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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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cat nap[Cat napping] A poster disputed my opinion on the futility of the U.S.F.W.S. cat trapping program by stating “6000 acres is not that much territory for 4 predators to hunt”.  Maybe removing the concept from the theoretical and putting it into a physical dimension we can all visualize can clarify.  6000 acres is 9.37 square miles.  The City of Key West (all of it – from Smathers Beach to Mallory Square, from Southernmost Point to Sigsbee) is only 7.4 square miles, more than 25% smaller than the land area of the Crocodile Lake Refuge.  Again, alleging that removing the equivalent of one cat per month from an area of that size will have any real effect on the survival of any species is preposterous.  And keep in mind the “predator” about which they have such great concern is a house cat, not a cougar, lion, or cheetah which might actually cover a significant area.   ~Jerry Dykhuisen
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haunted house moon
[Haunted House Tips] “The Darkness” 3-D glasses with prism-like film diffract light so reds and yellows appear close while blues and greens seem

far away. That makes this haunt’s floor-to-ceiling clown graphics disorienting at best and full-on traumatic if you never recovered from Stephen King’s Pennywise.

[You Are What You Eat] Just think about it. People are the way they are from eating the foods they eat. If you want to look and act like a Mexican, eat Mexican foods. Same goes for Chinese, German, Jewish, Polish, Russian, Indian, African, and Polynesian foods. The idea is that all foods in an isolated area have their own DNA and if you merge DNA into a human or animal that creature will take on the DNA Rules and Regulate the next generations of off-spring with the chemicals ingested. In other words, if you ate nothing but Buffalo for all the generations of reproduction of off-spring, they will eventually turn into some weird looking creature in a few thousand births. There was a SiFi story that did just this, where a group of space explorers were starving because the planet’s sole inhabitants were one creature type and happened to look somewhat like a America Buffalo with six legs, stampeded and destroyed the campsite and provisions. The group starved until one day when a lone Buffalo walked up to them and fell over dead. They ate the buffalo of course and that turned them all into Buffalos. The ultimate defense of the planet is to turn all invaders into the inhabitants. Simple logic. Now think about junk foods.
Pass the Peace. Why not you Video
This fishing knot is easy to tie and will not slip.
[Cat Collecting] 6000 Acres–put it in proper perspective) 43560sq. Ft.= 1acre, 640Ac= 1sq. Mile. Elementary Survey 101. 6000Ac= 9.37sq miles. Easier to visualize. I’m not doubting that probably feral cats have killed and eaten KLWRs. However, consider, these rats are anatomically similar to Palm Rats we have in the lower keys. They basically live in trees. Now cats, like us they require food and Fresh Water- not salt or brackish. So they basically range within fresh water supply. They can eat a variety of local game available. So think like a cat, I have to stay within my water supply and I want to spend the least amount of energy acquiring my food supply. So do I specifically target these 6″long -1/4>1/3 lb. Rats or do I go for something closer and plentiful. When I had a problem with palm rats I went & adopted a large sized cat. The cat didn’t kill the rats but it’s spore convinced the rats to stay away. Does anyone have proof that cats are predating KLWRs? Fotos, stomach content? But this is only opinion & it’s the Internet.
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beer maid drop break
Oktoberfest in Germany
was another mass of belching and money grabbing. Most hotels quadrupled their rates and beer prices. They hit the crowds with anything they could to sell debris and junk. Now you say, Why not? Well, because if the trend is like Fantasy Fest in Keys West Florida that does the same over-pricing, the party gigs will sure as hell burn out. Who in their right mind will pay a small fortune to go to some hole in the ground just because it is supposed to be cool!? Greed is not good in the party world. Try working for a living vendors!
[Homeless Shelter] The KW City Commission accomplished absolutely squat, nada, zip, nothing, about where to put the homeless shelter.  Yeah, let’s kick the can further down the road.  NIMBY, what a great thing that is.  I think Sloan Bashinsky had the best idea, to put the homeless shelter across the street from Perry Court.  A great way to stick it to the foreign developers who want an exclusive gated community, without paying real estate taxes, who could give a shit about Key West.  And to the rest of you elite of Key West, NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY!   The shelter has to be somewhere!   How about Wisteria Island?  How about no shelter?  You’re only hiding the homeless from 11PM to 6AM when the beaches and parks are closed.  The only residents on the streets at that time are the resident drunks and drug addicts.

