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Friday, February 3, 2023

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Punxsutawney Phil — the star of Groundhog Day — has a big job. Every February 2, the furry critter is responsible for encouraging (or dashing) our dreams of an early end to winter. However, it seems that basing our meteorological forecasts on a den-dwelling mammal’s shadow may not be the wisest bet. By some estimates, Phil’s forecasts have had a mere 39% accuracy rate since they began in 1887 (although data from some early years is missing). In recent years, the groundhog’s predictions have been about as accurate as a coin toss; according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Phil was spot-on 50% of the time between 2011 and 2020
[Spy Balloon] The United States has detected what it says is a Chinese surveillance balloon that has been hovering over the northwestern United States, the Pentagon said on Thursday, a discovery that comes days before Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken’s visit to Beijing. President Biden has chosen, for now, not to shoot down the balloon after a recommendation from Pentagon officials that doing so would risk debris hitting people on the ground. Video
Three short amusing commercials from a Belgian bus company. Video
[“School of Medicine Florida Keys Health Fair”] Beware of mis-diagnosis. My spouse and I were both misdiagnosed by the teens and 20-ish students and had the fear of god put on us. We thought we were dying. We had to go to licensed doctors to find there was nothing wrong with either of us. You get what you pay for, and health is never a bargain.
Every thought, every action creates vibrations through this infinite field of consciousness. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotion for their effects are far more potent than you realize.  ~Alfred E. Neuman


What the hell kind of McDonald’s do they have in Japan? And shouldn’t those be “Curly Fries?”

Revive an old computer by turning it into a Chromebook. Breathe new life into your ancient dust-covered laptop by installing ChromeOS Flex. Link
A committee is the only known form of life with a hundred bellies and no brain. But presently somebody with a mind of his own will bulldoze them into accepting his plan. ~Robert A. Heinlein
[KW Orchid Society] Arthur Chadwick of Chadwick Orchids, Richmond, Va. creator of the “First Lady” orchid is our Sunday, Feb. 19 speaker at 1 pm, W. Martello Gardens, Higgs Beach, KW. Longtime growers, authors he will have orchids for sale and raffle. All are welcome., Facebook. Video
Pictured: Michelle Obama Orchid
These inflation numbers are from last year:
Eggs up more like 150%
Gas and diesel up near 100%
Milk up 50%

[February Book Club] In The Shadow of the Mountain by Silva Vasquez-Lavado is the Big Pine book for February 18th. Endless ice. Thin air. The threat of dropping into nothingness thousands of feet below. This is the climb Silvia Vasquez-Lavado braves in her page-turning, pulse-raising memoir chronicling her journey to Mount Everest. Full Menu > Book Club
[Yard Sale And Craft Show] Geiger Key[?] Tamarac park neighborhood’s 237 homes annual yard sale and craft show at the community pavilion. 285 Scorpio Lane Saturday, February 18. 8-1. There will be balloons on the mailboxes of participating homes.
Exxon Mobile made 56 billion dollars profit last year and we’re still paying through the nose for a gallon.
[Workers on Strike] More than half a million British workers are on strike and marching through the streets Wednesday. Civil servants are protesting against stagnant pay and a recent anti-strike bill passed by parliament. That includes teachers, civil servants, university staff and train drivers.
U.K. inflation hit 10.5% annually in December, while grocery price inflation hit a record 16.7% in the four weeks to Jan. 22. Link
[Typo] I’ve found that moist people aren’t offended by the occasional typo.

[Training Dinosaurs] If dinos come back, we must dose people in something dinos hate to eat in order to teach them not to eat us!

[Deer Editor] Oh-oh… bad screen layout that cuts off the right hand side of the page! Works fine on a PC but not on my iPhone using Firefox or Safari. (Editor: Thank you for letting me know. I am aware that the screen didn’t adapt to different devices but I can’t find the place to resize it yet. I’m still looking. Computers suck. They work so well until one day they don’t for no apparent reason!)
[LUX Vaporizers] After a while, battery vapes by LUX YouCan will not turn on when fully charged and after taping the button 5x rapidly, slowly, or longly. I tried every other combination possible, and they still won’t turn on. (light flashes from 4-5 times after I tap 5x). I tried with the pot cartridge and without the cartridge. I have a box full of defunct LUX vapes before I realized they are all of a defective design. They should have a separate on/off switch.
How do I know if the battery is worn out?
The funniest thing I heard an elder say: “My generation had Wonder Woman, your generation has to wonder if it is a woman”
What a life is worth on the black market. A taste of the real world. This is a disturbing inside look at the child trafficking industry in Europe. Video

[Dancing couple arrested Iran] Iranian couple who went viral for dancing sentenced to 10 years in prison. When did Allah say dancing was a crime? This is why the religious nuts who dictate people’s lives should be gone. Link

[Friday Joke] Five ants rented an apartment with 5 other ants, now they’re tenants together.
[The Final Solution] Nazi tapes provide a chilling sequel to the Eichmann trial. Sixty years after the execution of Adolf Eichmann, the logistics chief of the Holocaust, a new documentary airs his confessions in his own voice. Even though Eichmann confessed and was proud of what he did, holocaust deniers will still deny because they can’t handle the truth. He was recorded in Argentina in an interview with Nazi journalists in 1957. Link
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