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Friday, April 14, 2017

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[No Name Brothel] I had to laugh at the posting about the alleged brothel at the No Name Pub. No matter where you are from, there are these urban legends that exist. In the north there are a lot of places that were “speakeasy”, in parts of the south lots of places that were fronts for “moon shiners”. Out west there were places where they used to “Shanghai sailors”. You have to take these tales with a grain of salt. They fall into the same category as those who claim to have Indian blood in them, always from a beautiful Indian princess never from a buck who was messing with grandma or great grandma.  People who claim that a relative was an outlaw or horse thief. They are great stories but for the most part just stories. Here in the Keys brothels and drinking establishments where “Hemingway used to drink” are covering the landscape. Great local legends that some people will cite as gospel. Enjoy them for what they are worth.

[“Deer Ed and the Sloan/Haney lawsuit”] Shakespeare was right, “First, we kill all the lawyers.”




Happy Easter!

I am a local, shopping at a well know sandal store on Summerland Key. I never complain or talk bad about local businesses, but I had to get this off my chest. I have never felt so uncomfortable shopping in a store. As soon as I walked in the business I was immediately greeted by a store employee, (who was a young lady, very sweet and helpful and helped me find my items) I was looking through clothing and then noticed another older employee who I think was the owner or manager continually staring at me as if I was going to steal something, it was very awkward, felt like I was in a flea market being stalked. I spent over $100 in the store and then politely asked if there was a local discount, especially because the items were drastically priced up compared to several stores in Key West and the reply was no, which was a surprise because I have been shopping there for over 5 years and I remember receiving a discount before. I am not upset about the discount, just upset that the shopping experience was very uncomfortable. I will no longer shop there or send my clients and customers there as I have done so many times in the past.
[Dictatorship 101] It’s not compulsive liars, but compulsive believers that are important.



United Airlines travel pillow.

[NOAA Whistleblower Article] Read on County Commissioners! Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data. Link
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In regards to the comments made about Publix and True Value. The proposed sale never got beyond discussions with the Planning dept. The applicants were told hell would freeze over before Publix would be approved. Several attempts were made by developers to site a Publix at the True Value location unsuccessfully.

It is important to note that there has been a commercial building on BPK for almost 15 years and the county shows no sign of lifting the same. What commercial development is allowed is within a 1000 ft. radius of the stoplight. Any land touching that circle can redevelop, hence the wildlife visitors center, the ghetto by Skeet’s Marine, and the proposed Super Tom Thumb. Business outside that radius can only redevelop up to the square footage they already have. They cannot buy or transfer square footage to property outside the circle. However, connected persons can buy transient dwelling units and use them on Stock Island at their big fancy condos while destroying affordable housing units.

The bottom-line here is that BPK is the scapegoat for the rest of the county. Deals were made to keep residential home construction alive in the rest of the county at the expense of BPK, along with the sewering of the Keys which was also agreed to help residential construction.

If Publix is allowed to build at the Flea Market site it will be because the county has played fast and loose with the existing rules by transferring square footage and allowing the tents at the flea market to be counted as square footage which is currently contrary to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. If this does come to pass I believe that other affected property owners like will have recourse for a “taking” lawsuit, and “restraint of trade” lawsuits. I guess we will just see how it plays out



[Take A Deep Breath] Why deep breathing may keep us calm. Link

[FTR: Mosquito Board Term Limits Too Long] Well folks, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority met last Tuesday.  The issue of term limits was discussed.  It appears that most of the Commissioners are in favor of term limiting the board.  To quote Martha Stewart, “that is a very good thing”.  But it looks like some commissioners seem to be in favor of term limits of 12 to 16 years.

Deer Friends; term limits are a “very good thing” but such a long time is  a “not such a good idea.”  12 to 16 year terms is not much better than a sharp stick in the eye.

The President of the United States is limited to 2 four year terms.  Why? because longer terms tend to lead to abuse of power.

