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Friday Friday, November 23, 2012

(The Coconut Telegraph is not published on Saturdays. November 24, 2012)

As an executive in a senior managerial position at a fortune 500 company, I’ve listened to many seminar speakers talk about everything under the sun. I was spell-bound by John Donnelly‘s masterful articulation of a speech that he gave at the 237th birthday celebration of the United States Marine Corps.

Mr. Donnelly’s detailed rendition of a Marine’s life, was shared to the audience with class and distinction. His composition was cogently presented with energy and enthusiasm. The large assembly that gathered at the American Legion in Key Largo for this event remained silent, while sitting on the edge of their seats focusing on each word delivered by Mr. Donnelly. Their eyes and concentration were riveted upon the Marine standing before them.

Norman Higgins is a United States Marine and well known philanthropist. Mr. Higgins’ partnership with John Donnelly is the force maintaining this ever popular event. They’re a testament to the teamwork and “Spirit of the Corps”.

Mr. Higgins was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, for his extraordinary commitment to serve the citizens of Monroe County.

The Coral Shores High School Fife and Drum Team was outstanding. They marched and played their instruments with precision.

A significant donation for the delicious buffet was made by Mr. Paul Bean from the Key Largo Publix.

Awards were presented to the American Legion Post 333, the VFW Post 10211, Sheriff Bob Peryam and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and State Attorney Dennis Ward for their conspicuous service in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Julie and Bob Marshall, Sue Heim, Lt. Paul, Sgt. Askins, Chairman John Dick and Veterans Officer Gary Johnson were awarded an originally sculptured Purple Heart Commemorative Coin and Stamp for their distinguished service aiding wounded veterans.

After the ceremony, everyone basked in the glow of a truly magnificent experience.

John Donnelly is an unpretentious genius. He places individuals into positions to succeed. He knows how to bring the best out in people, while making all the component parts work for the greater good of the whole.


Big Pine Glass Works] A blast from the past where Montego Bay used to be that is now a vacant lot on US1. These are a few of the bottles Meri-Lynn and I have from Big Pine Key Glass Works. You are welcome to put them with the history of the Glass Works. History of the Keys > Big Pine Glass Work

The world will end in 29 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice
The Doors–The End 


This buzzard was in a palm tree after eating a small fawn. You seldom see them in palms.

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In 1936,the first issue of Life magazine was published. At the end of December the last issue of Newsweek will be published.

[“It took two years of complaining weekly before they finally took action”] Same thing happened to a fried in NJ, so he took out a front page ad in the local paper asking how to get the authorities to do their duty.  It took one day for the s**t  to hit the fan! Done. Finito!

[Homeless] Yes, Mr. Golden Voice was given a job at a radio station and was not able to keep his act together. Something people who are determined to fix street people should keep ever in mind. I don’t usually give street people money unless they are getting on a Greyhound bus headed for some place else and need traveling money for food. I often have bought street people a meal. I sometimes have told street people that boozing is not doing them or God any good. I sometimes have told mainstream people the same thing. I saw Key West Mayor Morgan McPherson at a candidate forum be asked, if missing spending time with his family was the worst thing about being mayor, which he had said, did that mean he was going to spend less time in bars and more time with his family? He replied that sometimes he just needed a drink. That seemed to satisfy most people in the audience.

Actually, it was not a Mr. Norway guy but was an American woman with a PhD in Marine Fisheries Science, who is married to a Norwegian man, who wrote about Hidden In Plain View. Yes, there are plenty of grubby homeless people in the Key West area like you described. However, Hidden In Plain View is not about getting money for local homeless people. It is about art, poetry and music which relates to homeless people. Perhaps if you take in the showing at Studios of Key West, you will develop more tolerance, but probably not. Perhaps some day you will be homeless and then you can hate yourself for that. You already hate yourself for something, otherwise you would not be so bitter toward homeless people. I can’t help but wonder if you ever did any of those grubby things you have seen homeless people do? I have seen people who were not homeless do plenty of grubby things on Duval Street. And even worse things in Duval Street joints. And even worse things elsewhere.

Paul Simon–Homeless

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It was too cold for the deer to stand up this morning.

Carnival Cruise Lines’ new Carnival Breeze is a 3,690-passenger liner destined to visit Key West if they widen the channel. Is Old Town doomed?



The next workshop of our computer club is coming up this Saturday, November 24, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there.

The Blue Angels will perform March 23 and 24 at the 2013 Southernmost Air Spectacular. Bulletin Board



With all the lobster traps being raided, it seems there may be more to the Rectangular Grouper theory than meets the stash.  What better way to deliver the goodies? Look for stoned lobster with crabs. And you thought it was a fable. Link 

[More bar wisdom] I solve a majority of my problems by ignoring them…or by beer…lots and lots of beer! 

