle; Michael Doyle email  to bring this new policy back to the Commissioners to rescind this vote. The three Commissioners that voted for this new policy and their email addresses are:  
Stephen K. Smith  email
William Shaw email
Jill Cranney-Gage email 



The races are coming to Key West


[Lake Okeechobee] I greatly appreciate the writer that responded with the info about the lake but no, not a voice from another place. I am a Florida native, born and raised in Jacksonville, and have many fond memories of summer vacations in the Florida Keys and, more northern area lakes that have been drained or dried up. After 32 years of military service and all the moving that comes with it, I’ve retired here and was simply unaware of the flow and pollution problems in the lake until recently.

racoon dance[“Cat ‘taken’ on Ramrod”] More likely a pack of raccoons. I’ve seen them catch a chicken once and tear it to pieces. Since both tend to hunt at night, they are likely crossing paths in the groves out of earshot. Call in a professional with a large baited trap and motion activated IR camera. Might be a python, panther or gator– even. the critter might upgrade to dogs and small children next if not caught soon. I had a simular problem in Orlando once. A gator in the lake snatched a dog off the beach as the owner watched in horror.

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[Black Collar Crimes] Advice to the lovely children living on these islands: Run like Hell when someone wants to take you to any religious affiliate anywhere. Caretakers, hah! Link

kitten hammock

Unbelievable that you would give away Miss Kitty.  I hope your friend keeps her indoors and away from the pitbulls.  What a bad dad to abandon your sweet cat who loved you.  By keeping cats inside, they live longer, happier, healthier lives.  Yes, they enjoy a walk outside, but they need to stay in the house for safety reasons.  Ever have someone go out and never return?  No closure and complete sadness.  Bad things happen out there.  You are supposed to protect your domesticated pets.  They are not wild.  If Miss Kitty is free-roaming she needs to be re-homed inside immediately.  You owe that to her.


[The Moyel] A circumcision ‘snippet’ from Seinfeld. Video

marching soldierNaval Air Station Key West’s Veterans Day Parade organizers are looking for military units, veterans’ groups and other patriotic units to march through the streets of Old Town Key West Monday, Nov. 11, at 4 p.m. to pay tribute to America’s veterans, past and present, during the city’s annual Veterans Day Parade.

The Veterans Day Parade will travel down Duval Street and everyone is welcome to come cheer on the marching units and pay tribute to service members past and present.

Organizations wishing to participate may register or get more information by contacting Senior Chief Petty Officer David Iverson, (904) 294-1903, email, or Chief Petty Officer James Prosser, (757) 692-0962, email

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13
Watch the boat. Video 

rattlesnake hat

[Wanted: Diamondback Rattler Snake Sightings] Two environmental groups are petitioning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which is a Keys denizen, to be put on the threatened species list, and the state wants your help in doing some research. Link 

The government is now attempting to do to driving what it has already done with water, electricity, and sewage. They encourage conservation and when the tipping point is reached, they raise the rates or taxes or whatever because the consumer, you, is not using enough of said product so they have to increase the price of that product. Ain’t life grand? FTR guy is spot on.

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Today in 1787 Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni debuted in Prague.

[$400,000,000 Website] The Nigerian ambassador said, “Ted Cruz must apologize for saying Nigerian email scammers built the Obamacare web site. Our scams actually work!”


[Cars on US1 in Big Pine Threaten Deer] Duh! Key deer deaths in 2012 were the highest on record since the National Key Deer Refuge managers started formal mortality counts in 1996, according to statistics. Link

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12
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area 51 alian sleeping

[“Area 51 Secret Kept So Long”] That is easy to figure out, the government just does not have the intelligence to figure out what is under the tarp!

The circumcision debate continues to go around because there’s no end to the dick who started it. “Lack of open-mindedness”? All Jews of course, that’s what you said, right?  You mean like Jesus, Einstein, Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Harvey Milk, Bella Abzug and Jonas Salk who refused to get rich off his polio vaccine? Ya, what a closed minded bunch you ignorant bigot.



Zero Proof Vodka = Wawa? 

