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Sunday, August 21, 2014

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsThe Original Unsocial Media. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with Pictures. Published Daily by Noon Since 2002. No Saturday Edition

dump-the-pumps00Winn Dixie Plaza was purchased by a West Pam beach entity who only cares about money. So Winn Dixie is putting in a liquor store and disrupting Radio Shack and the Boutique. Then Bealls is going to expanded from their spot on down. This intrusion by a box store is placing stress on our mom and pop businesses. Not only is this putting some businesses out of business, but it will also hurt Coconuts and BP Liquor. Mom and Pop business pay more per hour, giving us a higher multiplier effect, and keeping our neighbors in a better financial state. Profits from box stores leave the area immediately and go to corporate. Now the same employees will have to have more then one job to keep their income on the same level. Please support our neighbors by shopping the mom and pops
[County Dump] If your taxes are, in fact, paid, you can contact Waste Management (305) 296-2825, and they will pick up your palm trimmings curbside. You just have to tie them in a bundle that does not weigh more than 50 lbs or you can cut them up and put them in cans or plastic bags.The waste removal bill you pay is for the curbside services provided by Waste Management.  The county employees at the transfer station (the guys on the scale) are paid from the tipping fees we all pay when we bring stuff there.  We are getting a good deal in Monroe County, my buddy that lives in Lake County, Florida just got notice that his taxes may be increasing 18 per cent in the 2015 fiscal year. So, if you have no life and need to shoot the breeze with someone, go to the transfer station and pay the six bucks, I’m sure the county employees will appreciate your business.
Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Happy Anniversary Meri-Lynn!
Miami’s smallest police forces got assault rifles, armored cars, and grenade launchers from military. Link
[“Mechanic on Sugarloaf”] My buddy took his truck there for a $1000’s worth of tires and an oil change. First they knocked the oil sender unit off, $50 they did not cover. Then after the tire job he couldn’t get the wheels off. He took it back and they totally destroyed the factory aluminum wheel–didn’t cover that either. Plus they left big gobs of grease all over. Precision my ass!
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mugshot thief
This blog only serves to propagate the misfortune of others and ensure negative content will stay on the internet forever by publishing “Arrest Reports Mugshots” every day. Other than that, it’s a good publication. Full Menu > Arrest Reports Mugshots
Thanks Winn Dixie for being there. I appreciate not to have to drive to Marathon or Key West to shop
[Sewers] Politics is often a conflict between unreasoning wills, but this is more than politics. The future of our nearshore waters is at stake. So we are supposed to accept Chinese brake shoes for a Mack truck? Not  a wise investment.
Goliath Grouper swallows 5 ft shark!
11% of Americans think that HTML is a sexually transmitted disease
golfswing ball close up
What is it with the Fox News fixation with Obama playing golf as being something evil?  I play at golf and I am not evil.  Golf is a great way to refocus and refresh your mind for getting back to the tasks at hand.  Fox is a bunch of numbnuts.
[Middle East Overview] “The Zionists are on land that’s historically theirs” The Hebrew Empire died 500 years before Jesus was born 2013 years ago and that’s counting when it was split into two separate countries. Link
The reason that the shops are empty at the Winn Dixie Plaza is because Winn Dixie and Bealls are expanding. To the person with their comments on what a terrible place Big Pine is, Me thinks thou doust protest to much. You obviously wished that you lived here too.
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deer_menu150hHi there and happy Sunday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. We hope your having a great weekend. Here’s a list of this week’s amazing specials so you can plan ahead to join us and enjoy.
Monday special: steak fajitas
Tuesday special: $10.00 2 topping pizza
Wednesday special: shrimp and grits
Thursday special: chicken pesto with provolone and bacon in a Kaiser
Friday special: Panko fried mahi
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s!
I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore. Country music video
From Civil and Structural Engineer (2009) on use of grinder pumps in the Florida Keys.
“… life-cycle costs were higher than those of vacuum sewers. This was mainly because of the number of grinder pumps that would be required for the Keys project and the associated maintenance costs. Each dwelling would require a grinder pump and electrical connection to the dwelling. For many of the small homes in the Keys, this would have required an upgrade to their electrical systems. Furthermore, power outages, which are common in this region, would have shut down the system unless each grinder pump had its own generator, which is not practical.”
Hmm, seems to be a disagreement among engineers. Since “I trust our engineers” is the rote answer to all questions about problems with the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System, does that mean that only CRWS engineers are trustworthy and other engineers are not? Link
[Crazy Reasons] List of reasons why you could have been admitted into an insane asylum in the late 1800s.
Oldest active flight attendant celebrates 90th birthday, 63 years in sky. Link
Mr FTR. You can be very funny. You said that you didn’t blame Obama for the riots in Ferguson and went on to state how it was his fault. Hopefully you were trying to be funny. Hope Mrs FTRs operation goes well and she’s back on her feet soon.
rich pile
has $61 billion in cash do with as they will.
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[Beware of Spearfisherman]  Your new dive buddy just might be another moron with a spear gun!