[Jersey Girl] I swear, the guy that had a New Jersey woman laugh at his small weenie has a desperate vendetta to defame all NJ women. Get over it, pal.



[Shadow People] Professor Stephen Hawking talks about dark matter and the existence of shadow people. Link

[Heavenly Drunk] When I drink I get drunk. When I get drunk I go to sleep. When I sleep I commit no sins. With no sins I go to heaven.


[Mothman] Ghosts, apparitions, shadow people…got to look at the bright side here. They don’t eat much, don’t take up a lot of space, and are a big help in keeping the relatives’ visits to a minimum. 

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Cat Ladies, quit talking about “love” and “heart”, both subjective concepts, and start using your brains.  All loose cats are baaaaaaaad for the natural wildlife.   You are part of the reason the human race is circling the drain.

[Blondes] Please move the deer crossing, it’s inconvenient for me. Link


In the last week or so I saw a comment about a new restaurant business that took over an old restaurant business, that was looking for ‘Keys-Themed’ items for their bar. I have a Captain Outrageous piece to donate, if someone could provide the contact info.

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[Jersey Girl] I swear, the guy that had a New Jersey woman laugh at his small weenie has a desperate vendetta to defame all NJ women. Get over it, pal.

Mosquito District buzzes about live online coverage. Link

I went to my doctor with fluid on my knee, he said, “You’re not aiming straight enough.”


Sarah Palin pardons a turkey while farmer kills turkey behind her. Is she even fit to be manager of a KFC? What an embarrassment.  Video

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[The Oakridge Boys] I was not expecting that ending even though it said we’d be surprised. This is quite the tribute. I don’t know how he got through it. Link


[Shadow People -” I think like a scientist] That is one of the funnier things I’ve seen here. You haven’t the slightest clue what the scientific principle is. And no response to your “story” could possibly more goofy than your delusions.

[“Commissioner Cured”] Was their health insurance was paid for by the taxpayers. Maybe if the BOCC didn’t spend taxpayer money so recklessly, I could afford health insurance too.  The commissioner’s concern for those who can not afford health insurance is hollow, and hypocritical.  He spends my money on his health insurance, and then says he feels sorry for those without health insurance.

FTR, I guess you must categorize yourself in your own little category: “Let’s say that you identify yourself as being an adult white male. If that is you, Mr. Obama and his team have written you off. The 22 self identified categories are as follows: First listed is African Americans, then Americans Abroad, Arab-Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Educators, Environmentalists, Healthcare professionals, Jewish Americans, Labor, Latinos, LGBT, Native Americans, People of faith, People with disabilities, Rural Americans, Seniors, Small business owners, Students, Veterans/military families, Women, Young professionals, and Youth.”

Heck, I fit in the environmentalists, labor, LGBT, person of faith, person with disability, rural American, senior (I’m an AARP card carrier), small business owner and veteran. Oh yeah, I’m a white 53 yr old male retired military member. Maybe you should have done something with your life instead of whining and participate in society. You’d fit in many categories if you did.

This white American male suggests to FTR: Early white American men created huge, nasty karma for their successors by how they treated the indigenous peoples who had lived in “America” for thousands of years before white people even knew “America” existed. Early white American men likewise created a huge, nasty karma for their successors by practicing or allowing the practice of slavery. Later early white American men created huge, nasty karma for their successors by waging war against Spanish people whose ancestors had lived in America two hundred or so years before north European white people came to America. Later white American men created huge, nasty karma for their successors by waging war in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. That cumulative huge, nasty white man karma is all coming home to roost, and there is nothing the American white man can do to stop it, even if he occupies the White House. 

America in 50 years, if it still exists as a country, will be 90 percent non-whites and mix-bloods. Perhaps American whites concerned about becoming a minority should move to Norway, or western Russia.

A poster said a start to eliminate or reduce the Nat. debt would be to increase the taxes on the rich , I would question this tactic as the rich already pay a far greater percentage of taxes that the country demands in contrast to the percentage of income that they earn, while yet 50% of the population pay no income taxes, Why do so many folks led by so many politicians clamor for this group or that group to pay more taxes for their out of control spending  yet we here so little of anyone reducing our out of control entitlements?



[Sarcasm] “This turkey is too dry. I blame Obama.” !FTR guy

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Its a sad day in America when a party cannot even put aside their differences and pitch in together for our fellow citizens. Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of our countrys east coast. Our President and a Republican Governor worked together to help get things back to normal and start putting lives back together.

Some Republicans still want answers from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his embrace of President Obama just days before the election and in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. What happened to working together as Americans? They turn on their own countrymen to the extent of Tea Party zealot Glenn Becks calling Gov. Christi a fat arse for helping his own people that elected him Governor.

