2012 November

Monday, November 26, 2012


No Name Key. Take those big ass ugly poles off NNK. You will not be getting power anytime soon, if ever. BOCC is protecting all of us and will fight you with our tax dollars for as long as it takes. Money well spent. This should teach a lesson to anyone who feels that money can get what ever he wants.  Monroe County could be involved in many lawsuits for giving you power. Federal funds could be held up or cut off completely from Monroe County. This could also set a precedent for power in many other protected areas. You guys knew this before you came down here to show the local hicks how it’s done up north.  I have said in the past that I don’t have a dog in this fight. I was wrong.  I do. I don’t like you. I think you are a bunch of bullies. You may have a lot of money, but you don’t have a leg to stand on. 

Barrier homes may get power. Link

[Kindness] My wonderful neighbor replaced the battery in my car. What a great guy!

[Black rotary phones] Many years ago my sons were Boy Scouts in a troop in Palm Harbor, FL.There was a periodic problem with one parent or another not showing up to retrieve their scout when the meeting was over. The Scoutmaster would call or have the orphaned scout call the missing parent. If no answer the scoutmaster would take the scout home with him to await the frantic parent’s call looking for their missing son.

One time while waiting for an errant parent, the scoutmaster told the scout to go call his parents to come get him. After a long wait, the bewildered scout returned to the meeting room saying the phone didn’t work or he didn’t know how to use it. You guessed it – a rotary phone and he’d never seen one and had no idea how to use it.  Times do change! 

[Scam of the Day] My name is Anthony Duke, a personal attorney to an foreign national and a consultant with Oil firm, Delta Oil & Gas Inc: (Now deceased) He died in the ocean disaster on 26th December 2004. Years ago, My Client successfully executed a contract for the Federal Government worth Eighteen Million Three Hundred Thousand dollars. A part payment of Nine million dollars was paid to my client, while the balance of Nine million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars was still unpaid before he died in the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster. However, all my efforts to locate his possible next of kin proved abortive. Until his sudden demise, He was not married and was 38 years.

The new elected Government is fully paying all foreign contractors who have successfully executed their contracts and my client is among those benefited in this first quarter payment schedule which has already been deposited in his bank. His bank has officially notified me to forward particulars of my client’s next of kin within the next 14 working days so that he/she can be paid the outstanding Nine Million Three Hundred Thousand dollars otherwise his payment will be diverted to the government coffers account as unclaimed bill.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating any of his relatives after several years, I decided to contact you for a deal so that we can work together as a team to remit the money to your account as my client next of kin since I do not want to seat and watch my client hard earned entitlement to go astray.

Once I hear from you we shall discuss more of the details and the sharing ratio of the fund. kindly reply strictly with your personal Telephone number for effective communication and oral clarification on how to proceed next.


[Did I Say That Out Loud?] By 2009, James Washington believed he had gotten away with a 1995 murder, but then he had a heart attack, and on his deathbed, in a fit of remorse, he confessed to a confidant. “I have to get something off my conscience,” he told a guard in the jailhouse where he was serving time for a lesser, unrelated offense. However,Washington miraculously recovered from the heart attack and tried to take back his confession, but prosecutors in Nashville,Tenn., were unfazed. They used it to augment the sparse evidence from 1995, and in October 2012 the now-healthier Washington was convicted of the murder and sentenced to 51 more years in prison.

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I swear there was a little of Jack Frost on my window just at first light this morning. I know it looks like a dirty window, but when the sun came up it was nice and clean.



Sometimes I look at people and start singing “If Only I Had A Brain”.

[“84 percent of homeless families are headed by a single mother”] Why are you so angry? I am a single mother and I know if I did not buy my termite infested trailer over 20 years ago I would probably be out on the street myself. It is hard making a life in the world any more, especially if you are single, then adding to it a young life that you are responsible for, as the father is a total loser in turning his back on the child they created. 

I moved away from the Keys for 2 years, and top dollar pay  out there in FL was $10 an hour. No wonder we had such a housing crisis. Who can afford a home on that type of salary, especially as a single mom. Our social issues go deeper than drugs and alcohol, and they include you, my angry friend. I don’t know what makes you so bitter, but I will pray for you and hope you have a change of heart.



