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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsSince 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday through Friday by Noon.

We are Monroe County.
We are the people.  Many of us have served the visitors, tourists and winter residents one way or another  over the years. Without us there is nothing.  We pay the taxes, we bring in the money. We are the reason the money is available for a top notch Central Sewer System.  The money is not for other projects. How dare these arrogant people assume that a dozen or so should benefit  and the rest of us pay the price as they break the law, break peoples spirits and destroy the environment and everything we have worked so hard for.It is time to get the people who dont care  about what we want out of here.  It is time to get the people working on their own agenda out of here.  Those of you who have payed attention have a good idea what is going on.  Remember this when you vote.  Enough is enough.
[Season Changes] Do you know how to tell it’s turning to the Fall season in the Keys?  By the color of the license plates going by.
[“Round house on Cudjoe”] We bought land in Puerto Rico and after a lot of research decided to build a Deltec Home. It’s not round, but multi-sided with 8 foot fronts on each side. The interior can be structured to be totally open, or there can be a beam placed up the center. In either case, the structure has been found to successfully survive major hurricanes and earthquakes (not a big deal here in the Keys). Once completed, they’re very attractive homes that exceed building codes. We opted out of living in Puerto Rico for other reasons, but if this is a Deltec home, the owners have made a good decision. If you really want to learn about them, go to their website. Link
[“Easement for the sewer hookup”] I didn’t sign the form and recently received a letter saying I would have to pay the entire cost to have the sewer (grinder pump) installed and pay the total cost of maintenance.I do wonder if they’d give me my $4,5000 sewer fee back? If they would I would probably break even.
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yawn smiley face
When I yawn
do the deaf people think I am screaming?
[Nudity] Just about every year after Fantasy Fest there are workshops on how to stop nudity at the festival. There have been workshops for thirty years and titties still abound, thank goodness!
[Cuban Embargo] The U.N. General Assembly voted Tuesday for the 23rd year in a row to condemn the U.S. commercial, economic and financial embargo against Cuba. The symbolic vote passed 188-2, with only the U.S. and Israel voting against it. Three nations abstained: Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. General Assembly resolutions are unenforceable but the vote has given Cuba an annual stage to demonstrate the isolation of the U.S. on the embargo.
The ultimate off-road motorcycle that you can pack in a suit case. A fat tire that goes anywhere–and you can lift it yourself! Video
[Ebola] I hope every hospital down here has a designated isolation room or area and some of the basic Hazmat gear on hand and is practicing how to use it all.
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Insane choreography
and drone camera work!  “I Won’t Let You Down”  Music Video
Can I keep my money in my Roth IRA forever or is there a certain age that I must close it?
[“Round House on Colson”] Sorry poster, stating the house will be a high risk category is wrong. Just the opposite. These types of homes are essentially storm proof. And the insurance companies know it. Do your homework.
[Crazy World] Two teenagers were suspended from a school in Taunton for posting on Facebook a picture of them holding Airsoft guns. Link
I would agree with Tuesday’s poster. It is easy to spend another taxpayer’s money, especially if that taxpayer is an out-of-state property owner without the tax caps.
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[Halloween Pet Protection] One of the big things I think about is the dogs who may know the neighborhood kids, but may not know them in costume.  It can go bad real fast.
People, enough about the round house. There’s lots of them all over the Keys. It isn’t a new thing. When they build one out of Budweiser beer cans, then that might be new, but I’m not even sure about that!
[“Round houses on each side of the highway on Little Torch”] They aren’t round houses. They are geodesic domes and quite different than a round house.
puking pumpkin
An appropriate carved pumpkin for the Keys.
[Everglades Flow] Dear Governor Rick Scott, You are going to lose this election if you do not step up and tell the people of Florida that Lake Okeechobee water will finally flow south despite the tons of money the Big Sugar Czars is giving you. I am serious and I mean it that this is the factor that will lose your bid for reelection.
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[Hazmat Costume] Well that didn’t take long.
The average water level in my canal has risen significantly over the last 30 years. How is your canal doing?
[Wounded Warrior Charity] Have you seen the commercial where the wife is crying and weeping about the wonderful help her wounded warrior is receiving from this “charity”. Well, they just got busted for fraud. One of the only charities that gives all the money to the intended recipients is St Jude’s Hospital. I just saw it on a national list recently published about charity fraud.
Hurricane proof dome
home. Note: this is not a geodesic dome. Link
[Apartment For Rent] Little Torch Key, MM 28. Furnished 1 bedroom efficiency for a working person. Separate bath and entrance. No perfumed product use. All natural. A/C. Good location. Private drive. Long term. No pets. $750. a month includes utilities $400. deposit. For more  information Classified Ads > For Rent
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[Authority on who’s a local] “Pirate radio” Mr and Mrs Local? Really? If your picture is not in a high school year book from Homestead to Key West then you’re not local, you’re a transplant and never will be a local. If you’re from North of the Mason-Dixon Line complaining about the stuff that’s been here for 3 generations or more you’re a carpetbagger. If you build a round house and twist a ton of carpetbaggers’ panties in a wad, your my hero!
[“900 bases in 153 countries”] It’s no wonder we are hated around the world.
The Lower Keys Property Owners Association is having its first covered dish and members’ meeting of the new season. Monday, November 3. BYOB/appetizers, 6:00 p.m. dinner, 6:30 p.m. meeting, 7:00 p.m. this year the LKPOA is going to provide a Christmas decorated hall for rental use. If you are a business or have a large group that might be interested in renting the hall please contact Barb Hormuth at Events
