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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12/12/12

[Forklift vs Coin & Bottle] This is the fork lift operator you want loading your truck or anything else! Link

I scored my yearly quarter pound of high potency pot ($500) yesterday and went to the Hog Fish Bar on my way home. There was a drunk guy next to me and he started talking about legalizing it. I agreed and almost told him I just scored, but didn’t. Then he pulled out his gold badge telling me he’s a Federal cop and he’s for legalizing pot although he’s never smoked it and can’t. I told him that I almost slipped and told him a secret about pot and he said that he didn’t care because he couldn’t arrest me. He works for Homeland Security and only 20 pounds or more is considered by the feds for an arrest. Anything less and they call in local law enforcement.

An interesting note, he said he’s a federal air marshal and flies all over the world every day in first class.

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[Bahia Honda Webcam] No funding left? It only costs $50 for the website and a volunteer diver to go down and clean the lens. The equipment has already been paid for from the initial grant. It sounds like a bunch of grant suckers trying for job security from one little camera. If they need someone to host the camera please post the contact information on the Coco Tele and I’ll pay for it.  


Can anyone identify this cocoon? What new critter do we have to look forward to?

[Free Money] Monroe County stands to receive $5.8 million to $23.2 million in fines levied on BP from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and they are forming a committee to decide how to spend it. I already know:  S-E-W-E-R-S!


I wish stone crab season was year around. It doesn’t get any better then the wife’s mustard sauce and a cold beer with a plateful of claws. 

If you haven’t filled out the form the County sent you to give them a sewer pump easement, have a few drinks and take some blood pressure pills before you start. You need to know your parcel number, book and page where the deed is recorded and other such details that no one can possibly know. I guess they can’t find your lot through the address. But that is the easy part. You need a notary and two, that’s right, two witnesses. If you and your spouse are on the deed, you need to get 5 people together for the signing. If I didn’t know better I’d think that the County had a sense of humor. 

[Bah, Humbug] Two Christmas shoppers were killed in a shooting in a shopping mall near Portland, Ore by a nut.


[Santa Snorkelers] A Key West dive shop wants to set a world record for the most snorkelers dressed as Santa at one site. The Finz DiveCenter is calling on swimmers “of all shapes and sizes” to join the Dec. 23 outing to Sand Key, said owner Robert Trosset. Snorkelers are asked to wear a Santa hat at minimum. An aerial photograph will be submitted to “Guinness World Records.” Some of the proceeds collected by the dive boats will aid Wesley House Family Services’ backpack program, which gives needy kids food for the weekend on Fridays. Scuba divers are also welcome.  Bulletin Board

[No Union Required] Michigan lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to right-to-work legislation, dealing a devastating and once-unthinkable defeat to organized labor in a state that has been a cradle of the movement for generations.


I wish a bright star would appear in the east over Washington D.C. We could use a few wise men up there.

[Least Competent Criminal] In November, Jacory Walker, 19, pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery in Waxahachie,Texas, and was sentenced to 37 months in prison. He had made the mistake of asking a teller at the 1st Convenience Bank to access his account (giving the teller his Social Security number), and only then, when realizing he had no money left, decided to rob the place.

In front of a famous background of stars and galaxies lies some of Earth’s more unusual trees. Known as quiver trees, they are actually succulent aloe plants that can grow to tree-like proportions. The quiver tree name is derived from the historical usefulness of their hollowed branches as dart holders. Occurring primarily in southern Africa, the trees pictured in the above 16-exposure composite are in Quiver Tree Forest located in southern Namibia. Some of the tallest quiver trees in the park are estimated to be about 300 years old. Behind the trees is light from the small town of Keetmanshoop, Namibia. Far in the distance, arching across the background, is the majestic central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. Even further in the distance, visible on the image left, are the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, smaller satellite galaxies of the Milky Way that are prominent in the skies of Earth’s southern hemisphere.
[Redux] The orangutan and the hound dog. Video

[Tests] Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday that students who get financial help from the state to attend private schools should take the same standardized tests as public school students.


Bahia Honda Camera is positioned in twenty feet of water on a concrete piling of the Bahia Honda Bridge. It is completely powered by wind and sun. A venture chartered by Kent Denver School in Denver,Colorado. I just wondering if funding for the camera is going to “pot”!

