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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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[Doughnut Hole] There’s this odd flaw in Medicare. I bought all the supplemental insurance parts and should only have to pay $20 for an office visit. The meds are usually highly discounted. Usually all the meds are covered except for that Twilight Zone time of year they like to call the “doughnut hole”. During this odd time they cancel my coverage for medicine and I have to pay $446.89 for my pills. They explain this in double-talk that only a Medicare pro can understand. I pay everything they ask for so I can plan my budget and yet they create a space where my medicine isn’t paid for. Why is that? Am I only to get sick during certain months?
[Spotting Alt-Truths] These psychologists found a better way to teach people to spot misinformation. A YouTube ad campaign prepared viewers to identify common deception tactics. Link

[Australia On Speed] 6% of Aussies have used meth. Meth is the most popular drug down under.

My wife ran off with my fishing buddy. I miss him, he had an awesome boat!

[Shakers (rattle & roll)] ] Spontaneous dancing was part of Shaker worship until the early 1800s, when it was replaced by choreographed dancing. Spontaneous dancing returned around the 1840s, but by the end of the 19th century dancing ceased during worship. Services consisted of singing hymns, testimonials, a short homily, and silence.
[Student Loans] I’m thrilled to have my taxes go toward anyone’s education because the fewer stupid motherf**kers the better!
AVOCADO: “Hello, I’m good fat.”
BACON: (lights cigarette, punches avocado)

Chest out
, stomach in, stand up straight. I can’t wait for their invasion.

[You Say You Want A Revolution] Most revolutions in history never had a plan B. Take Afghanistan for example. The Taliban only knows violence and terror. As soon as they drove the Americans and NATO out they didn’t know what to do. And all they do is wrong. The Russian revolution left a vacuum and so did the French revolution. All these revolutions had the vacuum filled with the wrong people and the wrong government. The only revolution that turned out well is the American’s. Our vacuum was filled with smart, good, and well-intentioned men.


The older I get the tighter companies are putting the lids on jars. Link

[Country Music] Gun Free Zone. Video
[Donate Blood] There are only three blood drives around Big Pine the month of September.  Donors receive a One Blood Donor T-Shirt and socks plus a $20 eGift card, and a Wellness Checkup. To schedule an appointment, go to and enter your zip code and the from and to dates.  Thank you for donating.
Monday, September 5 – Bealls @ Big Pine Shopping Center – 11 am – 4 pm
Sunday, September 11 – Kiki’s Sandbar & Grill LTK  – 1:30 pm – 6:00 pmMonday, September 26  – Bealls @ Big Pine Shopping Center – 11 am – 4 pm
[Poetry For Men] Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Swim in cold water,
Yours will be too.
[Isaksen Insurance] It’s finally here–Labor Day weekend! If you’re anything like us, you’re ready for a long weekend full of relaxation and time spent with loved ones. Our office will be closing at 1pm on Friday, September 2nd and will be closed all day on Monday, September 5th. From all of us, have a dog wild Labor Day!
[Trying New Things] I recently bought a toilet brush. Long story short, I’m going back to toilet paper.
[Inflation] Last year my house was worth $327,315. This year it’s worth $646,454. Are they kidding? I didn’t do anything to it. It’s the same house. Why such a large increase in valuation? Why are so many things doubling in price? I can understand a certain percentage to match the rate of inflation, but double? Is anyone investigating this bad stuff?
Medicare is a great program, government’s finest, but like all major endeavors, public and private, they all need a tune-up now and then to keep up with citizens’ expectations. I’d like to see it expanded to include all Citizens.
[Satellite Tracker] This is a fun app.  It’ll let you know when the ISS is making a visible pass, you can set notifications.  Also, if you select the far-right icon on the bottom of the screen it’ll show you what’s visible in the sky in the direction you point your phone.  Even in the daytime!  Although that really serves no practical purpose, like a lot of things I enjoy! Link
[Unhappy Camper] Let’s face it, the Keys are dead and gone and the locals are turning into holy rollers and greedy mutants. The party islands have seen their day.


Redneck hot water.

[Man of the Hole Dies] The last remaining member of an uncontacted indigenous group in Brazil has died, officials say. The man, whose name was not known, had lived in total isolation for the past 26 years. He was known as Man of the Hole because he dug deep holes, some of which he used to trap animals while others appear to be hiding spaces. The majority of his tribe are believed to have been killed as early as the 1970s by ranchers wanting to expand their land. In 1995, six of the remaining members of his tribe were killed in an attack by illegal miners, making him the sole survivor. Link


Water is the universal solvent. More things dissolve in water than anything else.

Corporations are usually more interested in short term profit than they are in changing the world.


[Dreaming] When one suspects that one is dreaming, the waking comes almost instantly. ~Edgar Poe

[Crooks] Mykhaylo Chugay and his partners took advantage of that employee shortage in the hospitality and service industry and raked in tens of millions of dollars between August 2007 and July 2021, by running a collection of crooked staffing companies. The group swindled the IRS out of more than $25 million in income and Social Security and Medicare taxes that would have been collected and paid in connection with the wages. Link

Years. Lovers. Glasses of wine
. These are the tings that never should be counted.
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