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Friday, August 22, 2014

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[Crooks] Lower Keys Medical Center’s data base has been hacked by Chinese bad guys. If you’ve been there within the last five years the Chinese know all about you and can use your identity.
The mangrove snapper bag limits and minimum sizes are indeed different for federal and state waters- One can only guess what team of brilliant intellectuals came up with these rules. The problem occurs if you catch your limit in Federal water and then get pulled over in state waters-you have violated the law. The same is true going from state waters to federal. Confused yet? read all about it. Link
An origami microscope for less than a dollar. Video
Best dog food commercial in a long time. I bet it took more than one take to get it right or the graphics have been perfected. Video
Why is the repaving of the roads following the sewer project still so haphazard? Some streets look fabulous; others still look like crap.
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open house arrow moves
The Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Complex, 28950 Watson Blvd., Big Pine Key, will give a presentation at 12:30 p.m. Sept. 3, followed by an open house at 2 p.m. Come and ask your questions. For information on the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Complex, go to Link
I had the opportunity to ask one of those Lycra bicycle riders why they ride on the road rather than the bike path. He let me know that real bike riders (aka gearheads) never would come near a designated bike path- they leave that to the pussies. I was goofing with him a little and ask him if he thought his peacock Lycra outfit made him look manly. He rode off in a rainbow flash of colors.
[“Best time of their life was a drug induced stupor”] The Monterey Pop Festival and drugs went hand in hand. You can put LSD down, but you’re probably on some mood-altering prescription drug and that’s ok too. Believe it or not, LSD saved my life. It showed me how to see the real world, not the fake one they sell in the media. Maybe it wasn’t for you, but don’t criticize what you know nothing about. I would give anything for some four-way window pane or purple micro dot.
, indeed, has a sordid history. Years ago virtually every country practiced this despicable trade in one form or another. By far the worst of the worst was those from the continent of Africa. Many blacks from that part of the world still partake in this inhumane business. America was the first major country to do something with steel in it to attempt to halt this filthy trading in human souls.
[Gay Marriage] A federal judge in Miami on Thursday declared Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, joining judges across the country who have sided with gay couples wishing to tie the knot. When will they stop beating the proverbial dead horse and face the inevitability that gay couples should have the same rights as the rest of us?
At about 2:30 pm Thursday I heard and saw 2 jet fighters buzzing overhead in the east end of Marathon.  How cool!
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This thing came up with a hooked grouper and is about 3 inches long. We think it is a baby spiny lobster. Do you recognize it? I’ve taken many of these apart as a kid and they have that funky tail in order to back into a shell. I think it is a hermit crab.
I would say Mr. Bashinsky would make the perfect political candidate for Monroe County, he has all the qualifications needed to run our lives and spend our money!
The Truth about Slavery. If you don’t like it go back to your homelands! Link
elephant fart face[Fart Face] A Myrtle Beach man and woman were arrested after they came to blows in a fight sparked when the man allegedly “passed gas” near the woman’s face. The incident happened on Monday night around 7:45 pm at a house in the 900 block of 3rd Ave North. The problems began when a man who routinely sleeps on the porch of the house, came inside while intoxicated and `passed gas’ in a woman’s face while she was laying on the couch. The woman then walked outside to escape the situation, but the man followed her.Once outside, the woman told police that while they were verbally arguing, the man walked toward her in a “threatening manner” and she then hit him 3 times in the face with a closed fist. A witness told police that the pair were both fighting over the initial “passed gas” incident.

Darrell Ray McKnight, age 64, was transported to Grand Strand Regional Hospital for a swollen eye. Jessica Annette Cerney, age 33, who works as a clerk at Scotchman Mobile, was not intoxicated and did not suffer injuries. They were both arrested on a charge of Disorderly Conduct Fighting / Force Company On Another.