The Florida Legislature has two houses; the Senate and the House. State representatives may be elected for up to four terms (eight years), while state senators can be elected for up to two terms ( eight years). Former members can be elected again after a two-year break. Why? because wisdom gained though the years has show us that longer terms can lead to abuse of power.

I can think of no reason why our Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority should be term limited  any differently than our state legislature.

If you agree, I urge you to let your thoughts be known to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority at:  That’s the address of the Director.  If you wish to contact the individual board members, you can find their email addresses at:

Just do it!

[Change] It seems like over my short life I have gone from competitive to repetitive to sedative
The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is again discussing term limits for its board members. Do you think FTR’s latest campaign in favor of term limits is creating awareness? Maybe we could start a national trend if we start right here in Monroe County! Getting politicians to close their pocketbooks is nigh impossible.
[Height Limit Raised] The clowns in KW finally did it; they raised the height limits on buildings. They did it under the auspices of getting better insurance rates and to protect from the rising seas.  Keep an eye on the Pritim Singh and how long it takes for him to add another story to his projects. Lots more profit in taller buildings.
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[Crooks] Brazil’s political class is in crisis as over 100 are investigated for corruption. Link
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[Sloan Bad] The only thing I have ever seen Sloan do in the Keys is stir discontent and spread lies. Remember last year when he went on for weeks about a child sex ring in the churches because some pedophile told him so. Now he is going on about his brothers sexuality? He has written he molested his sister! He tried to drag that `crazy’ women that ran for sheriff of Monroe County in on the church crap. He is hung up on the homeless shelter manager’s private life.. He once wrote Mayor Cates was gay and most likely a pedophile. Sloan is all over it, especially child molestation. The guy is a sick, sick puppy. Hopefully this lawsuit finally stops him before he hurts someone.
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Most armed man in America is on Facebook. I’d guess he didn’t have to buy diamonds, college educations, or concede to a divorce settlement! Video
I was just inquiring about Betty Brothers and was hoping she is still doing well. I have been a big fan since I was about 10 years old when I found her book Ra-oo and also a post card and pamphlet in my Grandparent’s things. They visited her back in the 1960’s and stayed at her Brothers Motel. The last time I spoke to her was just before she left her place in Little Torch Key. (Ed: I’m sorry but Betty Brothers passed away last year.)
[“Arts and humanities get at the truth of things”] Ha, that’s the biggest joke this blog ever posted. Their truth of things is wrapped in government grants of my freakin’ tax monies.
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I’ve expanded my skills. I can now forget what I’m doing while I’m actually doing it!
Key West Orchid Society April Newsletter.  The meeting is April 16, Easter Sunday. Good chance to buy  your love or yourself an Easter orchid from Mac’s Orchids.  Mac, our speaker, is an expert on orchids of the Philippines.

The big Redland International Orchid Fair is May 19, 20 & 21.  We’re planning a group trip on Friday, May 19th.  Let us know if you’d like to join in so we can arrange transportation. Full Menu > Ongoing Events 

[Vexatious Litigator Fears For Her Safety]

12. The Plaintiff [Judith E. Haney] anticipates that Sloan Bashinsky will stalk her prior to, during, and subsequent to the April 27th hearing scheduled before this court because he has repeatedly published his intent to take the Plaintiff’s picture for publication on his blog.

13. The Plaintiff anticipates that Bashinsky will seek her out on April 27th under the false and fraudulent pretense of taking her picture when in fact, based upon his repeated violent publishing’s, he will harm her if allowed to come around her. The Plaintiff does not want Bashinsky anywhere around her nor will she allow him to take her picture for publication or for any other reason

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Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff! Hope you have many more.


There has to be a great caption to go with this, but the only one I can think of is: Which mouse is from New Jersey?

