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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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burn-alive-cage[Burned Alive] What do the pretend-Allah-fearing ISIS members hope to accomplish by burning someone alive in a cage? Do they stay up at night in brainstorming sessions thinking of new ways to kill more brutally than their last? They know escalating terror incites the world against them. Knowing that, why do they do it? Do they want the world against them? They must know we don’t want to live in a world like theirs. A world based on fear. What do they think we should do? Can we start tomorrow?

I wish I could get an honest answer to these questions from them.

[“RadioShack may become Sprint Store”] Are they kidding. Sprint barely works in the Keys. I miss calls all the time because if their poor coverage down here.
[Vaccine ] Parents’ reluctance to vaccinate their kids is due to the scary high rate of autism in kids today (1 in 68) and the speculation that this is caused by something in the vaccines in use today.  It’s hard to blame parents.
[IKC Member Arrested] A 73- year-old Islamorada man landed in hot water after a bad shot from his .22-caliber rifle meant for an iguana hit a resort dock last month and scared tourists who thought they were under fire. He was arrested. The iguana got away.
[“Commissioner George Neugent meets voters during working hours”] Oh goodie, Uncle George is having a picnic Friday at noon so all of us who work here all year, sweat here all summer, and have the realization that the sewer system is inadequate, can’t come because we are to busy working to pay his salary. I challenge him to hold his picnic on a Saturday.
We still have a ferry boat in the Keys.  It is supposed to run from the west end of Marathon to Pigeon Key, but rarely does.  It is costing us tax payers $250,000 a year to run.  Unfortunately everyone is too busy with their iPhones to notice the rip-off.
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Proof of global warming.
I live in Seahorse campground, and I am one of the few who was chosen to stay. There are many who are bad apples that have gotten their eviction notices. However there are at least three good people who also were asked to leave. One of these people is the sweetest young woman who is also a single parent. She works at Dion’s. If you have ever gone to Dion’s on Big Pine then I know you have met her. I am asking for help to find her another place to live. If you or if you know of anyone who can help this nice young lady please go see her at Dion’s or you can call me at 305-998-4056 and I’ll relate the information. Thank you and may God bless you mightily.
hareens 12.2.14
[“Mold”] I  leave my house totally shut up and shut down for several months at a time and never have had even a hint of a mold problem or an odor problem when I got back.  To me, leaving appliances running is asking for trouble.
sunken-car4[“Ferry to No Name”] Somebody told me that the ferry once lost a load of cars overboard in the Gulf on a rough trip. He said he saw the remains with a friend who knew where they are, but that was quite a while ago. There is probably not much left, but it would still be an interesting dive. Where can I get the coordinates? Does anyone remember?
[“Conspiracy”] This article is pretty helpful in explaining the cognitive dissonance the conspiracy whack jobs engage in to perpetuate their paranoid beliefs. When faced with overwhelming evidence of how wrong they are, they are just reinforced. Link
atom[Science] More and more Americans don’t believe in science, choosing their gut instincts instead.  Science tells us chocolate, coffee and eggs are bad for us, then it tells us they are not when ‘new’ science comes along. Then they tell us science is a fact until it’s not.
[Oops Department] Deputies say an 11- month-old boy pulled a baggie full of cocaine from inside the shirt of a woman during a traffic stop near Daytona Beach.
[Vaccine] This is the latest government declared threat, which requires bigger government intervention in our personal lives. Every parent shall have their child immunized for measles. Needless to say, big pharmaceutical & big insurance, part of the real American oligarchy will be the real winners and the governed (ruled) will have more of our  freedom taken away. When will it end? Will Americans finally stand up and say — enough!
melted snowman
[“Computer meltdown”] Does this mean that if I give you $10 worth of copper and gold, you’ll give me a working PC worth $1,000?
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martian4[Martian Litter] Scientists have found a tiny metal orb, they believe is extraterrestrial in origin, has evidence of life on its exterior. It also has “a gooey biological material oozing” out of it. The lead scientist of the team who discovered the object suggests that it may have been sent by an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization for the purpose of seeding life on Earth. This revelation comes from the University of Buckingham and the University of Sheffield in England.
[“Commissioner Neugent to meet constituents”] Anyone who has problems about the new sewers should go to the Chamber grounds Feb. 6th and let George know how you feel.
windows28[“Obvious why Apple outsells Microsoft”] What planet are you from, Dude? MS outsells Apple 1000 to one or more! Apple makes almost all it’s money from iPhone, iTunes and it’s App store. Steve Jobs was going to discontinue the computers, but the iPhone release was so successful, by association it created the über fan phenomena.
[“Kicking a man when he’s down”] I often have the opinion that contributors to the CT are a bit twisted, but the guy who personally attacked our own FTR about his good fortune to be saved by our local medical staff was a new low. If I knew who he was I would gladly call him out in public and let him know what I thought about his opinion.
Bacon update
The Long Walk Home will have a workshop tomorrow, February 5 and the Guidance/Care Center will present information on their programs.  The Long Walk Home is the only county-wide community mental health and substance abuse provider. For the past 41 years we have provided community based behavioral health services from prevention to treatment across the life span in three locations throughout the Florida Keys.

