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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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[“Can you eat jewfish”
] My first experience eating Jewfish steaks was at the Fourth of July Cuban Restraint on White Street in Key West. It was the house specialty and came with black beans, rice and Cuban bread. All of this was foreign food to a white boy from the Jersey shore who moved herein 1976. It was great and very affordable and I became a regular customer. For those who do not know, Goliath Grouper taste just like grouper, just a lot bigger. I remember back then seeing huge Jewfish in the back of pickup trucks that where harvested using bangsticks (sort of like a shotgun shell on the end of a stick). A lot of them came from a very famous diving family located here on Big Pine. But back then all this was legal
[“Thinking of Moving to BPK”] Pros: Fishing, diving, exploring mangrove islands, wildlife, lots of woods, friendly people, beautiful scenery, great weather.Cons: Small town, low wages, nothing to do, no shopping malls, no free TV, toothless people, expensive, mediocre restaurants, only 5 bars, very hot and humid in July and August
See those little holes?
That is where your dignity leaks out.
[“It appears that the conduct of some police officers arresting Mr. Eimers were the source of his death.”] No it wasn’t! The source of his death was the string of bad decisions that he made from the moment that the police tried to pull him over. If he had done what any sensible motorist would do, there wouldn’t have been a bunch of adrenaline-jacked cops chasing him and he wouldn’t have been lying on a beach. Cops have adrenaline like most other humans and have to act quickly to prevent injury to themselves and others. Eimers ignored common sense and it got him where he ended up. The cops were only the last step in the tragic story.
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That picture of the deteriorated bridge pier shows signs of the cause of most failing re-enforced concrete down here, careless placement of the re-bar to close to the forms.
[“What does Jewfish taste like”] I speared a 100 pound Jewfish years ago when they were legal. When I was cleaning it water bugs were streaming out of it’s nose holes. The fillets had numerous silver worms in them and had an unpleasant metallic smell. We cooked some for dinner, but it was awfully tough texture with a nasty aftertaste. We asked the fellow at the fish market why people would want these big fish. He said the Miami Cubans buy all they have for paella. I never speared another Jewfish or ate paella again. I know some people only fry fish and load it up with tarter sauce, so Jewfish would be okay for them, just keep an eye out for the silver worms.
God, grant me the serenity to yell at immigrant children, the courage to still say I’m a Christian, and the ignorance to not get the irony.
One of the worst boat ramps is at the Sugarloaf Marina. The ramp is barely wide enough for my trailer without falling off the side. There’s no seawall to tie up to either. You have to tie up at the fuel dock and get dirty looks. The whole marina is more neglected than the hotel next door. they charge $10 to use the ramp.
[Covert Prejudice] Fox News says that the gay pro football player is OK, but the notoriety of his presence in the locker room will be a distraction for the team and, therefore harmful to their prospects of winning.  You know, kind of like when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball.
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A film crew was shooting a segment for a Keys fishing show last Thursday in the Johnston Key Channel. It was a beautiful day for it.
[Affordable Housing Lost] It is truly disgusting that our County has let a 100 units of affordable housing units go to some fat-cat developer on Stock Island. I wish I had time to look up how the vote went at that County Commission meeting. Maybe someone on here could look it up for us. Any commissioner who voted for that should be promptly voted out of office as they are completely out of touch with the county’s real needs
Boat ramp on Blimp Road needs some TCL. If any concrete trucks have an overload, please dump it and level it at the ramp at low tide. Anything will help the ‘cliff’!
[IKC] Oh, the poor thing must have hung himself. It couldn’t have run in to a pellet!
[Cost of Bridges] Does anyone know how much the two Seven Mile Bridges cost to build?
[“Mr. Eimers‘ death”] Any police records are confidential until they are inserted into Court Records which are public records unless the judge declares them not so. It is very doubtful you will get anywhere with this officially. And that is the shame of it.
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The waning crescent Moon at dawn passes Aldebaran and the Hyades on its way to passing Venus lower down two mornings later. (The visibility of the fainter objects in bright twilight is exaggerated here. These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. For clarity, the Moon is shown three times actual size.)
The FAA suspended all American flights to Israel for 24 hours. Planes in the air had to turn back.
[Affordable housing] Isn’t the BOCC always clamoring for more affordable housing? So why did they approve the taking away of 100 units of affordable housing from the Seahorse Trailer park who sold it to a Stock Island developer to build a luxury resort? Don’t re-elect anyone!
[“Saving Energy Syndrom”] I feel for the guy. My wife saves water from washing the dishes then leaves all the lights on in every room and the TV on while she goes outside to tend her garden.
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is getting just what they wanted by sacrificing hundreds of  their own people in order to further turn World opinion against a frustrated, really helpless Israel. Mexico would be doing the same thing to us along  our border if we weren’t such a big drug customer. Remember we grabbed the South Western US from them in 1848.
[Sewers] Outside of everyone complaining about various aspects of the new sewer system, does anyone know when we can hook up and start donating our sh**? I heard Cudjoe is first. Is that confirmed? It would be nice to plan to hook-up as soon as it’s ready. I’m itching to get the ugly septic tank out of the yard.
Russian separatists shot down another two more Ukrainian war planes!
[“Saving Energy Syndrom”
] My poor friend, your wife is suffer a new ailment related to the ownership of stupid little hybrid shoe boxes on wheels. It’s known and well documented as SMUG. The only know cure is to take her in a coal rolling diesel 4X4 to Punta Gorda’s Redneck yacht club, ply her with moonshine and Bud Light and let her tear up the mud pit in that big ass American coal roller. Maybe even play some topless mud pit volley ball. After a weekend of real American fun if she does not sell the Prius, ditch her!
Homelessness, every one of them has a story. Link
I would guess that the Key deer numbers are through the roof. This is a real issue. There is no food source to speak of here. These deer will be starving inhumanely. Literally, we are overrun with them now. The Endangered Species Act is just holding government jobs. I live on Summerland bayside and we see one every day and have had three in our yard before. There is affordable housing available on Big Pine but the not-endangered Key deer prevent it from being used
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hdd crash23[“Hard drives crash–missing emails”] Someone call the Congress-critters, a hard drive crash does not delete all the data on the drive. The magnetic platters with the data on them can be recovered via dissection in case of a mechanical or electronic failure. Any data lost is likely contained to a small area where the ‘heads’ may have struck the platters. The odds of hitting the small data of emails required is minimal. Much, if not all, of the data can be recovered, even deleted data can be recovered using magnetic force microscopy.

