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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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[Waterspout Guys] I can’t believe the Coast Guard is harassing the two guys who drove near a waterspout. What’s their beef with them? Maybe stupid, but sounds like overkill to me. Free country? Videos

[“Grimal Grove”] Where is the Grimal Grove on Big Pine Key that the Growing Hope Initiative is hoping to save and restore? 


transformers montage

[Transformers] I heard two Keys Energy transformers explode in my area. One was Monday morning at 1am and the other was Monday morning at 11:15 am. I’m glad I recently had a new surge protector installed.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12

help wanted sm

[Help Wanted] Part time help – sales. Mature women who enjoys working with people and being outside, part time only Saturdays starting Thanksgiving weekend. 4 1/2 hours. Classified Ads > Help Wanted


[“Landlords charge too much”] Landlords by nature love stable, happy decent tenants in nice dwellings as it’s the most cost effective and less problematic since profits for most are non-existent and they hope to generate a profit via equity, however Keys long term rentals are mostly dumps because tenants are not being paid a sustainable living wage to compensate property owners for the higher upkeep, mortgage payments, taxes and mandated hurricane insurances required by government controlled mortgage companies (Fannie and Freddie) and gov insurance (Citizens) and other laws, so it’s caused a cycle of poorly kept up properties and angry resentful-drunk/druggie-property-trashing-low-grade tenants who are frustrated they have to work two or three jobs, sell drugs or their body in order to survive here, and are only a broken foot or a conviction away from being deported to the mainland.



Wind in my hair — woof!

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truck passing

Starting October 11 “Truckers to Shutdown America” plans to shut down Washington, D.C. by intentionally clogging the inner loop of the beltway. The group also seeks to arrest members of Congress they say are violating the Constitution. “We’re not asking for impeachment, we’re asking for the arrest of everyone in government who has violated their oath of office.”

In 2004 Martha Stewart began her prison sentence at Alderson Federal Prison Camp.


[Stamp] Honor the EID Muslim holiday season with a new commemorative 46 cent first class holiday postage stamp.


What happens in California must  stay in California!


I never read the FTR rants, but having a house on Lake Abanakee made the reading of his Adk tour interesting. I don’t buy the wolf story (plenty of Coyotes there though), and the cougars are few and very far between, but I’ve seen the moose and bear. I think our favorite is the common loon – it has four different calls and can be heard from over a mile away (or in any sci fi or scary movie).

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lionfish-diver[Lionfish] Before August 2013, I had talked a lot about lionfish, but other than seeing them in tanks, I had never put my hands on one and never had one for dinner.

Lionfish is a hot topic right now. The population of this invasive, nonnative species has boomed exponentially in the past few years, and recent scientific studies indicate that this species may be negatively impacting our marine resources. Today, we are seeing them in places we’ve never seen them before, and there are no signs of them going away anytime soon.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has taken notice and is moving forward with actions to help control the population, from changing regulations to hosting a Lionfish Summit later this month (Oct. 22-24) in an effort to identify research and management gaps and brainstorm solutions to the lionfish issue.

As the public information specialist for the FWC’s Division of Marine Fisheries Management, it is my job to reach out to the media and sometimes the public with lionfish information. I often get asked questions like, “Can you eat them? What do they taste like? How do you filet them without getting stuck by one of their venomous spines?” While I knew the answer to the questions, firsthand knowledge often trumps what you’ve read any day.

In August, I got plenty of firsthand knowledge as I attended the first ever Northeast Florida Lionfish Rodeo in Jacksonville. As the boats began to come in, I, with the help of coworker Alan Peirce, helped filet lionfish and, later, got to eat some. I admit, I was nervous as I began filleting my first one. Should I wear gloves? What if I get poked? What is the best way to get the meat off the fish?

The best thing I learned that day? It’s not as scary as it looks. Lionfish have up to 18 spines that have venom. To be clear here, the spines are not hollow like a snake’s fangs. Instead, they are more like clear to opaque toothpicks with grooves. If you were to stick yourself, the skin covering the spine would push back, releasing the venom encapsulated in grooves along the spine. The venom is not in the meat of the fish. It is also susceptible to heat, so cooking the fish neutralizes it. The stings are painful, but can be treated with hot, but not scalding, water.

