Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsSince 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday through Friday by Noon.

[Ducks] I’m sure, by now, you’ve all seen the three ducks on the east side of Key Deer Blvd between Sea Lane and Ocean begging for handouts. I thought I’d take a picture, but one of the ducks seems to have taken a day off from its task.
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‘s new CEO, Satya Nadella, is shaking up Microsoft and they will not be the bully in the school yard any longer. He’s getting rid of the clunky Internet Explorer browser, unveiling a new personal assistant, and making the new Windows 10 free for a year and a bunch of other consumer friendly stuff. Things will be different now that Microsoft has finally started listening to its customers.
[No Tuesday Coconut Telegraph] Deer Ed, I tried till 7:20 PM, using both Safari and Firefox to find CT.  However, only the Monday edition comes up.  Did you take St. Patrick’s Day off? (Ed: I posted it. I don’t know what happened. I see it but I don’t have any way to know if you can’t! There were many posts alerting me to the problem.)
shamrock sparkle
It was nice to see so much green yesterday. Everyone seemed to be in the spirit!
Why do hospitals need to advertise? It’s not like I’m going to go to Home Depot instead.
surveillance camera
[Spies Like US] Boycott Hertz. Hertz is installing video cameras with sound — inside– their cars so they can now see and hear what you’re saying and doing.
In the first episode of HBO’s Deadwood the sign in the whorehouse read: 15¢ Two Touches
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[Deception] I bought a heart-shaped box of Ghirardelli chocolates assuming there would be different kinds and shapes of chocolates in those little dark brown, pleated paper cups, but when my girlfriend opened it there were only two kinds in pre-packaged, sealed envelopes. She wasn’t impressed. Boo.
 The only normal people here in the Keys are the ones I don’t know very well.
Is history really written by the winners?
Greetings from the Stork.
Why does the caprock around here break off from the marl? Is it temperature change? Are roots slipping in between and prying the caprock up?
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Some of the boys having a chat.
In 1968 the life expectancy of  a 2d Lieutenant dropped into combat in Vietnam was two weeks.
I can tell if a movie was made around 1986 because of the big hair and shoulder pads that made the woman look like linebackers from Mars.
mop bucket
Has anybody out there had experience with getting area rugs cleaned? I looked it up and got contradictory advise. Some said steam clean, others said never steam clean, water and soap only. Most said to use a professional and I will. I just don’t know who to call and what type of cleaning is best. The rug is 5′ by 8′, wool. Any advice?
It’s too bad our leaders never really understood the Middle East, it’s religions  and it’s people until they and us had to find out the hard way by invading the place.  Maybe the President that came the closest was old man Bush who left Saddam in power and Clinton who kept a lid on him.  Now, thankfully, we have Obama who is getting our young people the Hell out of that morass.
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Tonnant_LeBreton_PX8975This describes the British armed force sent against Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. “The H.M.S. Tonnant was the flagship of Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane, from Negril Bay, on the coast of Jamaica. Nearly one half of these vessels were formidable warships, the best of the English navy, well divided between line-of-battle ships of sixty-four, seventy-four, and eighty guns, frigates of forty to fifty guns, and sloops and brigs of twenty to thirty guns each. In all, one thousand pieces of artillery mounted upon the decks of these frowned grimly through as many port-holes, bidding defiance to the navies of the world and safely convoying over thirty transports and provisioning ships, bearing every equipment for siege or battle by sea and for a formidable invasion of an enemy’s country by land.”
Powerful solar storm sparks stunning aurora around the world. Video
[The Movies] Times change and now with so much history and facts available I find myself rooting for the Vietnamese in war movies.
New Jersey flag
Israel is the same size as New Jersey,
so what is such a big deal about Israel? They both have the same things in common, Jews and gangsters!
The science behind your ponytail (and more science you never knew existed). Link
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sink titanic fast[Emergencies On Board] Key West Sail and Power Squadron’s seminar is presented by a US Coast Guardsman from Station Key West. Learn how to adequately prepare for common emergencies and deal with them when they occur. Gain practical knowledge about accident prevention, running aground, on-board fires, getting lost, towing and medical emergencies. A must have for skippers, this seminar provides valuable skills for anyone venturing on the water. Topics discussed in the seminar are: Preventing accidents, Making emergency calls and signals, Dealing with running aground, Handling a person overboard situation, Putting out fires on board Dealing with losing power, Dealing with medical conditions, Dealing with steering failures and Dealing with getting lost. The seminar is free and is held at the Key West Sail and Power Squadron building on 5205 College Road on Stock Island. The date is Saturday, march 21st at 10 AM and will last approximately 2 hours. Events
From Dr David Livingston‘s 1850 book” Missionary Travels and Researches in Africa” which describes the tribute a great chief receives. One of the gifts is marijuana that they call mutokuane.

