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[It Came From Outer Space] Tuesday night my wife called me to the kitchen window to hear a strange sound. It sounded like the hum of a flying saucer from one of those old si-fi movies. I went out to the porch to investigate and saw the cause of the hum. There were thousands of mosquitoes on the porch ceiling and at each window and door. I’ve lived here most of my life and have never seen anything like it. I’m not exaggerating, there were thousands of them!.

Texas officials say nearly 400 of the state’s 1,200 school districts are using a geography textbook that refers to slaves brought to America as “workers.”
flood15Watching the flooding in South Carolina and the stupid people who drive through the barriers posted by the authorities I’m reminded of my stupid folly. In 1973 I had a ticket to The Rolling Stones’ benefit concert for Nicaraguan earthquake victims at the Forum in L.A. that night. The problem was that I was in San Luis Obispo some two hundred miles north and due to heavy rains Highway 101 was closed! Not for me though. I was young and indestructible (and stupid). A State Trooper stopped me just as the last car in front of me was let pass. I had to see the Stones so I drove around the pissed Trooper and stupidly braved the sheet of water flowing down from the hills and across 101. At one point my van’s tires lost traction and I began to slide towards the far edge of the road. I was horrified, but at that point there was nothing I could do but keep driving. My butt was so tight you couldn’t have driven a needle up it with a sledge hammer. I made it through the worst part and made it to the concert–a great concert where Mick Jagger played solo guitar while sitting on a stool by himself for a set before the whole band played together. What a talent! What a stupid person I was!
[Disney Doubles Prices] The Disney $329 seasonal pass is now gone. Instead the pass that has no blackout dates, is now $729 for state residents. Disney says the new system was designed to offer pass holders more options. (Bull s**t. How can the public not see through their greedy lie?)
puppet girl[Conspiracy Man]  There is a small super rich and powerful group who own the world’s banks governments depend on. They hide in the shadows. People refer to them as the Illuminati, the Free Masons, The NWO, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg’s, etc. They are so well hidden in the shadows that only a handful of people know who they really are. But one thing is for sure, they are the world’s puppet masters. All those who believe that our president is making decisions on his own are mistaken. The president and capitol hill are all puppets, and do as they are told by the unknown board of directors. These people create false flag operations to convince the people to go along with what their agenda really is. We’ve never seen so many shootings in our lives as we’re seeing today. The reason why we’re seeing so many shootings is to brainwash us into believing what the media is telling us. They are on their way to create a total economic collapse in America. Before this happens, they’ll need to confiscate citizen’s guns in order to be able to lead the public to the slaughter without resistance. Depopulation of the masses should be the top of their priorities. Stop being a sheeple, and stop following the puppet leaders and their puppet masters. Video
NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to meet in Marathon.  Link


[No Pedestrians] So what is a pedestrian supposed to do, fly? The sign pollution on Big Pine is asinine. Especially the Key Deer warning signs in the fenced area. And how many no passing signs do you need when there’s double yellow stripes the length of the island?

Can you think of how much fun you’re having ridiculing our elected officials and their bureaucracy. Life would sure be dull and then who would be left? Oh, I forgot, organized religion, the pope in his funny dress, those bearded guys with the diapers on their heads–who else? You’ve got to be able to laugh at someone or you’ll be forced to watch crappy TV.
John Lennon: Verbatim marks the iconic Beatle’s 75th birthday on October 9th with a soundscape incorporating rarely heard archive interviews, poetry readings, studio outtakes and alternative recordings. Audio

I would like to advertise my upcoming yard sale this Saturday October 10th starting at 8:00 am. Early birds welcome. 29312 Coconut Palm Dr., Eden Pines, Big Pine Key, 305-872-3409

Most people don’t realize this, but if you stop yelling about your political beliefs, then the rest of us don’t have to listen to you.


Caitlin Evanson World Touring Violinist Opens Lemonade Stand Gallery & KW Sunshine Club on 10/14.

[Fish Conspiracy] The fish police keep restricting recreational fishing, blaming exessive harvest for reduced fish count. Yet they leave commercial rules as-is. (which shows it is all about taxes, not over-harvest) I was talking to an avid bonefisherman recently who says he just cannot find bones where they used to be plentiful. Nobody eats bonefish. If bonefish are scarce, it is not excessive harvest, recreational or otherwise. That is a cover for a bigger problem.


In 1948 these were the only items Gandhi left behind after his death.

[No Backup] What happens when your computer goes poof!?  There you are with 10,000 family pictures, 10,000 important documents, 10,000 names and addresses, and most important, all the games you have played–gone. Now what? If you did not back up to disks, or to another hard drive, you lost everything! It is time to cry a lot, get drunk and start over collecting x number of years of stuff to stick into your new computer. Just think if a computer fails in your hospital or your local IRS depot, or at the national social security center, all that has to happen is the big click. Without electric we are all up Shiite’s Creek. Throw that super cell phone away too.