Life is constantly interfering with my happy hour.

[Marathon Journal]
1.      The News-Barometer article about rabbits was quite good. Apparently, sea level rise affects the number of rabbits. Now that is scary, because rabbits have been known to procreate in large numbers. Respect:Australia’s problem with rabbits brought over fromEngland. With no natural predator, rabbits were everywhere like Star Trek’s “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode. 
2.      Well, the prophecy that the world ends 12.21.2012 is coming up fast. What does one do to prepare for this apocalyptic horror? I would make fun of this except for the prospect that this is really going to happen. 
3.      I used to be an Apple skeptic. Their closed systems lock one into only Apple products. Then the iPad 4 came out and proved to be a good buy. I could show prospective advertiser how their ad would look. Then the MacBook Pro came out. That is Apple’s ultra thin laptops. That is my Christmas and birthday gift to myself. My birthday is December 27th, so Christmas is double the fun. Oh, I’ve fallen in love with the iPhone 5. January my last two-year contract with AT&T expires giving me a very low price on the iPhone 5. My custom-built computer system cannot be matched to a similar Apple product.
4.      Another anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy assassination comes and goes. As a twelve-year-old boy, I simply didn’t know what was going on. I saw through my parents and other adults a deep mourning that still lives with me.
5.      Happy 13th birthday to the City of Marathon. As far as I can ascertain, there won’t be a celebration this year. While there was an effort to keep doing the celebration, the celebration couldn’t match the first year success. I would like to be wrong and a birthday party for the city takes place soon. 
6.      Just who decided that blue is for boys and pink is for girls? Really, I want to know why. Why did God invent eyebrows? Was God playing some kind of joke? God had more important things to do than paint eyebrows on Adam and Eve. Interesting what if’s though. You got any George Carlin conversations. 


7.      Marlin Bay will soon try to finish that ambitious project. With middle-income housing getting harder and harder to obtain, rental or ownership, the eight units built for working-class families should have Certificate of Occupancy. So we can get back our valuable workforce families.
8.      There is decidedly less stuff going on, except the Holidays. Nothing to make fun of has made a bullet point number 8 quite difficult. Happy Holidays, I guess. ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US


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Today in 1789, the United States observed a day of Thanksgiving declared by George Washington in celebration of the new Constitution.

Once I picked up a homeless girl off the street. She had no money so I took her home and washed all of her clothes. Got drunk and high. Got laid. Slept for a few days. Gave her some pizza and warmer clothes and bus fare back home to someplace. Drove her to the terminal. We were hippies. We did stuff like that all the time. 




[Proverb] If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Couple are closer after life-changing cancer battles. Link
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Free snow flakes on your desktop. You can adjust if from flurries to a storm. Link



Larry Hagman (1931-2012) was JR on Dallas to most, but to me he’s forever astronaut Major Nelson on “I Dream of Jeannie”



Has anyone on Big Pine had a problem with the IRS and used one of the tax help services and had good results, that they would recommend?

With the sewer tax extended, infrastructure work moves up list taking money away from the sewers just as taxpayers feared. Link

[Capt Doom and Gloom] People forget, when you run for office and collect backing money, you get to keep it if it is over a certain amount, and that amount can be millions.  What more fun way to satisfy your ego and “earn” a fortune in only a few months. Wake up fools and apply the hydrocortisone!

Would it not be a slap in the kisser if some illegal alien won the 1/2 billion Power Ball and skipped out with the money or worse to the Middle East?

“FTR guy. makes himself look ridiculous” The only thing that is ridiculous is the static you dumb dems give FTR. Not one of you say anything constructive about anything, but ridicule someone with the balls to speak up. Please close your closet door!

If the posters on this CT are a direct resemblance of the American public, we is in deep s**t for sure!

“After No Name Key powers up”  All the development permits are being had by the hotel chains and resort builders for NNK until the next issue in the county, right?

“Ordering up a bunch of silly Bubba Projects” Well, that is what they do, they keep you poor and they keep themselves happy  in their leather chairs laughing at us.  How does slavery feel, fool?

