2013 November

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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7-mile-bridge-2-bikes[Unique Landmark Park] How can anybody compare the Old Seven Mile Bridge or Rowells Marina to the Hickory House? Apples and oranges. The Old Seven Mile Bridge is a world famous landmark which attracts a quarter of a million people every year. It’s a two mile linear park over the ocean and a huge part of our Florida Keys history. Rowells Marina will now be a community park for the upper Keys. Why didn’t anyone complain when a marina on Big Pine Key (Mariner Sands?) was bought and converted to a community park for several million dollars? The Hickory House purchase was a mistake but the other projects are beneficial to Florida Keys residents and visitors.


[Russian Wine Opener] Slamming a bottle of wine in a shoe against a tree! Wouldn’t that bruise the wine?  Video

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[“Name that plant”] I’d like to see a picture of the mystery plant from farther away so I can get a good look at the whole thing. Right now it looks like sweet basil, but it’s not.

[“When did we sign up for NAS’s unlimited data plan”] The Internet started to be widely used by education back in the early to mid ’80s, but more public use in the ’90s. The NSA had key word listening on phone lines for quite some time and likely on plain text as it passed online right in the early days.

Of course now with all the cooperation from tech companies, carriers and ISPs, your entire online history, your current and future location (via your calendar and GPS), your friends, all their friends, all your websites visited (yes, regardless of IP used), even that angry text you never sent (CarrierIQ) or blog post you pressed ‘cancel’ on, instead got sent to be sniffed up by the NSA.

Online, even with most encryption — it’s theirs. One has absolutely zero privacy with any smart device. Dumb cellphones are being triangulated 8 times an hour; and that’s saved along with years of call records. Yes, the NSA knows your porn history and tells the FBI too.


[“The Death of TV — charging the dwindling number of customers more in subscription fees”] I think people are progressing to other devices where they can get the content they want instead of buying packages of stuff they don’t.



[Hump Bridge Construction] They’ve been working on the little hump bridge, just past Habitat Landing going to No Name, since August.  The signs say construction until Dec 1.  They sure have a lot to finish by Sunday.

[Political Stuff] I sure hope there’s no political stuff tomorrow, but I don’t think those guys ever think about the good stuff. Speaking of stuffing, I’m making a sage and bread stuffing with Fausto’s Italian sausage mixed in. Happy Thanksgiving all you Keysers!


[“Property value loss and grinder pumps in Sarasota”] As the fifty year life cycle (I’m making up the life cycle length because I don’t know it, but 50 years seems reasonable) approaches potential home buyers will be including the replacement cost and hassle into their offers to buy. The homeowner will suffer the consequences of the BOCC’s lack of vision. If it’s the cost that’s impairing their vision–float a bond to pay for it. If the County were the Fed they could just print the money.


Things people with curly hair are tired of hearing. Can I get an Amen! Link

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[Citizen Of The Day Says] he loves playing hockey on Bertha Street. ‘Hockey in the Southernmost City in the U.S. — who would have known?

BreeseFlight[It was an M-Squared Breese 2 DS, requires a full license] Thanks for the correction. It is a homebuilt, experimental kit plane created back in about 1996+, which is the point I should have stuck to without being current on FAA regulations concerning these experimental type aircraft.

I was only attempting to clarify and alleviate concerns that it wasn’t a larger seaplane people normally see, like those ferrying passengers to places like the Dry Tortugas.

The operator should have been paying attention to the current rules and regulations. Luckily no one got hurt to bring attention to the gross violation. Link 

Reading the Telegraph lately about grinder pumps gives new meaning to locals chewing the s**t.

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The Sons And Daughters Of Italy Lodge 2436 present an Italian fundraiser at the Bottle Cap Groove Lounge, 1128 Simonton Street, on Friday, 6 December, from 5-8 pm.  Join us for an evening of all things Italian.  The lodge will be selling home-made meatball and sausage sandwiches in the tent out front.  Enjoy Italian music. there will be a silent auction, raffle, 50-50, guest bartenders and great fun.  The Sons of Italy is the oldest Italian American organization in America.  All proceeds from the fundraiser benefit our local charities including Hospice of the Florida Keys, American Cancer Society of the Keys, and our Key West High School Scholarship Fund.  For more information see Events. Viva Italia!

[“Mincome: give everyone a minimum income and delete all welfare”] America is the only country whose poor have smart phones, A/C, flat screen TVs with cable & Play Stations and suffer from obesity.


[“Rowell’s Marina good”] God may shit on your grave for this pile of bs you spued. You must have a very big slice of that bubba pie on your plate!