[Meanwhile the South Carolina Redneck Coast Guard Continues The Search] In case you haven’t heard we’ve had almost two feet of rain near Charleston.

Guns are the reason we have freedom, not the government.
[Sick Transportation] Transportation – Services are working extremely well from the Keys to Miami hospitals. The Miami Dade Special Transportation Services system is operating better than I had expected.  They are very responsive to customer needs and have proven very willing to work with us. If you have clients who may qualify get the application completed as waiting until the day of need makes it tough to get services started.

Medicare/Medicaid Transportation – I recently worked with a Medicaid transportation issue. As you know the rules were changed last December and are now fully in effect. Medicaid pays for transportation.  The issue is that not all Medicaid insured Monroe County clients were moved over to an assigned provider. This means that companies like GoodWheels and Logisticare cannot transport those who do not have a provider. If your clients have a gold Medicaid card with an 8-digit control number, take the time to check if they have been moved to a specific carrier. Finding out at the moment of need makes transportation very difficult. You likely will have to start with the Agency for Health Care Administration (888.419.3456 then 2, 1, 2) and get to transportation to verify. You will need permission from your client to check. I’m new at Medicare/Medicaid, so if there is an easier way, let me know


[Dangling Boat] I planted nice new zoysia grass in a little patch near my sea wall and davits. I had to take out the concrete boat pads to rest the boat because they were spalled and crumbling, but now it looks so nice I don’t want to put them back in!  Is it out of the question to keep the boat on Davits year round? The Davits are heavy duty and in good repair. The boat has factory installed lift rings so that should not be an issue I hope.

[Judge accepts property owner associations’ right to challenge to sewer plant operations] An administrative law judge ruled today that the Cudjoe Gardens and Sugarloaf Shores property owners associations are entitled to challenge the issuance of the 2014 permits to Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority to operate the shallow injection wells at the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System treatment plant. The POAs intend to proceed with an Oct. 26 state administrative hearing while awaiting a formal response to the settlement offer they submitted last month.

The geologist engaged by the POAs pointed out that the recent aquifer test data showed that the water level in the wells moves in sync with the tides, proving there is a direct correlation between the shallow wells and surface waters.

“Our goal remains ensuring the safety of nearshore waters. Our experts conclude that if the shallow wells are to be used while the deep well is being built, there is great need to assure that the volume of flow to the shallow wells remains low and to implement monthly water quality monitoring,”  SSPOA President Chuck Licis said.

Testing shows unimpeded vertical flow and confirms that there are no geological barriers to keep the treated effluent from rising to the surface waters, according to Tierra Consulting Group, Inc. He also concluded that turbulence in the shallow wells increases the potential for rock formation erosion that could speed up transport of wastewater to surface water and also could result in a well collapse.

“FKAA’s recent well test data confirms our worst fears about the potential for pollution. Although treated wastewater has less nitrogen and phosphorous than untreated wastewater, it still carries more nutrients than the surface waters can handle. Adding this fertilizer will harm the delicate ecosystem of the Florida Keys. Wasn’t that the reason for replacing septic tanks with a sewer system in the first place?” said CGPOA President Larry Francisco.

The groups want the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and FKAA to add monthly water quality monitoring and, suspend property connections if contamination is detected. The proposed settlement would allow for limited use of the shallow wells during deep well construction and as a backup system.

With a settlement offer on the table, the POAs asked for a continuance of the Oct. 26 hearing in order to focus on negotiations, however, FKAA and Monroe County opposed.

“The case is moving forward, but we are still willing to negotiate,” Francisco said. “It’s important to note that our request to restrict flow coincides with what should occur naturally considering the slow progression of the sewer system construction. Hookup should be gradual and that will reduce the risk to the environment, but we want continued testing as a safeguard.”

The proposed settlement would also give homeowners one year to connect after the deep well is built before being subject to county enforcement.

xylitolXylitol, a sweetener made from birch bark, is deadly to dogs and some other pets says an alert from Health Sciences Institute. This sugar substitute is being used in a wide range of products from some major manufacturers. Icebreakers gum from Hershey was one mentioned. It causes a dangerous blood sugar drop in minutes and can destroy the animal’s liver in very short order says the article. This is the active ingredient in Xclear nasal spray which is just saline water and xylitol. It works great, is expensive, and you can make your own. Just don’t let the pooch get into it. Same with chocolate, but it is not as dangerous.
[Boondocks Toilets] On Monday Oct 5th, Ed Williams – Variance Coordinator for the FDOH wrote in an email: “The committee heard the application at the Oct. 1 meeting. The applicant did not attend the meeting and there were no parties present in opposition. The committee’s recommendation to the State Health Officer was denial with a 4-3 vote. I am scheduled to meet with health officer this week to go over his committee’s recommendations.”

