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Friday, July 28, 2017

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[Big Pine Flea Market] We’re is going fishing for August and September. We will reopen with lots of new ideas and changes October 1. Last call! Come get your polarized glasses. Come in and get your tarps and bungee cords. Hats, kitchen tools, shop tools, craft supplies, oddities, tropical gifts, and knick-knacks.

While the Flea market is closed I’ll be happy to get you what you want if you call me. I’ll be glad to help you or answer any questions you have. 305-923-5666 Cindy Cody

Loads of new things will be arriving by October 1st. If you have a suggestion to help us improve please call or text me. New ideas are welcome. We are thinking about a craft area. Everything there must be made by you. It would have a much lower rent for artists and creative people to display the things they make. The crafters area would have 10′ by 10′ spots, so you could bring your pop-up tent, display and tables. If anyone is interested in this crafters area please call Cindy Cody 305-923-5666.

Our regular spots are 16′ by 25′ deep.  If you pay by year you can leave your tables and awnings up all week. If you chose to be a regular all your regular customers will find you easily. It’s worth it to have the thousands of regulars return.

Codys Discount will be up and running this weekend with every kind of thing, so come see us. This is the last weekend of the Big Pine Flea Market. We’ll be gone for two months of summer. Don’t forget to pick up your storm season supplies. We’ve got it all. Duct tape, bungee cords, tarps, heavy clips and everything else. Don’t forget the small stuff. This weekend is your last chance till October 1st!

Any local teachers can get free craft supplies from Codys Discount too. Please come get this stuff. I have nowhere to pack hundreds of Pom Pom balls and thousands of feathers. Free to any teacher in Monroe county.  I gave you folks a lot last year, come by for still more. I opened another trailer full of craft supplies. Come on teachers, get what you can use. It’s free.

If you’ve heard the Publix rumors, remember that everything here takes 10 years or so just to get started. All of us vendors will be here next season, October 1st. We’ve already paid in advance. Look forward to next October first’s Big Pine Flea Market.

We’re going to try to have a nice vacation up near the big ice pond (Lake Huron). We’ll miss it here and we’ll be happy to come back to our island home and friends. See you all tomorrow and Sunday.

[Code-Reporting Nazi] There is a neighbor of ours who is angry with the world and continually looks for ways to turn us in to County government.  This guy has no job, no life, is a proven pervert, and has a lot of time on his hands.  Instead of cleaning up his own filthy yard and home, he scouts my property for violations.  Armed with binoculars and an “I hate my neighbors” attitude, this joker has caused a lot of work on behalf of the County–for nothing.  We are up to code, have a very clean yard (the most-well kept on our street), and keep to ourselves.  Although the County is aware of the neighborhood antics and have met with us personally, another “Courtesy Violation” arrived in the mail yesterday.  WTF!  The violations stated on the letter are made up and not valid.  My questions are:  1) Does County check out the alleged violation before charging the property owner of the violation?  2)  If you are cited for a violation, say unregistered vehicles on your lot, are all the other neighbors in violation going to be cited as well?  I’m ready to file a discrimination and/or harassment charge on both the neighbor and the County
[“No centralized organization for unaffiliated voters in the Keys”] Of course there isn’t. That’s like saying where’s the organization for atheists (they don’t believe in the supernatural so they have nothing to organize). If a voter is unaffiliated what does he need an organization for? He takes each issue separately based on his feeling. If he did have an organization it would quickly divide into the members’ ideologies or political bigotry similar to FTR’s party line that never varies, right or wrong.
Have you ever noticed that all the instruments searching for intelligent life are pointed away from earth?
[Fragile Disposition] Some people get upset when the cat leaves footprints on their car.


[Rich, Really Rich] Amazon’s Jeff Bezos briefly became the world’s richest man Thursday in Forbes magazine’s tracking of wealth, as stock in his company hit an all-time high. Microsoft founder Bill Gates reclaimed the lead by afternoon, as Amazon’s stock fell nearly 1 percent for the day to $1,046 each.

[Sign Pollution] Perhaps one way we can convince DOT to cut back on the number of superfluous signs on Rte. 1, including the nefarious “511” travel information signs, is to begin a local boycott of those businesses that finance the erection of those signs.  If a business name on a sign causes it to lose money, not make money, maybe they will rethink what they are doing to our scenic highway.
[Fishing Regulations] These will be effective August 24, 2017
Minimum size limit (for both commercial and recreational sectors) 16 inches fork length
Commercial trip limit 25 pounds whole weight
Recreational bag limit 1 fish per person per day
Recreational fishing season Open – May through October; Closed- January through April; November through December
[America’s Infrastructure] I would rather see America’s money spent fixing our infrastructure instead of wasting it in a border wall that only benefits the few.
Big Pine Key Winn Dixie’s Weekly Ad


It’s here, lobster sports diver season. Have a great time & enjoy our beautiful Florida Keys. Be careful, be nice, be a good steward of our ocean & all it holds. This PSA brought to you by Coconuts Bar & Liquor store & Lobster-dog.