[Laborer Job] Cudjoe Key Blimp Site. Cudjoe Key has an open position for a laborer. The shifts are 3 ½  days on and 3 ½  days off consisting of 3 twelve hour shifts and one six hour shift per week. The candidate must be physically fit and DRUG free. Req # 1160BR To apply you must submit your application and resume to Classified Ads > Help Wanted

[“Stock Island will never upscale”] Global warming, sea level rising, hurricanes, floods, skyrocketing and canceled insurance plans, few cash buyers, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


[“Sunset Grill has pretty girls in the pool, When?”] Saturdays around noon is the best day, unless it’s a three day weekend then Sunday too. Checca Lodge on Islamaroda is really loaded on the same days, but bring your dresswear and a fat wallet.

pole dance sexy dive  grinds

Grinder Pump’s” is my favorite gentleman’s club in Fort Lauderdale.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Sewer Backup] My friend in Hollywood, FL just called and said that all 3 toilets in his house had backed up and overflowed in each bathroom. He called a plumber to clean the pipes because he thought the might be clogged. Come to find out, all the rain that they are getting in the Hollywood area filled up the central sewer system and backed up the sewer into his house and the surrounding houses. He found that out when he drove by and watched them pump out the sewage a few houses down.

So my question is, who is going to pay the plumber and to clean and disinfect all the mess from a central sewer system backup. We’re in a low lying area too.

Let’s save our money. No sewers! We can’t depend on these idiots. I don’t want my house a stinking cesspit.

roman toga

[“Mincome: give everyone a minimum income and delete all welfare”] What a bizarre thought! Something that odd just might work. There has to be some way to end welfare and disability checks. We’re on the road to ruin if we continue with the free handouts to a select group.

Rome collapsed partly because Roman Citizens didn’t have to work. They were taken care of by the State. When the supply of slaves started to dwindle and the cost of the Citizen’s welfare continued to climb: Something’s Gotta Give — Frank Sinatra

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Wikipedia Download] You can have the information from English Wikipedia, with or without images, completely offline and always available. Requires up to 100GB and 30 hours to complete, less when finished, transfer to a large SD card to free up drive space. Updates to come if over 2GB in changes.

Defeat NSA/Google profile snooping, protect your privacy. Link

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turkey dinner wine


Springer’s is cooking up a turkey with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving. Come for dinner and stay for fun.

Stock Island has tons of multi generational families who will never live anywhere but the island, who will never sell. So if they upscale, it will be only on the water, and they will still have the same low rent real neighbors! Thank God!



Now this is what I’m thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from Baconman


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I love the new Mosquito Control uniforms. I saw the hot woman in her sleeveless top and tats. Way to go Mosquito Control!




[Self-portraits done to a different drug for 45 days] Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders conducted a bizarre experiment. For several weeks, he took a different drug every day and made a portrait of himself under the influence. In addition to being a gifted artist he sure knows his drugs and is ably to convey their essence in his drawings. Just think of the planning involved in this experiment. He had to get 45 different drugs. That’s no mean feat in itself. Then he had to plan the sequence so one day’s drugs didn’t have an adverse effect on the next days high. He says he’s moving to the Keys soon. Link

[Using The Monty Python Application Of The Principle Of Logic And Etymology] Why are fire trucks red? Because they have eight wheels and four people in them, and four plus eight is twelve, and there is twelve inches in a foot, and one foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sailed the seas, and in the sea are fish, and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians, and the Russians are red, and fire trucks are always “russian” around.

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[Wrench Sculptor] A neat re-use of old wrenches. Link

[Something Stinks] I googled the story about the grinder pumps in the Lake of the Pines development in PA (not NY). All of the pumps are backing up, that means that the clog is not the pumps, but somewhere in the path from the pumps to the treatment plant or at the plant itself. There are lots of developments in the Northeast with private sewer systems (think of Venture Out). I’m not defending pumps, but I am wondering why someone would post such a misleading story?




[The First Thanksgiving Fight]  Big Bear and Matthew had too much corn liquor.

[Sewers] My grinder pump back up can be my existing septic system, and why not? If I can run gray water through the old septic system to keep it running right, and use the grinder pump for black water until it fails, then while I wait for repairs, why can’t I  use the septic tank. A diverter valve should do the trick. Sounds logical to me!


(Ed: Caution: aldult content) [Citizen Of The Day Says] Masterbation is great in the Keys, especially on Big Pine.

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[Selective Murderer] How about we initiate mini-culling and just do away with the useless eaters and other trash that will not work to support themselves. Their loss will clean house, the air, the water and remove half the politicians too!

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Sewer Maintenance” This is what the con is all about, bubba! To make monye on futures and sit back to watch the peasants go broke, get out and sell out at one cent on the dollar. You have been conned dummy!

religion politics zone

[“Government healthcare website insecure”] Experts say the personal information of millions of Americans is at risk, including Social Security numbers, birthdays, incomes, home mortgages, and addresses, the “mother lode for identity theft.” “Americans should be scared to death,” Link


[Obamacare] Americans finally wake up when Democratic idoitic changes and lies hit their wallet and their lives. Democrats approval rating drops substancially since ACA rollout and millions of canceled plans. Now only if Americans knew the whole truth, that it was the then Democratic Congress responsible for the last 6 years of severe economic distress, not Republicans. Link


[World Opinion] If you posters want to find out what the world thinks is really going on, email people that you can trust in foreign countries. They will tell you what they and their locals think, not what the US media and idiot blogs like this one (Ed: Hrumph) say. Most foreigners are much more mature than any American and most are also scared of Obama’s plans and our government. The US is not looked upon as number one anymore and we are not trusted at all by anyone.


