2012 November

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Power Will Come Power Will Come 

Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high
There’s a place called No Name
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Electricity flows
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the wires are far
Behind me.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the electric poles
That’s where you’ll find me.


I had a food chopper a long time ago that wore out from use. I went online and bought one that, come to find out, couldn’t be cleaned. I couldn’t get a wire brush in to remove the food where the blade connects to the plunger. So I sent it back.

I saw the Slap Chop “as advertised on TV” that came apart for easy cleaning, so I bought one. It was so flimsy that when I picked it up the thin plastic sides bent in. I had an awful time keeping it assembled as it kept falling apart. When I finally got it together I tried chopping an onion and the cheap blade bent! I’m sending that back too.

How come everyone abbreviates everything they can? How much of our lives are we losing if we write out a complete word? What, two seconds? Words are so much easier to read than abbreviations. I got an email reply from Deer Ed and he signed it “e”. Did he run out of time or letters?

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Big Box store on Rockland Key where the dirty bookstore is. Is Wally World coming to the Lower Keys? Link

I invented Al Gore.


[Python Meat] I have a solution to the python problem. Set up a butcher shop and tannery to process dead pythons for their skins and meat then put a bounty on the snakes. Use the proceeds from the sale of skins and meat to augment paying the bounty. Can you even eat python meat?

[Record Python] Two S. Fla. men come face to face with 16ft 8 inch Python inEverglades. One man was not enough; it was dragging the man into it’s borough. Another snake hunter helped capture the reptile. Video


Christmas recipes. Link

Nanotechnology could reduce plant’s ability to produce food. Link

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I Dream of Jeannie‘s belly dancer costume was the only belly dancer costume that didn’t expose the belly. NBC censors made Barbara Eden cover up her belly button because she was too hot for the public.

Leadership Monroe County : Home page. Link


[Sold for Taxes] The KW Citizen of 27 Nov Legal Notices: Looe Key Resort is on the block for highest bidder on 4 Dec 2012 at 11 AM in Key West, 500 Whitehead St.  Cash only! No Green Stamps!

Rising Seas, vanishing coastlines. Link


The world will end in 26 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice

Growing food in the desert using sea water. Is this a solution to the world’s food crisis? If I were a big time investor I’d put my money in desalinization technology. I think as the world’s fresh water continues to diminish, clean water will be the next big thing. Link


[Ice Breaker] Did you know that the USCG only has one heavy duty ice breaker and one medium duty breaker? In an emergency we’ll have to hire the Russians or Chinese because they have a lot of them. We already hire Russia to escort our ships through the Northwest Passage because we don’t have the icebreakers to to it.

People Smarts: Having tough conversations. Just do it! Link

[Oven Restoration Business]  You can clean them? Wow, I just throw them away when they get dirty.

Have a merry Florida Keys Pirate Christmas, Arrhhh ho ho!

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[Sewer Tax] I see how the sales tax extension money is going to be doled out. It’s going to depend on a Commissioner’s definition of “infrastructure”.


[“Why are you so angry that most homeless families are headed by a single mother”]  Because I’ll bet if you checked, most of those single mothers were never married to their “baby daddies” (an asinine cutesie description of the irresponsible dog sperm spreaders).  The absolute best guaranteed way to stay poor for life  is to shell out kids with no way to pay for them. Bailing them out [welfare] won’t fix it.  Some people only learn when life’s lessons hit them hard and the suffering is real.


The huge flag at Truman between Duval and Simonton Streets. 

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“Every Rectal Thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested and then sanitized.” That’s something to think about! I wonder what their want ad says when looking for a tester, “Squeal like a piggy!”

Florida Keys and Key West Seafood Festival Saturday, January 19th from 11 am to 8 pm. Link


[Flagler Centennial] 100 years of railroads in the Fla. Keys. Link

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary will hold a public meeting of the Sanctuary Advisory Council inKey West,Fla., on Tuesday, Dec. 11. Bulletin Board

Now this is a car ride, gotcha! Link


Impossible means you haven’t figured that out yet.

[Legalizing Marijuana] The conversation in Florida has begun. Link

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “How come whenever there is something good some people just can’t accept it for what it is so they try to make it something bad” Some people see reality and do not live in pink bubbles.  Life is not blue and yellow ribbons, but blood and guts in the real world. Wake up!

 Four ways to keep from getting that dreaded DUI.
1. Paint your car like a taxi, they never stop taxis.
2. Buy a black Mercedes Benz with a cross on the hood.
3. At night, never turn your lights on, this always works.
4. Pass out in the bar, they will toss you into the local lock up and you’ll get a free bath & breakfast.

