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keep out buoy
A Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary advisory committee dis­cussed limiting, or capping, the num­ber of dive and fishing businesses operating within sanctuary boundar­ies because of human impact. It’s getting clearer that folks who initially opposed the Sanctuary’s creation were right that one of the functions of a sanctuary is to restrict or prohibit recreational activity within its confines. Bit by bit we see restrictions placed on more areas and activities.
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My dog
licked the crumbs out of my computer’s keyboard and earned an online college degree.
Sloan,  If I remember correctly,  the sheriffs dept showed up one Sunday morning to tell Omar he could not feed  people at Higgs Beach. This was before the fence.  I’m not sure how it turned out as I never ate Sunday breakfast there.

I also never ate at the soup kitchen but I know it to be a blessing to more than the homeless. There are quite a few who eat there regularly who are not homeless, they just can’t afford to buy food for whatever reason (should I buy food or pay for a roof over my kids’ heads?).   It sounds like the Protestant church across the street needs an influx of homeless on Sunday mornings.  It would be fun to watch.

What I find to be strange is that there are so many “holier than thou” church goers that are against the good will and humanity shown by others.  My guess is if a group of homeless showed up at any church in Key West for Sunday Services,  they would be shunned by at least half the congregation instead of being welcomed with open arms.  One Human Family my ass!

While you are correct about some homeless being offensive, and enjoy being that way, I don’t think it’s any higher percent than in the population as a whole. Look how many upstanding citizens enjoy being offensive to the homeless.

You can bet the city commission is watching and waiting to see how these other towns make out in their war against the homeless.

Thanks to the group posting with information about raccoons. I was not aware of Raccoon Rescue of the Florida Keys. I’m so glad to hear about it. I love the little bandits and used to see them every night at dusk but their numbers seem to be declining. I just don’t see them every night as in the past. I live on the wild and untamed side of Ramrod and have also noticed fewer turtles and snakes. The only wildlife population increase is mosquitoes and tree rats.
[“If solar energy is so great, why did No Name Key opt to go on the grid”
] Solar energy is not great yet. I don’t think I’ve read anything saying it was great as it is. Only by experimentation will any new technology become great, and that’s if nothing better comes along in the meantime. There’s no reason not to experiment on a grand scale if we want the planet to flourish. Only Luddites are against new technology that will someday benefit man and our environment.
[Entitlement Programs] I’ve had Social Security tax deducted out of my weekly paycheck for over 50 years and my employers have equally matched my contributions. Yes, I’m entitled to the benefits my employer and I have paid for. Just because Congress decided to spend my money on something else doesn’t mean I’m no longer entitled to receive it.
[“Hates Real Estate Flippers”] He forgot to add that he resents anyone daring enough to take chances in order to skip the hard work. Not everyone wants to limit themselves to doing hard work. Many people have other goals.
A guy on a jet ski in KW found a bale of pot worth $25,000 — and turned it in! It’s obvious he wasn’t a local.
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Raccoons can play a role, like any other animal, in an ecosystem, providing that ecosystem is what is usually called “balanced”.   We don’t have that down here.  The only predator on our raccoons is the automobile.
March Against Monsanto
, May 24 at 1 pm, Marathon Community Park 36th St & Overseas Hwy Oceanside. Get off your seat and take stand! Events
[Firefox Browser] Does any of you know how to change the appearance of Firefox? Are there themes available that would make the tabs more distinct? As it is now only the active tab is distinct.
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[“Big Cat”
] There are so many people playing games with Photoshop that you can never tell if the picture is real or modified. Fooling people with pictures has been going on a long time. The attached picture show one of the Loch Ness monster taken in 1933. It was a fake; a few years ago the guy that took it thought he was dying, and he admitted he built it. If you want to see something really scary, find a picture of Kim Kardashian that has not been Photoshopped — she is built like a Hobbit.
[“Raccoons eat wasps, scorpions, red ants, roaches, centipedes and they are vegetarians”] Priceless. For everything else there is MasterCard.
[Small Cat] According to a study by the US Fish and Wildlife agency, feral cats kill 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds annually in the United States. Surely they’re having the same effect here in the lower Keys. Even one housecat that is let outdoors has been known to kill 140-150 small mammals each year — just for the thrill of the kill. Link
full moon turns
The moon stands in the zodiac sign Scorpio, full moon is around 8:14 this evening.
[What’s In A Name] I got an email and the guys name was Coffindaffer. That’s an odd one.
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[Elephant painting] What’s additionally amazing is the precision the trunk has when placing his brush at the exact spot he wants. Video
Watch the next Board of County Commissioners meeting closely. The BOCC will encourage Monroe County to apply for re-entry into the National Flood Plain Management Community Rating System (CRS). The voluntary incentive program recognizes and encourages community flood-plain management activities, in exchange for community-wide discounts on flood insurance policies, ranging from 5% to 45%.

