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It’s a tropical Christmas at The Big Pine Flea Market Saturday and Sunday 8 til 2. Ho Ho Ho!

[I’m Helpless] My friend is drinking himself to death despite saying that he’d never commit suicide.  He found his brother in the running car in the garage, their father also killed himself and his mother died from colon cancer because she did not get a colonoscopy at 50.   What can I possibly say to this dear friend to help him quit drinking?  He is not able to go out to clubs or restaurants anymore because he is so inebriated and embarrassing.  For self-preservation purposes I cannot deal with him anymore.  He is an esteemed member of our community.  It’s not going to end well.  I want to call him and say goodbye.  Why is alcoholism a “disease” when obesity is not?  Does a person simply decide they are going to drink themselves to death or is it just a fun thing to do alone inside a dirty house?  I wish I could help him!
black-friday-return-of[Phony Black Friday] Amazon raises prices on Black Friday. Last year I wanted a tablet and I checked the price all week for a bigger discount, but the price remained the same. On Black Friday I went to buy it and the price increased by $20. This year I went to buy a vacuum for $408.49 and after checking all week, on Black Friday, the price went up to $450! Don’t be duped by Amazon’s pretend Black Friday discounts. I bought the same vacuum online at Walmart for $365 delivered.
[Crooks] Monroe County School District Superintendent Mark Porter has come under fire this week from school board officials who say they want a n s w e r s regarding the $20,000 that has allegedly gone missing from the Horace O ’ B r y a n t School daycare program.


Happy Thanksgiving All!

Man convicted of killing his wife posted Facebook photo of her body and wondered how he got caught. Link



Marjoe -1972- full documentary movie. Video

[FIRM] Unfortunately, property insurance rates for windstorm, and now flood, continue to unfairly burden the owners of our homes and businesses.  Regardless of whether or not we experience a storm, we all feel the pain generated in the insurance markets.  Let us assure you that FIRM is not taking time off for the holiday season.  In fact, we are increasing our efforts in both the wind and flood insurance domains.  It is our hope that, with your help, we can have significant access and influence at the State (Office of Insurance Regulation, Citizens Property Insurance Company) and Federal (FEMA, Congress) levels to continue to educate policy-makers as to the need to ameliorate problems in the property insurance market.

In addition to high premiums, the latest iteration of Federal flood insurance policy mandates surcharges to cover non-primary residences.  This means businesses, second homes, and other structures will be charged on the basis of the buildings’ uses, rather than their structural strength. Additionally, FEMA will generate new elevation maps nationwide.  We expect Monroe County to be re-mapped in 2017 and new (and potentially higher) rates to be based on the new flood insurance rate maps.

Citizens Property Insurance fails to give adequate credit for wind mitigation efforts, and thus far, has failed to acknowledge that the windstorm insurance models they utilize do not account for Monroe County’s more robust building code.  The proprietary windstorm models utilized by Citizens, as currently run, also fail to account for flood damage as a major component of property loss.

As you can see, we have a massive job ahead of us.  The more we succeed the more we all will save in premiums and gain in enhanced coverage.  Even small or incremental successes will save property owners thousands of dollars over the course of their ownership.  So, please help us get this done. Link


[Free Computer Magazine] Digital Power User. Link

[Jewfish] Cool fish picture, but I believe you may have committed a micro-aggression and offended some people. The PC name is Goliath Grouper. The irony of it all is that historically Goliath was a mortal enemy to the Jews so the folks in DC committed one whopper of a micro-aggression. Let’s resolve this messy conflict and just call it Big Ass fish.
sweetmyxSweetmyx is a new food and drink additive that is unlikely to show up on a label except as “artificial flavor”. It is actually not a sweetener at all, it’s a drug that tricks your brain into tasting extra “sweetness”. It is made by cloning human tongue sweetness taste receptors! (Who did you just rub tongues with on that last sip? Blech!). Sweetmyx needs no FDA approval because of a legal loophole that allows an additive manufacturer to claim GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for their product with no FDA involvement! But FDA will approve anything at all- given enough “influence”. Two Pepsi products are known to contain Sweetmyx: Mug root beer and Manzanita Sol apple drink, but you can bet it is sneaking into other products. BTW, Neotame and Advantame are two artificial sweeteners that are so powerful (up to 20,000 times sweeter than sugar) that they are used in such small quantities that they are not required to be listed at all on a label. I learned of Sweetmyx from a Health Sciences Institute newsletter and then searched for more informaion. Dr. Oz suggests it’s addictive, too. Link
[Uke Nite] This Wednesday at 7 pm. Uke out at the NUT.