The request was to “use the actual flow numbers instead of the estimated flows as given in Table II of F.A.C. 64E-6 and request to split flow into existing tanks and holding tanks”. How flow is calculated is addressed in 64E-6 and it specifically requires use of the table and not actual flow numbers.

At this time their combined wastewater systems are only permitted to treat 1,700 gallons per day.  When the flow is correctly calculated using the table required by the law Boondocks should be required to have a wastewater treatment system designed to treat 25,200 gallons per day.

In the Notice of Violation from July 13th stated that Boondocks uses less than 5k per day but did not provide any actual numbers to support that.  Commercial systems over 5,000 gallons per day are permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection and not the Department of Health.

The Notice of Violation also included that “Due to the addition of additional seating, Florida Statutes place your establishment in the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, (Florida Statutes Ch. 381.0065(3)(b).”

It will be interesting to see what happens next?

memory_lane_closedI’m trying to find who remembers Bow Channel Campground on Sugarloaf in 1976 to the early 80’s when John White still owned it. What a place it was! was a start, good stuff. I lived on Big Pine for 6 months back in ‘78. Also at BCC[?], and on Big Coppitt. Remember Diamond Lil’s and Ye Olde English Pub (open 24 hrs) on Big Coppitt? I loved Cocos Cantina and Goody’s pizza on Big Pine.
[“National Politics section sucks. Having to sign in and expose yourself is dangerous”] Concerning this comment you can always make a new Google email account that is fake.  Everyone should have one. It’s not a big deal.
Here are a few questions that was asked of FKAA leadership to respond to, in writing preferably, and they refused to respond. Are there knowledgeable residents out there who can respond to the following questions?
– Is the legislative ruling, Ch. 381.0065(4)(l), accurate that a residential hookup to a CR wastewater lateral can be postponed until 12/31/2020 if a single family residence that has installed a high performance (injection well NORWECO brand) domestic wastewater treatment and disposal system after July 1, 2010?
– Will the base single family monthly residential rate of $27.70 apply to homeowners that have a high performance injection well wastewater treatment and disposal system? (Assume “yes” to offset CR wastewater infrastructure and operating costs?)
– Will single family residential homes that have a high performance wastewater treatment and disposal system installed (and semi-annually/annually inspected for nitrogen, phosphorus, suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand, etc. on their property be exempt from paying the monthly base single family residential “Wastewater Flow” rate of $10.49 per 1000 gallon charge?
Is there a contact and a phone number of a person in the Lower Keys who can answer these basic questions FKAA refuses address with me? Replies and assistance important not just to me but I assume several others in the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater area who have installed after July 1, 2010 a high performance injection well wastewater treatment and disposal system.
space-monkey$200 million for an experimental sewer system. This has a lot on common with a space probe. For example, India launched a space probe that just circled Mars. Total cost? $74 million. The big difference between the experimental Cudjoe Regional Sewers and an experimental space probe is that if the rocket explodes on the launch pad, some space cadet engineer gets fired and everyone can still flush.
Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, October 17th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Find out why boats sink, and learn the different parts of a vessel. Build your own boat and see if it’s seaworthy! For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register. Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center. Link


Me and the wife in about 10 years.

[“Hall to let?”] St. Columba Episcopal Church, Elks Club, Lions Club, Lutheran Church, Methodist Church. All are in Marathon.
Redneck murders are hard to solve. There are no dental records and all the DNA is the same.
ftr5[FTR] A poster wrote: “Bang You’re Dead There have been 274 days so far this year and there have been 294 mass shootings so far this year. The Second Amendment folks don’t see any relationship that involvs guns. They think it would be easier to identify all the crazy people in America than to better regulate guns. This is truly a perverted society we live in.”

Sadly that poster is misinformed.  One can take virtually any period of months or years during the past few decades and find a series of shootings that seemed at the time to signal a new epidemic. The ‘80s were marked by a flurry of deadly postal shootings, which gave rise to the term “going postal.” The ‘90s witnessed a string of mass shootings in middle and high schools carried out by alienated adolescents with access to borrowed guns, prompting the venerable Dan Rather to declare an epidemic of school violence. The “Mass Shooting Tracker” website unilaterally redefines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people (including the assailant) are shot, but not necessarily killed. By this criterion, there have been nearly 300 thus far this year.

The most widely accepted definition of mass casualty shootings is that at least 4 persons were killed during the incident.  Analysis of data on mass shootings, the Congressional Research Service found that there are, on average, just over 20 incidents annually. More important, the increase in cases, if there was one at all, is negligible. Indeed, the only genuine increase is in hyperbole the hysteria it generates.

Please also consider that there were 750 fewer gun homicides in 2014 than there were in 2010.  During those years personal ownership of firearms has substantially increased.  Further, estimates of how many times a gun was used in self-defense range from 65k to several million times per year.  You may also wish to consider that private ownership of firearms is rapidly increasing, and crime is steadily declining. See National Politics

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