Three horrible facts: Today is not Friday, tomorrow is not Friday, even the day after tomorrow is not Friday.

My ex is living proof as to how stupid I can be.


That’s no mistake, this store’s got it right. If you want to feel healthy and want your woman to look beautiful buy a lot of wine.


Radio Shack on Big Pine Key now has the new iPod, iPod Mini, iPhone 5 and the Kindle Fire HD!

The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce presented Big Pine & the Lower Keys Island Art Festival 2012. Over 1,000 visitors enjoyed the beauty of this natural key on a day of perfect weather and listened to live music provided by top Keys performers Brian Roberts, Andrienne, Michelle Dravis & Robert Douglass, Ray West, KeyRazy and the Bob Hall Show coordinated by local favorite Brian Roberts, thank you Brian. This lively open-air festival was held on the chamber grounds at mile marker 31, Big Pine Key and attractions included exhibits and booths featuring the original work of artists and craftsmen, a children’s corner with treats and holiday craft activities for young attendees, special artistic demonstrations, a presentation by FAVOR (Friends and Volunteers of the Refuge) and tasty foods and beverages providing an opportunity to enjoy the tranquil natural atmosphere that characterizes the Lower Keys. Artwork donated by the vendors was raffled throughout the day and admission and parking were free. Many locals and visitors alike came out for this holiday shopping extravaganza to pick up unique Christmas gifts that embody the beauty of the Keys.  The hit for the children’s corner was their artistic coconut painting!  Thank you to our volunteers Karen Chesley, Marie Boyett, Kathy Talcott, Cathy Crane and Captain Lenny Svetin for selling raffle and 50/50 tickets, tending the Pepsi Mobile, breakdown, setup, and for providing ice and lending a hand wherever needed.  Thank you to Lower Keys Chamber Directors  Judy Rowley,  Joe Britz, Steve Miller, Keys Kelly Kline, Leslie Valant and Sheila Cantler for cheerfully manning booths, setting up tents, tables, and of course breaking down and cleaning up after the Island Art Festival.  A special thank you to Sheila Cantler of Centennial Bank for providing the Hospitality Wagon and fulfilling your “sweat equity” cooking hot dogs and hamburgers.

This event was sponsored by  Centennial Bank, Jess Von Dee Studioz, Capital Bank, First State Bank,  Royal Plus, Inc., Big Pine Key & Florida’s Lower Keys -The Florida Keys & Key West Monroe County Tourist Development Council,  News-Barometer, Pepsi Refreshment Services, Waste Management of the Florida Keys,, The Real Yellow Pages and All Keys Gas.  Thank you very much for making this event possible.

Google estimates that by the end of the decade they will have digitalized all of mankind’s books.
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I see that swing going through the window back there as soon as that kids get old enough to move it.

Marijuana is currently designated an illegal Schedule 1 drug by the federal government. Under both state and federal law, a substance is relegated to this category when the government determines: The drug has no accepted medical value; the drug has a high potential for abuse; and the drug cannot safely be used under the care of a physician. has an easy to use, editable, sign and send letter to the incoming Leadership of the Florida House and Senate to inform them that you support medicinal use of cannabis and the Attorney General removing cannabis from Florida’s Schedule 1. Please click the above link to send an email to the Leadership.


US Air flight out of Key West Friday hit a turkey vulture, damages wing and limps to Ft Meyers. Nothing in the paper about this, but it made the news up north. Link

Community Service Department compiled by Sue Heim.  Monroe County Board of County Commissioners 2012-2013  Business Directory > Government 

Whistleblower Bradley Manning was kept in solitary confinement for about a year in a 6×8 cell because the Marines didn’t like him and wanted to punish him. That is why we need whistleblower protection. Support free speech even if you don’t agree with the people involved.

Another anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy assassination comes and goes. As a twelve-year-old boy, I simply didn’t know what was going on. I saw through my parents and other adults a deep mourning that still lives with me.

Yes, I was 6. I cried for days but really didn’t understand why. I do now, that was the day the Industrial Military Complex took over our nation. 

The MSM(?) has all but dropped any mention of the assassination of a man who led us to the moon (from the grave). One can only wonder what other greatness he would have led us to. There’s no one is politicks today with his vision or leadership capabilities. 

