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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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shadow-people10[Shadow People] I’ve only had two encounters that I am aware of. The first was in Key West actually. It happened during a sleep paralysis I had during an afternoon nap. I felt as if someone was holding me down and I tried really hard to wake myself up but I couldn’t. It was pretty terrifying. When I did finally get my eyes to pry open I noticed a figure in the doorway looking at me. He was dressed in black with a black wide rimmed hat on. Just noticed him for a fraction of a second. The second time was in another town. Not sure if it was the same entity but I have a feeling it was the same. I was in bed with my partner at the time. I don’t recall now if we were sleeping and we both woke up or if we hadn’t gone to sleep yet. If I recall correctly, we both saw the entity across the room. I know that I saw it but my partner may have just felt a presence. I remember turning to my partner and seeing a red sort of laser beam light on his forehead. Only lasted a second. I remember having a feeling as if this entity had decided to leave me alone at that point because I had settled down with someone. Maybe the entity deposited some sort of demonic spirit in my partner with that red light because he turned out to be a real dick. I only recently happened upon the term ‘shadow people’ and apparently they are not so uncommon. I’ll bet Key West is full of them.

Me And My Shadow — Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr

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The Florida Wildlife Corridor aims to protect and restore connected landscapes throughout the Florida Peninsula to create a viable corridor from the Everglades to Georgia. Link
Yesterday’s poster included a quote from Jon Stewart about how we always hate newer immigrants. I respectfully ask that you insert the word legal to clarify us being a nation of immigrants. In the past, you applied for citizenship. You did not sneak in, enroll your children in free public schools, avail yourself of free healthcare, use the free infrastructure, and receive free benefits.
So, fellow CTers, keep your ears perked. Whenever you hear a discussion about immigration reform, mentally insert the word legal. The debate takes on a whole new meaning!
[Dead Diver] A 68 year old woman died in ten feet of water while SCUBA diving in Jewfish Basin north of Boca Chica Key. That’s 7 or 8 so far this year!
Guys, if you like the type of women in the arrest log, then this could be your lucky day! Link
[“Termites”] Live termites are a good thing because if you kill them they quit holding hands and your place falls down.
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daily mail
[“The ice caps are growing again and we are in for cooler weather over the next millennia, that would mean lower water.”] Congratulations, you have just graduated from the ftr guy school of fact checking. By using a tabloid for facts you made the deans list. The Daily Mail was Britain’s first daily newspaper aimed at the newly-literate “lower-middle class market resulting from mass education.”
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
The fact there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic.
scissors sm
[Circumcision] I heard that it is easy to convert a jewfish to a grouper just by using a pair of scissors on the tail.
The single women check out the local mug shots because everybody knows they like to party with the bad boys. I’ve always wondered why woman like bad boys so much?
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Deer Editor, last week on Fri or Sat I sent in a small post titled Wow you did not print it. Would you e-mail me and let me know what you deemed inappropriate about it. (Ed: Sorry, but 9 out of 10 post begin with wow or so. I don’t even remember what I ate last night.)
[Felons in your yead] Now that FKAA has broken policy and started hiring convicted felons, you have another reason to feel uncomfortable about the guy in the FKAA truck coming onto your property without an invitation to supposedly look at the grinder pump that you gave FKAA an easement for.
[“Our termites don’t cause structural damage”] You cannot see the damage, but its definitely there. Our humble Keys termites will indeed cause very extensive structural damage. Get it checked and check for active/live termites often
kill for god
Atheist airman
must swear ‘so help me God’ or get out in November. Who else thinks the AF is going to get burned on this one? I find it odd that you have to be a Christian in order to be allowed to kill. Remember when they had the separation of Church of State thing in the Constitution? Link
[“Kim Kardashian named British GQ’s Woman of the Year”] Man you could hide a compact car in her butt.
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These WWII photos are amazing! Link
I sure do hope the guy saying we don’t have to worry about sea level rise and high tides is right.  Some guy at the bar the other night said that there aren’t going to be any more hurricanes around here, but it was late and I think that’s what he said.  Taken together, I’d say happy days are here again.