Thank Heavens there are still sane Americans that are not following in the “HateAmerica” message Republicans spew every day.

That fact can be proven because in recent polling 81% of the folks polled believe that Obama displayed “needed cooperation and bipartisanship” in the wake of the disater.

 Christie has been forced to assuage disgruntled Republicans for his embrace of Obama the week before Election Day. It reflects a popular sentiment among many conservatives, who insist that the combination of the storm and the optics of Obama and Christie working in tandem effectively undermined Mitt Romney’s chances. Keep fighting against everyday Americans Tea party folks its making you look like nothing more then spoiled kids that whine constantly because you didnt get your way. The big mean Governor helped his own citizens. What a monster.

[Thanksgiving FTR] I made the mistake of reading FTR’s posting after ignoring it for awhile. Call it an act of Thanksgiving. Gee, where to start? Once you read around the silliness it gets quite interesting. He starts off by reading the President’s website and spinning a poll on the site that asks you to tell them who you are. Not forcing you to answer. It’s a demographic survey that every candidate, most stores, and even a census asks you to respond too.

He then tells us that if you are a white American male the President will write you off. That’s a strange twist considering that the Service members coming back from Iraq and the ones returning from Afghanistan will be made up of a lot of white guys. There were a lot of white guys that were thankful for the President saving the auto industry. Is it me or am I the only white guy in America that thought the Wall Street bailout mostly saved jobs for a bunch of us whities? So much for “Obama doesn’t like whitey.”

Getting farther into the demographics of the President’s win it turns out Obama also won the majority of the wealthiest in our country. I could be wrong but I’m betting there’s a lot of white guys in that demographic. That also kills the “Obama hates prosperous Americans” rhetoric because they won’t vote for someone just because he’s a nice guy. They are a little bit to smart for that B.S. 1/2 Truth then went on to again chastise the President because he still has a website. I can assume he believes that while the world is still in conflict and American troops are still involved in wars the President should be working on taking down his website. A major issue I’m sure. Ragging on a website sounds like he may be running out of things to whine about. Seems pretty petty. I won’t even comment on the statement he made saying the President seems racist to him. That doesn’t even deserve a response for the reasons I’ve already stated.

FTR then went on to comment about our society saying that Obama is “determined to morph our society into one of multiculturalism.” I hate to break the news to the guy but what in the hell do you think happened to America when our forefathers moved here from England? Yep, they did indeed turn a once American Indian country made up of a different race into, well, the race that FTR belongs to. So one of Americas changes in the past helped create a new proud and strong country. Then as expected FTR went on to say that Obama wants us believe that the President has no intent to unify America. That goes against everything we have just seen. He bailed out Wall Street. Then he went out and Bailed out Detroit. Seems fair and balanced to me.

FTR is struggling as you can tell with the fact that a majority of Americans wanted our President to continue leading our great nation. They see him working to bring all Americans together and to end the republicans endless wars. He is trying to find a scapegoat to blame other then the facts that Romney wanted to turn our healthcare into a discount coupon deal, supported Iranian oil interest and Romney also wanted to let Detroit fail. Romney was the reason the republicans lost and there really is no other reason. It wasn’t racism, class warfare, revenge or any other ridiculous excuse the man wasn’t fit to be a dog catcher. When you are considering the Donald as a Vice Presidential candidate you pretty much doom yourself.

Maybe someday FTR will be able to realize America always changes for the better when it doesn’t see things thru a myopic lens. As for the salad bowl rhetoric he used, maybe you can make heads of tails of it. I need a translator.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] It’s not that the peasant class is always put down completely, it is because the toilet is clogged!

If Mitt got the Presidency, would he have legalized polygamy and if not, why not? There is a movement in Ohio to ban woman from voting. I did not know there were woman in Ohio?

“Abortion issue” It is none of your business, it is a merchandizing thing for customer base control, right?

“Hostess with the Mostess” CEO can do what ever he damn well pleases. The 18000 employees have to take the hit just like anyone being laid off. To think of the junk foods they inundated to planet with, maybe a Solent Green Twinkie might be more nutritious. Make America healthy, tax junk foods, junk toys, junk everything 100%!

From the Right

Overheard in Port Pine Heights on Big Pine Key last night: 

Part 1) Uuuuurp. Please pass more turkey, just the Right wing please.

Part 2) That cherry cobbler is wicked good … maybe just a little more vanilla ice cream might be good.

Part 3) Bailey’s Iris Cream. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Part 4)  Thank you Lord for friends that have become family. Thank you Lord for our great nation. Thank you Lord for our freedom.  Thank you our Founding Founders for your wisdom, courage, and great sacrifice.  You have delivered to us the greatest nation that has ever existed. I pray that we have the wisdom and courage to see that it endures as you founded it.

County to give up lawsuit and allow electricity to No Name Key Residents.