What they are doing is claiming a “crash” so they get a new master imaged drive devoid of the incriminating emails. For the tech guy, it’s dead easy to simply replace the drive and get the computer working in minutes with another pre-imaged drive. It takes too long to securely erase these new hard drives with such huge capacity. Solid state drives on smartphones, tablets, computers and thumb drives can’t be securely erased either. Usually a machine is rolled into the room while the technician is working on the computer and it’s storage drive promptly destroyed on the spot. However techs always make backups of user’s data, especially if it’s flying over a network, just in case of a hard drive crash. Are they saying all those drives and their backups also crashed? Not. Someone needs to squeeze some nuts, the juice will flow while the canaries sing soprano.

[What is the difference between left wing and right wing?] The principle difference between the left and the right politically speaking has been obscured by the fact that in different times and places governments, parties and individuals calling themselves or being called left or right have advocated or implemented the same things. So for example both fascists (right-wing) and Communists (left-wing) have overthrown the traditional order of their society and suppressed civil liberties. In the 19th century German socialists called for a welfare state and German conservatives established it, the world’s first. Both feminists (left-wing) and advocates of so-called family values (right-wing) have advocated censorship of erotic material, both groups arguing that it encourages lewd behavior. So what is the difference between the two groups in each example, what criterion truly establishes the difference between left wing and right wing? Only one does, the criterion of equality, whether legal, political, social, or economic. To apply it to the examples already given fascists established a new hierarchy in place of the old while communists avowedly were establishing a radically equal society, and both saw the suppression of civil liberties as necessary if not also desirable to do so. 19th century German socialists saw the welfare state as a necessary means to greater social and economic equality while the German conservatives who set it up did so at least in part to satisfy popular discontent and forestall more radically egalitarian changes. Those feminists who have called for censorship have done so because erotic material makes sex objects or worse of women while family values advocates oppose (while feminists support) full equality between men and women but also oppose erotic material because it publicly displays what they think should be private and possibly also because they consider it “abnormal” sexuality. It may be argued, as it has been by advocates of free market capitalism, that economic freedom, the freedom of business activity from government interference, marks off the difference between left and right, the left wanting more and the right less, but this is to confuse means with ends. If it could be shown that economic freedom led to greater equality the left would support it, as they did in the early days of modern capitalism, when the left advocated a free market economy to end policies that principally benefitted the government rather than the common people (mercantilism) and concentrated economic power and privilege in landed wealth and state-enforced business monopolies. The left came to oppose free market capitalism not because they oppose greater economic freedom in itself but because they oppose the conditions of greater economic and social inequality that have resulted from it
Looks like Cuba is opening up. Great! Let those who keep complaining all go back home. Link
[“Pirelli’s new airless tire”] Driving over pee rock, sand, mud, or any lose stuff will kill people, wreck your paint job, and do wonders for the guy behind you! How fast are they going to dry rot in the UV we have in the Keys?