Endangered list grows by 2 plants. Like someone asked the other day, does a thing have to be endangered to be protected or can we just like looking at it? Link  

[Get Away With Murder] Recently, on Morning Magazine, Sheriff Ramsay claimed that he didn’t know why there has been an increase in gun violence incidents. How about the stand your ground rule that gives people a feeling of entitlement to use a gun?

mop bucket man


Andy Kimmell’s Cleaning Big Pine Key is a licensed cleaning business. Business Directory > Cleaning Service

There’s talk of putting a permitting office for the sewer project somewhere in the Lower Keys. I sure hope they do that.  I think that there should be no charge for the permits and that FKAA should pay for any electrical work required to install these pumps, which we do not want anyway. It is going to be quite a burden for some homeowners. All things considered I think the pumps are a very bad idea which , unless we all oppose them, are going to be a massive headache.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

Is the News Barometer out of business?



Kirk Zeulch to speak at LKPOA on Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Project. The Lower Keys Property Owners Association will host a meeting on the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System. All are welcome to attend the meeting on Monday, November 4th 2013 at 7:00 PM at the LKPOA building, 1668 Bogie Road, Big Pine Key. Speakers will include Kirk Zuelch, FKAA executive director, Tom Walker, manager of the FKAA engineering department, and Julie Cheon or Joshua Peele. Julie and Joshua work closely with the neighborhoods to assist and coordinate as the construction nears. The speakers will update us on the project and there will be a short question and answer period at the end. Coffee and cookies will be served. Events 

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

The common acceptance of events like Fantasy Fest is just another example of the ongoing breakdown of human society and the eventual, and seemingly inevitable,  collapse of the human race.



[Captain Doom and Gloom] This Obama care plan and the financial crises we are in with several trillion dollars of debt makes me wonder who is profiting from all this now. Who is going to make billions if we crash or prosper? To me those are the big guys that have to be watched! 

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religion politics zone

It is so hard to read the same talking points over and over and over that are lies. I’m assuming that most of the posters are adults, yet they don’t seem to know what the kids know. Anyone can put anything on any blog on the Internet and make it look like it is valid news. How many times have posters written the old conservative lie that the IRS will hire 1600 new armed agents to make sure people sign up for healthcare? Fact check it. It is a total stupid lie. How about the one that says that people will be going to jail if they don’t pay the $95 fine? Read page 131 of the Affordable Care Act. More lies. More negativity. More doom and gloom. Blah blah blah. The Regressives hate the government, hate the President, hate everything. Maybe they should all move to a country that has no government and has no President. I think that would be Somalia! No safety nets in that country. No food stamps to help the poor. No assistance for children and the elderly. No Social Security, Medicare, fire stations, police stations. No healthcare for anyone. There is no department of education and families just home school their own children, as long as they’re boys. No one has to fight over voting and IDs because they have neither. Everyone has a gun and there is a lot of capital punishment! Sounds like the perfect place for those doom and gloom Tea Party Regressives. 

Obama Care: Proof positive that there is no such a thing as a free lunch. 

Obamacare would have worked perfectly if they had just expanded Medicare and had one insurance instead of one million different policies and rules and regulations. It’s drowning in it’s own bureaucracy.



[Sarah Palin claims Jesus celebrated Easter] I found this article on the internet so it must be true. Just like all the articles FTR guy finds. Link

Health insurers to customers: If you like your plan, you can keep … nah, you’re screwed.

President Barack Obama’s promise that “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health care plan” isn’t proving true. It appears that President Obama knew this in 2010, he continued to say, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health care plan.” The Tea Party tried to tell us. We called them names, ugly names, all because they spoke the truth. Vote!

Forbes: Josh Archambault, Contributor — More Americans In 3 States Have Had Their Insurance Canceled Under ObamaCare Than Have Filed An Exchange Account In All 50.

The reality of the ObamaCare roll-out appeared in a set of news stories that serve as an ironic juxtaposition. Over 500,000 individuals have seen their insurance policies cancelled in just 3 states. In all 50 states, only 476,000 applications have been “filed” in an exchange. (Even though we are still learning the true definition of “filed.”)