Jimmy Anderson, motivational support specialist will be on hand to share information about programs and services available in the Upper Keys.  Jimmy has 20 years of experience with a varied background which has included engaging clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment, completing assessments, HIV counseling & training, criminal justice and the dependency system.  In his current position, he works closely with the Department of Children and Families to assess and engage clients when there is a potential substance abuse or mental health issues that may impact the safety of children in the home. His wealth of community and agency information as well as his experience will be of benefit to those who attend.

We look forward to seeing you at the Garden Club, mm 94 6 to 7:30 pm this Thursday night.  For more information please call Ron at 305 504 3795

A couple of years ago the Orange County Register published a terrific account of The Rockin’ Rillera Brothers and their role in Southern California’s rhythm and blues, soul, and rock history. The guitar is by Barry Rillera, praised by Jimi Hendrix as an innovative guitarist of the time. Video
The Grand Jury hears tainted evidence, some presented by the State Attorney in support of the police, about the Key West killing of Charles Eimers; and only one officer gets slapped on the wrist. Now FKAA is given a pass on the rigged sewer system despite their shenanigans in the permitting process and broken promises made to us. You cannot fool all the people all of the time — I hope.
[Apple’s profits twice that of Microsoft] Microsoft has it’s operating system on over 92% of the worlds computers compared to 5% currently for Mac’s. Don’t believe me? look it up on Net Applications. Also Microsoft usually only provides the operating system, not the hardware that is typically provided by other PC vendors like Dell, HP, Toshiba etc. so you have to include all them also. Apple has discontinued their Xserver, XRAID, 17″ laptops and reduced their tower to a desktop model because the Mac is not a choice of consumers anymore who rather use their iPhones and Windows machines instead. It’s why Mac’s have BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac because the software for a Mac is about nil compared to Windows. The iPad has been declining in sales due to cheaper Android tablets. iPhones is where Apple makes most of it’s money and even they are losing world wide market share to Android which you haven’t included the monstrosity of Google into your figures. Apple had a great quarter yes, but it’s because the majority of it’s customers upgraded to the iPhone 6 and many have been waiting for a larger phone from Apple for ages. Android has so many phones, even one that has a projector in it!

Apple is like ISIS, it’s a fanatical cult that is at war with the world and losing because other than a lot of cash on hand ($683 billion), they have no staying power and without a new gizmo to woo the cult consumer crowd they are dead. See what Eric Snowden says about the SpyPhone, Apple is working more for spies than for you. Link

