2022 June

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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[Abortion] 50 years ago woman took to the streets and raised so much hell over a white man’s law saying they had to breed that they changed the law. Friday that law was changed back and now all woman who get pregnant in most states will have to have the kid. Only woman who can afford it will be able to abort the little buggers. This will lead to more rap music and Ebonics and drugs and crime and unhappy people. Who will pay for these half million unwanted little bastards?

[Kinky] Only in Florida do you find a woman driving an F150 with a grown man locked in a dog crate in the back.

If you buy an abortion pill in New York and take it across state lines to Texas where you use it, will you go to jail?
[Rafters] Coast Guard returns 106 migrants to Cuba after most were stopped off the Florida Keys. Link

[Big-leg Women] The average American woman is size 18 today, up from a size 14 five years ago. The average weight for women aged 20 and over was 170 pounds in 2016 and going up

[Abortion Is Not A Right] All the Supreme Court ruling states is that abortion is not a constitutional right. It puts that decision back to the states. Now the people in each state get to vote on whether they want to have abortion legal in their state or not.
This is another mod to deter your ability to choose what you think is best for your life. The holy rollers and other profiteers are taking away all your choices in everything. Real freedom is having the choice to think for yourself without someone else dictating how you must obey their ideals and live how they dictate. Lose this right and you will have no life at all.
The point is that the states will take away your right to think for yourself and be dictated to by the rulers and the sheeple who follow them. In reality, there is no way anyone should be able to tell another person how to do anything with their time/life on this rock. Start controlling people like sheep and Orwell will rejoice in his grave
[Cat Study Revealed] I finally have my cats figured out. Tiger is a ‘boarder’. He constantly complains to the management about the poor, slow service and insufficient food. He looks like he’s ready to sue. Freddie is my ‘grandson’ who wants nothing more than to sit on Grandma’s lap and get cuddles and tummy tickles
In 2019 there were 629,898 abortions nationally. Who will pay to raise these unwanted children now that abortions are banned? The result will be poor kids raised into the low life. All affluent women will still get aborted. Only the poor and society as a whole will suffer as there will be more street scum looking to survive. More poor people
[Cactus Bud] This is a close-up of a snake cactus bud. It looks more like a cocoon than a bud.
[Abortions] Friday the government outlawed abortions. Certain states still allow them. It will be like another unjust law—slavery. We will have Slave (to the Government) states and Free States. Get ready for the new underground railroad.

[Gender of Remains] Why is it that when archeologists find human remains they’re either male or female and none of the other 700 genders?
[Abortions] Congress said they can’t adjust gun law in the Constitution, but they can adjust the Constitutional Amendments when it pleases them regarding abortion.
[Plastic] Outdoor furniture is made from recycled plastic. Plastic is forever, please recycle it. Video

[Curdled Milk] Heat stress might curdle the dairy industry. Heat is stressing out cattle, which is a problem for farmers and cheese-lovers. Link

[Politics] A sea of lies can wash away a drop of truth.
[Men competing Against Women] Los Angeles 29-year-old trans woman beats 13-year-old girl to first place in NYC women’s skateboarding contest. That’s unfair and pathetic.  Link
[“Holy rollers”] Someone asked what the poster meant when writing ‘holy rollers’. I now know what he means: do as I say not as I do. Pick only the parts of Christianity that I like.
[GM Broke and Broken] Why did General Motors file for bankruptcy? GM is too bureaucratic and unable to adjust to changing markets. GM’s dealer network is too large. GM stopped making profit in 2005. It makes cars no one wants. Link
[How to Use a Mooring Buoy] It’s important to use a mooring buoy correctly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the mooring system, as well as protect your vessel and the vessels of others. Video
The Holy banned abortion last week. Want to bet that they will go after condoms, the morning after pill, and planned parenthood next?

Do you need a daily multivitamin? Probably not, says national health task force. Exercising and eating well do more for your health than vitamin supplements. Link

[Hooking Up] The Spider Hitch in action. One person can simply and safely connect heavy equipment. Whoever adapts this for use with boat trailers will make a fortune! This could be a boating game changer. Video

[Abortion Ruling] Time to ban Viagra. Because if pregnancy is “God’s will”, then so is your limp dick!

[Sad] Why this teacher keeps one chair empty in his middle school classroom. Now this is a good man. Link

[Health] This is Sarah. She is 45 years old. She has two children. She has never exercised a day in her life, yet she eats anything she wants and stays up until 3 a.m. drinking beer. What’s her secret? No secret. Sarah is the one in the upper right corner of the picture.