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for rent24
[“Affordable housing”] I don’t ever again want to hear the County Commissioners whining about the need to build affordable housing when they just approved the transfer rights to 100 affordable houses to developers on Stock Island who need them in order to build their luxury resort. Seahorse Trailer Park was affordable housing and the County approved the sale of the building rights to a developer. Where will all those hourly workers live? Where will our service staff live? They can barely afford the rent at the trailer park as it is.
Dead diver in Key Largo. 46 year old man.
[“Saving Energy Syndrome”
] Some blondes think if they leave the lights on they are getting more of the electricity they are paying for.I wish my wife did the same as the writer does and turn off what is not needed. Now about using 50 sheets of toilet paper to wipe off eye make-up? Flushing the toilet after dropping a eye lash in it? Buying every woman’s magazine for just the coupons? Resetting the AC to -50º for bed time? Using the car to go to the post office on the next block, and a million other things woman could do to make us guys lives a bit easier. Does the writer’s wife have a sister?
[Another Missing Plane] Algerian Airlines is missing Flight 5017 carrying 116 people to Algeria from western Africa. Link
[“Conspiracy-man“] I had to laugh out loud when I read this silly conspiracy post. “Florida Fish & Wildlife dictate what the Florida Department of Health reports so that fishermen will not reel in fish. Don’t believe the propaganda.” I feel the truth is exactly the opposite. I feel there is much more a conspiracy to suppress mercury’s presence and other pollutants in Florida’s Fresh and Saltwater fish (not good for commerce or tourism to admit how polluted our environment has become — would be hard for the FFWCC to sell fishing licenses to catch mercury poisoned fish!)
I send Florida Mercury guidelines once or twice a year to the Coconut Telegraph.  It has almost always been a challenge for me to find where the mercury guidelines have been most recently hidden (and I know what I am looking for.) It seems like DOH changes the web address yearly and often the last address I used won’t work (egads we can’t have locals or tourists to learning the fresh Florida Fish they have been catching is full of mercury!).  if FFWCC wanted to promote the FDOH mercury guidelines and have people avoid harvesting and eating mercury, the guidelines would be found on FWC saltwater fishing regulations website, but you won’t find them promoted here. Link
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Did you know that The Temptations and ‘Supremes’ used to be one group until three of the girls split from the Temptations and formed the Supremes.The Temptations–Papa Was a Rolling Stone
[3 Month Rental Wanted] Big Pine Key. Couple wants to rent 1 or 2 bedroom with full kitchen and off street parking wanted on Big Pine Key/Tropical Bay/Doctors Arm area from November 1 thru March 31.  On or off canal.  Responsible, retired couple have been renting annually on BPK for many years.  Willing to do reasonable yard maintenance,  fix-up/repair projects etc.  No trailers/mobiles.  Excellent references.  First/last/security not a problem.  Contact Chuck at Classified Ads > For Rent
[Poorly Executed Execution] Arizona tried to O.D. an inmate and it took them almost two hours! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment–or was it his karma? If they can’t figure out a humane way to kill someone, why don’t they bring back the firing squad? There are many NRA members dust dying to kill someone. They’d do it for free. If anyone doubts me, place an ad in the NRA magazine and see how many nut cases volunteer. Link
Daily Finance has rated Key West as one of the “Six Most Overrated Tourist Destinations in the World“, blaming it mostly on the ever increasing number of cruise ships. Not a big surprise. Link (Ed: number 5 on slideshow. I couldn’t find the link from the Daily Finance.)
If you thought we were fed up with Jersey girls, check this out! N.J. man guilty of murdering ‘messy’ ex-wife found wearing pig mask. Link
[“Sugarloaf Boat Ramp“] If you think their boat ramp is bad, you should check out the kayak “ramp”, or rather, launch area. The wood is actually gone which is probably good because it was slick. They charge you $3. I will say the service is great and it’s a great place to start and end the day.
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[AA: In God We Trust] The 11 District Court Of Appeals ruled that AA is a religious organization that follows the guidelines of a cult. The meetings open with a prayer, close with a prayer and there is constant reference to God. The Blue Book, AA’s bible, makes reference to God over 130 times and only once to the term higher power which is just a bait and switch tactic. “And that one is the almighty God”. There are no meetings that I know of in the Keys for atheists, so if you do go to a local meeting you will have to listen to all the double talk Godspeak. Always keep in mind that some of the attendees have issues other than their boozing problem
[Press 1 for English] “Hurray for whoever spoke up to the foreigner at the Winn-Dixie.” Clearly they wouldn’t or couldn’t read the most pertinent parts of that posting. That’s actually a story that has been circulating around for some time now. This ‘anti-foreigner’ needs to go back and read that article again. Or have someone smarter read it aloud to them in words they can understand.
[Drone Fishing] Has anyone taken a drone offshore to use while fishing?  Who needs birds anymore to signal the fish’s whereabouts?  With all the technology available today you could probably send the boat out on it’s own while you remain comfortably at home worrying about how expensive boats are.