“Sekeletu receives tribute from a great number of tribes in corn or dura, ground-nuts, hoes, spears, honey, canoes, paddles, wooden vessels, tobacco, mutokuane (‘Cannabis sativa’), various wild fruits (dried), prepared skins, and ivory.”

He also describes the composition of land in that particular part of africa as “marly sufa” (limestone), the same composition as we have here in the lower Keys.
“The whole of this part of the country is composed of marly tufa, containing the same kind of shells as those at present alive in the seas.”

hareens 12.2.14
Build 9926 is the latest Technical Preview of Windows 10, and it comes with a ton of great new features that should interest early adopters. Topping of the list is Cortana for the desktop. You can access the personal assistant by clicking the onscreen microphone icon. Once Cortaria is listening, you can speak reminders or a search query. Build 9926 also features Cortana’s Notebook, which can provide notifications for daily tasks (from your Outlook calendar and other connected sources), important updates (such as tracking information for flights or packages), and news alerts. You can customize the alerts within the settings of Cortana’s Notebook. With Windows 10, the Start menu is back in the fold, and Microsoft has added Live Tiles to the right side of the traditional Start menu. In Technical Preview Build 9926, there’s a Maximize button in the upper right corner to bring the Start menu full-screen for better access to the Live Tiles. Build 9926 also introduces Continuum Mode that automatically adjusts the behavior of the Start menu and apps based on what type of device you’re using. People with tablet/laptop hybrid devices can toggle between Continuum’s desktop and tablet modes. Microsoft has also improved the Settings app to provide one place to manage display, network, and account settings. The latest Technical Preview also gives you a taste of the revamped Windows Store.
director chair film cans
A famous director
said there are 32 stories, but only one plot: Things are not what they seem.
[Sewers] The word on the street is that the shallow injection wells at the Cudjoe poop plant already do not work! With only a quarter of the design flow for high season, the well could not handle it and was spilling over! That’s just what DEP told FKAA might happen in a meeting long before the design was completed. Yet the sham tracer study to see where the effluent goes continues. More denial. More deceit.
Now when you discover that Matthews Consulting based their collection system design on everyone using 40% of their water for irrigation, you can see how very much in trouble this entire project is. How many people do you know that irrigate with almost half the water they buy? When all that supposed irrigation water goes down the drain instead of on the lawn, it will not fit through the pipes and it cannot be treated properly, and the inadequately treated effluent will not even fit down the shallow wells. But FKAA management still claims all is fine and our commissioner still says “I trust our engineers.” Do you really? Why, George?
There was no due diligence on the part of FKAA. Or the County. Or the DEP. All of the engineers responsible for this huge project have miserably failed their duties. There was no meaningful oversight of any aspect. Many, many millions have been spent on an undersized, improperly designed, unsuitable, dangerous system that cannot even match the “do nothing” alternative for improvement of water quality. There are several management personnel that should be immediately fired for this inexcusable misfeasance- before they cause any further harm. What a disgrace. What a disservice.
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win10-Start-menuWith Windows 10, Microsoft has made upgrading more affordable than ever. Microsoft recently announced that during the first 12 months that Windows 10 is available, it will be a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. If you have a Windows XP or Windows Vista system or two, you’ll need to pay for a full license, the price of which has not been disclosed as we went to press. If you find yourself weighing the cost of a license against the benefits of upgrading whenever a new OS comes out, Windows 10’s introductory offer makes that debate moot.
I don’t know who the person is that keeps putting down FTR, but please sir/madam try to read FTR’S words by definition, not what you imagine is printed, then form (in English) a logical, truthful reply or rebuttal. This way someone reading the CT will think you are intelligent and worthwhile reading!
[Captain Doom and Gloom] “republican budget that ruined the economy” Hardly, it was the Leftie Bleeding Heart Useless Eaters that give away the Right’s hard earned money to the rest of the illegal and dysfunctional useless eaters and breeders. This country never worked well with any democrat or sissy liberal at the helm and never will unless a man with big ones takes control. There has to be one man somewhere that has not been castrated yet!
An example of how the Imperial Japan got rid of people they didn’t like in the 13th century. “On the spot Gen-myo was deprived of his holy robe and excommunicated. Furthermore, the master ordered the ‘polluted’ seat in the Meditation Hall, where Gen-myo was wont to sit, to be removed, and the ‘polluted’ earth under the seat to be dug out to the depth of seven feet.”
[Kiddy Pool Feedback] Hello! You cover the freakin’ pool, ya twit and, stick it under your house, ya twit, the down spout going into a flex hose, ya twit, got that ya twit?
Republican candidates for President “is a gold mine of talent” Not a gold mine, but sure as hell a better bunch than any mutant dumbocrap!
I have seen Presidential hopeful Republican Senator Marco Rubio on TV a few times and he comes across as hyper active, bordering on hysteria.  In other words, just the opposite of Hillary who always seems so cool, calm and collected, no matter what.  But at this point, what difference does it make.
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Senator Marco Rubio impresses me as someone who will pander to whatever group will get him elected. The anti Cuba group is one of those.
I just saw a Ted Cruz / Rand Paul 2016 presidential bumper sticker. You know who would endorse that? Every single Democrat.
I had a dream that Mitt Romney. Wow, dude, you got to stop smoking that stuff or else you will vote for hillary in your next nightmare! bo stinks!
from the right
The Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress has just released a report that chronicles nearly unimaginable waste in report cites that  Federal agencies made at least $125 billion in improper payments last year.  The level of improper payments has reached a new high. In addition to fraud, the errors included overpayments and underpayments, as well payments made without proper documentation. The errors were found in all branches of government, 22 federal agencies were error ridded, but, three programs were the worst offenders: Medicare, Medicaid and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Together, the three programs accounted for a little more than $93 billion in improper payments.