To the poster who can’t wait to start building his dream home on BPK: Wait! Ask any local who has been here more than a year or two. You may think you have all the permits, and will have smooth sailing, trust me you have no idea. I suggest you rent for a year first. It is cheep insurance. If you have come on vacation for years and years, t is easy to love a place not having to work or cook. Be sure when you inquire about building that you ask someone with no vested interest. Take a year, look around, there are great deals out there without all the road blocks of building. All that said, that’s what I did over 20 years ago and have never regretted a single day. Good luck
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shrimp-grits23Happy Wednesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. We have an awesome comfort food special for you today, Shrimp and Grits. Shrimp cooked to perfection over creamy grits. Join us for this real down home southern treat.
Thursday special: Tropical Chicken Wrap
Friday special: Panko Crusted Mahi with a wasabi sauce
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s
So George the bartender is already gone from the Tiki Bar? Boy, that didn’t take long. Is Brice still there?
an white flag3
[Flag of Surrender on Bridge] And this is a high security area? Video
[“Goliath Grouper”] I think it’s still got the bitter taste of an out of season, or, short lobster tail.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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How to kill millipedes
. Link
Do you know what they call the most blood soaked, godforsaken area of the world? The holy land!
Regarding George the bartender, I should have written Tarpon Creek at the Holiday Inn Express at mm 54.
[“Hard drive crash-emails lost”] I’m not buying it for one minute! Government computers (at least the Navy’s) are set up with at least one extra hard drive set in a configuration called RAID1. RAID1 allows mirrored storage the same as the first HDD. That means that if a HDD fails the other will survive with all the information in tact. Business and government have been using various RAID configurations for years just so nothing is ever lost. On top of the almost foolproof RAID configurations every business and government backs up everything on the cloud or external devices every day or sometimes every minute. (Ed: Even I have my HDDs set to RAID1 and I’m just some small-timer in his underwear.)
AA is based on belief in a “higher power”. We don’t need no stinkin’ higher power, we need higher proof in the Keys!
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[Fluff News] The Today Show’s top news story this morning was “Whale Bumps Kayak”
[Sewers] Most of the commercial sewer connections in the CRWS will require a high pressure low flow grinder pump under the current design, but because they have to buy their own, they were not counted in the grinder quantity. However, their EDUs were counted, and often at more than 1 EDU. Consequently, I think the percentage of grinders in the system is much higher than they appear. Because FKAA will not service the commercial grinder pumps, this is a huge gift to the grinder pump distributor Water Resources Technologies.
[Xenophobe] Hurray for the American who spoke up to the foreigner at Winn Dixie. America is a great country. If you’re going to live hear speak English!
[“Holy Roller AA meetings”] I don’t believe in God, but went to the meetings. I couldn’t figure out what my higher power was either. Then I realized it was my daughter. That’s who I quit drinking for. Now she is happy, and hugs me every day, because I’m not drunk
It’s interesting to read one posters daily display of anger against FTR featuring parochial nonsense absent of any hard facts. The funny thing is that this person pats him or herself on the back every day bragging that FTR is being shown up. Yesterday the poster wrote

“heres not a more fun burr one can put in a Tea slurpers saddle then mentioning Hillary and her accomplishments.

I almost feel guilty. Its way to easy to wind them up.

I did it today also watch the angry response after I mentioned Reagan did nothing when the Russians shot down that plane when he was in the Presidents chair..
As always Reagans doing nothing will somehow be “Different”.

Its like the movie the Karate kid. “Same but different”.

FTR’s response (383 words containing facts based on research) was absent of any anger or hate. Meanwhile this clown’s first sentence (copied with errors as posted) went straight to the anger / hate thing he / she constantly accuses FTR of.

You are way out of your league Danielson.