You know, sometimes I think Republicans and Democrats are just different cheeks on the same butt.
Classic Western starring Brian Cox and Michelle Fairley. The Shootist is John Bernard Books, the last surviving top gunfighter in a vanishing American West. Listen
[“Gun Nut Teens”] Not only is every thing a teenage boy has decorated with death heads, etc, but have you looked at their t-shirts? All death, blood and violence. No wonder they grab dad’s gun and act out their fantasy.
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I looked into building a geodesic dome when I moved to Big Pine years ago when they were popular. I visited a person who built one. The man said don’t! Heat is trapped in the overhead portion and furniture doesn’t fit anywhere.
Britain an El Dorado for migrants. More free benefits than the US offers. This excess human population is struggling to survive. Link
I love sushi as long as it is well done.
alibaba logo
is the new Wall Street darling (BABA). The China retail giant’s stock just cracked the $100 stock price yesterday. I went to their website and it appears that they only sell items in lots of thousands! How are they supposed to threaten if you can’t buy single items? Am I missing something? Is there another website for single items? Link (Ed: is their US website)
[“Roundhouse jealousy”] There is no jealousy. Odd buildings don’t fit established neighborhoods and reduce property values of existing homes. That’s all.
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insense pope
A common superstitious belief among the religious is that incense chases away bad spirits. Another is that bell ringing does the same thing and yet another is that if you turn a ‘prayer’ wheel each revolution will keep away the boogie man. In India noise keeps away evil spirits. Uh ha.
[“Taka sushi chef at WD”] His sushi is always fresh and delicious. Every day he has a fresh complimentary soup. Umm, umm good!
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
Keep in mind when you use the Cloud for backup, you are giving your data away!
playboy bunny blue
The University of Montreal has found that men who had sex with more than 20 women lower their prostate cancer risk. Phew, I just made the cut (get it?). Link
[“Round house madness”] I knew a guy who lived in a round house, he went crazy. He couldn’t find a corner to pee in!
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[“Roundhouse jealousy
“] I don’t think people are jealous of someone building an unconventional house in their neighbor; they are worried that it won’t blend in and will destroy the aesthetics of the area. The McMansions that are popping up around the country are creating a similar problem. Link
[“The old days”] Remember when people loved the Keys and were very accepting and tolerant of all things?
[Voting] I don’t think there is anything wrong with requiring a picture ID to vote. They are easily acquired by going to a police station and asking. It will stop illegal voting.
faucet pipe drip
In the years 2011 through 2013 FKAA lost between 20% and 23% of the water that left the treatment plant for distribution to the Keys. That gives us one more clue why water costs so much here. What’s worse is if more than a fifth of the water goes missing every year, how much raw sewage will be lost on the way to the treatment plant?
Why didn’t you post the e-mail address of the person that bashed Gary Schwartz ? I want to know who we are dealing with. (Ed: FTR’s email is and he always welcomes your responses and comments, but why don’t you do like everyone else does and post your response right here on the Coconut Telegraph.)
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an racist
I wonder if any of those FTR bashers or other Democrats who think we are doing so well read the speech Mrs. President gave the other day. She kept telling people to get out the vote, they are not like “us”, they don’t think like us: they don’t look like us. Guess to whom she was addressing those non-racist words? A large Afro-American group near Philadelphia (city of brotherly love). I guess racist is in the eye of the listener. If a Presidents wife can say these things to a large group, I guess there is no hope for unifying the country. Makes me glad I am 80, but I am sorry for my grandkids and great grandkids.
[“Mosquito Control”] ‘Extensive vetting process’ my ass. Gov Scott appointed the Republican. Mr Schwartz must have been ‘the enemy party’.
[Republicans and Democrats] Republicans in Congress create their legislation without bringing in Democrats, Democrats’ Obama says “elections have consequences”, translated “My way or the highway”, Valerie Jarrett says, “we know who our enemies are and after the election, we are coming after you”, and Harry Reid blocks any discussion on legislation. Americans need to realize that they are being “played” by both major political parties – either the major political parties learn to get along or get out of the way for a new political party that puts the American people first.
It is about time someone has revealed a breakthrough in new modern day thinking, as has been shown by that stalwart group of posters , namely those on the left side of the aisle, if one has carefully dissected the Democratic position and after extremely studied the pros. and cons and still differs from their thinking, the reason can not be because of past experiences and results from such programs, NO, it has to be because of hate for Obama more than likely brought on by that old canard, the race card or some other well thought out reason.
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My impression of Republicans is that if they can’t have it their way they’ll obstruct and try to bring our nation to it’s knees by shutting government down. The call themselves patriots!
It is rather odd…that Ronald Reagan took advice from an astrologer. Not as odd though, as putting an anti-American, Marxist community organizer who suckled at the teat of terrorists and race baiters in the White House. Twice.
[Immigration reform] The only reason the Republicans are blocking immigration reform is because it will be a major benefit to our country and they don’t want Obama to get credit for it. As soon as there’s a Republican President we’ll have reform.
from the right
The FKMCD (the mosquito control district) board members are elected county wide, but serve specific districts. Incumbent and candidate Phil Goodman serves Dist. 2. Tom McDonald is a candidate for the FKMCD Board to represent Dist. 5.