[“Jewfish”] Keep big government off our backs, we can regulate ourselves!
[“FAA cancels flights to Israel”] How is it that John Kerry flew to Israel? Where did he land? One brave fellow!
After just the first of three budget workshops yesterday afternoon, three of five Mosquito Control Commissioners voted contrary to the advice of both their executive director and comptroller – the professionals hired to direct the proper functioning of Mosquito Control. Rather than simply follow a simple path to the best decision, they chose a politically expedient and, frankly, reckless path. It’s always intriguing when a person prefaces what comes next with, “I’m not a racist, but…” So, when a Commissioner prefaces what comes next with, “It’s not about disrespecting the finance director or the executive director.” Oh, isn’t it? Shame on you!
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[“Exploring mangrove islands”]  You seen one, you seen them all.  The only variable might be the amount of trap scrap strung up in them.
[“What are the County’s real needs”]  Cheap houses for all the drifters that want to live here, but can’t afford it?
How has the idea of providing health care, for all the people of the world’s greatest nation, morphed into being some kind of evil conspiracy? It confounds the mind.  What’s wrong with you people? Just saying a nation is great doesn’t make it so. There’s more to being great than making a profit.
The future is automobile technology
with driverless cars, responsive dashboard cams, and all-automated cars. You will be riding in a driverless car within the next five to seven years, and in that same time all human males will have been completely castrated, merged into One Inhuman Family and all look like pale peanut butter with breasts that work.  The future for man is being planned to better subdue the masses before they realize what is happening and to protect the wolves before the next cloud of intellect emerges to free us back to manhood. Lots a luck on that move!
[“Help Wanted”] For all you that have tried to apply for the Postal RCA position and have failed to break the search window “code”, here it is, choose “Search careers”, do not fill in any of the search criteria boxes. select “Florida” and click “Search”. The Florida positions will pop up, scroll down and look for the date of 7/17/2014 on the right side of the page. Summerland RCA associates will be listed. click on that and follow the instructions. Good luck, you’ll need it to wade through the site. Classified Ads > Help Wanted
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coal24[“F**k the environment”] Such blatant douchebaggery on the CT yesterday, (aside from the usual nonsense at the bottom of the page.) The poster who wrote that was pro-‘coal rolling’ was ludicrous. Clearly representative of the people that consider environmental awareness to be un-American.If you don’t know what coal-rolling is, there’s several Facebook and other social media pages dedicated to this sad subculture of anti-Prius ignoramuses. “Coal rollers” modify their diesel trucks with smoke stacks and smoke switches, which increases the amount of fuel that is dumped into the engine, causing it to combust improperly and emit a black plume of smoke when the engine is revved. They are deliberately modifying trucks for more pollution just to be a**holes.
[“RAID 1 not always good”] RAID 1 duplicates exactly whatever happens to the other drive, why it’s called “mirroring”. Problem with RAID 1 is it only offers data protection in case one of the drives suffers a electronic or mechanical failure. This is fine and all for servers handling essential data that any little bit can’t be lost at all. What RAID 1 doesn’t protect is if there is a software problem like malware or a program corrupting files, which whatever occurs gets immediately duplicated to the other drive. What a lot of people do is erroneously choose RAID 1 and nothing else, when what they really need a automated backup system that at the end of the day or week will image the drive for changes and even shut the computer down.
[“Mr Eimers string of bad decisions”] How dare you justify the innocent death of anyone via police hands if the lives of the police or the live of others are not threatened? The situation was under control and the man subdued. I have a good idea what the police did, they sit hard on your back without any regard to you being able to breath or not. In this case they also broke the old guy’s ribs as older people’s bones are more fragile. What led up to Mr Eimers’ “bad decisions” we will never know, perhaps he was trying to find a hospital after having chest pains. The streets in that area have no place to pull off, there is absolutely no parking spots available, perhaps that’s what he was trying to do as not to block traffic. At worst, for what he did, he likely would have gotten probation for a first time offense, but he’s dead instead.
tropical chicken wrap24Hi there from Springer’s Bar and Grill.
Today we have a great special for you, a Tropical Chicken Wrap. It’s chicken with an island flair all wrapped up for you. It’s sure to make life here in paradise a little better, so come enjoy.
Friday Specal: Panko Crusted Mahi with a wasabi sauce
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s
[Good Neighbor Tips] Our canal systems is clean and the water does flow, however, the canals are not deep. Residents and visitors spend many hours on their docks, in their pools, kayaking, and even swimming in the canals. Please don’t throw anything in the canals – this includes fish and lobster carcasses. One or two will not hurt the canal system, but with all of the visitors this time of the year, our canals are overburdened. If you do throw a few in, please make sure you puncture the eyes and air bladder so they sink. If you wouldn’t want to swim with it, don’t throw it in the canal!