[Conspiracy] We are drawn to conspiracy theories because we’re drawn to explanations that bring us, even temporarily, certainty and order.
[Sewers] Carnac the Magnificent (who could answer any question before it was asked) replied: “Insanity. ” The envelope is opened: “Why have certain elected official and agencies turned a blind eye to obvious problems with the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System?”
Consider only problems using shallow sewage injection wells, Four 120-ft. wells are being used on the CRWS though it is well known that shallow injection wells pollute nearshore waters, For that reason, deep injection wells (3,000 feet) were installed 8 years ago in Key West.
“The deep injection well was the first step in providing assurance to the public that the Southernmost Plant was not contributing to nearshore water quality problems. Link
fat spandex
[Spandex] Here a simple fact for you to research. You are more likely to hit a professional spandex wearing bike rider than a plain clothes wearing one.
When you see someone on a bike that is expensive looking, wearing all the matching gear you think that they know what they are doing and without realizing it you pass closer to them. When you see a possibly drunk or shaky person on a regular, or homemade bike, you slow down and give them more room because you aren’t sure if they will fall or dart in front of you.
Now run outside spray paint your new bike 3 different colors, wear a ripped up old tee shirt over your Lycra and add some goofy stickers to your helmet.
Most of all, please try to actually learn and obey the bike laws.
I think Winn Dixie is great. You don’t need to wipe your feet when you go in. When you are in, don’t look at the plants[?].
[“Phishing”] It is easy to stop this BS. Just fill out the information they want, but use Barak Obama’s data!
[“Brand New Ford”] Why would someone take a brand new car for service to any place other than the dealership? Thoughts I ponder.
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King Bill
with a few bugs. “Eat you heart out Neptune!”
[Sewers] The porous limestone bedrock of the Florida Keys allows this sewage to travel laterally and rise up in fresh water aquifers or into shallow nearshore waters and at the reefs. Florida is the only state that permits shallow injection of sewage. Link
No one disputes that using advanced wastewater treatment will still result in effluent with more than 100 times the phosphorous and 10 times more nitrogen than state standards allow. More than a million gallons of such effluent a day will be injected through the shallow wells and will resurface into nearshore waters — talk about insanity and shooting oneself in the foot. Use trite sound bytes, such as “I trust our engineers” to dismiss this and many other concerns with the CRWS does not magically make problems disappear, it merely postpones solving them and squanders limited funds.
[“Saltwater sprayed on the Cudjoe road and the BS on the radio”] The whole time they are digging these sewer trenches, the trencher or excavator is dumping saltwater on the roadway, unless they are trenching through a freshwater lens and destroying endangered species. The construction zone is soaked in saltwater, and yes it will rot your vehicle. That subcontractor is one of the better local contractors, and he usually would not have fresh water available to fill his water truck. Usually he would be grading a parking lot or something that is getting paved the next day. I heard he said, “Screw this job. I don’t need the aggravation” and quit. FKAA then spins it to look like an irresponsible contractor who got fired by their ever watchful and caring construction management team. You know better, and by now you should know not to trust anything that an FKAA spokesperson or your County Commissioner says. Now go rinse under your car, and hose down your bike if you have been through an FKAA construction zone. Then send a few bucks to .They really are ever watchful and caring and are your better neighbors, working just for good karma. Their lawyer, however, needs to be paid.
[Lycra bicycle riders] Is it okay to hit one and not worry about cleaning my tires of colorful smears?
the thing
The Thing
that came up with your grouper is a hermit crab minus the shell. It appears to be a giant hermit crab although not a large specimen.
As I said once before this site is not what it use to be , someone always knew what was happening here and post it before it became public knowledge, well big things are coming to the WD shopping center and WD is staying. Thank goodness!
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
My Comcast internet download speed tests at 120 mbps and, more importantly, works really, really, really fast just in case I want to play with those numbers for some reason
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LSD therapy guy,
 see you at KOTs on Stock Island.
[“Big Pine Shops closing“] I guess someone needs to slap the critic thinking BPK is a dump. Does he/she have even the slightest clue as to the hoops a business has to jump through to just replace a sign, let alone put one up? I didn’t think so. Why don’t you go cry to your County bosses that fight any improvement on BPK? Try and get a permit for landscaping and see how far you get. Then come back and discuss it with a bit more knowledge. Your rant shows your ignorance.
Just one more argument against grinder pumps. We are getting one in Sugarloaf and met with the FKAA with a list of many questions. They were very anxious to please us and promised all kinds of stuff. One biggy is that they promise, after a hurricane and no power to operate the pumps, that they will go around with trucks that have generators on them and pump out the grinder pumps which will not function without power. We asked them how many trucks they have–they don’t know.We figure, seeing there are about 2,000 pumps that run 20 min a day, minimum, that they need 60 trucks with generators working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, to service those 2,000 pumps. They’ll have a hard time with that no doubt. After Katrina we had no power in Sugarloaf for many weeks, waiting for a new pole, permits, etc. just saying…