tile-cleaning4[Tile Cleaning] Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone professional who cleans Saltillo Mexican tile? That means stripping, cleaning and resealing. I have about 400 SF, both inside and out, on Big Pine Key. If no answer leave message Classified Ads > Wanted
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tourist chair palm
The palm tree saw it’s shadow.
There will be six more weeks of Florida.
[Science] Whoever came up with the “you are scientifically illiterate” list, needs to do their own research on Artificial sweeteners, GMO foods and vaccines. All of which are detrimental to many, if not all, who are exposed to them. Link
Can anyone fill in the history of SR4A and the “loop road” located near the jumping bridge? Its seems be paved and striped yet nothing was ever built around it.
cheapshots--vanCheapShots is back in the Keys this weekend from Key West to Islamorada. No appointment needed on Saturday or Sunday.
Sat: KW from 9-10am.
Big Pine from 11-12pm.
Marathon from 1-2pm
Islamorada from 3-4pm.
Sun: KW from 11-12pm.
Marathon from 3-4pm.
For more information, feel free to call 305.390.0325 or visit  Hope to see you all there!
[“RadioShack”] Now Amazon Is in talks to buy RadioShack stores. The game is on fellow Pineheads. Sprint, Amazon or Big Pine Electronics? Place your bets! Link
podium elephant
[“Commissioner Neugent to meet constituents”] If you want to find out why Republicans don’t cater to the average American just go and ask George this Friday at noon at the Chamber grounds.
Motorhome. 2006 Alpa 40 foot with 26,0000 miles, runs perfect, 3 slide, 300 Caterpillar diesel, $85,000. Classified Ads > Autos
[“Homeless”] Put the new shelter on Trumbo Road, on which I expanded by saying, next to Ed Swift’s multi-million dollar Steam Plant condominium high rise. What a great way for Ed to make $8,000,000 amends (that’s what the city had ended up paying for giving Ed’s conch trains and trolleys a monopoly in Key West). What a great poetic bubba justice that would be! Ed’s always talking about one human family and  affordable housing. He and his multi-millionaire condominium owners would have a great chance to prove just how much the believe in all of that. Laughter in the audience, some sniggling on the dais and among city staff. Some scowls on the dais.
[Yesterday, out back
] Will someone please eat that damn groundhog? Shake and bake would be good.
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presidents day sale
Coast Guard Auxiliary Big Pine Key Presidents Day Sale February 16 from  8:30 until 2:30 at the United Methodist Church Key Deer Blvd. For scholarships, boating skills and safety classes, and projects at Marathon and Key West Coast Guard stations You can help! Donations needed,  pick up provided. Call (305) 872-4760 Events
[“RadioShack”] Tandy was crap and they got rid of that. Back in the day they sold parts for repairs and enthusiasts. Now everything made anywhere is crap and not worth repairing–just chuck it and buy another one.
[Mechanic Wanted] I am a snowbird from NJ and I have a SeaDoo jet ski which I have not used in a year. It needs it’s engine flushed and whatever’s required to get me back on it. I would like to find someone who knows what to do and will not take the eyes out of my head. Is there anyone out there who can help me? I am on Cudjoe Keys. Thank you!
mcdonalds-curve4A series of graphs that illustrate some of the basic painful truths of everyday life in the Western world. Link
[Sewers] I just read the open letter to the South Florida Water Management District from Dump the Pumps that was published in Key West the Newspaper last weekend. I can certainly see why people are so upset with the lack of regulatory oversight and brain-dead engineering that somebody should be noticing. This is County infrastructure. Doesn’t the County have a competent person review any of this? We are talking millions in tax dollars being spent on idiocy. The sewer system on Lower Sugarloaf is being built using fanciful assumptions from La-la Land instead of the realistic assumptions derived from an engineering study. The master pump station for all of Lower Sugarloaf has been permitted to place a large, permanent, deep French Drain of loose gravel in the gasoline contaminated lot next. to the Fire Station and right by the boat slips. “You just can’t make this sh*t up!” Too bizarre and too crazy for even the Keys . Take a moment and read about it! Link
Here’s a puzzle of Florida I like.
[“Kicking a man when he’s down”] How can anyone be so mean & ugly. It’s truly perplexing. You are one sick puppy. On a lighter note, Blessings to you Mr FTR. Get well soon my friend. You have much work to do.
Big Pine Key. House for rent on canal with davits, furnished or unfurnished, w/d, central air, fenced yard. $2000 a month plus utilities. F/L/S, no pets and no smoking. Call Pat Classified Ads > For Rent
service guaranteed[Service] I don’t care if Radio Shack stays “Radio Shack” as long as they stay! The owner, his staff and the help they provide is not found anywhere else. Even if they don’t have what I need, they always have sound advice. I buy my cell phones from them and always go to them first for anything I think they carry.
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Lightly used 5 burner gas stove, Kenmore, bought new November 2013. $400.00 firm. Big Pine. Classified Ads > Household
Great post on the old ferry.  To whomever took the time to recap this, thank you! I wish there were more of this in the CT. It’s always fun and interesting to hear about how things use to be in the Keys.
[Hyperbole] I don’t know that “our impending sewer system is literally going to blow up in our faces”. I’m not sure how you came up with that conclusion. If so, why hasn’t it blown up in other places in the Keys where it’s been operational?
[Jimmy Buffet] Buffet coming to KW to play a free concert (that he’ll probably record and sell). Whoop de do. Talk about an overrated artist …  I think his music sucks.
dr-steven-smith[Surgeon] Dr, Smith rocks!  Too bad for us he is planning on retiring, but good for him.  I think he paid for the beautiful operating room at Fisherman’s Hospital.
[“Commissioner Neugent to meet constituents”] Oh goodie, Uncle George is having a picnic Friday at noon, so all of us that work here all year, sweat here all summer, and have the realization that the sewer system is inadequate, can’t come; cause we are to busy working to pay his salary. I challenge him to due his picnic on a Saturday.
[Climate Change] It’s simple math. We can emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming. Anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The only problem is that burning the fossil fuel that we now have in our reserves would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide – five times the safe amount!

