2012 November

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


[Python Menace] Back when Deer Ed published a post showing a python that had eaten golf balls, I envisioned a solution. I just haven’t gotten around to approaching the Wildlife folks and negotiating my royalty. To snakes, eggs are a delicacy preferred over almost anything else. They require no effort to capture, eat, and digest. The golf balls were surely seen to be eggs. My plan would be to make large faux eggs filled with baking soda. As simple as that. Anyone who has seen baking soda mixed with vinegar…in this case stomach acid, and pythons are loaded with it, knows that would cause a great series of explosions with terminal results to these behemoth creatures that require humans hours of tramping in the wilds to find, capture and euthanize. Baking soda eggs would be considerably cheaper than today’s best methods. Remember where you heard it. 

[County Administrator] Just in time for the holidays the world is right again!  Praise the Lord!  The County Administrator is back!  He has recuperated from his letter of reprimand-in-file incident and is at it again.  He has “created” a new position tailor made for a former clerk of court candidate and current clerk of court employee.  The position is “senior director of strategic planning” and pays between $66,000 and $102,000 a year, plus benefits, according to the job posting on the county’s website.  The candidate would be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the county’s strategic business plan (What does that mean?  Does the County really have a strategic business plan or is that code for something else?) and would be reviewing county divisions and departments to make sure they are operating efficiently, said the Administrator, who is responsible for hiring the person.  According to the Administrator, “We need to bring in more credentialed professionals or people with MBAs into that division.”  Really?  Well, the former clerk of court candidate and current clerk of court employee does not have an MBA, nor is he a Certified Public Accountant.

Despite calling for the best qualified person, the position was only advertised in the County’s website, and for less than two weeks. The County did not advertise in national trade magazines or on other websites.  The last day to apply for the job is today.  When the County Commission met last week, one of the County Commissioners questioned why the county did not expand the search to a bigger area. “I want to make sure we have a good applicant pool and the whole endeavor is done in transparent way,” she said.  Well, Commissioner, if you wanted the process to be transparent you should not had made the Administrator responsible for it, since he appears to be transparency challenged.  I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he is not bringing in one of his buddies from Miami.  Or, maybe this is his way of disqualifying the local talent and bringing in one of his MBA buddies from Miami.  Oh, Oh, Breaking News!  The former clerk of court candidate and current clerk of court employee’s first day of work is December the 4th, unless the Commissioners catch too much heat for the latest failed attempt at transparency.



Type in your street address and zip code and shake the ball for a surprise. Link

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[Vapir Vaporizer Bonus] For those of you who use the Vapir NO2, the digital temperature readout is quite accurate to observe your room temperature–an added benefit.

Ron White on Texas’ death penalty. It’s funny because it’s true. Video

[“All mankind’s books will be digitalized”] Proves a point that knowledge is power and Google will own that knowledge. Who owns Google? Wait for that big click!


[Legalizing Marijuana] It’s not legal? Wow, I wonder how many questionable choices I’ve made over the last 30 years?

[Homeless] Try helping someone this holiday season and get a different perspective on life, or the welfare creations you despise. Maybe you will run into a veteran, maybe then your heart will soften to the homeless. 

How Facebook policy changes affect you. This really makes you wonder even more about Facebook. Link

[“Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug”] You forgot the most important point, Marijuana is not taxed yet.

Heat makes things expand. So, I’m not overweight, I’m just a little too warm”. ~So sayeth the woman from New Jersey.

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Just smoked mahi mahi (formerly dolphin) in our case at Fanci Seafood.

Machu Picchu amazing zoom picture. Take your time and mouse to view all of it, then click each link along the bottom to learn more. Link


[“Can you eat Python meat”] Of course you can. They serve deep fried rattlesnake in the SW. But because a Python is bigger & lean maybe a snake roast wrapped in bacon. Um, bacon! 

[Main Stream Media] The poster is right! Seems that with most of the Kennedy’s gone (JFK Jr, Jackie, and a lot of the extended family) the powers that be don’t want to remember the good times to those of us old enough. We were a better society moving towards being a fairer society, still on the gold standard and world leaders bowed to our President. Today, not so much.

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Wyland Peace Bell bought for $ 7,000 has new home on Plantation Key. Get on board, for Peace. Link

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we urge you to invest in the future health and happiness of the people of Florida by giving a gift to the Florida Cannabis Action Network.

No Name Keys Electric controversy


What a tremendous photo Ed posted with the post and documentary involving No Name Key and pro-solar power! I couldn’t help but equate it to the hilarious Eric Idle “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!” As in “Solar Bright!” It would be incredibly wonderful if a video could be made with “electrifiers” volunteering to attach/crucify themselves on those poles/crosses! Link

Shipwreck identified  as “Hannah M. Bell”. Link


Anyone who thinks manatees move slowly through the water never met Pilgrim. Baby Pilgrim dashes manatees reputation for being slow. Link

The world will end in 25 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice


[Food Chopper Woes] I bought an Oneida chopper years back and it still works. Comes apart for cleaning. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse, chopping a few things and having to mess with cleaning it, or just to chop with a knife, wipe it clean, and put it back in the drawer.