[Black Friday] Because only in America, people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what we already have.

I’ve been connected to the Cudjoe sewer plant for 3 weeks and everything is working fine.
I too have noticed the problems with US1’s audio. Intermittently, the sound just dips down (and, yes, it’s annoying).  I hope the move finally works out the kinks, we’re all so dependent on US1 radio and they have great programs. Now if they’d only go back to a 2 hour BizBaz and 6 days a week.


[Crooks] Why is it that the school is always missing large sums of money? Now it’s another twenty grand gone missing. I thought we put the s away!

[High Cost of Drugs] I had a friend who worked for a very large drug company. He told me that the company made a very rare heart pill that retailed for $197 each. It cost the company just $.17 to make the pill and $.25 to package it. That was back in 1984. Whores all!


[Art Critic] Painting by Susan O’Neill. If you capture this picture and blow it up you can see the numbers on the canvas.

[Pooper Police] The Department of Health and Boondocks readily admitted to the Variance Review Board that they are pumping 5,000 gallons per day into a system designed to treat 300 gallons per day. The Blue Paper article and attached audio make it perfectly clear that the Variance Review Board recommended denial yet the Interim Chief Andrew Reich approves the variance. This is not some dirtbag throwing their cigarette out of a car window. This is a business that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars expanding who deliberately paved over their septic tank and leach field. They illegally connected to an adjoining properties 300 gallon a day system, it didn’t just happen by accident.

I regularly hear “Why even bother they will be connecting soon.” Why bother, because it wasn’t an accident they have been deliberately polluting for over ten years. Why bother, because once they tie-in it will be forgotten and nobody will ever care. Why bother, because the people whose job it is to protect our environment should be held responsible for their actions.

The Department of Health variance only allows 150 seats and the Fire Marshal set a total occupancy load of 210 people and both are exceeded regularly. Howard Livingston and Terry Cassidy held concerts there last week, On December 10th the Lower Keys Chamber is throwing their Holiday Gala there. Shame on them, shame on all of the people who attend and shame on our community leaders for remaining silent. Why bother, because I care about the environment and refuse to accept this type of corruption. Is this what our society has come to?

charity-ceos-salaries[Crooks]  I urge anyone who decides to give to any charity to do a little research first. In 2012 the head of The United Way, according to the L.A Times, received $520,043 in salary, a $180,657 bonus, $470,801 in deferred payments and $48,804 in other payments. This does not include two paid lifetime golf course memberships, a yatch club membership, and two luxury automobiles.
Count Basie with Ella Fitzgerald in concert. The Count’s big band plays a set before she comes on. Audio
dolphin-fish[Sea Hunt] Dolphin and frigate birds hunting flying fish. I don’t think any of you have ever seen anything like this before. I sure hadn’t. Spectacular video from the BBC. Video
[How to Win the War on Drugs] 1. Legalize drugs. 2. Require all drugs be purchased through Comcast customer service.
thanksgiving banner planeI love Thanksgiving Day. It is my favorite holiday because the only pressure we have is cooking, phone calls and family. Everyone is thankful for all we have and what we are looking forward to in our lives. Everywhere I travel, even doctors in central Florida tell me that they wish they could live in the Keys. Most often people say how expensive it and that they could never afford to live here. They love our clear water and only dream of fishing here.
We really are very fortunate that we moved here 20 years ago when we could afford it. It would be impossible to move away for a year, then try to move back. Most of our kids moved away for military, college and careers. They can only afford to come visit. 20 years from now I might be gone and my kids will be the new owners of our little slice of paradise that has become our home. That will be just as thankful time with a new generation.
This cold spell should be over soon so we can all take our family fishing or snorkeling. In this cold weather I am already tired from thinking about taking them to Duval street. I would rather babysit the kids and let the grownups go than finding a parking space in Key West. I do like the Eco Center and the Coast Guard Ship. Robert the Doll is always fun to spook the kids with what you can find on Google, then take them to the museum.
Funny thing about Family is that it’s true, Family is like fresh fish. After a few days of being happy and loving just looking at them, they start to stink. I count the days to see if I am going to be able to plan things to keep them busy.
Saturday I will finally take them to the Flea Market to get them each something special to remember their time with us on our island home. That will be a moment of sanity for me. I love the kids, but they wear me out.
Sunday they will be on the way home, with us as only a memory while they write their Christmas lists of electronic gadgets that we don’t understand and order online.
After 5 pounds of chocolate dipped cherries, pretzels, walnuts and we got a little crazy and made chocolate covered bacon, I really do love the holidays.


