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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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[Bambi Kidnapped] Two Miami men were arrested early Sunday morning after deputies in the Florida Keys found an endangered Key deer in their car during a traffic stop, according to authorities. Yoankis Hernandez Pena, 38, and Andres Leon Valdes, 45, face charges of animal cruelty and taking, possessing or selling a federally designated endangered or threatened species, county jail records show. They were in custody as of Sunday afternoon awaiting their bond hearing. Link

[Dog Hotel] Does anyone know of dog day care on Stock Island or Key West? The Abigail Stich appears to be closed. Any tips for us on our upcoming dogcation would be fabulous.

[1852 Missing Slaves] $100 Reward Runaway from the subscriber, on Tuesday night, the 20th of July, 1852, four Negroes, of the following description, viz: JIM, about 5 feet 8 inches high, and speaks slow when spoken to; color black. STEPHEN, about the same height, copper color, and speaks very slow when spoken to. ARTHUR, about 5 feet 5 or six inches high, yellow, and speaks very quick. ALFRED, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, black, and speaks slow.
The said Negroes are supposed to be in company with one belonging to R. C. Campbell, who left on the same night, and is about 6 feet high and weighs about 200 pounds. They are supposed to be making their way for Mexico, as a Mexican by the name of Phillippi is also missing. The horses are a Bay, Roan, Dun Pony and Dun Mare Mule, that are missing. l will give the above reward if taken on this side of the Colorado, or two hundred if taken West of the said river, and delivered to me in Fort Bend county, or secured in any jail so I get them again.PAT PERRY.
Hodges Bend, Fort Bend Co. July, 1852

[New] The Coconut Telegraph  has a new Contact Us page. Now can upload pictures to get published on the CT. Link
Do we still need to save the bees? Yes, and no, and yes. Link


Patient Zero discovered in Monkeypox outbreak.

What is colorism? Experts break down the effects of skin tone discrimination. Link

When a woman asks you to guess her age, it’s like deciding whether to cut the blue, red, or green wire to diffuse a bomb!
[School Supplies] Stuff the Bus. The United Way of Collier and the Keys is excited to announce the return of “Stuff the Bus,” This annual campaign helps to ensure that all Monroe County children are prepared for the upcoming school year. Stuff the Bus 2022


[Toilet] The long walk to relief. I’ll bet it really stinks there. Hope they have a powerful fart fan.

[Texas Power Weak] Owners of Tesla vehicles are receiving in-car alerts to not charge their vehicles because the Texas power grid is on the verge of failure. Link


[Cat Snooze Alarm] I need one of these. Everyone with a cat needs one of these!


[Books] I understand why people write books to make money, but if a person wants to save the planet and millions of people, why a book when they could just give out the information freely via the web? Politics, charities, writing and acting are easier than working for a living.


This is how evolution started.

[Taxes] In 1984 I lowered the top income tax rate from 70% to 28%. Then I imposed the first ever income tax on social security benefits to make up for it. ~R. Reagan


[Virus Fact] Viruses change the cells of its host, ensuring its survival.

[Chemtrails Eat Your Brain] From the whistleblower doctor who treated chemtrail pilots comes this video disclosing the ingredients in chemtrails, including human plasma, barium salts that are 10,000 times more toxic to the nervous system than lead, and silicone based extraterrestrial life forms. This was from several years ago and discusses technologies that were tested on military personnel. Link
[Lobster Mini Season] Hungry for lobster? You can soon catch your own. The two-day lobster miniseason in Florida runs Wednesday and Thursday, and thousands of people will visit the Keys and other spots in the state for a chance to bag their legal limit of Florida spiny lobster. The crustacean’s tail meat is not only sought after in South Florida, but across the nation and as far away as China, where it has recently become a delicacy. Link
[Typically Boris] Boris Johnson’s final words to Parliament were, “Hasta la vista, baby!”
The adults-only Little Palm Resort & Spa on Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys was named one of the best 100 hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. Link
[Jeopardy Co-Hosts] Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings will keep splitting host duties. Link

[Outrun This…] Czech police turn seized Ferrari into patrol car. The Ferrari 458 Italia is capable of chasing down joyriders at speeds of up to 200mph. Link

[Mass Murder] Pray we can go one week in USA without some type of shootings.
[R.I.P. Bill Blue] On July 14, Key West lost this extraordinarily talented and well-loved blues musician to cancer. Once in a while, a special person comes along and has an impact on your life, music and everything special. Bill Blue impacted everything and everyone he touched. Bill was a fixture and influence in the Key West music scene. Link

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