Use idle speed in the canals. Yield to incoming and outgoing vessels at the canal entrance. Do not enter the cut if a boat is coming towards you. The cut is not wide enough to pass.

Observe speed limits on roads. You have arrived, please slow down. We have children that play on our roads and many bikers and walkers. Dogs must be leashed, and “doggie doo” must be picked up and disposed of properly. Outdoor lighting can improve visibility and safety, as well as enhancing appearance of your property, but too much of a good thing can be a nuisance to your neighbors. We have some of the clearest sky in the country and we want to see them from our yards. We can’d do that if your lights are blocking out the sky.
Set out garbage and recycles the evening before pickup day, and remove containers from curbside as soon as possible after pickup. Garbage pickup is Tuesday and Friday and Recycle is Thursday. ~ From Breezeswept Beach Civic Association

I received my absentee ballot in the mail today for the August election. When choosing who to vote for, remember that Mark Jones is the judge that let Randy Acevedo off without a single day of jail time even though he was complicit with his wife in stealing nearly a half million dollars from our kids when he was the school superintendent
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concrete truck[“Extra concrete”] It used to be that if you knew the score, you could call the concrete batch plant and ask for a “truck coming back” load to be dropped at your site.  There was usually extra on board so they would deliver it just to get rid of it.  Once I got enough for about 175 feet of 6″ sidewalk for $25!  The driver even tried to get me to take more.  Now days, back at the ranch, they have molds set up for curbs and barriers so none gets wasted.
[Bali Diving] This video of ocean creatures is awesome, and something most of us will never experience. Video
This Friday evening, July 25th, Guy Ross will host candidate Roger Cousineau’s Campaign Kickoff Party from 5:30 to 7:30 at 1617 White Street, Key West. Running on a platform to keep FKMCD (Mosquito Control) independent and strong, Cousineau is challenging the Governor-appointed Republican incumbent in the November 4th election for District 2 Mosquito Control Board Commissioner. Cousineau looks forward to greeting his supporters on Friday and throughout the coming months. Food and cash bar. Learn more about Cousineau’s campaign at or follow him on Facebook at Vote4RogerMosquitoControl
Our recent dinner out with pals. Sitting here are Still Bill with Randy and Betty! (location: Springer’s)
Here in my home state of South Carolina, we know how to take a bad situation and make it worse! Video
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toilet24[“Composting toilets”] We’re from Deer Run B&B on Big Pine. To our knowledge, I don’t think you can legally refuse the hookup. We base this on the fact that when we were switched from ‘cold spot’ to ‘hot spot’, we had the same question. We wanted to proceed with our system as designed, which we had already invested thousands of dollars into design and preparation of our property, and asked for a waiver. The County refused, which to this day is frustrating because our system as designed was and still is, far superior to what is being forced upon us. We were strong-armed by the County, essentially on an economic level. If we wanted to pursue the installation of our high performance system, we’d need an attorney (again), no matter the multiple misrepresentations made to us by the County, the FKAA and their representatives, and of course there was no guarantee we’d prevail. We were told we could not refuse the sewer system, that once a pipe is placed in front of our property, we are mandated to hook up by 2020. Essentially the County was willing to allow us to use our system until then, but mandated the hookup beyond that point, at our own expense, yet our system as designed would far exceed 2020 usage.An interesting tidbit that not many people seem to know about is that the County actually did purchase the plans for the high performance system from us, that was designed for us, supposedly for use in cold spot areas. Supposedly to help residents in situations similar to what we faced as a cold spot. Yes, the design would need to be modified for wherever it was going to be used, but the basic design could possibly save residents in cold spots thousands of dollars in design and engineering fees while providing a state-of-the-art high performance system better than what the rest of us are being forced to connect to. To our knowledge this is a surprise and a mystery to everyone when we mention it.