[Coconuts’ Thanksgiving Feast]  Giving back to the community–again. A lot of work went into putting on this fabulous spread. We’ve never seen such a good use for pool tables before. Ha. See the video.

[Niles Channel Sewer] I read an estimate average daily flow of 540,000 gallons a day will be pumped below Niles Channel in a single pipe with no protective outer casing. The pipes outside diameter is actually 14 inches but the inside diameter is 9 inches. That calculates out to 375 gallons per minute. To make it easier to relate to, it would fill the average bath tub in about 13 seconds. Keep in mind that is average daily sewage flow so there may be times of the day when there is no flow and times when the flow will be much greater. I’m not a hydrological engineer but there is a lot of side wall friction pushing that volume of water nearly 1.5 miles in a 9 inch pipe, then it has to go up fifty foot at the other end and the static line pressure on Summerland needs to be considered. That is going to be one serious pump station keeping in mind that it must pump 540,000 per day every day or the residents between Cudjoe and Marathon can’t flush. What is the FKAA’s Plan B if the pump station or pipe were to fail? It shouldn’t be “come up with a quick Plan C”?
house lights toy factory[Light Up the Lower Keys] Decorate your Lower Keys home or business for the holidays! Turn in anyone who displays the holiday spirit and they may win a prize!!  Judging will take place Tuesday, December 15, between 6 and 9 PM between Big Pine and Sugarloaf.  Call Holly at: 305-872-0106 to enter.

Sponsored by Big Pine and Lower Keys Rotary Club and Keys Energy.

[Marketing] It seems corporate greed has won. This is the first year people haven’t complained about Christmas advertising starting before Thanksgiving. It took many years of trying but they finally won this year. Home Depot was selling Christmas stuff since October and Bealls was playing Christmas music for a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and still no one complained. It goes to show you that Thanksgiving is still the only holiday corporate America hasn’t figured out how to profit from so they skip right over it.


I had a great time Thanksgiving day, celebrating with friends and family, the oppression of native Americans by white Europeans.

Deer poster about Kari Dangler, requesting info re her whereabouts and how she is doing. Kari called me from the county jail on Stock Island this morning, to say a jail guard had told her this morning that there was something on the Coconut Telegraph about Kari. I opened the Coconut Telegraph online and found yours about Kari in the November 21/Saturday Coconut Telegraph. I read it to Kari. She became emotional, wondered who the writer might be? Kari asked me to reply to you on the Coconut Telegraph.

What you wrote about Kari and her parents and her time back in Missouri agrees with what Kari told me. However you are not fully informed about her first marriage, it is not anything you can imagine, it was nobody’s fault, and I leave for Kari to tell you why she sought a divorce, if you two correspond.

I have written a great deal about Kari at my website,, which has a search feature below the right hand homepage menu, which can be used to search for Kari Dangler and what I have written and continue to right about her.

Your description of David Dangler, Kari’s 2nd husband and father of her only child, is in keeping with that Kari told me about David, except they were divorced before he was indicted for his business dealings with FEMA, which had paid his company $37 million, under a much bigger contract, which was aborted by the criminal charges. You can Google David Dangler FEMA and read what all comes up about him. Kari told me she heard David left America a fugitive and ended up in Honduras, where he either was killed, committed suicide, or vanished. One of the online articles I found said David is a fugitive at the time the article was written.

In defense of Kari’s mother and stepfather, Kari told me they gave her every chance, and she wasted it. Booze was the central culprit. In defense of Kari, she had had lost her daughter to David Dangler in a child custody case he initiated after they were divorced. He got full custody because Kari was an alcoholic. A mental health therapist had reported to the judge that she had been told by Kari and David’s daughter that David was doing sexual things with his daughter in the shower. That went into evidence. The Plantation Key, Florida judge awarded full custody to David anyway. I told Kari, in Alabama, where I practiced law, the judge would have ordered the Department of Children and Family services to take custody of the child, I could not imagine a judge awarding custody to a father under those circumstances.

Thereafter, Kari told me, she had supervised visitation with her daughter in Orlando area, where David lived. Kari had to drive up there from Key Largo, where she lived. She was in AA, even leading meetings. Then, David moved, and he kept moving, and Kari never knew where they were. She did not see or hear from her daughter from age 9.(Her daughter now is 21.) Kari came unhinged, went back to drinking.