[Who Am I] Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.  Synonyms: persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, intimidate, strong-arm, dominate; coerce, pressure, pressurize, press, push; force, compel; badger, goad.
[Slaves as Animals: 1858 Africa] He is of the Wahiyow tribe, who make the best slaves in Eastern Africa. His breed is that of the true woolly-headed negro, though he does not represent a good specimen of them physically, being somewhat smaller in his general proportions than those one generally sees as stokers in our steamers that traverse the Indian Ocean. His head, though woodeny, like a barber’s block, is lit up by a humorous little pair of pig-like eyes, set in a generous benign-looking countenance, which, strange to say, does not belie him, for his good conduct and honesty of purpose are without parallel. His muzzle projects dog-monkey fashion, and is adorned with a regular set of sharp-pointed alligator teeth, which he presents to full view as constantly as his very ticklish risible faculties become excited. The tobacconist’s “jolly nigger,” stuck at the corner house of the street, and it stands in mute, but full grin, tempting the patronage of accidental passengers passing by.  This wonderful man says he knows nothing of his genealogy, nor any of the dates of the leading epochs of his adventurous life – not even his birth, time of captivity, or restoration.
[Crook] A second Marathon-based commercial fisherman, Adalberto Garcia, 79, accused of poaching lobster was arrested Wednesday by wildlife officers.
[“Name the little blimp“] My vote is “Blimpy McBlimp Face”.
[Noise vs Reef Rape] Every year the residents of Monroe County are faced with this dilemma, do we want the 5 to 8 million dollars those loud, noisy, rude, nasty, drunken bikers spend down here on their annual four day pilgrimage to the southernmost city? Or do we continue the yearly two-day massacre of our local saltwater cockroaches, while destroying our reef, despoiling the environment, leaving their garbage and trash, while contributing minimally to the local economy. The bikers come down here to spend money, the lobster mobsters come down here to pillage and rape, taking as much as they can get away with without getting caught. Monroe county spoke: No noise, no millions in the local coffers, but come on down and rape and destroy our economy and environment.

Bring back the money and dump the mini-season.

[“Russian Sukhoi 30 Tailwalking”] My gawd you’re gullible! What you are watching is a very large RC model of a SU-30. It’s nothing but engine, a few electronics, and lots of Styrofoam. Of course it can tail walk. Video
Am I liable if I pay a cat lady to feed my two remaining feral cats? and she falls down and goes boom boom? I am asking her to sign a Waiver of Liability in front of a notary. If she refuses to sign the document then her intentions were nefarious and I am stuck feeding the ferals for the rest of their lives. Many others, including myself, have brought our feral colonies inside our homes and they copy cat and use the litter box and are very good unpettable pussycats. Two of the ferals are actually lovey-dovey abandoned cats who were forced outdoors but did not go wild. It is fun waking up in my king size bed with six nice cats who give me a little room to move around. The oldest cat gets B12 shots and what a difference this makes. Prince, from the Big Pine Key woods is the best cat ever and I appreciate the nice cat lady who gifted him to me.
Great White Shark stamps are on sale starting the 26th FYI. They are the Forever stamps and they are beautiful. Please fish responsibly. Don’t take shark. Our oceans need them.
[$4,000,000 School Board] Many thanks for asking what the School Board will be “doing with the additional $4 million” in income for MCSD this year.  Unfortunately, Finance Director Drake offered only a series of generalities.  Will it be possible to be more specific so that we taxpayers better understand how our money is being spent?

I was disappointed that John Dick was unable to attend as I know that he is on a tour of Ireland.  My fear is that much of the $4 million will go to hiring more administrators in the Henriquez Building.  John had been on a quest some years ago to restrain administrative expansion.

