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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Stephen Colbert
visits Big Pine Key’s “gun nut” and shoots him down with humor. Video
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Incheon Airport
in South Korea leads the pack in revenue from it’s expensive airport shops at 1.73 billion dollars for the year 2012. Chinese travelers spend the most money of all travelers.
I’m looking for a contractor who has experience installing windows in a ground level concrete block house on Big Pine Key.
Climate change became political when corporations decided they didn’t want to make changes necessary to stop it.
Photographic exhibition
from Connie J. Groth. Link
Where do you stand, really, do you know? Take a few minutes. I think most of us will see that we have much common ground. We all want the same things in life. We want freedom, we want the chance for prosperity, we want as few people suffering as possible, we want healthy children, we want to have crime-free streets. The argument is how to achieve them? Conservative vs. Liberal Beliefs | Student News Daily. Link
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I love this listing on Craigslist, “Rock. Free. big”  I’m encouraged to try this with my estranged wife. People in Key Largo are Cray-Cray. I need to go party more up there. Link
Happy Tiananmen Square Day! We’re celebrating the day, 25 years ago, when a nation fired on it’s own citizens and killed hundreds. A truly black day in humanity’s history.
We have used the Terro treatment for years at my house. It is only a temporary solution, maybe 10 days. We finally tried a barrier spray to rid our place of those hard millipedes and ants. The Raid Max Bug Barrier has done a great job. We did the inside and outside perimeter and the soffit areas we could reach. It’s been 6 weeks we are still bug free. It is supposed to last up to a year. I guess time will tell.
[“Finnegan’s Wake closing”] By far my favorite bar in KW, maybe even the world! Murphy’s Stout, Smithwicks, ice cold, just like the A/C. Excellent food in big portions. Very reasonable prices. Lots of TV’s on all the sports. Great servers who remembered your favorite beverages. Excellent tunes. Mostly locals. Enjoyable conversations with friends and strangers. I wish nothing but good luck to the old owners, and hope for nothing but more of the same from the new ones.
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Excuse me? Dr. Feelgood strikes again.
[Minimum Wage] Kudos to Seattle for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Now maybe those people will be able to afford to eat at the restaurants they work in.
What are people in such a hurry for when they write? Most don’t have the patience to write a complete word. They abbreviate words that were never intended to be shortened. Are they in a hurry to continue looking at cat pictures on the Internet? How much time or effort do they think they are saving?
[“World’s largest corsages”
]  Ha!  Come to any town in Texas around Homecoming weekend for lessons!
BPK on the Colbert Report: Yes, there it is, home gun range and all, along with Ma and Pa Spotter. Duck! (Ed: We received an email from every resident of the Keys this morning telling us about the report, so we only posted a few.) Link
[“Principle Versus Law”] Who ever posted this Principle and Law post I hope you never represent anyone in a court or even in a bar conversation. The wealth of illogic you puked out is astounding.
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bacteria germ[Germ Patrol] Think before you touch anything. What if you had to act like a dog or cat and get down to sniff everything around you. That bar stool, the carpet, the door knob, that restaurant counter top, that left front tire, the kids shoe, the door bell, your shorts? Then take the next step: lick it!

Well you do it one way or another by touching it then forgetting what you just touched and scratching your lip or eye or whatever. Tastes great huh? Thank Dog for white blood cells.

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council meeting. Tuesday, June 17, 9:00 a.m. – 3:35 p.m. General public comment periods are 11:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Hawks Cay Resort Conference Center, 61 Hawks Cay Boulevard, Duck Key.

Presentations beginning at 9:10 a.m. will provide an update on the sanctuary’s marine zoning and regulatory review process, followed by a report and recommendations from the Shallow Water Wildlife and Habitat Protection Working Group for Council action.  At 1:00 p.m., the Coral Reef Ecosystem Restoration Working Group will give a report and recommendations from their meetings for discussion and action by the Council.