[Obama Still Bad] “Obama’s Soviet Mistake’ in which the author unabashedly labels theU.S.president a “Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so.” The author, Xavier Lerma, goes on to note how Obama’s “cult of personality” has mesmerized the ignorant in America, who will follow the hope and change icon in much the same way as ”fools” still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Link


Does GOP really translate to Group of Pessimists? 

Support Bradley Manning & freedom of speech. Link


[Good News Dept] Retail sales on Black Friday were up 28% over last year.

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From the Right

We’re starting to hear some rumblings about the Presidents 2013 budget. Just for today, let’s forget about our opinions on how much he wants to spend and how and where. Just for today let’s think about our debt. If you believe the Presidents numbers, his budget will spent about 7% of our entire federal expenditures as interest payments on our national debt. If you believe our Presidents numbers we will pay $248 billion dollars just on interest alone for our national debt. Please remember that pays not a penny to reduce the size of our debt.

Ponder that, $248 billion that neither reaps nor sows. $248 billion dollars that does not a damned thing except pay rent for the money that bought something or someone from the past. That someone or something was purchased with money we didn’t have then and we don’t have now.  That $248 billion will not decrease; it will only increase as he relentlessly jacks up our debt. Deer Friends that $248 billion in interest payments is more than he is budgeting for Education ($72B), Housing and Community ($62B), International Affairs ($42B), and Energy and Environment ($36B) combined. Frankly, I’m not sure that we can trust the numbers I quoted, they come from  That heart and soul of that organization are very liberal folks. I suspect that the facts are much more dire than I’ve written.

In defense of Mr. Obama, perhaps he will pay down our debt from the proceeds on his class warfare with the “rich”.  Nope, that won’t work, it can’t work. First on all, our debt is now in excess of $16 trillion dollars, and nearly certainly will soon go much higher.  The money Obama demands be seized from the wealthy is only a tiny fraction of our debt, about .05%.  Mr. Obama tells us that he expects to rake in an additional $70-80 billion in the first year from punishing the “rich”. That probably will decline in oncoming year as the number of “wealthy” folks declines. He and his have decided that that sum is their “fair share”.  So, that won’t work because that amount is less than a third of next year’s interest payment. In fact, the cash that he is robbing from the rich would only run our government for about a week.

Did you know that we are rapidly approaching our debt limit.  That limit was purposefully set so that it would not occur until after the elections. Watch for our liberal legislators and our President to  attempt to jack up our debt limit even higher.  Do you realize that the Democrats are steadfastly refusing to even discuss cuts in federal spending? If we are ever to get out of this mess that Obama et al have mired us in, we’ve got to take long knives to federal spending.

The election is over, the talking is done. My party lost, your party won. So let us be friends, let arguments pass. I’ll hug my elephant, you kiss your ass.

Part 2) On Sunday we visited Springer’s. The place gets better every time we go there. There was a good bar crowd and nice crowd in the restaurant side. I had the Key West Chicken pot pie. It was full of chicken chunks, potatoes, carrots, etc, topped with a great flakey crust. The sauce was damned near perfect. It was 4.5 stars. Mrs. FTR had a cheeseburger, she rated it as a 5. It’s a big juicy half pound burger. The fries were crisp/creamy and hot.  The drinks were great, the service could not have been friendlier or efficient (thanks Natalie). Springer has finally got the new sign installed, and when it’s properly lit will be a good draw. Many folks were enjoying the perfect evening by eating and drinking on the patio. Springer is fully committed to making his first foray in the hospitality business a rousing success. He aims to make Springer’s the latter day CHEER’S of Big Pine Key.  He’ll get ‘er done.  As an aside, there was a bad wreck on the curve Sunday afternoon, fortunately no injuries. The occupants of one car were tourists heading for Key West.  The wreck left them stranded. Springer invited them in and gave them sodas (they didn’t drink, (oh well nobody’s perfect) and Springer arranged for his manager to take them on to Key West.  That’s a good guy and a good host.



What a debacle continuing on No Name Key (NNK) and its so called “electrification.” It’s amazing that so many intelligent people are sleeping, or, hopefully, will be with the dinosaurs! Very soon, perhaps even now depending on the cost of electricity in this area, solar technology will be more economically cost effective than traditional forms of electrical production. Countries all over the world are leading the way towards a green economy. Germany is incredible! Unfortunately lobbying by the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries in our country are hindering progress. The same can be said for those proponents of “electrifying” NNK with the endangered, traditional form of power. What were these brilliant folks thinking, or not, to begin with when they chose to stake their claim on No Name Key?! Was money the bottom line as in most speculating?

This is an excellent documentary on the fast-breaking solar technology revolution. Video