“Restoring the old Seven Mile Bridge” Anything to waste our freaking money. Get the damn sewers done and done cheap before you rape us of more of our hard earned wages. Politicos stink.

90% of the homeless are illegals sucking up the free lunches the bleeding heart losers provide through welfare and other charities. Bring back the Law of the Jungle: You do not work you do not eat.

Seems we are now in a Food war considering how the markets are raping our wallets so we can eat. What is next, the Weather War? The Marketing War? The Germ War? The Sterilizer War? The Religion War? The DNA War? What ever happened to the words peace & love?  Too many people.

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[Homeless Art Show] Actually, only one shaman, me, claimed to be a shaman. However, the inspiration for Hidden In Plain View was Erika Biddle’s, the hard work was hers, I was just a bit player; and I was who told Erika she is a shaman, to her shock, as she had no clue; and I was who published that Erika is a shaman, without telling her I was going to do it.

As far as I know, no one who contributed money to the exhibition made a penny back from it. As far as I know, the few who did contribute money understood there was no profit in it for them or for any organization they represented. Obviously, the people who were deeply involved, Erika, photographers SheelMan and Ralph de Palma, and the financial contributors, including me, received “free advertising”. Perhaps they will somehow profit from that. Perhaps not.

I can’t help but wonder, though, if this attack was fueled mostly, or totally, by the author of the attack knowing I was tangentially involved late in the event. Homeless people were presented, finally, as real people, instead of as a one-sided circus act so often panhandled on the Coconut Telegraph and in The Key West Citizen in articles, Citizen’s Comments, letters to the editor. More than this author can possibly know, I know how truly awful homeless people can be. More than this author can possibly know, I know how truly beautiful homeless people can be. More than this braveheart, anonymous, author can possibly know, I know how truly like the worst homeless people he is underneath his self-righteous mainstream disguise.

[Old phones] wonder how many people who call themselves local ever used the old cypress exchange to make a call?




Resonant chamber music a la computer graphics. Link

[Sewer Tax] That’s it, after the iGate strongly worded letter in the file fiasco, and now with the ink barely dry on the election results, there is already talk of diverting the sales tax extension funds to some Bubba projects,  it is time to broom the whole County Commission at the next election, and get rid of all their fellow travelers while we are at it.

Never ask a drunk bigger than you why all his six kids look different.



The world will end in 27 days on December 21. Dress appropriately for the temperature change.

 [“Turn signal on for a curve”] Fear not, the other evening I tried to use my keyless remote to open my house door, thankfully I was alone.


Worldwide anti-dolphin slaughter, whale hunt rallies this weekend. Link

Organic farmers slam GMO-friendly USDA report. Link

[Homeless Art Show] How come whenever there is something good some people just can’t accept it for what it is so they try to make it something bad.


[Jitterbug] This 17 yr. old boy sure can dance. Link

Here is your printable Key West Film Festival schedule. Link

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[Portal Tree] Don’t mess with time!

Links for the Vet who posted prior concerning Agent Orange. Link 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Prostate Cancer is just one of the many cancers linked to Agent Orange and the maze of other defoliants used in the Vietnam war. The list is long. Agent Orange is a catchall phrase for all of the chemicals used. Do not let the VA buffalo you. File your claim and seek help from your American Legion Post, VFW, and local County Veterans Representatives. You will need your DD214 showing service. AO was also used in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Limited spraying also occurred in Korea. Service in Cambodia and Laos is harder to prove, since “we were never there”, and all records were destroyed in 1975.

I have many Vietnam Veteran Brothers battling Agent Orange caused cancers.

[Events] A  Lignumvitae Key Christmas boat ride into the past Dec.1st; 
Quit smoking program, call to register. 
Monday Womankind in K.W.



Christmas cookie recipes. Link

4 2 0    HERE ( I don’t smoke pot, that’s my credit score)(?)


To all of my Republican friends. If any of you are getting any grief from a liberal right now, just share with them this poem someone sent to me.