Dump the shelter, save the money, return to what it used to be.  Let the homeless sleep on the beach.  Are you elite using the beach at that time?  Let the unwashed, criminal, van dwellers sleep in their vans, they hurt no one.  The weird, the strange, the unusual are what made Key West what it is was. The greed, the developers, the KWPD, and the crooked commission have made it what it is.

What do you get when you say ISIS backward? My silly solution for the crisis in the world is to send the Ebola bedding to ISIS as a donation.
[“Reefer Madness”] That post was exaggeration on many levels, but the writer probably had his mind made up years ago regardless of anything he reads. People like that probably never smoked pot. Or if they did they probably smoked a pound at once or ate a whole pan of brownies and went out of their mind. Abusing pot is as bad as any other abuse. When we speak of legalizing we are not talking about abusing the drug, just getting high. Getting high is the euphoric feeling you get when smoking the right amount of pot, usually one or two tokes of today’s strong weed. Any more usually makes you paranoid or overly self-conscious for a few minutes.
There used to be nice live coral in front of Little Palm and Looe Key now there’s only rocks in front of Little Palm. There used to be a lot more fish, lobster and stone crabs in the catches, too.
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Larri Busloff Leaping Lizard Tree Service is licensed and trained in proper mangrove trimming per state requirements. He may be one of the only in Monroe County. For sure there are only a handful with the proper training and certification so ask before you let anybody cut your mangroves and keep out of trouble. This picture is of Larri topping an Australian Pine at the Truman White House in 1991 KW.
As I recall the Viet Cong or NVA never had any recon helicopters to get away in.  That’s probably one of the reasons why over one million of them died fighting us for control of South Vietnam.
[“Bagging“] If Winn Dixie didn’t have a bag boy to pack your stuff it is probably because management saw a chance to boost profits and laid him off because all the helpful customers were cheerfully doing their own bagging while hoping all would notice how swell they are.
muscle bicep pose
Health benefits of marijuana
. Link
[Help Wanted] Part time. Person to do yard work. Lawn, shrubs, etc. My equipment. Two to three hours per week. $10 per hour. Classified Ads > Help Wanted
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[China opens record breaking 4,000 ft long Bridge] Aizhai Bridge in Hunan province is 336 m (1,102 ft.) high and has a 1,176 m (3,858 ft.) span. It connects two traffic tunnels in the mountains, cutting the time needed to traverse the canyon from 30 minutes to 1 minute. Construction took five years. Work finished at the end of last year, making it the world’s longest and highest suspension bridge. Link
[Citizen of the Day Says] I loved growing up in a small community where everyone seemed to know each other.
I enjoyed the post about clotheslines. It brought back a lot of memories.
[“Bagging”] Because of the low pay and boring work, Winn Dixie cannot get their baggers to stay. Every time I go there, there are new baggers, if there are any at all!. to tell you the truth, I don’t mind bagging at all.
I felt the north wind Sunday morning too. I guess it’s time to get out our fur lined jock straps and thongs!
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interview god8
I dreamed I had an interview with God. Video
[“Step repair“] Whoever you get for your stairs, don’t get Sketter. He will take your money and you’ll never see him again. ~
I love it when someone calls out FTR on his “proof” of something he said. He always says, “I’m flattered you read these humble posts.” That’s like telling your boss thanks for noticing when he calls you an a**hole!
tree four seasons
Click each photo to see the change in season. What a neat web site. Link
[Help Wanted] I need a seamstress to create covers for sofa cushions. I have material. Lee 306.305.0588 Marathon Classified Ads > Help Wanted
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, it’s important!
Thanks for the facts on mangrove trimming. I really like the logic on using illegals to do illegal trimming. Do they negate each other or is it double jeopardy? Maybe I’ll stay with legal trimming for now. ha
In America voting for a Libertarian or any third party candidate, no matter how good they may seem, is a wasted vote. A vote that could possibly elect someone else instead of the worst guy. There’s always a worst guy in every election that people vote against. Look what happened when Ralph Nader ran, we ended up with Bush! Ralph Nader was crucial to George W. Bush’s win in 2000 against Al Gore.
A malware threat regarding your smart-phone’s flashlight app. The chart at the link shows you’re being watched—probably. Link
[Looters] I just read that the reason they were not arresting any looters in Ferguson is because the Justice Department has reclassified them as undocumented shoppers!
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lieutenant bar8
[“Suffering from PTSD–who do you think you are?“] I’m an officer!
[“Reefer Madness–pot is bad”] The person who wrote this is 100% wrong. Everything about it is untrue. 75% of the people in the U.S.A. smoke it and all of them are doing great. It’s lies like this that people who have never smoked it believe. The people who has smoked pot know the truth and all the bullshit is a lie… Just look at Colorado.
Do not go to the lab in Marathon right across the street from the Government Center. I asked them to send the result to my doctor and after a week they have not. The woman that takes the blood was rude and very short with me. She was condescending and belittled me. Since I asked about the needle she told me that I was a big baby and could not have a baby. She just seemed to be or wanted to be some place else. I will go to the hospital from now on.
adam and eve apple
[Holy Incest] According to the bible Adam and Eve were the first and only peeps.  Supposedly in the Garden of Eden.  They had two sons, Cain and Abel.  How did they populate the world without any females other than their mother Eve? I’ve always wondered about this?
[“Vietnam vet a whiner”] I would like to begin by apologizing for my “French” while commenting on this post. But I’m sick and tired of idiots posting stupid and insensitive s**t here on the C.T. as to what they consider feedback. I’m talking to you, [a combat veteran] to the coward, a**hole, piece of s**t, who dared call the Vietnam Vet a “Whiner”! Who the f**k do you think you are, and where the hell do you get off calling a vet a whiner? What the hell have you done to serve your country? I bet you haven’t done s**t. This vet, just like every other vet, went to war thinking that it was the right thing to do at the time, and even more importantly believing that he was fighting for our freedom. Then when he gets home alive, which 55,000 other American boys didn’t do, he comes home to be spit upon.