The CRS is a voluntary program where local bureaucracies can make up flood management rules even more ridiculous than what FEMA could dream up. So the news that downstairs enclosure inspections are no longer mandated by FEMA is true; however the County will no doubt resurrect the hated downstairs inspections with re-entry into the CRS. Another favorite community flood-plain management activity that FEMA has encouraged other communities to pass into law is a tally that requires elevation of a structure after a certain dollar threshold (usually 50% of the structures original value, less the land cost) has been reached, including non-flood related improvements. This means that you could be required by Monroe County to elevate your ground level home before you could get a County permit to even replace carpeting after a flood. It could even mean that a roof replacement or bathroom remodel could trigger the requirement to elevate the structure. Beware when you hear your County government brag about flood policy discounts. The devil is in the details.

The short-term political gain of getting every flood policy holder an immediate and permanent discount will far outweigh the requirement that some residents will be required to elevate their homes 5-10 years down the road. Ask your County Commissioner to promise that re-entry into the CRS will not result in the phasing-out of ground-level homes here in the next decade. We don’t need to start another set of heavy-handed flood insurance related permit requirements again.

[RIP Russ Collins] It’s a sad day for the whole motorcycle community. Russ Collins Sr, the Big Kahuna of motorcycle drag racing has past away on the big island of Hawaii. I thank all you so much for your prayers and support. It is a very sad day in motor sports. No one will ever match his passion and drive to be the best. This is a great video of what he did best, the ultimate showman. Video
bigfoot walk
[“Big Cat”]
Survivorman’s newest episodes are about fnding Big Foot. After he finds him do you think we can get Les Stroud to come here and find Big Cat?
Thank you for posting the article and pix for the Big Pine Library book sale on Saturday and putting in Events. Would you repeat Thursday or Friday – wherever you have room?
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Yard Sale.
Saturday May 17th from 8:00 am until 3:00pm. Furniture, household items, fishing chairs, bedding and more. 27397 Cayman Lane Ramrod Key. Everything must go. Classified Ads > Yard Sales
[“Bad Attitude”] I’m not sure about the advice, while I generally get the point, I don’t know many rich seamstresses (Sew, sew, sew), but I do know of well-off ambulance chasing lawyers (Sue, sue, sue). I would offer that information to the poster who I hope is not named Sue.
What is that you think those feral cats (fixed or not) and loose house cats are doing out there, day and night?  Spreading love and sunshine?  Right now I can see someone’s pet fluffy kitty cat lurking in wait under the bushes in front of my house.   What do you think it is waiting for? It’s trying to catch a bird that might land nearby.  I know that if I go over and try to pet it, it will run off.  I have tried because I like animals and own them myself.  I would never hurt one because they are only doing what God designed them to do. But humans are supposed to be smarter and realize the reality of this issue and do the right thing to protect our wildlife.
Commiserate after the March Against Monsanto fund raiser. Events
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camel walking
Happy Hump Day from Springers Bar and Grill
. Today we are shaking up on a traditional comfort food, Chicken Sheppard’s pie. A little twisted but a lot of delicious.

Don’t forget kids 12 and under eat free (no take out please) on Wednesdays with a paying adult (Sorry ladies, husbands don’t count). So bring the family and enjoy an amazing meal.

Thursday: shrimp salad on a Kaiser roll. Friday: potato crusted mahi mahi with a mango curry sauce.

Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials. There’s Always Something Special at Springers

[Circumcision] In Egypt more than 90% of all woman have been circumcised! If you laid the snippings end to end they would circle the Great Pyramid twelve times. The men say it’s to prevent wayward woman as the torture removes feelings down there.
No neighbors
? Is that such a bad thing? Throw a few solar panels on the roof, get a composting toilet and don’t forget your boat. We will survive!
[Crappy Detour] When traveling over the mountains of Costa Rica, alone at night trying to get to the coast, I encountered a terrible detour. It took me through neighborhoods, across some vacant lots, across an empty field and finally through a soccer field–all without benefit of signage or any clue that I was going the right way. At one point, thoroughly disgusted and wondering what I was doing alone in Costa Rica, I stopped in the field and waited until I saw headlights in the distance and then followed him.
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John Deere
22hp, 42inch deck, riding tractor/mower, great shape, asking $900. Classified Ads > Auto
I continue to be amazed at the simple-mindedness of the domestic cat people who refuse to stop their cats from killing our precious wildlife. To suggest that neutered feral cats will stop killing is absurd. TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release should be TR (Trap, Remove)
What did the CEO of the FKAA say to a bimbo in a local Bar? “You grind and I’ll pump, babe!”
Yard sale.
Saturday, May 17,8AM until ? Furniture includes end tables, dining set, occasional and coffee tables, mirrors, etc.; plus clothing, dishes, books, etc. 27397 Cayman Lane, Ramrod Key Classified Ads > Yard Sales
Robbers entered a bank in a small town when one of them shouted, “Don’t move! The money belongs to the bank. Your lives belong to you.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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Marco Rubio wants to go for the presidency. On the surface he appears great but you all need to know that at least on one political

front he is out for blood money. The Cuban Sugar Barons in Florida own massive amounts of Florida land to grow sugar and get sugar subsidies from our Government which they do not need. Rubio makes sure they continue to get these subsidies.