To receive more information, or to request a meeting agenda, please contact Beth Dieveney Events

[Marathon TV] The taping of the newest TV Show “The Crew” is this Saturday June 7, 12noon sharp in the auditorium of
Marathon High School. Everyone in the community is invited – and there is no charge. This is a one hour premier episode is hosted by Marathon High Students Hannah and Zoe.
“The PC is dead”
Except for gaming and power users rendering graphics, etc. Check out Intel’s new motherboard specs on their Z97 mobo. You’ve never seen anything like it. PCs will always be around except they will cost more because the performance will be out of this world. Intel’s new Z97 mobo even has switches for over clocking built right in! Link
 Your daily life requires vital minerals (not the kind you eat) that may originate in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other countries. Link
Every time I start reading a post on the CT and it goes religious I automatically skip to the next post because I know the poster is a nut.
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[Whistleblower Protection] That is a joke. The list of unemployed whistleblowers is a long one. When you blow the whistle that is the end of your career, no more promotions, reassignments are inevitable, in a couple of months you’ll be dismissed for “poor performance”. Eric Snowden tried it and now he’s living in Russia.
There no longer is any wild, untamed side of Ramrod Key. If you read up on the history which is on this site you will find out more. The few raccoons that are left and have babies once a year are nursing. One may have been under attack. A snake may have been attacking a chicken. With the rains, the rats, centipedes, snakes and scorpions are moving around. The alligators, bobcats and most of the rattlers have been killed so that new people can live here and not be afraid. I know nothing about the iguanas as I don’t plant any invasive flowers and don’t have iguanas passing thru. So relax.
First we had the Blue Paper reporting on the Eimers murder, we’ve always had Sloan Bashinsky reporting in his blog on the Eimers murder.  Now Rick Boettger of Konk Life joining in. Congrats Mr. Boettger.  Now if only The Citizen would actually report a few truths and stop with the one sided reporting.
isreal flag4
“The state of Israel and its Palestinian problem” was framed in a religious context. It is nothing of the sort. It is a clash of civilizations. A  7th century, Sharia law, gay hanging, honor killing, clitorectimist death cult versus a progressive bastion of learning, medicine, art, science and technology–where life is sacred.
A nut takes a gun and goes on a shooting spree. The anti gun nuts crank up for more gun laws (as if drive by shootings were legal). If antigun people really want to start the ball rolling they should put a sign in their yards proclaiming that their house was gun free. Seems like a good place to start. That is if guns don’t do any good. Put your money where your mouth is.
Doom and gloom for PC market might not be as bad as expected. Link
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beer leprechaun
[“Finnegan’s Irish Pub seemed grungy, dark and dirty”
] You have never been to an Irish Pub in Ireland have ye? Finnegan’s Irish Pub is as close to real as they get, laddie!
[“Finnegan’s Wake”] (closing June 19th- not 9th) is/was not “grungy, dark and dirty.” That place is/was kept very clean. Some uptight people are just not happy unless a place looks like T.G.I. Friday’s or Red Robin.
The poster who commented on the fact that there are people in the House and Senate with dual citizenship just committed an act of micro-aggression. They will be coming for you!
cash register no sale
[Gun Nuts] I was thinking of buying property in Big Pine, but was deterred because one of the residents put up a firing range in his backyard and is not forced to remove it because of state law that protects gun ownership. I am not against gun selling or ownership. What I am against is a single resident breaching certain quiet enjoyment policies Florida may have to protect other rights. Is there another violation this man is breaking in terms of the noise ordinance that will allow for authorities to shut down his in-home range?  If not, I will not consider your town at all.  Video
On being a racist: I am not a racist, I hate everybody!
[“Ruckus in Woods”] ] That was just a couple of locals fighting over a bar bill.
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zombie 354h
[Mutants] If you want to see what our America has turned into and the degraded caliber of mutants we have lately, just go to any emergency room and pick a chair in the corner and watch the show. They live among us, they breed like insects, they vote (as if voting mattered anyway) and they take half of your income to do it. It is culling time in the old corral for sure!
[“Micro chipped those 5 Gitmo guys so that the first time any of them go out into the open an Obama drone can home in a Hellfire missile up their keyster”]  I doubt O would go for that, but I’m hoping some gung ho medico took it on himself to tag them.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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Dear Mr. Cleaner Air…Ok, your favorite guy in the world has decided that by 2030 we will clean-up our-air by having coal burning reduce their emissions. WOW !! Let’s review this for a moment, is China helping ? Is Russia helping ? Is India helping ? Is
anyone helping ? Ok, forget about the miner’s in WV. Forget about the other coal deposits. Forget that we send coal around the world to be used. Now that our President has cured the USA’s emissions problems, perhaps he will find time to relieve our endangered veterans who are awaiting medical care as he PROMISED when you first voted him into office. Perhaps he can help the Marine in Mexico be held in prison for crossing the border with 3 guns. ( Ok, since he can not stop Mexicans with guns from coming here, perhaps we can pass on this one ). Could you suggest he provide ALL the documents on ” who told the military to Stand Down, when the Bengazi attacks were going on. Yeah , he’s for Cleaner Air, but somehow he fails to provide any answers, in fact he claims to have heard it all on Fox News. PS Not all conservatives are as loony as you seem to think, you do think, don’t you ? Sorry I had to add that.
Our heroes at Fox News were shocked, absolutely shocked and outraged, to learn about the age old problems at the VA.  This proves the old adage that says even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Having read FTR s last answer to a post. It turns out that he’s not only full of crap, he’s full of Holy crap.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “I wonder what FTR will do now that the President has taken a big step to clean the air. That’s something everyone should embrace, except of course, the Right. Making coal burning energy companies clean up their act is a direct threat to the Republican mindset, “Me, me, me” and their support of big business, no matter how it affects our breathing or lives. It appears the Right is only concerned with money; never morality. And they wonder why I hate them. If FTR replies to this I’ll bet it is with a bunch of dollar signs. Here’s one for him, 15% of coal fired plants have already switched to natural gas.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: We must all marvel at the degree of angst that the left has against any who disagree, their insults are spectacular. Aside from the routine pap yesterday’s left field poster wrote, his declaration that he/she “hates” those who have political views contrary to the posters, gives us insight into the heart and souls of some liberals. They seem to be ruled by hate not reason. Perhaps it explains Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