When filleting a lionfish, you have quite a few options to keep your hands and fingers safe. My personal favorite was a needle-resistant glove. Using it on my left hand only to hold the fish down, I used my ungloved hand to fillet. Others chose to go gloveless and hold the spines down. Another option that I tried but didn’t quite get comfortable with is clipping the spines with scissors. It was an effective method, but we had a lot of lionfish to fillet and it felt time-consuming. For the most part, once you figure out the spine issue, filleting the fish is easy. It is just like filleting any other fish you catch. Watch Video

While there wasn’t much meat on the smaller ones, the effort was worth the return: a delicious, flaky white delicacy. It is not “fishy” in taste and has a nice consistency. I tried lionfish three ways that night: in a ceviche, fried whole and fillets cooked in a light panko and served with rice and a mango reduction. All three were delicious. More restaurants are starting to serve up lionfish, which can be harvested and sold commercially.

But the most rewarding part of being there was getting to talk to the public as they oohed and ahhed over the colorful fish. Some had never seen a lionfish. Many did not even know they were a problem in Florida’s waters.

The rodeo was a success, with more than 400 lionfish removed from the waters near Jacksonville. The largest was 17 inches and the smallest, a mere 3.5 inches. With the current best method of control being removal via nets or spearing devices, these grassroots efforts are one of the best means of limiting the population. In 2012, in an effort to encourage the public to participate in lionfish-control efforts, the FWC removed the requirement to have a recreational license when using specific gear to target lionfish, including hand-held nets, pole spears, Hawaiian slings and any device geared specifically for lionfish. The FWC also removed any and all bag limits on lionfish.


[“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”]  The Who not Pink Floyd
Wont Get Fooled Again 



[“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -Pink Floyd”]  It was The Who. Ironically the title of the song that line is in is “We wont get fooled again”. They did. This is Track 09 of the Who’s album – Who’s next. First recorded (then rejected) in New York on March 16, 1971, this became the first song to be worked on with Glyn Johns

[“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. ~Pink Floyd”] I can put up with reading a lot of bullshit on the CT, but I draw the line at attributing a line from The Who to Pink Floyd.  Pray that God forgives you.


We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? And these recipients never contributed one red cent!


If coffee or beer can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem.

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

OK Ed, you’re messing with my head. I was interested in the computer posted yesterday, but to my chagrin it isn’t  in your classified page. (Ed: Oops! I forgot. It’s there now. Classified Ads > Electronics)


[“Senior needs budgeting help”] AARP has free financial resources, but only for AARP paid members.  Depending on your finances, a lot of financial companies have advisors.

Here’s the easy answer – on the left side of the paper list you incomes and total. On the right side of the paper list your expenses and total. If the right side total is higher than the left side total, start slashing stuff on the right side.

Everything you need to know about disabling startup programs on Windows. Link

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stop8[To the John Donnelly Defender] There is no such thing as a “Marine Beret” and your “outrage” lacks a valid premise of argument.

I would put to you that wearing a Green Beret when one hasn’t earned the right to wear the Green Beret is a classless act. Full Stop, end of discussion!

Further, it’s not demeaning to call a poser out (which is exactly what he is doing). Mr. Donnelly may be a Marine. If so, good on him. However, he has no right to wear that beret any more than A US Army Special Forces Soldier has a right to wear the USMC EGA.

Additionally, not only would I call the man a poser directly, I’d demand that he remove that unearned beret from his head and apologize. 

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[“Mr & Mrs FTR in the ADKS”]  Thendara was my old second home. I used to be a wench at the reenactments. I smuggled in ammunition! Then there was the long boat trip from Lake George over to Vermont landing.  I’m soooo jealous of Mr & Mrs FTR!



Slow down, your gonna kill us both!

[Malware of the Day] Thank you for going through our mail, We are interested in your products. Here is the exact product we wish to purchase from your company, so please confirm to us if your company can make provision of the exact product which you can view by clicking on the attached to access the photo and drawing file of the sample we need to purchase from you estimated company.

Click download and open to view the samples of products: (Clicking the link screws you totally by installing very bad things)

coconuts lounge and liquor 9.12


Reading FTR’s description of his trip is like suffering through those Christmas letters you get from family members. His ego must be really huge or he must be really lonely to think we care about his vacation. Maybe we should all write about our vacations and The Coconut Telegraph could turn into a travelogue.  (Ed: I’d like his descriptions. Please send in your vacation pictures too!)