For example, Social Security has no death record for 6.5 million people who would be at least 112 years old, according to a report by the agency’s inspector general. Substantial benefits have been paid to persons who are defrauding the government by claiming benefits for deceased persons.  Those SS accounts are still open and subject to fraud.

The Inspector General confirmed that illegal aliens were using deceased number holders’ names and SSNs to work, but U.S. Attorneys from the Holder/Obama Department of Justice in Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina have refused to prosecute.

Auditors found, nearly 3,900 Social Security numbers were run through the U.S. government’s E-Verify system for people more than a century old between 2008 and 2011. The result of these errors? The waste of millions of taxpayers’ dollars annually and the exposure of our citizens to identify theft. Plus it puts the incompetence or malfeasance of our government on display for all to view.

Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals had the most improper payments, at $46 billion. The report said many were caused by insufficient documentation for home health claims and errors on medical necessity forms for hospital patients.

The Earned Income Tax Credit provides payments to low-income families through the tax code. The program had nearly $18 billion in improper payments, for an error rate of more than 27 percent. Yep, that’s 27%, more than one in four is screwed up or is fraudlent.

This wasted taxpayer money was not spent securing our borders, it was not spent on national defense, and it was not spent contributing to a safety net for those in need. It was stolen because of governmental incompetence.

Just for the record it is worth noting that the Obama administration said reducing improper payments is a priority. But the level of improper payments has now reached a new high. It is worth noting that in the last year of Republican governance, 2006, improper payments amounted to about $40 billion. Compare that to last year’s improper payments under Democrat governance, at least $125 billion.

Deer Friends that is more than a 300% increase in improper payments. Couple that with the fact that in 2006, the last year of Republican governance, our national debt was @ $8.5 trillion, today it is @ $18.16 trillion. Deer Friends, that is an increase of more than 200%. We can expect a national debt of about $20 trillion by the end of the Obama administration. A debt that your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren may never be able to repay. One must wonder about the competence of Democrat governance.

thinker roman
Deer Friends, please think, just think.  FTR


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