Annette Hanshaw – Happy Days Are Here Again

How to treat premature ejaculation by quick and natural ways? Link
woman zombie boo
How many people out there think people with Ebola can turn into zombies?
[“Never getting a free drink in a Key’s bar”]  Why would they?  Do you get a free hamburger at McDonalds after buying 2 or 3?  Do you get a free fillup at the gas station you’ve been patronizing for the past ten years?  Do you get a free bottle of rum at the liquor store?  Why do you expect a free drink in a bar?  I have worked in the bar business for over forty years (as an owner and manager)  and can tell you, they can’t afford to give away drinks.  Why do you think 6000+ bar close up every year?  The most profitable places that want to buy a drink for a customer, the owner puts the money on the bar.  The places that don’t survive are the ones that give away the profits or the owner is too drunk to know his bartenders are stealing from him.
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This is what happens with poor immigration policy, procedure and enforcement. Paris is in decline because they let in so many Muslims. They’re like cockroaches and are dirty people with a violent religion. I don’t like them.
The Case of the Cottingley Fairies. How did two schoolgirls in 1917 hoax Arthur Conan Doyle? Link
Coming soon to Key West police: Body cameras. Joining a growing number of cop shops, the Key West Police Department is in the market for body cameras for its 98 police officers. Link
sold their computer division to Lenovo in 2005. Now IBM wants to sell Lenovo its server division, but the Defense Department is concerned — with good cause. When the DoD received a very large order of personal computers from Lenovo they found that all traffic was routed to China by default! The entire order was sent back. They now have the same concerns about using Chinese (Lenovo) servers to run the Defense Department and justly so!
The same bacteria responsible for foot odor is also used in crafting. All those who have foot fetishes, raise you right foot! Link
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butter churn
Until the 1940s Americans consumed almost twenty pounds of butter a year. Then they found butter was bad for them and switched to margarine. American consumption dropped to under five pounds of butter a year. Then we found that margarine was just as bad as butter and without the taste. Margarine consumption now is below 4 four pounds a year and dropping. In 2014 butter consumption is about 5.6 pounds a year and climbing. Where’s Julia Childs when we need her?
[The Booster Bag Scam] Tell your favorite restaurant and bar owner to put hooks under the counters/bars to hang your handbags and valuables on or sit on the damn thing! Video
martin d-28
Slightly used Martin HD-28 standard dreadnought acoustic guitar in like new condition. It has a sitka spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides, and a mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. Appointments include herringbone top trim, traditional zigzag backstrip, and scalloped X-bracking for a louder, more open tone. K&K electronics on board. Comes with Martin hard case. $2200 firm. Classified Ads > Music
[Attention Fishermen and Business Owners] The Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) spearheading the litigation emanating from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has reached an approximately $1.1 billion settlement with Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. (HESI) stemming from its role in the incident.
We were hoping that those that were victims under the GCCF Quick Pay Scheme would have benefited, it does not look like that is the case however. Please read point 5 below. This means that even if you have been turned down in the past, you can file a claim under the new rules, you can even be a member of the Deepwater Settlement and the Hesi Settlement.
If you want to know if your claim is still active or file a new claim please then go to: Call 800-BP-CLAIM or ClickHere for more information.

Those Excluded from the new settlement.
(1) Any New Class Member who timely and properly elects to opt  out of the New Class under the procedures established by the Court?.
(2) Defendants in MDL 2179, and individuals who are current  employees of HESI, or who were employees of HESI during  the Class Period.
(3) The Court, including any sitting judges on the United States  District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, their law  clerks serving during the pendency of MDL 2179, and any  immediate family members of any such judge or law clerk.
(4) Governmental Organizations as defined in Section 5.
(5) Any Natural Person or Entity who or that made a claim to the  GCCF, was paid, and executed a valid GCCF Release and  Covenant Not to Sue, provided, however, that a GCCF Release  and Covenant Not to Sue covering only Bodily Injury Claims  shall not be the basis for exclusion of a Natural Person.
(6) BP Released Parties and individuals who were employees of BP  Released Parties during the Class Period.
(7) Transocean and individuals who were employees of Transocean  during the Class Period.

As part of the PSC’s settlement with BP, these class members were assigned certain of BP’s claims and causes of action against HESI. The settlement with HESI resolves these “assigned” claims and provides additional benefits to members of the BP Economic and Property Damages Settlement Class.
The second class is a new HESI Punitive Damages Settlement Class that includes any individual, business (including fishermen and charter boat operators), property owner, or governmental entity (excluding both state and federal government) that is deemed to have Robins Dry Dock standing under General Maritime Law For the purposes of this settlement, this applies to commercial fishermen and charter boat operators that were in business at any time between April 20, 2009 and April 18, 2012; property owners, businesses and local governments that had oil touch their real estate or personal property any time between April 20, 2010 and April 18, 2012; and individuals that fished or hunted in specified areas and depended on their catch for subsistence, barter or trade.
A claimant does not have to be a member of the BP Economic and Property Damages Settlement Class to receive benefits if they qualify as a Punitive Damages Settlement Class member. In addition, class eligibility is not mutually exclusive; certain claimants may be members of both the BP Economic and Property Damages Class and the new HESI Punitive Damages Class.
Through the payment of this approximately $1.1 billion settlement, Halliburton has effectively resolved its liability to private plaintiffs and local governments for most of its exposure under both the OPA and General Maritime Law.
If you are represented by an Attorney, please disregard this email, this is not a solicitation. This is not the official court authorized website. Go to it to make a claim directly with the court authorized program. Link