[Right to work States] The big companies are already screwing their stockholders, the so-called “Right to Work” laws make it easier for them to screw their employees, driving down the American middle class even further.


Whoever has the first sex on the Moon will go down in infamy!

These days about half the stuff in my shopping cart says, ‘For fast relief.’ 


Moose Lodge in Big Pine has a no smoking bingo every Monday night. I love it! Bulletin Board > Continuing Events

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Best banana bread recipe ever! I also added a 1/2 cup wheat germ to the recipe. Link

[Exxon Hates Your Children] A TV ad that tells it like it is. Video

[Burmese pythons] “How reliably can a novice sort Burmese pythons from native Florida snakes” And that my friend is why you need to shut-up. The State has figured out a way to thin the herd of transplants and wannabes of South Florida and you go giving away all the stuff that might go wrong. Remember when that snake exploded after it died eating a deer it killed? It’s a no brainer.  The python posse will no doubt include a few folks now living here after moving here from somewhere else.  Give them a little knowledge and send them out into Glades to hunt an aggressive, biting animal capable of killing and eating them and like magic, the population of transplants and insurgent snakes will be reduced.  Nice job FWC.


If the question of why the polar ice caps on Mars were melting, brought on such a torrent of abject disdain for the poster, while implying your innate intelligence, the question begs your professional analysis, so  instead of dismissing it as a question of illiterates, why don’t you just give us a scientific answer extracted from your self implied vast store of knowledge, instead of regaling us with a lot of sophomoric adjectives? which sounds like the typical conversation of your local tavern patrons at 2 A.M.

If “they” make drugs legal, attitudes toward users will go from “how cool and hep you are” to “so fricken what”.  That’s when drug usage will start dropping.


Here’s a nifty solution to an age old problem.

[Free Money] County wants to form a committee to handle BP money = $ 5.8 million – $ 23.2 million in fines levied from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I hope they don’t forget to fund our sewers or repeal the one cent sales tax. Link

[Driving on the Moon] Forty years ago today on Dec. 11, 1972, astronaut Eugene A. Cernan, commander, makes a short checkout of the lunar rover during the early part of the first Apollo 17 extravehicular activity at the Taurus-Littrow landing site. This view of the “stripped down” rover is prior to loading up. Equipment later loaded onto the rover included the ground-controlled television assembly, the lunar communications relay unit, hi-gain antenna, low-gain antenna, aft tool pallet, lunar tools and scientific gear.

This photograph was taken by scientist-astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt, lunar module pilot. The mountain in the right background is the east end of South Massif. While astronauts Cernan and Schmitt descended in the Lunar Module “Challenger” to explore the moon, astronaut Ronald E. Evans, command module pilot, remained with the Command and Service Modules “America” in lunar orbit.

Utah travel panorama. Drag the picture in any direction. Go slow–it’s dizzying. Link 

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Star light, star bright I wish I had a place to walk my dog tonight.
It could have been at the Quay, if they hadn’t plundered our money away.
I could have laid upon the bay, if once again they have not squandered our money away.
I wish I may, I wish I might, have the Quay back tonight.

The pool is were I laid my head, dreaming my Keys life instead.
You built it with brick you built it with mortar and all you did was take away my view of the water.
I pay my bills and I pay my taxes to all you government slackers.
If you don’t like the boats in our water build a government building on the Tavernier border. (I had to improvise on the last part.)

Sorry Tavernier I know Homeland Security is trying to take over the old electric company, but I needed my poem to rhyme. Commissioner Murphy this is our money not yours so please shut your pie hole. Sincerely, a tax payer. 

 2 lawsuits top agenda at BOCC meeting. Link


I don’t smoke pot to be cool. I smoke in private so how cool is that? The only reason I want it legalized is so I don’t get arrested for smoking it 

Snorkeling Santas wanted and Secret Santa Stories sought. Link

I believe in you and me. I believe in nature, in the birds, the sea, the sky, in everything I can see or that there is real evidence for. If those things are what you mean by God, then I believe in God. But I don’t believe in a personal God to whom I look for comfort or for a natural on the next roll of the dice.  -Frank Sinatra


[Hula Hoop] A glass of red wine is a well deserved reward for Annabel Carberry after she performs A Glass of Red, an entertaining hula hoop dance routine. I love how she wins over the somewhat skeptical crowd and wows them with her hula hoop skills. Truly a wonderful performance! Link

[Climate Change] Don’t waste your time trying to prove climate change to deniers because they will find fault with your 13,950 sources even if they include Jesus H. Christ’s own report. You can bet on it.