I’m not a vet, but there’s 5 generations in my family who were. My father was a medic in the Marines on Normandy D-Day invasion, and he was only 19 years old. His three older brothers were killed in the Pacific fighting the Japanese empire. My father, at such a young age saw the most horrible shit mankind can do to each other. My father was never able to tell me war stories when I was a little boy. Every time a war movie was shown on TV, his hands would begin to shake. My father died at the young age of 50 years old due to cirrhosis of the liver. His scapegoat was getting drunk until it killed him. He didn’t die in the war, but the war ended up killing him. He died when I was only 14 years old.

My brother and 6 of my cousins went to Vietnam, and 4 of my cousins came back fucked up with PTSD, and 2 came back heroin addicts. They were in their late teens to early twenties. Both my sons and 2 nephews fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were in their late teen years. Before they went off overseas, I sat them down and explained to them that they will be killing other human beings. I tried my best to prepare them for the reality of what they were about to see and experience. Because everyone goes to war believing the fantasy of what they see from Hollywood. I did my damn best to prepare them for what was coming so that it wouldn’t fuck them up mentally like it did to my other family members. I was successful in preparing them for war. Except for 1 of my nephews who took his PTSD to another level when he became a sergeant in the Marines, and would lead his crew wearing no shirt, no M-16, and would kick down doors to homes and slaughter everybody in his way with only a Rambo knife, while his squad was fully armored watching his back. This insane act almost cost him his leg in one confrontation with the enemy.