coal4The poster was correct, I do oppose Obama’s latest fiat. Why? Because it will do no good and it will harm tens of thousands of Americans. The Wall Street Journal reported that in the EPA’s proposal for the ban that Obama is in process of initiating, wrote: “The EPA does not anticipate that this proposed rule will result in notable CO2 emission change … by 2022……”

The contribution to the world’s co2 from coal from other nations dwarfs the contribution from the USA. China now has in excess of 2000 coal fired plants, and is adding about one a week. In ’10 China produced more than twice as much coal caused co2 as the USA. China and India refuse to even consider cutting coal. It is reported that 455 new coal plants in planed in India. Throughout the rest of the world there are thousands of coal fired electric plants. In 2010 the USA produced about 17% of the world’s total coal caused co2, (512 coal plants) now that certainly has substantially declined because coal fired electric plants are springing up like dandelions throughout the world, except in the USA which is closing them. In 2007 there were over 50,000 active coal plants worldwide and this number is expected to grow. In 2004, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that fossil fuels will account for 85% of the energy market by 2030.

Here in the US, we rely on coal for about 44% of all our electrical power. When we lose that 44% of our electrical power thanks to Obama, the results will be catastrophic in strictly human terms, it will change your life. Tens of thousands of coal industry workers will go unemployed. The price of energy will become crippling. In 10 years, employment would fall by 600,000 jobs as a result of higher energy costs. Manufacturing could lose up to 270,000 jobs and the overall gross domestic product would decrease by $2.23 trillion

The price of everything will necessarily skyrocket. Economic growth will grind to a halt, and we will descend into a recession/depression that will dwarf the existing one.  All of that and more in a quixotic crusade to battle the greens boogey man, global warming.

The global temperatures that were rising in the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s have stopped. The world’s global temps have been flat for the last 16  years.  Today, the climate in the northern hemisphere is analogous to the climate in the 8th or 9th century. Today, the Antarctic ice sheet is larger than it has ever been.

Contrary to the strident green chorus, there is no scientific certainty that anthropogenic global warming is occurring.  It’s worth seriously thinking about the fact that the greens first coined, then fled from the term “global cooling. Then they first coined, then fled from the term “global warming.” Then they coined and subsequently fled from the term “climate change”, now their buzz term is “climate disruption.”  What’s next?

We can be sure that if America sacrifices inexpensive energy on the Greens altar, America’s role as world leader will be sacrificed for a fool’s errand. It will be Obama’s and the liberal’s tour de force. Heaven Help Us.


A POSTER WROTE: “Boy those folks in the Obama administration sure know how to negotiate, don’t they?  They managed to convince the Taliban to accept five high-level leaders in exchange for one American soldier of apparently dubious character.  That is the equivalent of trading Goering, Himmler, Goebbels, Rommel, and Von Runstedt for a single GI in World War II.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: You are absolutely right. Thanks for taking the time.

pow4Just today we learned that Bergdahl was never listed as a POW. We also just learned that up to 14 soldiers lost their lives in search and rescue.  We also just learned that he left a note saying that he was disgusted, and that he was deserting. It now is reported that he wanted to renounce his American citizenship. Now, it has been reported that Bergdahl converted to Islam and taught his captors bomb making skills. Now we know that he refused to speak English when he was rescued. We also learned that the freed terrorists have the freedom to do whatever they want in Qatar. Sounds like a really rotten deal to me.

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