Unfortunately, as more money rolls into the coffers of MCSD, the number of administrators has expanded, perhaps exponentially.  We need John, as well as the rest of the Board, to revive his concerns about administrative proliferation. That could begin by identifying any new administrative positions to be included in the $4 million. Again, taxpayers deserve specificity, not generalities.  We need more money in the classrooms, not the Henriquez Building.  ~Dr. Larry Murray

[Mini Season Dread] Verb: anticipate with great apprehension or fear: “Jane was dreading the party.”
Noun: great fear or apprehension: “The thought of returning to New Jersey filled her with dread.”. A person with dreadlocks.
Adjective: greatly feared; dreadful: “He was stricken with the dread disease and died”
I dread this next few days. Lobster sports diver season. Over 30,000 folks are here to limit out on crawfish. 6 per person, total of 12 over 2 days. It’s a difficult time for someone who works on the water, overwhelming is a better word than difficult. 30,000 folks on everything from jetskis to 55′ sports-fishermen. Crazy, nuts, deadly dangerous. Let’s see how this turns out. This captain will be a very vigilant captain in anticipation of the attack by kamikaze lobster mobsters. The photo’s showing a few poachers that law enforcement caught gives you a clue of why some folks spend thousands of dollars to get 12 lobsters.
poach·er [ˈpōCHər] NOUN a person who hunts or catches game or fish illegally
[“Healthcare’s dubious billing”] That’s a great list of abbreviations of medical codes.  I’m going to print it out and give it to my senior neighbors who, I am sure, are bamboozled by their bills.
[Perseid Meteor Shower Aug. 11-12] Look Up! Make plans now to stay up late or set the alarm early next week to see a cosmic display of “shooting stars” light up the night sky. Known for its fast and bright meteors, the annual Perseid meteor shower is anticipated to be one of the best potential meteor viewing opportunities this year. The Perseids show up every year in August when Earth ventures through trails of debris left behind by an ancient comet. This year, Earth may be in for a closer encounter than usual with the comet trails that result in meteor shower, setting the stage for a spectacular display. Video
[“Volunteering for jury duty for lobster mobsters/resource rapists”] I volunteer also. If we can’t make people follow the rules, at least we can make it hurt when they violate them
[Launching in Foul Seas] With enough horsepower you can overcome any problem. Is that boat named the Dramamine? Video


[Way Back When] The West Key Bar, 24 hr Boca Chica Lounge on Stock Island, living on Houseboat Row. sigh!

[My wife] My wife reminded me that our 15th anniversary was coming up and said, “You know we never had a proper wedding, just that quick thing with the judge.  I really want to walk down the aisle.”  When the big day came I took her to the grocery store.  That’s when the fight started.

Reading palms is a practice dating back thousands of years to the Vedic period in India. To learn the art, read widely and discerningly. Study the four types of hands: intuitive (long palm, short fingers); practical (square palm, short fingers); thinking (square palm, long fingers); and feeling (long palm, long fingers). Look for the three basic palm creases: the heart line, the head line and the life line. If you’re unsure, ask questions; when in doubt, talk about love and work. “People want to know about relationships and career more than anything else. Link

[Crooks] The company behind many surprise emergency room bills. Link
[Marathon School] Due to the need for after school care for Marathon families, Marathon Lutheran School is excited to now offer tuition scholarships.

Children in grades K through 5 can get transportation from Switlik Elementary School to Marathon Lutheran School (across from San Pablo and behind the Napa Auto Parts Building) where they will receive homework help, outside playtime, craft and cooking opportunities, nature study activities, and lots of loving care.  The After school program at Marathon Lutheran School is open until 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.  This care is provided on early dismissal days, as well as most school holidays. An Early Childhood Center for children ages 1-5 is also at this location.

United Way of the Florida Keys is funding the scholarship program with $5,000 in grant money to the school.  This will help offset the cost of aftercare to families that of these children, so that they may have a safe environment to spend the afternoon while parents are finishing their work day.

More information about this program, including enrollment information and scholarship applications, may be obtained by calling Marathon Lutheran School at 305-735-4762 or emailing


[Navy’s new laser weapon] Just burn a fin off N. Korea’s rocket and see what happens. Video

Somebody on July 24 took a picture of one of the Trauma Star helicopters on the pad at Lower Keys Medical Center with both pilot doors open. In the photo, another Trauma Star helicopter is landing. The pilot had to see the first ‘copter on the pad with the doors open. That is just irresponsible. Who is going to be paying for any damage–the tax payer? Is there any management oversight with these people?
[Crook] It’s 8 am on Wed morning and I’m sipping my morning coffee on the couch (It’s a beautiful thing).  As I peruse the arrest log, I see one person on the log for 2 Misdemeanor Count(s) of conservation – violations. That was quick!

Moreira, Nicolas DoB:03/20/1939 Age:78 Sex:M Race:W
Address: 712 83st Ocean, Marathon, FL 33050
Occupation: Fisherman
Arrest Location: 1400 Overseas Hwy, Marathon

Free home buyers event every month on the last Monday of the month.  This month will be July 31st at 6 pm.  First time home buyers and experienced home buyers welcome. There will be lenders, home inspectors, financial advisors, real estate agents, property information, free home buyers check list and a wealth of free information.  Stop on by!  Snacks and drinks provided.  The event is held at Coco’s Cantina in the Winn Dixie plaza.
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