So what has your punk ass done? What get into fist fights in bars after you had a few drinks believing that your John Wayne or Chuck Norris? Beat your wife cause you’re a big man? I would love to meet you in the middle of Watson Field and go mano a mano with you and beat the living shit out of you, just to show you that you need to respect people. But then I know that if I give you a beat down, you’d call the cops on me and have me arrested, like the wuss ass bitch you are. Not only that, but I don’t want to be responsible for the trauma you will suffer after that beat down!

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surfing tv8[Channel Surfing] Why do all the commercials on many different channels seem to play at the same time? In other words, why can’t you switch between channels to another show  while a commercial is playing on the one you were watching and not find another commercial waiting for you there? You don’t suppose there’s some collusion here do you? I remember when the networks were forbidden to raise the sound levels for their commercials. It’s bad enough to have such junk shows while paying $125 a month for them. But having commercials that you cannot get away from is insulting. What a racket! Slaves to the idiot box corporations.
[Septic Tanks] To the person wishing to keep his septic tank as a backup to the low pressure sewer system, look into something called a hybrid system. Somewhere in Indian River County they are going to try them. I imagine they have been used elsewhere. But then the county would not get all those permit and inspection fees for making us rip out our septic tanks!
[“Step repair”] Need a good contractor? Old Time Builders Inc. 305-872-3628. Very professional.
[“White Americans”] To my knowledge there is no such race as described. A person is either African or Caucasian. An African-American describes ethnicity and nationality. A White-American is a racist term. The early European settlers were Caucasians, not White. Most government forms include White as a race. It is clearly wrong and the term used should be Caucasian. By including White on the form there is inherently a bias toward racism which exacerbates our differences.
Windows 10 doesn’t fix the desktop—it fixes Windows 8’s reputation. Like Vista before it, Windows 8 has gotten a bad rap it just can’t shake. Regardless I am staying with Vista and XP until my computers burn out! Link
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bill 100 dollar flag
The real value of $100 in each state. Link
[“Step repair”] A lot of people get upset with a licensed contractor’s price and hire a local handyman then moan for the next several years about the shoddy work until they finally hire a licensed contractor to do it correctly.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
Well, sure, unemployment is down to 5.9%, but Obama only fixed the economy to distract from Benghazi!.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Preventive Drinking” Wow, someone is alive and sane in these demented Keys after all! Yeah, Dude!
[“Gamers in demand for college scholarships”] Hey, why don’t you smack us in the face with this useless s**t? Get those gamers to work for a freaking living. Stick them on a farm to grow food, to clean the streets, to work as real men and woman instead of playing stupid sports or acting like they are important. Enough of these useless bastards!
FTR I like your stuff A LOT. But people like john mcain and Boener are Exactly why People like WYLLE are a viable alternative Enough of the corporate controlled republican party! If Enough people Embrace what you yourself pointed out More personal freedom and choice! then The libertarians can and will win. They do not mirror the current republican party The current republican party is just DEM LITE Bro.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy that upholds liberty as its principal objective. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association and the preeminence of individual choice. Those beliefs mirror Republican beliefs. Like Republicans, they object to an overarching government, and embrace individual liberty.( Thanx for the endorsement!)

After reading the reasons that FTR gave for voting for Rick Scott to be re elected doesn’t! Anyone find it amusing that everything that he says apply to re electing president Obama when he was running for his second term. After the failed terms of George W Bush, President turned the country around. While the turn around is still underway things are much better than is was under George W. Let us hope that things continue and the country gets back to where they were under President Clinton.
The neo cons have had their chance and try as they have they couldn’t bring the country to total ruin. Again FTR thank you for unintentional endorsement of the democratic, liberal way that the country has been brought back from the brink.
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In 1920 H.L Mencken wrote prophetically, “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

In 2008 Obama sent us a very clear signal of what would make him a dangerous president: “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

Valerie Jarrett, has gone on record with astonishing claims about the president’s brilliance? The following statement from 2010 is one of the most embarrassing displays of toadying I know of outside a Versailles fop or a Hollywood press agent: I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is . . . He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability — the extraordinary, uncanny ability — to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually . . . So what I sensed in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy . . . He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.