The old saying “He’s out in left field” sure does describe the Democrats on this blog –all self-involved closet nuts. It’s great to be a middle-of-the-roader with 360 degree vision and thinking; not condemned to a life of a loser.


st francis

The Pope Francis yesterday called for healthcare  and work for everyone. Is he a Democrat, thinking in socialistic ways to help all people instead of the rich and those you don’t like.





Our free market economy is working the way it was destined to, the rich are getting wealthier and increasing and the poor are getting poorer and increasing.


[Name Game] Have you noticed how Obama/Democratic Care is now called Affordable Care Act and global warming is now climate change. I’m sure happy to hear the bullsh*t is still bullsh*t. How dumb do they think we are.  

PORTLAND — To get a glimpse of how the two-week-old health-insurance exchanges are faring under the Affordable Care Act, there may not be a better place to look than the Pacific Northwest and its striking contrasts.

On the one hand, the Washington state-run exchange, called Washington Healthplanfinder, is widely perceived to be off to a strong start.

Nearly 25,000 residents have enrolled in health-care coverage through Healthplanfinder over the exchange’s first two weeks, according to figures released Monday by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, which operates the exchange.

Compare that to Oregon, where state officials acknowledge not a single resident has been able to enroll through the website of that state’s exchange, called Cover Oregon, because the site still is not fully functioning. ~By Amy Snow Landa, The Seattle Times

The Name Game — Shirley Ellis



We spend trillions for free education, but you can’t make someone learn, that doesn’t want to.  Question: Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?  Find the answer further down.
Answer:  Of course one can stupid, buildings can’t jump at all!  Must have been nice, that nap everyday for 12 years!


[Regressive Hypocrisy #14] Rep Phil Gingrey, R-GA and a proud Tea Party patriot, recently complained that he has to work 126 days and “is stuck making only $172,000”.
Rep. Gingrey, however, didn’t blink an eye when he voted no to raising the minimum wage for hard working, low wage workers.


[President to Have 1/3 Power]  We need to remove the lawmaking power of Congress and make them more voices of the people for their respective areas. On top of Congress there should be an independent committee comprising of the best minds and education to balance the budget, run the economy and chart our nation’s course in a long term and stable fashion. We will still of course have a elected president and he would have 1/3 voting power. This should effectively end the hair brained idealists and partisan conflicts. The special committee members themselves plus the president will vote who gets to replace those retiring from the committee, their actions can be held accountable, unlike our current Congress. 

from the right

Part 1) My thanks to the poster who pointed out my error in labeling Iran as being a secular state. S/he is absolutely right, and I goofed.  The line that I had written was “First and foremost we must remember that Iran is a secular state.” I intended to write “First and foremost we must remember that Iran is NOT a secular state.” My bad for inadvertently leaving out the word “not”, I need a proof reader. But I think the balance of my posting made it perfectly clear that Iran is ruled by religious fanatics. Thanks again.

Part 2) Yesterday a poster wrote that “The US ranks 29th among 193 countries in life expectancy and 40th in infant mortality.” S/he wrote that in support of Democare.

fat-kid27It may or may not be true that we rank 29th in life expectancy. But what is certainly true is that we practice the worst life style of any of those 193 nations. We are obese, we have the highest obesity rate in the world (34%). We choose to be sedentary, we do not exercise. We gorge on Big Mac’s, pizza, and KFC. We don’t walk, we drive.  It’s a near miracle and a testament to our quality healthcare that even more of us don’t die. It is our national addiction to the lazy easy feel good lifestyle, not the quality of our health care that drives down our life expectancy.

Many and varied sources report that the U.S. has one of the highest, if not the highest cancer survival rate in the world. Link 

As to infant mortality. The US is probably the only country that has a national commitment to newborns. In the US heroic measures are made to save the lives of very premature infants and to resuscitate infants that may not appear to be viable at birth. The U.S. ranks poorly on the infant mortality list because this country actually counts neonatal deaths, notably premature infant fatalities, unlike other countries who don’t count these infant deaths.

Democare does not a single thing to drive down the cost of delivery of health care. It penalizes quality hospitals and physicians. It raises taxes on certain insurance policies and on medical devices. Democare actually makes the practice of medicine more expensive and less attractive as a career path. Dire doctor shortages are projected. Even the Cleveland Clinic that Obama praised is now reporting that because of Democare they will be forced to cut $300 million in expenses. Health care providers will lose their jobs, and the quality of care will suffer.

scout promisePart 3) Certainly you will remember Obama’s infamous promise that if you liked your health plan and/or your doctor, you would not be forced to change. Now it is crystal clear that he intentionally lied. The news is full of anecdotal reports of people being kicked off of their insurance plans and being denied access to the physicians that they trust.

The American Enterprise Institute forecasts that in addition to the multi thousands of individual mandate associated cancellations, about 80,000,000 will be dumped by their employer provided health plans. I had a conversation with my cardiologist the other day. He is deeply disturbed because he has received many calls from his long time patients, some of them in tears, because they are being advised that when Democare comes into effect they will no longer be permitted to see him. Some of these patients have been seeing this doc for 20 or more years.