Kari’s daughter wrote to me by email maybe 3 months ago, saying she had read everything I had written about her mother at This led to that, and Kari’s daughter called me about ten days ago, today is November 27, to say she was headed to south Florida for the funeral of her best friend, and from there she would drive down to Key West to see Kari in the jail. The day before Kari’s daughter was to be in Key West, she had her boyfriend, with whom she was traveling, call me and say there would be no visit. Reasons given did not agree with what I had heard from Kari’s daughter, nor with what Kari then told me she had written to her daughter using snail mail. Kari was unhinged.

Kari is in jail for violating the term of her probation that she not drink alcohol. The backstory for that and her original felony conviction, and what Kari now faces in the criminal justice system, and how it came to this point, was reported by me in the lead off “prison time because someone in homeless” part of the November 25th post at Link. Today’s post there is #3047.

When I first spoke with Kari, in a city park the latter part of last fall, I told her she should not be living on the street. Not her. She was different. I knew homeless scene, well. Had lived on the street in Key West myself. Was headed toward doing it again. I started eating at the soup kitchen again and was seeing Kari there. I started sitting at the table where she sat, and listened and joined in the conversation. I got a light-speed course in homeless chemical of choices besides booze – vodka. was Kari’s escape vehicle. Until she went back into the jail for drinking and violating her probation. By then, she and I were an item. Being an item with me is … different. Angels are involved.

It is not unlikely that people who love me not and used to bash me on the Coconut Telegraph, will resume bashing me. I’m used to it, they give me something different to do. It’s for Kari, though, that I reply to yours, which I imagine I will publish tomorrow at, verbatim, along with my reply to you. My email address is at the bottom of each of my daily posts at that website. Nothing I write and publish is copyrighted by me. If you send me an email, I will send you the information you need to write to Kari in the jail, if you wish to do that. I am pretty sure she would like to hear from you. Perhaps Deer Ed will forward mine to you by email, if he still has your email address. He jealously protects his reader contributors’ identities, unless it’s me who writes in to the Coconut Telegraph. I have told him many times not to protect my identity.

~Thanks, Sloan Bashinsky

ccleaner-icon[Computer Enema] Clean your computer’s registry of the thousands of unnecessary and duplicate files that are clogging it. Open CCleaner > Registry Icon on left panel > Update software (automatic) > Scan for issues > Fix selected issues > No > Fix all selected issues > Close > X

The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, November 28, 10 am at the Senior Center.  Hope to see you there. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

In WW2 the Germans retaliated by killing a large number of civilians if one Nazi was killed or captured. This made the civilians think twice before doing underground retaliations against the German invaders. Today this will happen if the American people rise up against the Muslim invaders. It will also happen anywhere in the world where the Muslim invasions is taking place. Muslims must fight Muslims in this war. We can no longer be politically correct or religiously pious and let them over-power us and make us submit to their rule. We must fight like we have many times before to preserve our freedoms. We have no choice in this writer’s view, but to fight to the death, or live in fear, or die by their barbaric means. No one knows how to stop them, but defending our homes and country might. Getting Muslim moderates to fight against them might.

Lock and load and be ready because it will be a messy future. Insanity cannot be cured with reason or prayers.

apple a day doctor away[Health Department] Knock on wood.  We rarely get sick.  Except when we went off the resort in Cozumel and my travel friend had mole sauce which looked like a plate of doo-doo.

