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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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[Money For Nothing] Blacks’ reluctance to assimilate like some other ethnic groups is what is causing the problem. Now they want to be compensated for their ancestors’ enslavement. There was compensation given after the civil war to those who were slaves. Why should modern Blacks get paid for nothing? or something that happened 200 years ago? The Blacks who want to succeed, do, but not by being the victim or rioting but by working hard to succeed. I feel sorry for those who want to succeed, being held back by their do-nothing brethren and their regressive slave talk.
Dire Straits – Money For Nothing
[Greedy Bastards!] Chevron made the largest profit in history in 2022. $36.5 billion. Their profits doubled. Why don’t they lower prices at the gas station? Greedy bastards. They expect us to bail them out with our tax money but they won’t return the favor. Greedy bastards! Link
[First Amendment Danger] Worldwide 67 journalists have been killed in the last year while trying to report the truth.
[Messing With Nature] The Central Marsh Hydrology Project proposed for the northern part of central wetland on Big Pine Key is a project of US Fish and Wildlife Service and FWC. It has a stated goal of restoring the natural flow of the area and protecting freshwater wetlands. It is unclear how this project will achieve this goal.
It will remove four fill roads including Lime Lane which USFWS spent a substantial amount of money to raise in 2007. When this portion of the wetland is filled with rainwater, the water moves over the center two roads at present.
There is not any sheet flow in this area and it is unclear how this project would make much difference.
The stated benefits by the promoters of this project, are restoring freshwater habitat and restoring 40 acres of mangrove habitat. There are some large red mangrove stands in this area, that are not in need of restoration. They are however, in need of protection since removing the roads, and building a new road through red mangroves will result in the loss and disturbance of red mangroves. This is especially concerning, since red mangroves no longer colonize on shore on Big Pine Key. The Key Deer eat any mangrove seedlings they encounter and prevent natural regeneration of this species, After Hurricane Irma, September 10, 2017, red mangroves were sprouting all over BPK. They were growing in wetland and upland habitats everywhere. Within six weeks most of them were eaten by the deer. Since the 1990s, it is well known that red mangroves on Big Pine Key have a distinct browse line. The picture in the brochure for this project, shows a mangrove completely bare except for the top.Big Pine is rapidly becoming an island dominated by black mangrove and Jamaica dogwood, two native species the deer don’t normally eat. Although these are important native species, they are growing in the spaces left vacant by other natives. This is resulting in a continuing loss of biodiversity on an island that has already lost much biodiversity. In 1997, a project was performed in the center of this project area by the Florida Audubon Mitigation Trust. It removed 1.2 acres of fill about 2.5 feet thick from what had been called the Shepard Tract. About 5.000 cubic yards of limestone fill was removed and the native vegetation was not cleared. The thin roads were left in place, since there didn’t seem to be any real reason to remove them. This project cost, $57,900 as compared to $1,000,000 for the proposed project.


Dinner at La-Ti-Da poolside in Key West.

The Big Pine Key AARP February 2023 calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Talk Talk] I wish somebody would start a support group for compulsive talkers like my wife and her friends. They could call it On Anon Anon.
[Natural High] Serotonin and dopamine are often called the “feel good” or “happy” hormones for their role in boosting moods. There is even a “love hormone” produced in the hypothalamus called oxytocin. For decades, research has pointed to oxytocin receptors as a pathway essential to developing social behaviors like romantic relationships and attachments in mammals such as humans and prairie voles. However, researchers aren’t so sure that oxytocin is absolutely essential. Link

[Free Health Fair] UM Wolfson School of Medicine Florida Keys Health Fair 2023. Proudly returning to Big Pine Key Site at The United Methodist Church, 280 Key Deer Blvd on Feb. 4th 9am – 2pm (as well as Marathon, and Key West sites). Hope to see you there!

[Big Pine Library Book Sale] A big thank you to everyone who helped sort the books on Friday and/or set up or sold books on Saturday.  We collected $446.  This is down from our sale last year ($623), but close to our sale in 2018 ($441). In 2022 we had gone two years without a book sale due to covid and also had a larger selection of books.

There are boxes of books that we did not sell lined up in front of the library for free.  Others were put back on the Friends of the Library bookshelf for selling throughout the year.


[Mummies] How long must a body be buried before it’s okay to dig it up and exhibit it.

[Murder Trial] South Carolina high priced trial lawyer for killing his wife and son. Watch him, Murdaugh, squirm between his ex-colleagues. Two facts of the case, first, preservation of evidence, and chain of custody, or lack of.

[Dollar Store] This is the British version of the Dollar Tree store.

[Death Squad] The Memphis police beating death of the Black man by a special police squad is similar to the Brazilian death squads of the 60s and 70s.

The day the whole class found the teacher‘s brownies. Then she put an Pink Floyd.

[“Big Pine’s Long-Hair Ranch”] It’s still there but I don’t know if he lets travelers stay there any more. He got old and I never hear any live music coming from there anymore.
[Name That Bird] Do any of you know what these sparrow-looking birds are called? I’ve seen a few of them over the year, but last week they came en mass. I think they flew south for winter and finally arrived here
[History Of Beer & The Wheel] Beer required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery.  That’s how villages were formed. Link

[Grandson’s Graduation] I would like to share this photo I took of my grandson’s graduation from Accelerated Studies School.

The next Full Moon Kayak Excursion, benefiting the Refuges of the Florida Keys, will be February 4th, departing at 4:30 p.m. from the Old Wood Bridge Marina on Bogie Drive, Big Pine Key.  Please arrive about 30 minutes prior for set up.  Call Bill, our sponsor from Big Pine Kayak Adventures, at 305-872-7474 for more information. Reserve your space today at (click on the events tab).  The donation is $30 per person, we’ll provide the guides and all the gear.


Laverne & Shirley’ actor Cindy Williams dies at 75. Link

deer young female

[Mister Diabetes] You are what you eat.

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