Benefit for Habitat for Humanity of Key West – 3rd Annual Votes for Notes Grand Finale: October 13, Smokin’ Tuna Saloon, 6-9pm. For the 3rd year local musician Ray West is producing a musical benefit for Habitat for Humanity of Key West & the Lower Florida Keys.  “I wanted to find a way to bring additional customers into our local establishments during the traditionally slow season. So I came up with this friendly competition which also benefits a non-profit that does so much good in our community.  Votes for Notes gives local amateurs and professional musicians a chance to perform in a fun, relaxed atmosphere for a great cause.” – Ray West, event organizer.

The audience is treated to new local talent of all ages and popular professionals donating their time and talent.  After each performance the audience votes for favorite acts with a buck in the donation bucket to Habitat.  And they vote early and vote often and Habitat wins, too!   After 3 rounds of competition, the performer that garners the most in donations wins a Musical Prize Package – gift certificates to music stores, musical instruments, free studio time, and more!

Acts can still sign up to compete as solos, duos, groups, or with our professional back-up band.  Performers of all ages are encouraged. For more information on the events, call (305) 294-9006 or may visit Habitat online at Link



religion politics zone

[It’s Not Corporations] I don’t understand this irrational fear from the left of corporations.  Corporations provide jobs and do so without using tax dollars.  In fact, they pay taxes for the privilege of running their business which provides goods and services and jobs.  If don’t want to pay for their goods or services, I don’t.  If they don’t run their business efficiently and provide the goods and services people want, they lose money and might possibly go out of business.

The government also provides jobs, but do so with my tax dollars.  I have no choice.  If I don’t pay taxes, I go to jail.  They don’t have to provide what people want or do it efficiently.  If they lose money, they just just raise taxes or print more money. Using rational logic, it would seem that the corporations are not the problem.



I have seen more hate, anger & racial tension than in the past. There is much talk about the Republican Party being at fault. That’s just not true. Without the Republican Party we would not have moved as far as we have. It takes a left and right to find the middle. There is no all bad or good. Be nice.

[Closed] In service to their Koch brothers overlords, John Boehner and Ted Cruz have managed to do what al qaeda could not.

[Spending] Now that someone has finally summoned the courage to close down this monstrosity that we call government,let us use this period then to continue to come up with more ways to curtail our totally out of control bloated spending apparatus that we politely identify as the present administration, I don’t really look for much in the way of frugality, but it could be a start, as timid as it may be.

Republicans and this government slowdown must be good. The number of democratic posts on this site is increasing and becoming more vitriolic. I agree, President Obama was elected to provide a Health Care program for

those without health insurance coverage. What we got was a program to allow a government total control over our Health Care. Everybody has to pay for abortions, child care, senior living, etc. Thus an all inclusive package for all. So at 78, I get child care and abortion coverage for my wife. Since her name is not “Mary”, I believe I can skip those. However since I can not keep (contrary to promises made to the public) my old health insurance, I must “follow”, like the proverbial sheep, what our Democratic (no Republican voted for the original package) friends have given as a solution. Viewing the Federal Government’s ability to handle Social Security, welfare, immigration, just to name a few. I suspect multiple controls in the health care area will be forthcoming. And if the others are any example, enormous fraud. Oh well, just increase the debt limit, right?

I’ve never met anyone that didn’t want Obamacare. Maybe I’m just hanging around with the lower classes that don’t have someone else paying for their insurance.


The reason we cannot keep our old health insurance is due to a Republican Senator tacking on that bit at the end of the Bill. The Right wont talk about that.

[Down With Regressives] 70% of Americans have a negative attitude against the GOP at this time. They are all a bunch of babies who, if they can’t get what they want, would rather hurt hard working Americans then “lose their Political game”. We need to get rid of the Regressives in the next election….and it looks like we will!

Is it lost on anyone that the entire government shutdown is about not allowing them to spend more money than they have? They still have tax revenue coming in every day. Gee, wish I could do that. And don’t get me started on social security, they spent all the money we sent in to the trust fund and now have to borrow it.

Will somebody-anybody please tell FTR that “the past is past” also applies to the affordable care act? Please don’t tell me that most people don’t want it.I’m pretty sure most people didn’t want the many tax increases we have had over the years.Also why haven’t we heard any kudos for Clinton leaving the country with the largest budget surplus in history?He wouldn’t be a democrat would he?I consider myself more of a republican than a democrat,but neither they nor you are always right.