~Adults are low on B-12.  We cannot hurt ourselves with a monthly injection. Expect a little weight loss.  Don’t listen to your doctor if it tries to talk you out of supplements – which are part of the reason we are not sick and not using big pharma products.  You can buy the B-12 and needles online. Here are the instructions: Link
~Don’t touch public doorknobs, get flu shot – not from the doctors office – from the pharmacy, vacuum house twice a week, practice mindfulness and gratefulness and pray.
~Adults also low on D3.  Double your intake to 2,000 IU.
~Daily probiotic everyday.
~The best mineral of all is magnesium. Take double with food and two more at bedtime for better sleep.  Expect to be regular, and have beautiful long bowel movements, so pretty, you’ll want to take a photo and send it to Dr. Oz.
~Your diet should eliminate gluten, sugar and dairy.
~Lean red meat only occasionally.  86 the bacon.
~Have some red wine.  The more expensive, the better!  That handsome Italian guy up in Marathon has some excellent vintages reasonably priced.  Grab some champagne as well since it now wards off Alzheimers / Dementia.
~If you are having hot flashes try some Emerita Progest creme and walk around naked as much as possible without getting in trouble with the law.
~If you have sluggish thyroid from the awful water, you should also take the following vitamins with food. Multi Vitamin, B-12, B-6, L-Tyrosine, Bladderwrack, Ashwaganda, Iron, DHEA, Zinc & Selenium. No fluoride toothpaste and drink only pure water. Get a thyroid apron for any x-rays to protect your thyroid which regulates everything.  If your doc tries to starve your thyroid you can buy your own natural Armour online and split your doses 3 hours in between vitamins and walnuts.  Synthetic thyroid medicine is bad but good for Abbott stockholders.  Ask Dr. Mercola on Twitter.  Or find the girls at if you still have symptoms and the doctor is enjoying your quarterly visits and suggests an anti-depressant and other dangerous big pharma pills only tested on sick men.
~The cure for arthritis for both people and our dogs and cats: Turmeric Curcumin 1000mg. Glucosamine Chondroitin. has two for one.  Pound it out and sprinkle on pet’s food.  Our big dogs take this and 400 mg SAM-e for improved mood and movement.
~Nightly baby aspirin for heart health.
~Keep buying that Botox. My AGN stocks are making me enough money to keep me floating in B-12 forever!
~If you are depressed you need less liquor, more walks outside, a happy light in the morning and try to journal your feelings.  Maybe you just need organic food and some life changes.  Staying in a bad relationship or job, feeling powerless because of energy vampires or even the feng shui arrangement of your house can cause angst.  Try to go to the library and enrich your mind and use positive affirmations and be kind to people.

When we die people should ask, “What has he done for the higher good?”  Your life film will roll and hopefully there will be more good deeds than bad.  Just know you’re coming back to learn your lessons.  Souls are energy which never die and the Akashic records tell our stories for eternity.

gift tree girlHow much do you gift your adult children for the holidays?  We have a wealthy friend who gives his kids nothing.  Zero.  (He is a sex addict, like most men) Tried to tell him that gifting $14,000 per child is a tax deduction.  Plus the looks on their faces will be priceless.

This will be the seventh year we give to the most worthy cause – our beautiful children (who will not put us in a nursing home).

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will donate 10 computers for Take Stock in Children students who do not have a computer at home to use for their schoolwork.

Where did the sheriff’s get the money for the computers? From us! Why are they taking credit for spending our money on non-law enforcement things? How mighty generous of them (snicker, snicker). Maybe we should examine their budget more closely next year to see if it is inflated enough for them to sponsor non law enforcement projects.

Excerpts from Memoirs of the Conquistadores by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo who arrived before Cortes and later served valiantly with him to conquer New Spain (Mexico) from the cannibals and idol worshipers in 1519. Castillo wrote his first person history in 1568 to clear up mistakes other authors at the time had written who weren’t even there. The Conquistadores were all young, well-bred cavaliers, of rank in Spain who were religious fanatics, or as Muslims would call them, “jihadists”.

conquistador1“As soon as daylight had fully broken forth, we perceived more troops of armed natives moving towards the coast with flying colours. They had on their feather-knots, and were provided with drums, bows, lances, shields, and joined themselves to the others who had arrived in the night. They divided themselves into different bodies, surrounded us on all sides, and commenced pouring forth such showers of arrows, lances, and stones, that more than eighty of our men were wounded at the first onset. They next rushed furiously forward and attacked us man to man: some with their lances, others with their swords and arrows, and all this with such terrible fury that we were compelled also to show them earnest. We dealt many a good thrust and blow amongst them, keeping up at the same time an incessant fire with our muskets and crossbows; for while some loaded others fired. At last, by dint of heavy blows and thrusts we forced them to give way; but they did not retreat further than was necessary, in order that they might still continue to hem us in in all safety; constantly crying out in their language, Al calachonlo at catachon; which signifies, kill the chief! And sure enough our captain was wounded in no less than twelve different places by their arrows. I myself had three; one of which was in my left side and very dangerous, the arrow having pierced to the very bone. Others of our men were wounded by the enemy’s lances, and two were carried off alive to be sacrificed and eaten.

After we had gained our vessels we found that fifty-seven of our men were missing, besides the two whom the Indians had carried off alive, and five whom we had thrown overboard, who had died in consequence of their wounds and extreme thirst. The battle lasted a little longer than half an hour.