[Big Companies] A good friend of mine from Maryland used to work for IBM in Washington DC. He said all you need to do to get a job there is know two sentences with four words each, “That ain’t my job” and “I’m on my break.”
A salute to engineers who make it all possible. The event advertised  is near St. Augustine on April 22. Great video
[Monorail in Japan] And here we can’t keep our bridges from collapsing and our roads paved. Video
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[Deportation] Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force. Link
[Flouride] It has been reported that arthritis symptoms may vanish simply by removing most of your exposure to fluoride. Fluoride has been linked to arthritis for 30 years in multiple studies. Eliminating fluoride means a reverse osmosis filter for your drinking water, no fluoride containing toothpaste, no fluoride treatments at the dentist, no fluoride containing dental filling materials, and beer, wine, juices from concentrate from countries or areas where the water is not fluoridated
[Height Raised] The County Commission agreed to raise its 35-foot allowable building height by 5 feet for existing homes and 3 feet for new homes.
Of course, Billy’s Stone Crabs is still closed. At $20,000 a month who could afford to rent the place. He still owns the fish house down the street and still pays top dollar to the fisherman he buys his seafood from. He would still be open if he could have found reliable help. The labor pool in that area is mostly drunks and drug users who always seem to have a hard time just showing up for work.
Dan Rooney, who succeeded his father and Steelers founder, Art Sr., as team president and rose to become one of the most powerful and beloved owners in sports, died Thursday at the age of 84. Link
The School Board authorized the expenditure of $3.25M for the purchase of land on Stock Island for a new transportation center.  Do you have an estimated cost for building said transportation center?  I believe the public should know the total cost.
This is the contact information for the woman at NOAA who sends out the SAC minutes and draft agendas.  I suggest that everyone email her to find answers to questions relating to Sanctuary matters, NOAA, Sean Morton and the hostile work environment, etc. (305) 809-4700 x228

[“Is the Devil Christian, Jewish, Muslim or something else?”] He is (always a “he”) nondenominational. An equal opportunity devil.

Video of School Board meeting from last Tuesday is now available if you are willing to hunt for it with no guidance from the District. Go to the District website.  Call up the School Board page.  From there, go to “Agendas and Minutes” and scroll down to the April 11 meeting.  Click to open video.
New United Airlines Mottos:
“Drag and Drop”
“We put the hospital in hospitality”
“Board as a doctor, leave as a patient”
“Our prices can’t be beaten, but our passengers can”
“We have First Class, Business Class and No Class”
“Not enough seating, prepare for a beating”
“We treat you like we treat your luggage”
“We beat the customer.  Not the competition”
“And you thought leg room was an issue”
“Where voluntary is mandatory”
“Fight or flight.  We decide”
“Now offering one free carry off”
“Beating random customers since 2017”
“If our staff needs a seat, we’ll drag you out by your feet”
“A bloody good airline”
[False Advertising] Have you noticed a lot of  now use the phrase “we’ve got your back” in their ad campaigns? Obviously, this is the result of many focus groups. I think it should be more like “we’ve got your back-side sucker”
[Letter to State Rep. Holly Raschein] Please inform the people whom you represent why the State of Florida continues to discriminate against the children going to school at the Big Pine school? All up and down SR-5 there are marked school zones, even religious schools. Some of these school zones actually have traffic lights and uniform officers monitoring the intersection. However, not on Big Pine Key. The state has chosen to protect our children on this widened portion is SR-5 is four removable traffic cones with small signs attached to the top (is this configuration listed in the State’s MOT manual?) and some old guy with a traffic vest with a hand held “Stop” sign placing and removing these questionable traffic control devices. The speed limit is 45 MPH. North bound has 2 lanes, South bound 1 lane and a turn lane between the two. Please explain to your constituents how the State of Florida doesn’t care about our school children here on BPK, but the rest of the school children in the County are well protected. It’s a State Highway and the State’s liability
When are they going to change the building moratorium on Big Pine Key other than for the deep pockets builders. They are closing[?] faster than they could be replaced. Look at the other Keys. Wait, we put in tunnels for the deer; Key West should try that for the people.
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