2022 March

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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We went up to IKEA in Miami Saturday. I’ve been waiting for chairs for a few weeks. I called customer service, who says the chairs are there. Doors opened at 10 am, we were there at 9:59am. I found a yellow-shirted worker who checked stock, “Yep, they’re here.” I ask where are they? I furnish the stock number and description. He directs me downstairs to the warehouse in which bins and bins of items are stored. I found the proper bin number, aisle number etc., but there was nothing there. I then found 3 Ikea workers here and there who all say it’s not their area. One directs me to a fellow standing in a kiosk. He tells me, they’re down the aisle. We go down that aisle 3 times and cannot find the chairs. We then locate a young female Ikea worker and plead with her to help us. She tells me the same thing, “Down the aisle”. I practically drag her down the aisle to help us locate the chairs. She locates it and says, “It’s not there.” I say, “Your computers say you have them. We drove over a hundred miles to get them!
They finally locate the chairs 3 bins away from where they should have been. They treat customers like cattle. Moo.
[Russian Sanctions] Dear Customer, As countries and companies around the world cut ties with Russia over their invasion of Ukraine, VacationsToGo and our travel partners are cancelling future vacations scheduled to visit Russia. Cruise lines that were planning to visit the Russian city of St. Petersburg this summer on Baltic Sea cruises are altering itineraries to remove St. Petersburg and replace it with one or more non-Russian ports. Nearly 400 cruise ship calls were scheduled for St. Petersburg this summer so these cancellations will result in the loss of revenue from about 500,000 tourists.

[“Name that plant”] Friday, February 18.  That plant is a cultivar of a Dieffenbachia, I think. It’s a hardy houseplant from S. America, I think. Definitely not a Florida native

[Ironic Bum] There was a bum sitting on the curb in the Winn Dixie parking lot begging for (booze) money. At the other end of the lot was a sign: Help Wanted. Why should I help a bum who’s not willing to help himself?

If you have been watching the horror show, Air Disasters, as I have, you might also think of alternative travel methods. I do think this program must be sponsored by Greyhound and or Amtrak. Episode 1

[Is Free Speech Dead] I think so. I, Steve Kirsch, asked to give a talk about COVID at MIT, but they couldn’t find a faculty member to sponsor it. Apparently, they don’t allow viewpoints that challenge the mainstream narrative. Twenty-four years ago, I donated $2.5M to MIT for an auditorium. They named the auditorium in the EECS building named in my honor: the Kirsch Auditorium. Link
[Tourists] April 15th used to be a hateful day being the traditional income tax day. But this year it’s a day of happiness and joy. Why is that? you might ask. Well, it’s the day that most of the tourists and snowbirds have packed up and left the Keys to be home for Easter Day church and dinner with the Grandkids. No more traffic jams, empty shelves at the Winn Dixie, plenty of parking spaces, no more traffic tie-ups. Just getting back to our normal laidback lives.
[Captain Doom and Gloom]
On machismo:
Rome fell because men became woman, woman became men and goats got rammed! Look around today and see the same play book and how the planet is again falling apart. Time for another culling; or better known as WW3.  Dog, save us all that don’t bend over.
On transportation:
Self-driving vehicles are the new gadget some idiots invented to save a few rubles by not having to hire a driver. Just wait until one of those 20-ton SDV trucks crush a school bus full of kids. There will be no place on this rock for the manufacturers to hide.
[Troll] If anyone needs gas you’d better get over here quick before they realize that the pump is messed up! Only $1.31 a gallon! I filled up my car for $16 dollars. It’s pump number 2 at the Shell station on the corner across fr… See more
The AARP March calendar of events is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

[Sexy Man] Gentlemen, every woman in your life now has at least a small crush on Volodymyr Zelenskyy and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And in my household, it’s my wife, stepdaughter and to some extent my 7-year-old granddaughter

[Peoples’ Convoy] There are 2 other convoys that have massive turnouts, and are in progress to the DC area as we speak. They are The People’s Convoy (which was the first convoy to launch out of Cal0 which is in New Mexico now and the Texas Convoy which departs soon. Video

[One-dollar Bills] U.S. has committed over $1 billion to secure the assistance to Ukraine in less than a year. The area covered by 1,000,000,000 (one billion) one-dollar bills measures 4 square miles. This would cover an area equal to the size of 2,555 acres. Link
[Help Wanted] Winn-Dixie closed their deli meat department because they can’t find anyone who wants to work. Not knowing how much they pay, and how much free lunch the employees take, I bet the lazy bastards think they are worth what lawyers get. It’s time to nationalize wages per occupation and gender. Either produce or get out. Piece work has always weeded out the bums

It looks like Putin has raised the Iron curtain once more. Will tyrants never learn

[War] Georgian oil tanker refuses to refuel Russian ship: “You have oars — row” Link


Dancing Bear’s last voyage ended off Little Torch Key in three feet of water.

[Reef Renewal] The United Way of Collier and the Keys, along with our partners at the United Arab Emirates, are celebrating two years of reef renewal and restoration as part of our collaboration to revitalize the Florida Keys coral reefs.  As part of this project, UWCK recently awarded over $200,000 to Reef Renewal USA to begin work on restoring the coral reefs at Looe Key. Reef Anniversary – Feb2022

[Word of the Day] Cenosillicaphobia. The fear of an empty beer glass