There is also the issue of feminine products and grinder pumps which they claim are not as bad as we think. Every website checked, says the opposite. Try to enforce not disposing feminine products in the toilet when you have a rental property and a grinder pump, which is often the case.

Deer public, thanks for all your efforts, we have donated to Dump The Pump and hope for the best! ~with love from Key West

Welcome? mat.
[“Eimers’ wrongful death”] Dennis Ward said when he was State Attorney, they always went for the maximum number of grand jurors allowed by law, because it was difficult enough just scheduling 15 members to meet an any given time. He said he didn’t think the Key West mayor’s race election being next Tuesday had anything to do with the Grand Jury waiting to meet on the day following, next Wednesday.Dennis said Mark Wilson and Val Winter and the grand jurors got out their calendars when they last met, and next Wednesday was the next day a quorum of them could meet again. I said, well, when they were looking at their calendars, they saw the mayor’s election was on Tuesday, so they knew they were scheduling their next and perhaps final meeting the day after the mayor’s race. This doesn’t pass my smell test.

If the Grand Jury returns a true bill, the mayor and city commissioners and police department lose, because their claim that the cops didn’t do anything wrong don’t jive with the Grand Jury’s view.
If the Grand Jury returns a no bill, the mayor and city commissioners and police department lose, because many people will think the cover up was not presented to the Grand Jury.
I said the only way to overcome that would be for the entire Grand Jury proceedings be made public. Dennis agreed. However, it will take a judge to order the Grand Jury proceedings be made public, and if a local judge did order it, that order probably would be appealed, which would make many people even more suspicious of the way the State Attorney’s Office presented the Eimers’ case to the Grand Jury. Of course, a Grand Jury does not decide guilt or innocence. A Grand Jury decides whether or not someone has to stand trial for alleged criminal misconduct. During that trial, guilt or innocence is determined