The end of the world is coming in 9 days, just like it did in 2000. Link


[“Traffic is slowing down in the Keys”] If DOT did their traffic study in January at the light in Big Pine they would be bulldozing homes and bussing residents north to de-populate the Keys. Imagine how the daily four mile backup would skew the survey numbers. Maybe not a bad thought? 

Hitler finds out Santa might be a fraud. Check out this video on YouTube Link


Merry Christmas to everyone. Hopefully some of our constantly upset posters can find a bit of happiness and joy this season.

[Pigs on a leash regulation] I haven’t seen any leashed pigs, but there was a bunch running loose at the tiki bar the other night, though.


Where’s the Christmas decorations on Big Pine that the Rotary Club always puts up. I thought that was the reason for the club?

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[Hidden in Plain View]  Faces and stories of homelessness in Key West. Video

[Big Pine Academy] Our winter festival is this Saturday. We will be meeting at 8 am on Saturday to set up. If you are available, please come help set up. If you have any decorations that will help turn our parking lot into a winter wonderland, please bring them to the school by Friday. There are sign-up sheets up in the cafeteria for the event! Thank you and spread the word! Bulletin Board

[Climate change] Geochemist and National Science Board member James Lawrence Powell wrote a post that is basically a slam-dunk of debunking. His premise was simple: If global warming isn’t real and there’s an actual scientific debate about it, that should be reflected in the scientific journals. He looked up how many peer-reviewed scientific papers were published in professional journals about global warming, and compared the ones supporting the idea that we’re heating up compared to those that don’t. Powell looked at 13,950 articles. Out of all those reams of scientific results, how many disputed the reality of climate change?

Something for our local climate change denier: Twenty-four. Yup. Two dozen. Out of nearly 14,000.

[Bahia Honda Webcam] I received an email from Trevor at Teens4Ocean webcam at Bahia Honda. They no longer have funding to maintain the project.

This man, Andy McClain has hurt a lot folks here on Big Pine Key. He’s out–again!

“Thank you for registering for victim notification through the Florida VINE program. The inmate for whom you registered, ANDY MCCLAIN with offender number D88291, is no longer in the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections as of 12/10/2012.

Please call for more information. The telephone number is (877)884-2846. If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.  If you need immediate assistance, call the Florida Statewide VINE Service at 1-877-846-3435 and press zero (0) to speak with a VINE operator or visit for the most current information regarding this offender’s custody status.                                        
Thank you, The Florida Statewide Vine Service”

Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

[“Traffic is slowing down in the Keys”] Evidently not slow enough. There was a terrible crash in the lower Keys last evening halting traffic for almost two hours. I know, I sat there waiting.


I was in W/D today and someone asked me if I noticed there are no Christmas decorations on the poles in Big Pine Key this year. They told me they are up in Marathon.

[Pythons] If you see one chop its head off. There, now go fishing.

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Potluck recipes. Link
George Carlin on the water supply. Link


How does the mind reader do it?  Watch as he tells us. Link

Talking cat doesn’t really say that much. Link
This glass model of Stephenson’s Steam Engine was made in 2008 by master glassblower Michal Zahradník. The crankshaft is glass. The piston is glass. The counterweight that makes the wheel spin evenly is glass. Imagine that everything is made out of glass.  There are no sealants used. All is accomplished by a perfectly snug fit.  The gap between the piston and its compartment is so small, that the water that condensates from the steam seals it shut! Notice the elaborate excessive steam exhaust system next to the piston.  The piston is the most arduous part to make due to extreme level of precision needed.  Its parts have to be so accurate that no machinery is of use here.  The piston and its cylinder must be hand sanded to perfection, and they are very likely to crack in the process!  On average, three out of four crack. Link

[Bahia Honda Webcam] A total waste of money. The video is just plain awful and too expensive to keep reasonably clean if that is even possible. Makes the waters of the Florida Keys look like pea soup and is not an enticement. Who the hell would want to dive is this mess.