As far as what happens to gray water (showers, laundry, sinks other than kitchen) while using a composting toilet, that water will go into the sewer system. Here, we have multiple water saving devices in place on everything possible so as to minimize the amount of water used. This has also helped our water bill go down considerably. As far as other black water (kitchen sink and dishwasher), that water will also go into the sewer system.

The last time we checked (which was pretty recent) the State DEP has no regulations for gray water. It can be basically released onto your own property as irrigation with minimal treatment. There are Biomat filters available through Sancor Industries that will work for the gray water and also the kitchen sink and dishwasher black water. You can find that information on

twist poodle skirt
Joey Dee and the Starliters
made the Twist the dance sensation at the Peppermint Lounge in New York where they were the house band. After the fad died three members of the Starliters formed the Young Rascals. Video. Joey Dee and the Starliters–The Peppermint Twist
[Post Sewer Paving] Does anyone know what’s with the post-sewering repaving on Sugarloaf Key? Only a few streets (Seminole, for example) have been done
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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This guy
is either getting a divorce or he wants to be celibate the rest of his married life.
[“Reef Relief Supported the unpopular channel widening“] The founders of Reef Relief, the Quirolos, had put a cruise ship company executive on Reef Relief’s Board of Directors, hoping they could reach the executive, and thus his cruise ship company, and thus the entire cruise ship industry, and get them to clean up their ships, which were dumping raw and/or semi-treated but still toxic sewerage and ground up food scraps chum into the ocean.No way that plan would work. The plan didn’t work. Too bad the Quirolos didn’t come out against cruise ships to start with.
Have you ever wondered why there are no videos of meat processing plants? I wonder how they make hot dogs and cheap hamburg?
[Too Big to Compete]
In the early 1980s public sentiment against AT&T (Ma Bell) was so high that the courts ordered its breakup. I think that same sentiment exists today against Comcast, except this time around the courts are probably going to allow Comcast to get even bigger by gobbling up AT&T Broadband leaving the nation with very few choices. After all, isn’t this the same Court that declared that corporations are people? Something is very wrong with all this.
Maybe the guy complaining about Sugarloaf’s boat ramp and the 10 bucks should take his boat to the ramp by Shark Key for free and spend $20 in gas to get back to Sugarloaf.
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The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, July 26, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Events
[“God grant me the serenity”] How about the criminal gangs and terrorists that are walking across the Mexican border into the USA? What are you going to say when another bomb goes off killing Americans?
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Why do the UK royals have the right to be kings and queens. The answer is simple, their families, conquered and captured the lands years ago they boss today. They are nothing more than fancy dressed pirates and warlords. The only thing that makes them royalty is the stupidity of their peasants who allow them to rule. No one really owns the earth or the farms and industry that are on the lands the royals own, but who can fight their armies? Same goes for all the dirt on this rock. You must obey and must pay your rulers forms of wealth, to do anything .Theoretical example: You build a big raft, cover it with dirt, plant food, put up a tent and sail away on the ocean. Are you free to do this? Of course not. You have to pay the rulers to get permits to build the raft, permissions to sail, to live on it, to do everything. Why? Because you are owned that is why! The only way to be totally free is to die on this rock, but even then you pay the grave digger to recycle you!
Ftr’s answer to my asking why Obama’s intentions were to drag the U.S.further and further down is summed up in the first couple of sentances “I believe…I suspect”. It took 575 words for that? I told you us old white guys ,like yourself,have way too much time on our hands.
FTR guy, how about stating your opinion as to who is really ‘handling’ BO and running the country and the world. BO is too stupid like most Presidents are, to make the decisions he supposedly does! Your opinions count Sir, dispite the few screwballs that knock you!
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Putin may be popular with Fox News and  the Right Wing GOP in this Country, but he is not popular with me.
Warning this link may cause liberal heads to explode!.
FTR- Sure glad the Republicans NEVER have held fundraisers! Give me a @%&$ break! One side is as twisted as the other, there are no more winners. Either “Left” wing nut or “Right” wing nut, there are no more centralist views, all we get is NO! No more bargaining or arbitration. Oh my gawd, it’s not for the good of the party. Screw your party! Wah, Wah Wah. They need to grow up and act their age, then they could be, and should be, retired and shipped da hell out of DC! Whew, thanks, I needed that!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it happy hour yet?
It was just announced by a democratic congressmen that Iraq has been requesting US aid in controlling the (now called )
ISIS forces for over 8 months. He said Iraq was”begging” for our aid, multiple times. It was denied. I am not sure of the accuracy of
this information but it was disclosed by a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. If this is true, we all have been lied to and
deceived by the administration, who said many times, they were taken by surprise by this ISIS group. If this is true and if that is the reason the top man in the Marine Corps took issue with his Commander In Chief, we have become a nation on the decline. And
we may need to all ask for Devine Help. Not in “God we trust”, because that is no longer so. It is now, ” God Help Us >”
( quote from Megan Kelly, Fox News, 7/23/2014 )
from the right

