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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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[“Anti vaccines”] COVID-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20 million lives in 1 year! Those who are against vaccination are doing so for political reasons not medical reasons. All anti vaccine web sites and info is made up to fit in with the political beliefs of those who are against the American government. There are no reliable medical facts to back up their frightening claims. Now the political anti-vaxxers want to stop the measles vaccine, again with no medical evidence to support their bogus claims, just fake websites, personal opinions, a paranoid imagination and an imagined love of our nation. Link


[“Name that feather”] That was a tail feather from a morning dove.

[52 Acts of Kindness] How to spread joy in every week of 2023. Link

And in other news. A neighbor on our lane was almost electrocuted Christmas Eve. He sat on a fruit cake and a currant went up his ass. Happy New Year to all!

The Florida Keys Wildlife Society is hosting the Full Moon Kayak Excursion January 5th, 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Please arrive about 30 minutes early so we can set you up with gear and equipment.  We depart from The Old Wooden Bridge Marina 1791 Bogie Road Big Pine Key.  The $30 donation benefits the 4 Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges.  Reserve your space today under the events tab at For more information contact Bill 305-872-7474. Sponsored by Big Pine Kayak Adventures
A highly anticipated matchup between the Bills and Bengals was temporarily suspended Monday night after Buffalo defensive back Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field while suffering a cardiac arrest. Link
[“Name that bird”] “What bird did these feathers come from. They are very dark with a pale grey tip.”
Answer: Mocking bird


Siri kept calling me Shirley this morning and I was getting really annoyed, but I realized I had left my phone in ‘Airplane’ mode.

Deer Ed, I hope you have a prosperous and healthy and Happy New Year. I’m also impressed you have the Telegraph running like a well-oiled machine. Again, remember -rust never sleeps.
[Temperature] Here is how it looks outside at 11:30 pm on New Year’s Eve for many of the people in my life. A whole lot warmer than this time last week. I hope that bodes well for 2023. Gotta go now & wait for the ball drop & in KW, the Sushi Drop. I will celebrate with a piece of chocolate for a sweet new year. My grandmother used to make honey cake for a sweet year. My other grandmother made sweetened chickpeas. I’ll settle for the chocolate. See you next year.
[Dual DNA] Woman finds out she is her daughter’s mother — and uncle! The mother’s DNA tests showed that she’s also the uncle of her daughter. Doctors realized that the mom was a human chimera with DNA from more than one fetus. Link


Of course I was up to ring in the New Year. That’s the time I usually get up to pee.

[Hurricane Relief] The United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) is partnering with the Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD), Monroe County, and the City of Key West to host a four-day session in which FEMA and the SBA will be available to assist residents navigating their way through post-Hurricane Ian processes. In-person assistance will be available January 4-7, 2023, in advance of the January 12th deadline to apply for FEMA assistance. The clinic will be held at the Frederick Douglass Gym, 111 Olivia St in Key West from 10am-6pm


After all the eating I did over the holidays I’m happy to report that my socks still fit.

[Rafters] Bull crap on Cuban and Haitian landings to Florida. This country’s going to hell in a hand basket. Come here legally is ok. Illegally? Back home pronto!
May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced, and your compass be true. Happy New Year!
The January AARP calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
At the US Open Swing Dance Championships, Ryan Boz and Karla Catan took second place with their impressive performance. Using the legendary tune “We Will Rock You” by Queen as their backtrack, the two dancers began to shimmy and shake. Video
[Cuban Rafters] At least 500 migrants have arrived in small boats along the Florida Keys over the last several days in what the local sheriff’s office described on Monday as a “crisis.” Link

Australia’s stealthy military drone sub will be called Ghost Shark. An undersea robot. Link

Gone is the terrible year 2002 and a few others too. I’d like to erase the last two at least.

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