The board is made up of 5 elected persons who serve 4 year terms. They are now paid $18k-$21k per year and are required to meet only once a month for about 3-4 hours. It’s mind boggling but two long term members, Chairman Smith and Commissioner Shaw actually receive lifetime health coverage and will ultimately receive a pension.

mosquito-control-logo83hUnfortunately Commissioners are not yet term limited. Tom is committed to change that.

FKMCD candidate Tom McDonald has been a CPA since 1972, he has lived in the Keys and raised his family here for about the last 35 years. Tom has been dedicated to public service for his entire life.

He is the Past President of his local Rotary, he was the Vice Chair of the Children’s Shelter, and he has been the Chairman of the Board at Mariners Hospital. Tom has been Vice Chair of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority. He was Kiwanian of the year in North Miami Beach prior to his move to the Keys and his involvement in the Rotary. He is the Past President of the Florida Keys chapter of CPA’s, and he has been the Treasurer of many civic and church organizations.

Tom is a fiscal hawk, well versed in budget management, and armed with his skills as a CPA will be a vigilant watchdog of our tax dollars.

Tom has served on the FKMCD board in the past. At that time he served for 4 years. He chose not to run for reelection in protest of the politics of personal aggrandizement of certain Board members.

Tom was and is totally dedicated to the belief that it is the interests of the public that must be served, not the personal interests of elected officials. He attempted to bring about change, but he was consistently thwarted by two members who are still on the Board. Tom believes that it is a privilege to serve on the board, and that privilege requires public service, not a paid career position. Tom is a firm believer in term limits.

Currently board members receive a salary about $19-$21k per year. That for meeting about 3-4 hours a month. Tom will work to cut the salaries to about $7,800 or less, which is more in line with what other mosquito control districts across the state pay, Tom McDonald has said. “If people are in it for the money, they are in it for the wrong reasons.”

McDonald believes in utilizing the latest technology, not only in the war against mosquitoes but as a tool to reduce the number of staff through attrition. But he does not support cutting employees’ salaries or firing them. Tom recognizes that it is possible that genetically engineered mosquitoes might well be an immensely valuable tool in mosquito control, perhaps even a “silver bullet.” But he is very cautious on the issue, and calls for further studies, and perhaps even oversight by an outside authority.

The loss of the Navy contract for mosquito control cut FMCD revenue by about 6%. This fact should be a clarion call to all who now serve or wish to serve on the board, that FKMCD must become leaner and meaner, or the marketplace will overwhelm it.

Tom McDonald is the most qualified candidate in Dist. 5, and he is the logical choice.  He should again serve as an FKMCD Board member. The Florida Keys needs public servants with the qualifications and dedication of Tom McDonald. I hope that you will vote for him.

green card29Part 2) The union president representing 12,000 immigration service agents said Monday he is staunchly opposed to President Obama using executive action to allow millions more illegal immigrants to obtain green cards and work permits.

Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Service adjudicators and personnel, called reports about planned executive action of opening the immigration floodgates “dangerous” and said it would increase “exponentially” the health risks, threats to national security and expense to taxpayers that are on the rise because of lax enforcement of immigration laws.

In that same vein, a document, from the State Department, has just been leaked that reveals that the feel good pin heads in the White House and State Department are building and considering a plan to import Ebola patients. Yep…incredibly they are considering flying Ebola patients from Africa to the good ole US of A for treatment. Never mind that Team Obama is all tied in knots trying to deal with a very tiny number of Ebola patients that are here now. Never mind that even the CDC has stated that the risk of infection is higher than previously reported. Never mind that the cost is estimated to be somewhere way south of $500k per patient. Never mind that it is illegal. Never forget that doing so, might well put our national health at risk, but it will make some members of the Democrat base feel good. Feel very good and very righteous. At least until one of their family members gets a temp of 103, has violent vomiting and diarrhea, and in death throes bleeds from eyes and other body orifices’. Ebola victims can void 3 gallons of diarrhea in a day. Have a nice day