secret24A: It has just been revealed that less than a year before the terrorist attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, a terrorist group rented the house immediately adjacent to the Benghazi Consulate. The group was Ansar al-Sharia. the group that assaulted the Consulate. They used the location to help plan and take part in the attack on the American Consulate on Sept. 11, 2012. State Department brass was notified of their presence, and enhanced security was requested. Requests were made for installation of sandbags and a belt fed M240 machine gun. The requests were denied because the installations might “upset the locals”, and because “making shooting positions was too aesthetically unpleasing.” Shameful.

B: Mr. Obama and the left are screaming that $3.7 billion is desperately and immediately needed to manage the tsunami of illegal immigrant Central American children immigrants that are overwhelming our southern border and our resources to handle such matters. That tsunami was created by Obama’s Executive immigration order. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said if Congress doesn’t act, “they’re going to run out of money.”

It must be noted that about a year ago, the Border Patrol determined that an overwhelming tide of immigrants was brewing. In 2013. In a 41-page report to the Department of Homeland Security, the team from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) raised alarms about the federal government’s capacity to manage a situation that was expected to grow worse. That situation is this situation. Team Obama’s response? -0-, nada, ninguno.

Now Team Obama demands long dollars to “fix” the problem. The Democrats, the President, and the main stream press won’t tell you that only a tiny fraction of $31.7 billion demanded is to be spent this year. Nor will they tell you that the President’s and the Senate-passed immigration bill would create millions of new green card opportunities for non-U.S. citizens — about 30 million over the next decade. That could allow almost every Central American family to enter the U.S. legally.

And so, the first question must be, are the Democrats and the President telling the truth that the need for the $3.7 billion is an emergency, and therefore should not be subject to the normal order of funding?

According to the Congressional Budget Office, often quoted by our Democrat friends and the President as being the last word on fiscal matters, just $25 million would be spent during the rest of FY 2014, which ends in September. Most of the rest of it would be spent in 2015, and spending would continue through 2020. That’s plenty of time to evaluate the need and to make wise fiscal decisions. The Democrats and the President are not telling you the truth on this matter.

Look, legal and measured immigration is a boon to America, it brings in new ideas, new blood, and new talent. It brought me my first wife. We are a nation of immigrants. But the President and the Democrats are laser focused on making our southern border a super highway with little or no constraints that limit access to our heart land. They refuse to secure the border. That policy robs Americans of jobs, creates massive strain on our entitlement system, and facilitates entry of criminals and terrorists to our nation. Is there an upside? Yes, but only if you are a Democrat politico. They are convinced that the influx will largely vote Democrat. Link

PART 2) I appreciate the kind words in yesterday’s postings. As for “Danielson”, please don’t be too hard on him/her. We all have a right to express ourselves, no matter how inane, foolish, or simply dumb those expressions might be. I still wonder why no one has even tried to tell us of a single accomplishment of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After all, we know that there are robust numbers of the CT community who live in left field. I’ll even offer a prize for the first posting that lays out any single substantive accomplishment of Hillary as Secretary of State. The prize will be the first “Scott for Governor” bumper sticker that I can get my hands on. What could be better?

Thanks for stopping by. Respectfully submitted: FTR