[Give Pot a Chance] Nearly 30 million Americans smoked pot last year. Why is it still illegal? Link

[State Employees Raise $2,275 for Local Charities] In a matter of hours, employees of the Department of Children & Families raised nearly $2,300.00 for local non-profit organizations including the United Way of the Florida Keys, the Monroe Association for ReMAR Cable Citizens, and Samuels House.

State Employees Host a Successful Fundraiser at the Bottle Cap Lounge. Pictured left to right at the November 16 event: Volunteers Nicole Canalejo and Clark Knight, Chief of Department of Juvenile Justice Karen Knight, Florida Dept. of Children & Families (DCF) Supervisor Chris Morgan, United Way Board Member Mindy McKenzie, United Way President Margie Smith, DCF Program Administrator Amy Baldree,United Wayboard member John Spain, and DCF Operations Manager Joan Berni. Link

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Thank goodness it was Twinkies and not bacon.


My girl friend was a nymphomaniac, but that was cured by the wedding cake!

What are these scaffolding around NYC buildings all the time? If this question has been keeping you awake nights, finally here is the answer. Link

I’m so glad the political post have subsided. It was one lie after another by both parties.

[Free Movies] Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys sponsors a monthly film series at the Marathon Power Squadron Building,52nd St.Gulf,2011 Loggerhead Ln, behind Panda House Restaurant the first and third Tuesdays of the month starting at 7p, doors open at 6:30p.  Free popcorn, drinks are available for a small donation.

On Tuesday, December 4, Sanctuary Friends will be featuring No Impact Man, a documentary which was the result of a blog and book written by Colin Beavan who made the decision to have his family live for one year with making a minimum impact on the environment. The movie gives a thoughtful and enlightening look into his small family’s sincere attempt to live greener in an urban community.

On Tuesday, December 18, Sanctuary Friends will be showing YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip, a 2011 documentary that focuses on the concept of environmental sustainability across all 50 states. Three filmmakers jam into a Hybrid SUV to find those who are trying to creatively deal with global climate change, resource consumption, carbon and garbage generation, food production and living arrangements. Bulletin Board

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[NNK Electric] That was a great graphic yesterday of the NNK power thing. Was it intentional that it looked like the KKK? 

Beware any one that hires Amy Davies. She did a credit card scam at Parrotdise, Golden Margarita and The Curve, also the one on Sugarloaf (mixologist shirts). She was fired from all of those for that reason. Comping meals after the fact to increase the tip-out. The employees (her especially) were robbing all of them blind.

Bradley Manning is not a whistleblower.  Bradley Manning is a traitor.

[GOP] “I will hug my elephant”  That’s what they call it now?

McCain says he is concerned, as we all are, about four Americans killed in Libya, a country still awash with confusion, heavy weapons and competing factions following it’s ultra violent revolution.  Who’s to say the “terrorists” who attacked our embassy weren’t  just a random group of street thugs looking for a flimsy excuse to shoot up something with their “toys”. I never heard McCain say he was concerned about the thousands of Americans killed and maimed in Bush’s trumped up bogus war to get Saddam Hussein in Iraq. This GOP witch hunt is so obviously political it’s laughable.


Could someone tell me again what the Jews did that was so god-awful that Germans killed them on sight?

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From the Right

O.K. I was wrong, flat wrong. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my forecasting the Team Obama’s intrusion into America’s health care would result in higher costs and in diminished service.  I forecast that would come to pass sometime in ’13 or ’14.  Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s here today. I recently have had occasion to visit my Dr. in Key West for an assortment of ills of the elderly. One of the tests that I have to have done every two weeks or so is to determine if my daily dosage of Coumadin (warafin-rat poison) is keeping the clotting factors in my blood at appropriate levels. To high means that I’m very susceptible to uncontrolled bleeding. To low means that a heart condition that I have could throw clots which could lead to strokes and other unpleasant consequences.  So, I was at the Doc’s office for an unrelated matter, but I knew that I was due for the test, so I asked him if his nurse could draw the blood and do the test. That would have perfect sense because the Doc would immediately know the results, and because I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back to Key West to have the test done on another day.  He told me that new rules forbid him from so doing. He told me that the new rules preclude such activity during a visit for some other matter. He told me that if he did permit the test that he could not bill it. I told him that I’d be happy to pay for it and not submit it to Medicare. He told me that the new rules forbid it. He told us that there is another new rule that forbids his delivering injections unless the appointment is specifically for that injection.   Way to go O.

Then, just the other day, Mrs. FTR and I got dandy letters in the mail from Social Security. We were advised that each of our monthly Medicare premiums was increasing by over 40%. That’s a huge increase!  How many remember Mr. Obama’s promise that the cost of your medical care will drop.  That’s only the first bite. The premiums are sure to rise again.  Isn’t that just so special — quality of care goes down, costs go up.  All well in advance of my fearless forecast.  That O is just so warm and cuddly.