The Indians should likewise renounce their idols, and no longer bring them human sacrifices. It grieved Cortes sorely whenever he reflected on the monstrous heresy in which they lived: henceforth he would neither see nor hear of these abominations, of human sacrifices and unnatural offences: then only could a permanent and brotherly union subsist between us. Above all things the women must be converted to Christianity, before we could think of taking them. Further, all unnatural crimes must be put a stop to, and young men must cease to go about in female garments, to make a livelihood by such cursed lewdness. Indeed, hardly a day passed by that these people did not sacrifice from three to four, and even five Indians, tearing the hearts out of their bodies, to present them to the idols and smear the blood on the walls of the temple. The arms and legs of these unfortunate beings were then cut off and devoured, just in the same way we should fetch meat from a butcher’s shop and eat it: indeed I even believe that human flesh is exposed for sale cut up, in their markets. “All these atrocities,” added Cortes, “must cease from this moment; then only could our union be sincere, and should we be able to make them lords over additional countries.” To this the caziques, the papas, and all the other personages answered, “That it would be impossible to abolish their idols and the human sacrifices: for everything that was good they received from these idols; they made their seeds grow and granted them all necessaries; but with regard to the unnatural crimes, they would strive in future to put an end to them.” This unsatisfactory answer made a most disagreeable impression on Cortes and all of us; for, indeed, we could no longer bear to look upon their barbarities.

We were told that the flesh of young children, as a very dainty bit, was also set before him sometimes by way of a relish. Whether there was any truth in this we could not possibly discover; on account of the great variety of dishes on the table. This I know, however, for certain, that after Cortes had reproached him for the human sacrifices and the eating of human flesh, he issued orders that no dishes of that nature should again be brought to his table.”

Note: Frequently from 5000 to 20,000 human beings were sacrificed in one day at Mexico and in the surrounding neighbourhood.

anchor swinging on chain


How not to drop an anchor. Wait for it… Video

[Coral Bleaching Worsens] For a second straight year, the Florida Keys coral reef tract has taken a serious beating when it comes to bleaching, according to a recently released study. Extremely warm water temperatures can result in coral bleaching. When water is too warm, corals will expel the algae, called zooxanthellae, living in their tissues, causing the coral to turn completely white. Corals can survive a bleaching, but they are under more stress and are subject to mortality and disease. Severe bleaching — areas where more than 50 percent of hard coral colonies experienced paling or bleaching — occurred in the Middle and Upper Florida Keys, the report stated. Moderate bleaching occurred in the Lower Keys, BrowardMiami, South Palm Beach and Martin counties, with several Lower Keys reefs nearly reaching the severe status. Coral-bleaching events will become more prevalent and severe in the next 15 years.
[King of Greed] CEO who raised price of old pill more than $700 calls journalist a ‘moron’ for asking why. Martin Shkreli is the king of greed. This young whippersnapper bought a drug company just so he could raise the price of Daraprim, a popular pill to bolster immune systems. Link
bill-importance[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Hacker n, Someone who spits into computers
DEF: Thanksgiving n, A 24 hour period merchants invented.
DEF: Thankstaking n, A 365 day holiday for Jewish merchants.
DEF: Corporation n, A sticker bush executives hide behind.
DEF: WebAds n, Those tormenting unwanted electrons on your screen
DEF: Payback n, A found way to torment advertisers
DEF: Mortuary n, Most of the bars in the Keys
DEF: Supervisor n, A person who knows nothing but tells you to work harder.
DEF: Importance n, The justified need of some people to look in a mirror
DEF: Sadistic n, The games badge wearing Wyatt Earp’s play on people
DEF: Scrooge n, Any member of Congress or the Senate in a cheap suit.
DEF: Red Cross n, An organization who gave out free cigarettes while castrating your wallet.
DEF: Hospital n, A temporary shelter to die in while paying your over priced billings.
DEF: Engspeak n, The NWO language derived from texting by mutable races.
DEF: Spelling-checker n, That chip that burns out while correcting Engspeak
DEF: Right-of-way n, The dance idiots do in front of speeding vehicles.
DEF: Self-driven n, A vehicle not liable for running over debris playing in the street.
DEF: Useless-eater n, Any person not capable of self-sustaining themselves.
DEF: Farmer n, The most important person on the planet other than me!
[FTR] During this season it is wholly appropriate to contemplate where we have been and where we are going.

In 732 A.D. the Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was defeated and turned back at Tours, France.  In 1571 A.D. the Italians and Austrians defeated the Muslim Army/Navy as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern Europe in the Battle of Lepanto.

In 1683 A.D. the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies.

If these battles had not been won, we it’s likely that we’d speaking Arabic. And Christianity could be non-existent; Judaism certainly would not exist. (continued on the National Politics page …)

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