2023 October

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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[Friday’s “Arrested” post] I never heard of anyone arrested for putting out a fire, only for starting a fire. What’s the world coming too?
[Autumn in the Keys] We drove from Key West up ‘north’ to Big Pine Key to see the autumn foliage turn. It was simply beautiful watching the pines change color.
Everything Elon Musk broke in the year he’s owned Twitter. Link
[Exciting Car Chase on US1] Monroe County Sheriff’s Office were alerted via a Be-On-The-Lookout (BOLO) notice about a white van being operated erratically. The Key West Police Department had just reported the van as stolen. In response, the deputies initiated a vehicle pursuit and employed spike strips on three separate occasions in their efforts to stop the van. Video
7 rules on cruise ships. Read them, know them, obey them. Video
[Fire] Look at the mess when an oil drilling platform burns.
[Ode to Tourists]
Vacation in the Keys, sun and sand so bright,
But some folks can’t keep it civil, can’t do it right.
They arrive all excited, looking for some fun,
But end up in trouble when the day is done.
From Marathon to Key West, they roam around,
Partying hard in every bar they’ve found.
But when the night gets wild, they lose control,
And soon enough, they’re facing a legal toll.
In paradise they came, seeking delight,
Yet their actions landed them in quite a plight.
Leaving on probation, a sobering fate,
A lesson learned too late, in the Sunshine State.

[Halloween] My sister’s husky has a fantastic costume this year because he sounds like a siren. (sound on). Video

[Lobster Hope] When you think there’s no hope, think about the lobsters who were in the restaurant aquarium on the Titanic

[Leftover Candy] I just saw a recipe for leftover Halloween candy.  What is leftover candy?
Christopher Walken makes surprise Halloween appearance on ‘SNL’. Walken surprised guests appearing as ‘the spirit of Halloween’ in a skit on the show poking fun at Biden. Video

Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce November social.

Hamas says Israel can stay but the Jews have to go.

Happy Birthday to Big Pine’s ‘Swimming Pool Bob’ for having reached 90 years old. I guess pool chlorine isn’t so bad after all.
[Boo to 2023 FantasyFest] Just go to Bealls store, buy a garment, and look happy. Old Key West fun is gone.  One last place in USA to have naked fun for a few days is gone. Need new administration. Let your damn hair down, panties in a twist! Prudes taking over.

Sex offenders have a choice this year. Put the “No Candy Here” signs up, or this pumpkin.

FDA warns consumers to stop using dozens of eye drop products. Video

Jersey girl ghosts.

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[Oral Arguments] When we hear or read about court cases, why are we told about oral arguments? They aren’t chewing them, so why not call them verbal arguments?
[Medicare Enrollment] How come you can only signup for Medicare on certain days? What happens if you qualify on the day after the enrollment ends? Must you wait another whole year for your benefits? Whatever it is, it’s not right.
[Mothballs] My wife sent me out to get 10 lbs of moth balls. She had no idea whatsoever how difficult it is to catch a moth and not damage its balls. Then the delicate procedure of removing the little devils and pack them so as not to damage them. Does anyone really know how difficult it is to capture, uninjured, enough moths to safely secure 10 lbs of their tiny little balls? I have been gone 17 years now, and I do have some of them but I have a long way to go. God bless America.
Operation Mockingbird is a CIA project started in the early 1950s to control the corporate media. Video
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