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[John Denver’s Experimental Aircraft Crash] I am the mechanic that was the last person to see John Denver alive. As you can imagine, this was a horrible tragedy and has had a huge impact on my life, much more than I can convey in a comment. One thing I will point out is what was the labeling of the fuel selector valve, before it was painted at the shop in Santa Maria. John and I spoke at great lengths as to what position was what, regarding the fuel selector. All of the labels near the switches, circuit breakers, fuel selector and fuel gauges were gone, when John and I talked. The aircraft had been parked in the maintenance hangar where I worked over the weekend, I happened to be out on that Sunday, doing my IPC with my flight instructor when John asked to retrieve his airplane. Being the only person on site on a Sunday, with keys to the maintenance hangar, I offered to help him get his airplane. He had always been very friendly before when I encountered him flying his Christian Eagle (located in a separate private hangar), so I was happy to help him out. We talked about the modifications that he intended to do for about 45 minutes. I loaned him a fuel sump cup and a 2” Mac Tools inspection mirror. I also provided him with three options of pliers during the discussion of extending the fuel selector handle, so he might be able to reach the handle better. The plier fix was a terrible idea, and I did not like the idea of him using pliers to extend the reach, because it increased the force applied to the mechanism

[Aging Ungracefully]  I’m a walkin’ talkin’ whoopee cushion.

[Propaganda Turns To Cheap Deepfakes] Pro-China bot accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been discovered distributing computer-generated “deepfake” videos of fake news anchors. It is the first known instance of the technology in “a state- aligned disinformation campaign.” The people and voices in the videos are digital avatars created by a company called Synthesia. The company, which says the fake reports violate its terms of service, provides access to realistic video characters for as little as $30 a month. “One AI character, named George, looks like a veteran business executive with gray hair,” while another, “Helia, wears a hijab.” While the videos found by Twitter are “ham- handed,” the deepfake technology “opens a new chapter in information warfare.”

[We live in a simulation] Welcome to Minecraft. The Minecraft dress, coupled with sneakers is absolutely on trend for this spring. Jill Biden’s dress costs $2,490, by the way

How to store fruits and vegetables. Video

I bought some milkweed and now we are attracting monarch butterflies. I am so pleased to be able to host them. It is a very uplifting feeling. May they thrive and multiply. We have some seeds going for other milkweed colors and varieties
[Caribbean Earthquake] What would happen if the Florida Keys got hit with an 8.5 or larger earthquake? It would clean the place out and the Miami builders would love it!

My niece sends me a Glimpse screenshot whenever they’re on the road. I can see exactly where they are and how fast they’re going–in real time! It’s free in the play store.

[Motorized Bikes Killing People] If I got hit by a motor bike on the sidewalk, can I sue the city? Link

[Damn It] By 1980 there were 75,000 dams on the country’s 3,000 plus waterways.

Damn, if my childhood punishments haven’t become my hobbies: Not leaving the house, Nap time, Not going to parties.


Anyone out there have a spare box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers? It’s off to the ozone again!

The March AARP calendar of activities is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

[Happy Turtles
] t took 96 weeks and thousands of volunteers to clean up Versova Beach in Mumbai, India. The payoff? Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles hatching this week. First time in decades.
[Caribbean Earthquake] 7.7 magnitude quake shakes parts of the Caribbean. I didn’t know we could get them down here. Video

[My Superpower] My superpower is holding onto junk for years and throwing it away a week before I need it.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Definition:  Royalty  n,  The ability of a smart native to coerce the dumb native into doing the work.
Definition: Check  n, A document verifying the value of something in someone else’s control.
Definition: Ego n, That which allows one to think a better dream than someone else.
Definition: Error n; Why the world’s population is so large.
Definition: Uniform n,  Attire worn by the non-productive with a God syndrome.
Definition: Military n, A semi organized group designed to self-destruct.

Neil Berg’s 50 Years of Rock n’ Roll at the Tennessee Williams Theatre February 28. Link

[Dildo Department] 2,000-year-old Roman phallus could be oldest known sex toy. In what is perhaps the oldest sex toy ever found in Britain, a 2,000-year-old Roman phallus is the subject of a new study. Link
[Sewers] After fifteen years of promises FKAA is finally installing an aerobic system in our remote house. The first thing they are doing is to drill a 100 foot deep injection well where the ‘grey’ water will go. In addition to the $4500 tariff we already paid FKAA, we now have to pay the plumber and electrician over $4,000 dollars more. How come we get penalized and the lucky people who got sewers don’t pay a dime? I’d rather have a sewer than this expensive concrete monstrosity scaring my land. I asked for a sewer or grinder pump and this is what I got!
[Time Machine] People who ask me what I’m doing tomorrow probably assume that I even know what day of the week it is.


[Real-Life Laser Guns] From hybrid laser toys to anti-aircraft lasers. Link

[TikTok Timed Out] Federal government is banning social media platform TikTok from government phones in fear that the Chinese will steal our data. Link
If you are getting bugs coming out of your drains in your house, it’s because your sewer connection is broken somewhere, or the sewer facility is not cleaning their filters to stop invading life forms. What are you paying for? Got a septic tank? Shame on you.
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