Also, the land south of lake Okeechobee is blocking the natural flow of water to the Everglades making this water flow east and west polluting the sensitive waterway along the coast. This is a sin to pocket Big Sugar money and cause huge problems in our state. I will never vote for someone like that. Sen Nelson is doing the same thing, although he says he is for doing the right thing. All lies, so please do not get fooled. I will continue spreading this information until this man does the right thing.

What do you mean four and a half years of hearings on Benghazi don’t you follow the news?, any informed person knows it was really fourteen and a half years of hearings,  pay attention!
[Truth about Benghazi] The current administration lied about Benghazi so the president would get re-elected. In the case of Afghanistan, that country harbored the “people” who attacked USA and brought down the twin towers killing about 3000 people from USA and other countries so Taliban is at war with UN forces to this day. Iraq was a mistake and Korea was a UN action to stop China and its puppet North Korea. To this day North Korea is at war and still crazy. China is preparing for the collapse of North Korea. Meanwhile South Korea has developed into an economic engine with UN help.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “There were 13 embassy attacks and 60 deaths under GW Bush. The deaths of those “Brave Americans” did not warrant a kangaroo court. The Benghazi “select” committee will “learn” exactly what the eight previous oversight committees has learned. The president is still black!”

FTR’S RESPONSE: The foregoing posting is repugnant on several levels. During the last years of the GWB presidency, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. If they had even an iota of evidence that GWB had violated American law or acted improperly, most certainly they would have convened legislative hearings. They did not.

Please recall that GWB was reviled by the media and was the unending target of deep seated hate from the left. They even extolled a film that portrayed his assassination. Their hatred was pathological, like slavering snarling dogs. Yet, the Democrat legislators nearly universally supported both wars. I wonder why the poster was impelled to put quotation marks on the term “Brave Americans”. Perhaps he/she feels that those victims of terrorism were not brave Americans.

The poster elects to label the Select Committee as a “kangaroo court” even before its first hearing, and as this is written the Democrats are opting not to participate.

Finally the poster is so full of hate for anyone who criticizes Obama or any member of his administration that he/she is compelled to label any Obama critic as a racist. That charge is scurrilous and is a dead sure sign that there is no logic whatsoever at work, only hate. Some people exult in that hate, they roll on it like a dog rolling over and over on a smelly dead animal. It is the poster who is the consummate racist, I hope that he/she can come to terms with that racism and that hate.


ANOTHER BENGHAZI MESMERIZED POSTER WROTE: “Republicans and the far Right (FTR) are giddy with glee that they can drag out the tragic attack on Benghazi that happened over 4 1/2 years ago. They felt so bad that 4 years of hearings and investigations were over, that they started new investigations and hearings determined to beat the proverbial dead horse. Talk about a politically motivated witch hunt, there’s even talk of bringing Ken Starr out of retirement (heehee).”

twilight zone14FTR’S RESPONSE: Deer Friends, the foregoing poster resides in a very special place in left field. A place where time, history, and facts have no meaning. Taking up residence in that place sucks knowledge and common sense from the residents brains.

The terrorist assault on the Benghazi consulate resulted in the deaths of 4 brave Americans who were in the service of their country. In addition to those murders, ten others were wounded, some grievously. The terrorist attack took place on September 11, 2012. Deer Friends, no matter how flawed an education one might receive, it is impossible to conclude that was 41/2 years ago. The first Congressional hearing took place on May 8th, 2013, it is also impossible to conclude that was 4 years ago. It’s a disgrace that the poster finds the episode amusing. The posters comment “heehee” was terribly inappropriate. I think that our Democrat/Liberal/Progressive friends are afraid of the truth; they are very afraid. They should be.


A POSTER WROTE: “It is particularly repugnant that Leon Panetta, who incidentally is a trained US Army intelligence officer, bowed out before he had to face the music concerning his involvement in the Benghazi affair. I have little faith that any State Department official, and certainly not the current or former Secretaries of State, could be trusted to lay their cards on the table, even after being ordered to appear in front of the special congressional committee. Those folks are dedicated to a process of denial and deception that goes hand in glove with national policy and are not answerable to the public at large. Just as in the case of the current IRS investigation, the Attorney General likely will provide them additional cover above and beyond their diplomatic immunity.

As for Hillary, a few pointed questions about her knowledge about international terrorism going back to Somalia, Chechnya and the Balkan conflicts would dispel any notion that she is a novice in those matters. Consequently, this leaves only one logical conclusion and that is that she and Obama chose to offer our diplomatic staff in Libya as sacrificial lambs as a despicable and desperate attempt to appease radical Islam, one that is on the march throughout the Islamic world.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: The above is a particularly well written and well thought out posting. I cannot disagree with any of it. Thanks for taking the time. I’m impressed with the makeup of the select committee. I’m especially pleased that the Chair, Trey Gowdy, is an experienced prosecutor.

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