-First from Anna Gorman and Julie Appleby at Kaiser Health News: Thousands get health insurance cancellation notices

States Inflating “Enrollment” Numbers. As I have tracked enrollment by states, many are reporting out both Medicaid and exchange enrollment at the same time.

Therefore the 476,000 number is misleading. My best guess is that for the 17 states that have reported out some data, the number is closer to 193,818 applications (once you pull out the Medicaid applications that have been reported on). Of course, this number is also still too high as it is compromised by the jointly reported data.

What becomes clear, is that the federal exchanges in 34 states are accounting for a single digit percentage of the accounts being filed.

Is the New Obamacare Website is a “Hacker’s Dream.

Obamacare website is not a safe place for people to leave personal information, and may have to be rebuilt from scratch.YES, it’s that bad.

The site is vulnerable to cyber-mischief because of a potentially leaky data-sharing arrangement between the seven federal agencies that manage different parts of ObamaCare. Remember the Tea Party told you so.

-Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes. Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes.Kaiser Health News 7 days ago

-Oct 21: Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health. At least a few are cancelling. HHS Gives States Flexibility On Health.

Who is Kaiser Health News? The Kaiser Family Foundation. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), or just Kaiser Family Foundation, is a U.S.-based non-profit, non-partisan, private operating foundation headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Do your own research, don’t buy the left wing propaganda. Get off your butt and think for your self. Yes you can!

Tea party zealots rhetoric: BS !! I noted no facts were posted. Just the same old left sided vomit . The facts are Obama care is a disaster.

-Florida Blue, for example, is terminating about 300,000 policies, about 80 percent of its individual policies in the state. Kaiser Permanente in California has sent notices to 160,000 people – about half of its individual business in the state. Insurer Highmark in Pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent of its individual market customers, while Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, is dropping about 45 percent.

I’am happy your company hired 3 new drivers. The rest of your post is bulls**t. Remember this my friend, your post will be challenged. I grow weary of your regurgitated Left side spew. Have a blessed day.

-FYI the Tea Party is not to be feared — unless you’re part of the problem. If you have ever looked through the bible, even a little. You know that when a angle enters the room they say. Do not be afraid. I would say to you that the Tea Party is our Angle of Salvation.The Tea Party is nothing to fear, do not be afraid. The Tea Party is the only group that warned you about ObamaCare. They have taken much ridicule,slander and abuse from the President,his staff, the Lame stream media & press, all the hard leaning lefty’s out there. They continue to stand strong. America can not continue on the path she in on. We can use your help. Vote!


So let me see if I’ve got this right. Operation Fast & Furious — The Justice Department knowingly allows weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug dealers, at least some of which are used in the killing of an American law enforcement agent — nobody get fired.

Benghazi — Four Americans are killed in what the administration acknowledges as a failure to provide adequate security — nobody get fired.

IRS targets and harasses particular Americans with extra scrutiny because of their political beliefs — nobody get fired.

Particular reporters are targeted for various kinds of surveillance for investigating specific government programs and actions — nobody get fired.

A half a billion dollars is spent to develop and implement a government program website which simply does not work — nobody get fired.

Be an administration staffer who has an anonymous Twitter account that posts hurtful thing about people —your ass is out of here!

Now there’s an administration that has its priorities sorted out.

darth vader light saber


Darth Vader Care: “I’m altering the terms of deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further”.  Link

[Obamacare] To the leftie who said people losing their pre-existing health coverage (and most now paying more) is nothing but Tea Party rhetoric really needs to start getting their facts from non-political news outlets. The left ones are suppressing the truth to avoid the whole “Obama lied about us being allowed to keep our pre-existing healthcare” issue.

In fact it’s appearing to many that healthcare providers are using Obamacare as a means to prune away customers they were obligated to cover and force them into the exchange where they have to pay more.

[“Government should get out of healthcare and maintain the basic things we need”] What is more basic than healthcare? What do we need more than good health? Get it yet?

I keep reading the same thing over and over from Conservatives on here. They keep repeating that our President is giving away free insurance. I challenge any and every Republican/Conservative on here to show anything or have a link to any speech or phrase or any promise where our President said healthcare would be free. Show us all the offer of free health insurance. Thank you in advance.