[“Removable nails”] Do they have them with little signs that tell people what your sexual preference is and favorite positions are?
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Herbies in Marathon made a killer hot fudge sundae.
[Joke Friday] An elderly couple, who had just learned how to send text messages on their mobile phones. The wife was a romantic type and the husband was more of a no-nonsense guy.
One afternoon the wife went out to meet a friend for coffee.
She decided to send her husband a romantic text message and she wrote:
“If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears.  I love you.”

The husband texted back to her: “I’m on the toilet. Please advise.”

[“Perry is bad news and a real nut case both politically and religiously and one dangerous dude”] Funny, that describes our perennial mayoral candidate too.
[“Homeless”] Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to Key West and the Tourist Trap Trolley Tour Train.  As we begin our tour, please look to the right and you will observe one of our beloved  denizens in his native environment.  Later in the tour as we pass Higgs Beach you can see more of our native sons enjoying their day at the sea shore in similar repose.
[“Slavery”] Don’t forget it was the black man that sold them to the white man!
Slavery is still practiced today in parts of the Arab world.
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[Key West Golf Club]  Do you play it or take a penalty stroke?
Cudjoe Key residents on Drost Drive were outraged this past Saturday when a sewer subcontractor was pumping saltwater from a canal and dumping it on their road for dust reduction, creating puddles and exposing their vehicles to the ravages of saltwater. I wonder if a certain commissioner, when asked about the matter, reflexively and repeatedly muttered in rapid succession: “I trust our engineers” and “My dog ate my homework.”
Good gawd FTR, you know nothing in Ferguson because you refuse to listen. It’s that simple. The Justice Dept was requested by the local Ferguson residents, politicians and authorities. Your obsession with President Obama is so overt, we all here in the lower Keys have branded you a nut.

I use this specific adage daily: God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Government cover up exposed. Wiccans behind chemtrails!
Do not ever take your vehicle to the mechanic on Sugarloaf (at blinking light). I took my brand new Ford Edge in for its first oil change and left with a broken air conditioner. They claim they did nothing, but looked at it again and said he didn’t find anything, but refilled the coolant which again, by the next day, leaked out. It was bad enough they were closed the whole weekend, but after leaving them 2 less-than-happy messages Friday and Saturday. I figured they would call first thing Monday morning. Think again. No call. I finally called them at 10:45 am only to get an owner in denial and telling me to prove it. While waiting for return call that never came, I took my Ford Edge to the dealership where they found a hole within 5 inches of the oil filter in seconds. With parts already ordered, I called the garage who still hadn’t returned my call. The owner gets on phone and says, “You don’t know how busy it is here on a Monday, I didn’t have time to call you.” Then he said he didn’t do it and to do whatever I had to do. Its now been 9 days since I have had A/C in my new car. How would you feel? Do not let this happen to you. Avoid Vince and his shop at the blinking light on Sugarloaf. I’m filing reports with BBB, State, County and other forums exposing creeps like this man. Stay tuned for details.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[“The only way to control Muslims is to reduce their numbers”] You made a mistake in your post yesterday. You should have said, “… to control them is to eliminate them entirely.”
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glass slipper
If you lose your shoe at the end of the night, you’re not Cinderella. You’re probably just drunk.
[No Legs] Want to see courage? Look at this video.
[“Big Pine shops closing“] I have been trying to tell you for years now that Big Pine is a dump, people do not want to stop when driving through. It is still the ugliest section of all the overseas highway. But still nobody wants to do anything about it, for Gods sake people have a little pride, get your community togeather and get with it. Put up beautiful signs saying welcome, landscape, talk to the owners of the ugly shops and redesign your town. Quit complaining and do something or even Winn Dixie is going to close. Smarten up. You all need a slap in the face to wake up.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Children of all ages Westock 10 is just a little over a week away. Come on out to Picnic Island Sunday August 31, Labor Day Weekend. The music starts 1:00 PM (Keys time). The line up will be:
Maddog and the Road Whores
The Billy Brown Band
Old School
The Ray West Band
So get your family, get your friends, and come on out for a day peace & music

I want to thank the sponsors that help out with this free community event. of course. They have been there since the beginning. I didn’t have all this gray hair back then! All Keys Power has been on board a couple years. If you need anything in generators, All Keys Power is who you need to call. The News Barometer has been there too and always willing to help. These people go out of there way to make this community event special.
See you there. Thank you all, your friend Flip Flop Bob.

