Tuesday, September 8,2020

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Marathon’s unsolved missing Federal Customs agent. I was I pilot operating a tourist business (2001-12) from the Marathon airport. While sitting at sheriff Ramsey’s father’s airport picnic table I heard him chuckle telling the story of the missing agent “It’s a big ocean”. (Ramsey’s daddy boasted of his trafficking, he had Bahamas property and an airplane, was also a perpetual Keys politician) One of his convicted cocaine mules shared the identical story. “The mule came to me distraught in (2005?) to borrow $75,000 as a balloon note was due to Dick Ramsey. He explained Dick loaned him $75k as reward for his silence, upon his release from his 3 year internment at Eglin AFB prison.” The mule told me his father became the replacement Customs agent. (all evidence regarding Marathons 80’s-90’s Customs office has been purged from the public archives) Possibly a thread of evidence?

Before departing the Keys, a neighbor told me the Monroe County Mosquito Control DC-3 aircraft had made runs to Colombia loaded with guns, returning with cocaine. Then a woman on Facebook affirmed the story, she knew one of the pilots. Then during casual conversation while at the Titusville’s Faye Lake Wilderness dog park, a guy was talking about airplanes. We got on the topic of Florida Key’s DC-3’s Central American flights. He said I’m a State Department aircraft mechanic, that story is true.(expounding, he also worked on helicopters at the Commemorative Air Force branch at the Space Coast regional Titusville airport) 

I have passed this evidence to Marco Rubio, Charles Grassley, Maxine Waters, FBI, Homeland Security, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, 60 minutes, 20/20, BBC, the Guardian and Al Jazeera

Let’s not forget Coast Guard Commander and convict Dennis Zecca’s and his murder coconspirators remain at large in Marathon.



Demand term limits and get the dinosaurs out of Washington with their outdated ideas about everything.

[Virus] KFC suspends slogan “Finger Licken’ Good” Link
You get sick more in the winter more than at any other time.


[FKAA] Work on a new headquarters for the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is moving forward, with the laying of the foundation scheduled to start early next month. The aging FKAA building on Kennedy Drive in Key West was recently torn down, after suffering severe damage in Hurricane Irma in 2017. Work on the new, green $16 million building is expected to be completed by end of next year.



[“Name that plant”] I don’t know the name (it’s “White…” something, duh) but they are easy to grow and don’t require much of anything but sun. A single stalk will grow to about 10-15 feet with a bouquet of white flowers at its top. You can break off a piece and stick it in the ground, give it water and it will grow. The deer do eat it.

I saw Tom Lehrer on PBS the other night. Remember him? He had a cult following back in the 60’s for his insanely clever satirical songs. I’ve begun downloading them. I’ve found that several friends were followers as well.

The present situation would give lots of fodder, so I wondered if he’s still writing. He’s 92, & apparently not. He never wanted or expected to be a hit. He preferred to teach math at Harvard & MIT.

Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag



Rampaging goat raids a police patrol car before chewing up paperwork and knocking an officer to the ground in Georgia. Video

[Teachers Scared To Go Back To Classroom] If they’re too scared to work – we need to stop paying them today, the county can refund our school tax bills. Let’s set up a corps of teachers using ZOOM – and dump the rest permanently. The county can re-imagine the schools as hurricane shelters with some upgrading and re-purposing of the class rooms – cafeteria on site, easy to establish a medical section
[Movie Lighting] They have to get better lighting for black people. Too often their facial features are all blended together in one black blob. Vanity Fair magazine hired its first black photographer recently to do just that (eat you heart out Annie Liebovitz!). I’m hoping the movie industry takes note.



Don’t plant free seeds from China!

My podiatrist is a great Dr, but I think she has a foot fetish!

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Hurricane Irma that devastated Big Pine Key with a direct hit at Category 4.



[Virus News] The public must crawl on their hands and feet starting tomorrow as seen in this D.C. picture. The virus hovers at 3 feet and above.

[Wetstock Concert] Does anyone know if the annual Picnic Island Wetstock concert will be taking place this year? I believe this event usually takes place every year during Laborday weekend. Bust since we are in a pandemic I wouldn’t be surprised if it was called off.



[#InternationalBaconDay 9/5/20] I’ll have the Smiley Face Breakfast Special. But could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits, and a bacon body] I’ll have the Smiley Face Breakfast Special. But could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits, and a bacon body.

[AARP] The activities calendar for September is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events



[Beer Art] They say, “If the first thing you see is a glass of beer, you may have a problem”. Those people need to just shut up and enjoy life more.

[Boom] I was at a kitchen party and was sitting on top of the gas range. It was an old one with two fold-down enamel tops that covered the burners for looks. I inadvertently moved the oven control that was under the back of my calves while gesticulating wildly in my animated party mode. The pilot light found the gas and blew me off the stove. Whoomph! No one hardly noticed my brief flight, we were all so high.



Official Star Trek 2020 calendar.

[Writers] On average, it takes about 90,000 words to make a modern book.
[Bad God] If there is a god, he fits the description of a psychopath, causing suffering without reason or regret.



Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters.  ~Francisco de Goya


In 1955 we used to buy whole sour pickles for 5 cents. They were in a big wooden barrel on the floor. We had to lift the round wooden top up to get them with our dirty kid hands.


Walker for retired fisherman.

[Deepest Darkest Africa 1800s] The canoes would convey from thirty to forty men. The paddles for these canoes resembled shovels. The rowers were usually black men. The people ate human flesh, but only at feasts of triumph. They then served up their enemies. An observer draws the following gruesome picture: “They do not eat up the whole body of a man whom they take prisoner; they eat him bit by bit, and for fear that he should be spoiled. They cut him up into pieces, which they set to dry before the chimney. They eat this day by day, so as to keep in mind the memory of their enemy.”