[AARP is a Big Scam] The word is getting more attention that AARP is now a for profit business at the expense of Senior Citizens. That the services they offer are too costly and that AARP is not helping Seniors.


A very cool way to separate yolk from egg white. It would be even cooler if I understood Japanese.  Video

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “When did development become the holy grail” When you voted in the greedy blood suckers who could care less about you and yours. Dirty money is what they want and will get.

“Marathon Journal: heat up Florida Keys local economy? Build transient units, resorts and high-end hotels. Encourage new tourist attracters, bring workforce families back.  Why don’t you just change the name from the keys to freaking Amity Islands and get it over with. You tourist profiteers make us sick! What next, deepening the waterways for large yachts, a four lane highway with resort only exits, toll bridges, toll roads, toll bars, toll locals, toll everything! 

Congress needs to give up their entitlements.

People and their knee-jerk reactions to grocery store plastic bags are what’s wrong with liberals today. They know how to feel, but they don’t know how to think. First, these are not single-use bags. Everyone I know uses them to line their trash cans, pick up pet waste or put their recycling in. If they are banned, you’ll have to buy truly single-use plastic bags for those purposes. So what if the bags don’t break down? That’s the whole point. They make up about 0.04 % of the world’s land fill. And since they don’t break down they don’t leach into the earth either.  

The only other option the stores offer are paper bags. Want to help me cut down a few trees?

The cloth and canvas bags need to be washed. The oceans just love all that soap and we have plenty of water 

All bags are a problem if people are irresponsible. The people I’ve talked to who work in these stores say the cloth bags people bring in are disgusting. I don’t want people bringing diseases into stores where I buy my food. 

1. I noticed that the right is upset about a singers lyrics but had zero qualms about John McCain going on national T.V, telling the world American troops were committing torture when they were using enhanced methods of interrogation. Again a Democrat or our President does it there’s big issues. The Teflon Republicans.

2. Twice on here I have posted a question to the republicans about how they would go about repairing the Jersey/New Yorkshore areas hit by the hurricane without the dreaded help from FEMA they so told us they loathe. Since you folks were so knowledgeable about Romney’s plans please tell us how he was going to use private business to replace them. He did have a plan right?

3. If you are a Hispanic get ready. The right is going to pander to you so blatantly that they will be offering you 2 cars in every garage and 1 chicken in every pot. Get ready for the biggest walk back in political history. Don’t be fooled.

Does anyone know why Governor Romney is still keeping to himself what loopholes he’d close and how he’d create 20 million new jobs? We sure could use his help or is he just a sore loser and refuses to help.

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[Global Warming Not Real] Yesterday’s poster denied global warming because he didn’t like the writer of an article. The day before someone denied it because the polar caps on Mars were melting too. Coo-coo, boing, coo-coo, boing …

Bradley Manning update. Support Whistleblowers & Freedom of Speech. Link

Hey FTR, are you getting a public pension like Medicare or have you opted out? We know the answer, now be quiet. We don’t want to listen to your hypocritical diatribes anymore.

[Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale]“The Tax the Rich cartoon we saw here yesterday was beyond outrageous”. Thanks FTR for mentioning this cartoon, I usually don’t read your rants, but thanks for this one RIGHT on! Everyone should view it. Link

From the Right

(Ed: FTR is indisposed and will be back with us in a few days)


Taxpayers are the losers because of lack of county leadership. Is there anyone who can say Alicia Putney and environmental advocate in the same sentence without throwing up? Last Stand has lost all of its integrity by allowing Putney to use them to spread her lies. What fools? Now the taxpayers will pay for her private estate by county picking the taxpayers’ pockets to pay for Galleon Bay next to Putney’s property on No Name Key. You would think reasonable folks would be smarter and not taken in by those who are self-acclaimed experts. Snake oil salesmen are still among us and Putney’s picture should be under that title in the dictionary.

The county commissioners should end this now and stop stealing private property rights or Galleon Bay will be just the tip of the next iceberg that will bankrupt all of us taxpayers.  ~