[Pay Insurance Companies Like Before] I believe in healthcare for all. I do not believe in forced healthcare for all. Mandating the insurance companies to amend their policies would be better for all. My friend from Germany said that their healthcare is state run and sliding scale. Our health care is capitalist industry run. The fact that Monroe county has some of the highest premiums in the system and ranks 9th in the state for uninsured should speak loudly as to what your premiums will be at renewal next year.

from the right

an grim reaper walkLet’s think, just for a moment think about how screwed up the ACA has to be. Team Obama had nearly 4 years to put it together, and still they can’t make it work. Only a tiny number of folks have been able to run the gauntlet and sign up. Most of you who are middle class and making more than 400% of the poverty level are in for serious sticker shock, your health care insurance premiums are going up. For a single person 400% of the poverty level is $46k, for a couple it is $62k.

For example: Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura of California are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama. Perhaps they are not so proud anymore. Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four. There is a very interesting story about the impact of Obamacare on California families to be found at the following link. I urge you to read it, it is the “take” on the reality of the ACA from the very liberal San Jose paper: Link

Obama’s petulance seems to be growing. His personal decision to do all in his power to make the American people suffer during the shutdown that he caused seems to have no end.

For example:  The grounds of Mt. Rushmore are closed to tourists. O.K. I can understand that. But roadside parking spots with a view of the mountain, in and around the mountain have been closed by the feds blocking them off with traffic cones. You’re not even able to sneak a quick peek. That little piece of pettiness cost you and I big bucks. Perhaps next, Team Obama will cover the mountain with a giant tarp so that no one can even peek at the mountain.

For a time yesterday, the Justice Department’s Amber Alert web site which is dedicated to locating missing children was shut down because of “a lack of funding”. But Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” web site continued to operate. Fortunately enough powerful people made a big enough stink that they were forced to reopen Amber Alert.

When Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid was asked why he refused to accept the Republican proffer that would have kept research on children’s leukemia funding so as to save children’s lives, Reid responded by saying: “Why would I want to do that?”

Near Las Vegas on the shores of Lake Meade, the Feds own much land. For years, at least since the 70’s,  people have been permitted to build homes on the Federal land. Those people own those homes and pay taxes on them. The other day the Feds came in and gave those people 24 hours to get out of their own homes, telling them that they won’t be permitted back in until the shutdown is ended. Nice!

Dedicated Federal employees who want to do their duties without pay during the shutdown have been threatened with criminal charges if they do. Link

Obama’s venom is selectively aimed. Those who are likely to be Democrat voters are given special treatment. We all know that he has shut down the National Mall, but he is giving special permission for immigration amnesty activists to hold a rally there today. Organizers for the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally which will take place on Tuesday.

Of  course we all know that we are spending billions on starting up the ACA even though the government is supposed to be shut down.

Operation Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover up, the NSA spying on Americans scandal, the use of the IRS as a political weapon, The DOJ’s snooping through the phone records of journalists and their families, all have a common thread; abuse of power by the President. But wait, there’s more: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ engaged in a shakedown of companies she regulates for “donations” to pay for ObamaCare implementation. Then there is the Pigford scandal wherein the Treasury Department’s “Judgment Fund” appears to have been raided for political purposes — well, it’s getting to be necessary to have a scorecard to keep up.

Even journalists are getting deeply concerned. They say that their “sources” are terrified to be seen with them, to talk to them on the phone, or to  e mail them for fear of reprisal from Team Obama. It’s getting scary out here folks!

It’s no surprise that for the first time ever, nearly 10% of Americans have thought about giving up their American citizenship.

008Part 2)  It’s been a rotten day here in Old Forge. Rain has been with us all day long, and the wind is whipping. Most of the leaves are now on the ground. We were very lucky to have two full really good days. The temps are dropping like a rock. This am the outside temp was 70, tonight it’s about 39.

The Adirondack deer are a real treat to watch. They are about twice the size of our BPK little friends. The deer are a common sight in and around town. They are every bit as much moochers as are our BPK deer.  Just like BPK people stop in the middle of road to feed them. These deer are big enough that they seem to have no fear whatsoever of humans. We saw one doe stick her head into the open window of a car looking for goodies.

We had a dreary day today spent doing laundry and watching the rain from the motel room.  Big plans for dinner tonight with yet another set of old friends.  Life is good.

We had a wonderful meal with another set of old friends at the Knotty Pine Tavern this evening half way between Old Forge and Thendara. The food was great, the ambiance superb, and the Rob Roy’s were world class. The restaurant is at least 70 years old but it is as is fresh as if it were brand new.

The attached pic was taken before the rains came.  Nearly all of the leaves are gone, and the forest is brown and gray except for the evergreen trees.