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I do not believe the government wants to do anything evil to me. It is my opinion that it is just getting too big and is being run by someone who conducts himself as monarch. That is, he reports only to himself.
[“Phishing”] I seem to be on someone’s list again: Reconfirm your name, address, country, mobile number, for your compensation payment of $5.400.000.00 dollars from Mr. James Dimon JP Morgan Chase Bank New York City.
[“Regulator meeting”]  Please remember to park away from wherever the forum is.  Licensed plates will be noted by the powers that be.
Complete fishing and diving sea and surf package for sale. 1 dive tank, 2 Danforth anchors, 1 vintage shore pole with reel, 1 Biller 36, 1 new tsunami blaster tube, 1 spectrum surf board, 1 Morey Boogie, 1 new hitch w 2″ ball, 2 youth, 1 adult mask, 12′ cast net, 1 tank regulator, BC, weight belt, 1 floating cushion, 1 large blue fender, nets, tickle sticks, 1 Motorguide Great White trolling motor, 2 bully nets, 1 lobster noose. $400 takes it all. Classified Ads > Boats
The Big Pine fitness center in Winn Dixie Plaza is still listed in the Business Directory. Is it still open?
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[“Innocent Teen”
] That is his star witness sitting behind him. Here’s a picture of the deceased “poor, unarmed college bound teen” in Ferguson, MO. Most likely not the picture the MSM[?] will use.
[Ransom to Muslims] Seeing that the US won’t pay ransom to terrorists, Muslims’ favorite victims of kidnapping are from Spain and the Swiss because they pay the best. European countries so far have spent hundreds of millions in ransom that finances Islam’s reign of terror.
[“Best time of their life was a drug induced stupor”] Sir, the last place you’ll be after taking LSD is in a stupor.
An inconvenient fact: The Black population of Ferguson, MO is more than double that of the White population, according to the Census Bureau. Ergo, if they are badly governed, whose fault is it?
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A beautiful story from Ireland about 3 baby ducklings and a cat. One of the best smiles of the day! Video
[“Well Deer Friends, FTR has done it again”] The woman who keeps putting down FTR (it has to be a fat NJ broad because no real man would write that kind of stuff never saying anything intelligent or pertinent) must be in need of something useful to do at night.
What a brilliant overview of the Middle East: It’s hot…so people are radicalized to kill each other. And the Zionists are at fault too of course. After all, they want to live in peace on less than one percent of the Middle East land mass, on land that’s historically theirs to begin with!
comcast evil
[“Comcast speed increase“]  I just got pinched by Comcast.  Yes, you are right, they do not do anything for free.  I now have to pay more.  And I assume everyone else will also.
[Joke Friday] How I learned to mind my own business. I was walking past the mental hospital the other day, and all the patients were shouting, “13…13…13.” The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks so I looked through to see what was going on. Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick, then they all started shouting, “14… 14… 14.”
[Internet Speed] Half this country does not have the infrastructure to support these speeds, this is targeted at the business sector and the big cities where the yuppies jump on all the crap they are presented with, you really don’t need these fast speeds to achieve this. Look at Netflix, with a 3 MBPS connection it will stream into the home to 2 TVs plus still will enable data transfers on the internet, its al about the technology behind the packets being sent, this is something I worked with for my ISP before I became a slumlord. Modern routers can take a 1 meg file  and compress it to 30 Kilobytes with the right equipment it can then be blown back up to 1 meg at the home, thus achieving the end result without the need for the excessive bandwidth, this is what the set top boxes do for cable. Its all going digital by the end of the year, analog with only be available through the air.
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skol  vodka[“Homeless”] I can see our one human family model is a stellar failure. Fist off, a lot of those smelly homeless, you people love to hate, used to be employed in the Keys. They worked on utilities out the back door of resorts and did landscaping, etc. Now those jobs are farmed out to illegals, Spanish and Eastern Europeans. Gone are the rooming houses that one could rent on the salaries that are paid down here. We are the fifth most expensive place in country for apartments. We’ve got a police department in Key West that’s been hunting bums like animals night and day, yet the bums are still here. These folks are humans they have rights. I would rather eat dinner with most of them than the happy hour crowd at most bars. Guess if your paying $5 a drink to get falling down drunk instead of drinking SKOL its ok. I guess if you’re drinking expensive beer in Bayview Park while playing tennis, that’s all right too. Or drunk on your ass in Indigenous Park playing bocce that’s acceptable too. You are still a drunk and a nuisance. the only difference is you have a good lawyer. I wish the bums would smarten up and call cops on bocce and tennis folks every time they see an open container. that sure would piss off the hypocrites!
[“Winn Dixie Shopping Center”] If they cleaned that parking lot, killed all the infested chickens, chopped down all the weeds and stupid vision blocking scrub brush, just may be I would go to shop there. Oh, I forgot, and replace Winn Dixie with a decent food store!
[“LSD Therapy”]
Before I tried LSD I was on the highway to hell and a dishonest, scheming, self-centered person. LSD helped me to see the light and myself as I was, and helped me to be who I am today. I talked to a psychiatrist once who tried it and said It was like ten years of psychotherapy in one day. I was reduced to the id and grew from that –all in one day! I’ve never felt so much love of everything.