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termite damage10
The person stating that termites have never done serious damage to a home or structure in the Keys obviously knows absolutely nothing about termites. I have personally owned and renovated homes with walls that you could put your hand through and floors that I have fallen into. Along with window and door frames that were also eaten beyond repair. That one job cost me 35K to repair and that was doing all of the work myself. Termites need to be addressed soon after discovery, and the only way to get rid of them is to tent the entire home.
Great photo of the bat tower at high tide!
Great story on Phil Goodman!  I’m glad to know he’s a retired chemist, which helps explain his knowledge of what works for killing mosquitos.  I recently met Mr. Goodman; he seems like a really “Good man”.
Will someone ask Commissioner George Neugent, again, why he thinks Grinder Pumps are the best of all possible solutions for sewers in the Lower Keys?
East Hampton, PA. “A group of residents is suing the water pollution control authority and the town over longstanding problems with sewage grinder pumps that homeowners claim are causing “ongoing health and environmental hazards.” Link
Saint Ignace. “The uncertain condition of nearly 720 grinder pumps, 50% of which consulting firm C2AE recommended replacing in the near future, was also a concern. Even armed with this estimate, township and committee officials said digging up the pumps for a visual assessment will give them a better sense of direction.” ” Without these valves in place, any failure of the system leaves the township vulnerable to another lawsuit.” Link
Adrian, MI “Plastic grinder pump stations buried in front lawns have begun cracking and buckling.” NOTE,  these were installed in the late 1990s. Link
Oak Harbor, WA “An Oak Harbor sewer controversy from four years ago has bubbled to the surface once again.” Link
Clifton Park.  Link
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gay rainbow flag
Monroe County same sex couple requests case to be moved to Florida Supreme Court. SAVE (Safeguarding American Values for Everyone, formerly SAVE Dade) and State Representative David Richardson will help host Upper Keys Meet & Greet Fundraiser announced in Islamorada Florida. This Meet & Greet fundraising event will be held from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Monday September 15th 2014. Events
What education of the future will look like. Link
I have to laugh at the person defending the Jersey Girls. It has to be a woman from NJ or her husband writing the comments. And if it is her husband–poor guy!
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from the right
A POSTER COMPLAINED: “FTR, thanks for your links from yesterday’s facts you shared. One was a 404 error and the latter had nothing to do about what you were claiming. Of course it was a far right web site. Keep up the good work.”

FTR’S RESPONSE. There may truth in the claim that one of the reasons that so many people have abandoned the work force and why so many people are on the dole is a lack of initiative of many of those from the left and those dependent on the left. I believe that the foregoing complaint perfectly demonstrates that lack of initiative.

error 404The complainer seemed annoyed that he found a “404 error” in a link that I had provided. So, rather than doing a key word search using a key phrase in my posting: “Includes $56.002 billion for Veterans’ medical care”, it looks like he gave up! Apparently he didn’t even try to find the germane data. Instead he groused, he complained that he wasn’t being spoon fed. (Ed: It was probable my fault.)

Had he had the intellectual curiosity to fact check my posting, had he actually tried to find the data, he would have found the PDF file “Volume II Medical Programs and Information Technology” of the VA’s Congressional budget proposal for 2015. That file contains the data that I quoted.

Don’t forget that currently, all unlawful immigrant households together costs taxpayers around $54.5 billion a year. We are spending damn near as much on illegals as we are on the medical care of our vets next year. That’s fundamentally wrong, but it perfectly suits the political needs of the left.

The second component of the complaint claimed that the other link quoted was not germane to my posting. But it was, it could not be more germane. The link was from the Heritage Foundation, and it provided the information that “…….over their (illegals) lifetime the costs to America by the illegal aliens will balloon to about $6.3 trillion dollars.” Just for the record, that is nearly a third of our entire current national debt. That damn sure is important. But, maybe not so much to our friends on the left who are so addicted to spending other people’s money.

Post script: Thanks to the complainer for giving me the opportunity and the incentive to make my points again. I do wonder why the complainer doesn’t even try to present his point of view. Could it be lack of initiative?

Part 2) Obama, the dithering leftist intellectual, is being dragged kicking and screaming into the real world. Remember when ISIS overran Fallujah? Obama was silent, unmoved. That’s about the time he labeled them the JV team. Then they seized Mosul, once again little or no response. But when he was contacted by Kurd leadership that Kurdistan’s capital was in range of ISIS and at risk within a few days, he finally began to take notice. There are a lot of Americans in Kurdistan, should they fall into the hands of ISIS, it would be a political disaster for Obama and for Democrats. Politics trump all in the Democratic Obama admin. Then and only then did Obama begin ordering the airstrikes. The strikes were far less than a commitment to squash ISIS.

It wasn’t until the American public, the American voters, became outraged at the evil ritualistic beheading of journalists that Obama finally began to take notice and to consider real action. The polls had radically changed in favor of airstrikes. The constant change of Obama’s posturing on ISIS is classic Obama. He will always be leading from behind. He is driven by the polls. That is the mark of a follower, not a leader. His prime time speech tomorrow night will be fascinating. Be sure to watch