The election is over, the talking is done.
My party lost, your party won.
So let us be friends, let arguments pass.
I’ll hug my elephant, you kiss your ass.

Thanks FTR from this Conservative Canadian (recovering liberal) whose voice is often drowned out for succinctly stating once again that gutter racism isn’t the lone preserve of angry white crackers. Nicely done.

Mitt Romney lost his home state. Paul Ryan lost his home state and county, Mitt also lost the State he was Governor in. Those voters knew what would happen if Mitt won. It really is that simple.

Why was there an Israel-Gaza war in the first place? Resistance to the occupation, say Hamas and many in the international media. What occupation? Seven years ago, in front of the world,Israel pulled out of Gaza. It dismantled every settlement, withdrew every soldier, evacuated every Jew, leaving nothing and no one behind. Except for the greenhouses in which the settlers had grown fruit and flowers for export. These were left intact to help Gaza’s economy – only to be trashed when the Palestinians took over.

Hamas a truce — hudna — is simply a tactic for building strength for the next round. It is never meant to be enduring, never meant to offer peace. But why, given that there is no occupation of Gaza anymore? Because Hamas considers all of Israel occupied, illegitimate, a cancer, a crime against humanity, to quote the leaders of Iran, Hamas’s chief patron and arms supplier. Hamas’s objective, openly declared, is to “liberate” — i.e., destroy — Tel Aviv and the rest of pre-1967 Israel. Indeed, it is Hamas’s raison d’etre. ~Charles Krauthammer – Washington Post

The Republican’s loss started with the Tea Party stealing the Republican Party away from the Center. That’s similar to what the Moral Majority did in 1979. Americans don’t want extremism from either the Right of the Left.We want united states.

[Global Warming] Nearly 200 countries meet in oil-and gas- rich Qatar for annual talks starting Monday on slowing global warming.

Ironically Republicans still are in denial about this issue along with many other issues and that’s why they lost the election.



Migraine treatment under ObamaCare. Link

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From the Right

Last Friday a poster blasted the Tea Party and “Republicans” for allegedly dissing Gov. Christie for working with and complimenting Obama after Sandy. We all know that the post-election major media news was all a-twitter with variations on that theme.  But, when you look back on it and try to find precisely which Republicans supposedly dissed Christie, you’ll be surprised.  Romney didn’t. Ryan didn’t. Damn few in Republican leadership did. The supposedly dispositive story about the theme is in the NYT.

But that story does not cite any Republican, by name, except Robert Murdock, as slamming Christy.  Even that nugget only talks of a private conversation between Christie and Murdock. Among other news outlets, I watch FOX news. None of the reporting on the issue slammed Christy, it simply reported the facts. Certain FOX commentators that I saw voiced their opinion that Christie was too effusive in his praise of Obama. In its news shows, FOX, as usual, gave straight reportage. The dispositive reporting on the matter comes from a NYT story. That item only talks about shadowy “big donors”, and shadowy “Republicans” as slamming Christie.

On the other hand,  in fact,  the NYT reports that Mr. Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, emphasized that Mr. Christie did “exactly what a governor should do” in a crisis.” 

That sure as hell is not critical of Christy. The NYT story does even mention the Tea Party. The NYT is, of course, a huge supporter of Obama and liberal causes in general. Nonetheless even that story does not report any specifics of any alleged Republican savaging of Christy. No one criticizes Christie’s acknowledging the role that Obama and FEMA played, but rather only of the Christie “gush” factor. There is no slamming of Christy to be found for his acknowledging the work of Feds and the interest of Obama in the tragedy.  The only beef is how much over the top it was. Let’s face it; Christy nearly gave a big wet kiss to Obama and offered him his first born.

Then there is the fact that the optics of Obama, finally acting Presidential, in the aftermath of Sandy, won him many, many votes. But, that was not Christy’s fault it was just the luck of the draw. Until Sandy, Romney had momentum and the momentum was rising.  After Sandy, it ended.  So, it was either Sandy, or some other factor, you choose. Christie, while he didn’t help, was not to blame.  


So are the 43 homes on No Name Key going to get electricity or not? I read one article which said that some power line poles had already been put up.