I think this about sums up our problem with this “genius”.

“I knew FTR would be able to spin the positive job growth numbers to make them look bad. Go FTR, you ‘da man!”

Actually, FTR didn’t spin the job growth numbers to make them look bad, the Libitards spin them to make them look good.

from the right
Leon Panetta is a confirmed Democrat. He has served in the Clinton and Obama administrations. He is highly regarded and respected by the Washington establishment both Democrat and Republican. He is a patriot. He served a Secretary of Defense, and CIA Director in the Obama administration. As Director of the CIA, Panetta oversaw the U.S. military operation that led to Osama bin Laden’s death.

leon penneta book8Panetta has recently published a book, “Worthy Fights”, that confirms the fact that Obama could and should have left a residual American military presence in Iraq in 2011. Several Obama admin higher ups confirm that Maliki could have been convinced to guarantee immunity for our troops, but Obama chose not to try. In the book he tells us that Obama elected not to do so for political reasons. Panetta is convinced that that Obama decision led directly to the ascendency of ISIS. He is convinced that we are now embroiled in a multigenerational war against AQI, ISIS, and many other jihadists off shoots of Muslim terrorism.

Panetta was there when the decisions were being made, but of course some will be dismissive of his revelations. That is until they read the recently released book by Robert Gates, “Duty.” Gates served both GWB and Obama as Secretary of Defense. He served until 2011. Gates is a forthright, no punches pulled public servant. He is respected by Democrats and Republicans. Gates too was highly critical of Obama, his decision making processes, and his disdain for the military.

Panetta’s book is only the latest of ex Obama insiders that are scathingly critical of him. That list includes David Axelrod, Obama’s long time loyal strategist. Robert Gibbs, Obama’s long time Press Secretary. Vali Nasr, in his book, “The Dispensable Nation” Vali Nasr depicted Obama as “dithering” on key Afghan war decisions, tasking national security aides with the same questions, rephrased in minor ways, over and over. Nasr was a key Mid East advisor for Obama. Hillary has been very critical of Obama in recent interviews and speeches. Even Bubba Clinton has been outspoken in his criticism of Obama. General Stan McChrystal was brutally critical of Obama and his administration. It cost him his job. A common theme runs through the criticism. The critics are questioning the honesty and integrity of Obama and his administration.

I believe that history will prove Panetta and the others to be spot on correct. I believe that we are in a conflict that will bedevil us for generations. Unless Obama recognizes the threat posed by militant Islam, and takes aggressive action, Iraq will fall to ISIS, Syria will fall to ISIS. Armed with the resources of those nations, they will then set about a massive campaign of terror, not just here, but worldwide. They will, one by one, take control of the Mideast Arabic nations. Israel will be doomed. Europe will be under siege, and they may even realize their dream of a worldwide caliphate.

ISIS is now winning,  our air power is not getting the job done. It’s not working because we have only made a few strikes, and we should have been saturating them. ISIS has taken the Syrian town of Kobani that is on the border between Syria and Turkey. While the Mideast burns with terrorism, Obama is off yet again fiddling around on a fund raising tour.

vote republican elephant
Part 2) It’s amazing what Governor Scott and his team has been able to accomplish in the last four years. They threw out the Obama playbook that Charlie Crist embraced. They cut taxes 40 times, reduced wasteful spending, and paid down our debt for the first time in decades. They have made Florida one of the top, if not the top, state for generating new jobs. Governor Scott and his team are proud of our state for all of the hard work that’s done.

But there’s more work to do. They are going to continue Florida’s turnaround with a $1 billion tax cut over the next two years and make our state the best place to live and raise a family.

Florida is flourishing under Governor Scott and Republican governance. Under Charlie Crist Florida withered.

Your vote is very important, please don’t fail to vote