FTR denies climate change is a reality, but apparently Saudi Arabia understands and is so concerned they have a new strategy which may keep pressure on low oil prices as they rush to sell oil for cash rather than gamble they will become worthless as unsold reserves.  Why? Because they know as atmospheric carbon concentrations continue to climb there will be greater and greater pressure to leave reserves in the ground.

Why global oil prices have fallen: A world where an oil producer sees the end of its market on the horizon, then every barrel sold at a profit is more valuable than a barrel that will never be sold. Link

[Dance] Music from the northeast of Brazil which has the poorest part of the population, but they sure did nice in Paris! Video
Teens break in
to a Las Vegas home filled with illegal narcotics hit the jackpot! Link
FTR is so important to himself, he thinks the Weather Channel interrupts it’s national coverage every 10 minutes just to give him the local forecast.
king of rock[Protest King George] Now is the time to show Commissioner George Neugent what the people of the lower Keys (the “losers”) think about him and his attempt to smooth over his screwing of us. Why didn’t he have his event on the old 7Mile Bridge where he and others misappropriated $19,000,000 of our sewer fund. At first I thought that a boycott would be the answer but then I thought a peaceful protest would be more appropriate. The streets around the Chamber grounds are public property and if we don’t disturb the smooth flow of traffic there should not be any legal issues. Call the media so there will be public exposure of their shameful maneuverings. In ’76 real Americans stood up to King George. Are you less then the colonists? America lost its cajones for Big Govt freebies. Good luck. See you at the protest against our very own King George.
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[“Sewer Hook-up”] To the guy who likes the $4500 hook up cost. It should not cost over $1200 for the hook up and no more than $500 for tank removal. Any more than that is a rip off! But of course we do live in the Keys and are used to getting screwed.
The link to the 1933 road map does not seem to work.
I just thought about something. I bet that the people knocking the conspiracy theorists here are republicans who are in denial that the Bush administration (Republican administration) had anything to do with 9/11 because it will make the republicans look even more sinister since the watergate scandal.

Then they call the conspiracy theorists “idiots, and no matter how much truth you show these cooks, their minds are already set to conspiracies”. Well, that maybe, but at least they took the time to do some research unlike the sheeple who just sit on their butt and let FOX news tell you what to believe and then you make it look like it’s your original opinion when you talk amongst people. So aren’t you in the same boat too?

Sorry but the terrible financial situation in Kansas was because of the over zealous tax cuts put in place by the Conservative Governor.

But hey you can always pretend otherwise.

If it was because of the last Governor the people wouldn’t be waiting till now to move out that state they would have been gone long ago.

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Reply to yesterdays “deficits don’t matter” comment : I don’t mean to upset anyone by saying this, but I seem to remember certain right wing Republican politicians claiming “deficits don’t matter” when that idea suited their agenda.

The last time the “deficits don’t matter” topic came up, I couldn’t find any major news source that had quoted it. Blogs did repeat it widely.

Republicans casting doubt on vaccinations is just more of their anti-science, anti-intellectual BS.  They would like nothing better then civilization returning to the Dark Ages,  judging by the way they talk.
Today i will get up put on my ccw pistol with my clothes. Today I will go about my life with the knowledge and confidence that if someone attempts to rob or hurt myself or loved ones I can protect them. today I will not need to worry about my daughter as she was raised properly to respect our boundrys. Today I just hope the outta control govt and police don’t infringe upon my rights or freedoms any more than they have. Today I will pray that the racial divide cause by our current president does not erupt into full scale race war. But today I am thankful my family knows how to defend and take care of themselves! so in summary who needs police if you can take care of yourself.
from the right
FTR is away getting a new Right wing. He’ll return as soon as he’s well. Get well soon FTR!