AC/DC — Highway to Hell

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from the right
YESTERDAY A CRITIC WROTE (in part): “Well Deer Friends, FTR has done it again. Of course the situation in Ferguson is all Obama’s fault.” The poster continued to wail about my criticism of the Obama admin, and suggested that Obamacare is outshines sliced bread as being a great accomplishment.

FTR’S RESPONSE: My ever loyal left field critic has managed to raise the act of being wrong to an art form. In my posting about Ferguson the other day I never stated that the Ferguson riots are Obama’s fault. I did clearly point out the Obama administration and the Democrats have failed miserably in delivering on their incessant mouthing of hollow promises to improve the lives of Americans of African ancestry. Indeed, Democrat policies have first created and then nurtured that society into a permanent underclass. That is fundamentally wrong, it disrespects every person of African ancestry. The critic does not even attempt to offer any discourse to the contrary. But the critic spends many words complaining about the fact that I do routinely criticize the Obama admin. That criticism will continue until Obama embarks on a course of conduct that is beneficial to this nation. That is not likely to happen.

stethoscope22As for the critics claim that Obamacare is a boon for America, he is in a serious minority. Real Clear Politics reports that while 41.4% favor it, 54.4% now oppose it. That’s a 13 point deficit for the “favors”. As for the cost of healthcare, please recall that Obama, as a part of his sales pitch promised that your insurance costs would be cut by $2500 per year. The Miami Herald has just reported that it is expected that the average Floridian will pay 13.3% more for insurance next year than they did this year. That’s on top of a big increase last year.

Please also consider that Obamacare was pushed through on the promise of universal health coverage for everyone. We were told that there were 30 or so million uninsured in America. But the CBO now scores Obamacare as leaving 30 million uninsured even 10 years after implementation!

In fact, Obamacare will increase the number of uninsured rather than reduce them. I urge you to read the link for further info on the issue: Link

Part 2) Deer Friends, this may be the last posting for a while. We are in Ft. Laud. Mrs. FTR will be having spinal surgery early tomorrow morning, and as of this writing I expect that I will be fully involved in caring for her. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be back soon and pray that Mrs. FTR will make a quick and complete recovery.   Respectfully submitted…..FTR