After reading all the spin and insults on the CT and seeing most of it comes from the far-out Left, who say nothing important or newsworthy, I finally realized most Democrats are blondes, male or female it does not matter.

[Obamacare] The ACA website has earned the title of the worst IT disaster in history. So why was big government able to put a man on the moon, yet can’t get a healthcare system and it’s website to function? Link 

FTR still waiting for your backup to the claim that there “Could have been tens of thousands” at the Million veteran march. Im sure you just didn’t magically pull those numbers out of the air.

[“National health care makes people not want to work”] Sometimes I can’t believe what people write. It boggles the mind.

from the right

Yesterday a poster commented that the approval rate for Obamacare is improving. That’s no surprise. Please recall that there are now more people on welfare than there are with jobs. Certainly those on welfare will gleefully welcome yet another freebie paid for by the minority who now have the spine to work.

The ACA rollout situation has many, many facets. We could talk about the incredible stupidity of rolling it out before it was ready. Please recall that the Republicans did their damnedest to get the roll out delayed for a year. We could talk about the obvious terrifying threat to your individual security posed by private government contractors having access to all of your pedigree information. We could talk about the fact that the problems of the roll out will seem insignificant when it comes time to actually running Obamacare. Things like Dr. scheduling, patient access to care, paying bills, etc. etc. etc..

notme_ghostBut, just for today, let’s think about The Buck, and where it stops. The Buck can’t stop at Obama’s desk, because Obama isn’t there. Obama has become the President who isn’t there. The president of “not me”.

In the recent past he wasn’t there when the security situation at Behghazi was discussed. He told us he didn’t know a thing about it.

He wasn’t there when the decision to tap the phones of world leaders was taken. He told us he just didn’t know.

He wasn’t there when the decision to spy on and attack journalists was taken by his Justice Department. He told us he just didn’t know.

Obama told us he wasn’t there when the decision to use the IRS as a political weapon was taken. He said he just didn’t know.

Obama told us he wasn’t there when the decision to provide Mexican narco terrorists with thousands of weapons was taken by his Justice Department. He said he just didn’t know.

Obama told us he didn’t know about his pal’s Jay Z and Beyonce’s controversial trip to Cuba and the huggy feely meeting the brothers Castro. He just didn’t know.

He told us that he didn’t know about the investigation into the behavior of his CIA director, General Petraeus, until it broke in the news. He wasn’t there.

He told us that he didn’t know whether Elizabeth Birnbaum, former head of the Minerals Management Service, was fired or whether she resigned.  It was Birnbaums failure to manage the inspection regimen of Gulf oil wells that led directly to the massive BP spill. He wasn’t there, it wasn’t him.

He told us he wasn’t there when the problems of the ACA rollout were discovered several days before the roll out. Even though the ACA is his “signature” piece of legislation, he told us he just didn’t know of the problems. “Not me!”

Obama “didn’t know” that Jeremiah Wright preached racial hatred from the pulpit. “Nope, not me!”

Obama “didn’t know” that his pal and benefactor, Tony Rezko, was a crooked real estate developer. To quote Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Hero’s “I know nothing!”

Obama “didn’t know” that his friend and political mentor, Bill Ayers, was a domestic terrorist, a terrorist bomber. “I know nothing!”

Obama “didn’t know” that several of his family members were living in the US illegally. “Aunt who?”

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years. Obama said he didn’t know.

The list could go on and on.  We now have a “not me” president whose character so flawed that he dodges accepting responsibility and the truth like a 3rd grader playing dodge ball. It is a shame that his character flaw has directly impacted the trust that many of our allies held for us.  If it’s not a character flaw, then the only other option is that Obama, the smartest man to ever run for the presidency, is grossly incompetent. You choose.


Part 2) A tip of the FTR fedora to the minority of Americans who are actually employed. It is very gracious of you to provide welfare for those who take means tested welfare and do not work. On the other hand, given that welfare is growing in leaps and bounds, and our employment continues to stagnate.  . What will happen when the number of welfare takers, the majority, overwhelm the minority, the workers. It is a road that we must not travel.




Part 3) Florida added nearly 17K jobs in September, second only to Texas.  Way to go Republican governance.