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Lets correct a posters spin cycle and see what Reagan really did after the Korean plane was shot down. Fact is Reagan didn’t even want to end his vacation but public sentiment forced him to in the end. Heres a brief report from the actual timeline:


It took until the middle of the night Thursday Sept. 1 before U.S. officials knew that the plane had been shot down with no survivors. Secretary of State George Shultz spoke to the press that morning. At that time, he had not spoken to Reagan, although others had briefed the president.

Up to this point, Reagan was on vacation at his Santa Barbara, Calif., ranch. The day that Shultz held his news briefing, White House spokesman Larry Speakes gave a statement to reporters in California.

“The president is very concerned and deeply disturbed about the loss of life aboard the Korean Air Lines flight overnight,” Speakes said. “There are no circumstances that can justify the unprecedented attack on an unarmed civilian aircraft. The Soviet Union owes an explanation to the world about how and why this tragedy has occurred.”

When asked if Reagan would be returning to Washington, Speakes said he would not.

“There are no plans for the president to return to Washington earlier than anticipated,” he said. The president “has every facility, every capacity, every capability to do, perform any function that he could perform in Washington.”

About eight hours later, Speakes called the reporters together again and announced that Reagan would return to Washington, D.C., the next day, Friday.

Im done with this conversation but find it very interesting to see Obamas standards are held different then others.

At least Reagan was concerned. For votes in the end it seems.

from the right
A POSTER WROTE: FTR says, Obama’s intentions are to drag our nation further and further down. Why?

FTR’S REPLY: I believe that Mr. Obama is hard wired to minimize our nations influence in world affairs. Why he seems determined to do so is beyond my understanding. I suspect that that attitude is a core belief of progressives and liberals. Their mantra is a paean to a united world singing kum bay ya. In their dream world, wealth would be evenly distributed regardless of individual’s contribution to society. These well intentioned people fail to factor basic human nature into their gauzy vision of the world and mankind. They either forget or ignore basic human nature. It is basic human nature that dooms communism, and their dream.

My belief is supported by Mr. Obama’s actions. He unilaterally drew down our nuclear forces, ignoring Russia’s bellicosity and China’s mad rush to expand their military might. He cut back on funding to keep nuke material out of the hands of terrorists. Link

For the last 5 years while Obama was inflicting his redistributive economic policies on the citizens of the United States, he has been diminishing American influence abroad at the same time. Time and again Obama has come down on the side of leftists and American enemies. The Iran “deal” is only the latest in a very long line.

In 2009 Obama sided with leftist Honduran President Manuel Zelaya as he sought to defy the Honduran Constitution and run for reelection. That same year Obama bowed to Vladimir Putin and threw American allies under the bus as he abandoned long standing plans for a missile defense shield in Poland. Who can forget Obama’s open mic moment when he asked the Russian President to tell Putin that “when I get reelected I’ll be able to be more “flexible.” When Iranian students took to the streets seeking to overthrow the avowed American enemy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama ignored pleas for a public display of support, moral or otherwise. But when protesters, jihadists – including the Muslim Brotherhood – called for the ouster of one of America’s strongest allies in the region, Hosni Mubarak, Obama quickly called for Mubarak to resign. Obama fled Iraq without negotiating a Status of Forces Agreement, as a result, Iraq, a new functioning Democracy when he took office, is now in its death throes.

He refused to support our most important longtime ally Britain in their renewed dispute with Argentina over the Falkland Islands. He has done all in his power to distance himself from our longtime ally Israel. He has thrown them under the bus. Just last week, he acquiesced to a Chinese power grab – and simultaneously undermined allies Japan and South Korea – as the US advised American airlines to comply with China’s demands for notification when they planned to fly over water and islands claimed by all three. And now he refuses to offer assistance to the beleaguered democrat government of Ukraine, offering only Meals Ready to Eat. Minutes after issuing a stern warning to Russia and saying there will be a price to pay if it interferes militarily in Ukraine, President Obama headed to a “happy hour” with fellow Democrats. Obama dithered when Russia actually sent troops into Crimea. Obama fractured our excellent relationship with Germany.

For five years we have seen that whatever the situation, Barack Obama consistently chooses decisions that will weaken American power and influence in the world. He is accomplishing his goal. America is no longer respected nor feared. Pray that we do not reap the whirlwind that Obama has sown.

Part 2) Last night Obama attended another huge fundraising gala.  It was a sterling example of Democrat fiscal thinking. The dinner cost $10,000.00 per individual, but it cost $32,000.00 for a couple.  DUH. No wonder that with Democrat leadership our finances are all screwed up.