I would never be one of them Winn Dixie homeless people. I would make just enough by selling my food stamp card to buy a used 3 wheel bike. You have a luggage compartment for cans and stuff, and you always have a seat, and you’re never loitering, you’re just resting on your bike.
drug face on lsd
[“LSD Nirvana”] How depressing. Those throwback druggies, glorifying their LSD experiences because they claim to have finally reached some kind of self-authenticated Nirvana when they were tripping in the 60s and 70s. The ancient Greeks were way ahead of them. In vino veritas. It roughly translates to “in wine there is truth”. Sure. Everything sounds pithy when you’re wasted. More like, as they say in Narcotics Anonymous, “The drugs gave me wings, then they took away the sky.” And I’m not some uptight prig. Been there, smoked, snorted and dropped that. Thank God I don’t have to live that way anymore. It’s as much of a facade as TV, consumerism, and all the other so-called social ills you find so soul-destroying.
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Did I read this right: a 43 year old, gainfully employed local woman was stopped 11 pm Aug 19 for what “visually” looked like driving 45mph on N Roosevelt Blvd, then was arrested and brought to jail after the officer called for a K9 dog, who sniffed out and found an empty marijuana pipe (with residue), but did not find marijuana?
Now this woman’s arrest record will stay on the internet forever, possibly impacting her future job career–and for what? Having a glass pipe in her possession, that can be bought legally in thousands of convenience stores all across the country (but no longer in Florida thanks to Rick Scott)? Isn’t there any common sense to KWPD law enforcement? I hope this is thrown out of court and dismissed.
[“Big pine looks like the interstate bypassed it”] That’s called short term rental ban crammed down our throats about 15 years ago by a few ‘haves’. Big Pine used to be a vibrant, busy and a full commercial community, fueled by over 2,000 legal rentals that turned over every week or two with tourist families with pockets full of vacation cash. No one wants to stay at the Big Pine Motel or Looe Key Motel for a week.
This is for the bloke that keeps dissing BPK. If it offends you so much when you pass through why don’t you take the alternative route?
[“Big Pine Key”] I also love Big Pine Key. Sure it does not look fancy, neither does Marathon. The Piners are nice folk. Long live the rock! Keep the Keys as they ought to be–nothing fancy.
The Road to World War 3. Open your eyes as to what’s really going on with America. The time is now! Video
Amish stop sign.
[Ebola] So sorry Fox News and Donald Trump, but that doctor from Africa recovered from Ebola and is out and about.   Your callow attempts to create panic didn’t work
[“Bad Mechanic on Sugarloaf”] I suggest you use social media to get your message out. The Better Business Bureau is a joke, I will promise you. I have tried getting 3 different issues resolved over the years and nothing ever happens . You will just be wasting your time unless they don’t reply to the BBB complaint. If they do comply, it is a “draw” and nothing happens as far as a black mark on the business or your car repaired.
caducis medical
[Obamacare Spurs Growth] The health-care sector is ex­pected to post revenue growth of 12.29/6, the highest of any sector, and earnings growth of 15.991., sec­ond only to the telecom industry. Health-care companies in­creased spending on buildings and equipment by 15%, the greatest surge of any sector and compared with a 24% decline in the second quarter last year, ac­cording to FactSet
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Real funny flight attendant on a discount airline. Video
Missouri KKK Chapter to Raise Funds for Ferguson Cop Who Killed Michael Brown. The New Empire Knights will be holding a fundraiser over the weekend, adding its voice to the people protesting in support of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot the unarmed Ferguson teen multiple times. Link
[“Winn Dixie Shopping Center”] I like Winn Dixie and the other businesses that operate there. The chickens do not bother me. I just wish the shopping center owners would fix Church Lane, the alley that runs behind the center. The trucks have destroyed the pavement and base rock.
[Golf] The Fox News rabble rousers bitching about Obama going to Golf after commenting on the death of the newsman obviously are not golfers themselves and do not get it
sun-sky-ctHere comes the sun!
Cornhole league begins Thursday, August 28, at 6:30 at the Looe Key Tiki Bar. Teams are co-ed and the cost is $20.00 per team which goes toward cash prizes at the end of the season. Come on in for more info and to sign up. It’s going to be a great time.
Somebody dumb is managing that BPK WD shopping center who has no idea of what it needs.  Must be a local.
hallucinate chemist
[Everyone Has His Drug] Sixty years after the publication of The Doors of Perception, Francine Stock reviews Aldous Huxley’s experiments with mescaline and asks why evolution has failed to select out our need for escape. Since earliest times we have contrived ways to alter our natural conscious state by trance or stupor or frenzy. Audio (BBC program begins at 1.02)
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Big Pine Key
. One bedroom downstairs apartment for long term rental. Canal front and dock space at seawall included. A/C, shared laundry facilities, big private drive and side yard that only you use. 28372 County Rd. No smoking anywhere on property. Available August 30th. $900 per month–includes utilities. Call Debra Jo Classified Ads > For Rent
I just read that the reason they are not arresting any looters in Ferguson is because Eric Holder’s justice department has reclassified them. They are not looters anymore. They are undocumented shoppers.
FTR you still do not understand that those who contradict your writing DO NOT READ YOUR WORDS by definition, they are so mind blind as not to understand anything with more than one syllable. Just think if you wrote in a higher educated language level. Duh yup! I’z a democrap!
I’m just catching up with The Sopranos. Can anyone familiar with the show tell me, in very basic terms, how the HUD scam worked. If this seems off topic for the CT, explain it to me as if it were happening in the Keys. Tony Soprano could be Bubba Soprano for example. Just keep it simple. I know the mob got mortgages on crack house slum-holes with legitimate front men signing the papers. Then they tore out stuff they could scrap for good money, like copper pipes. Then they got government backed mortgages. I just don’t know how it all fits
[“Drinking in public”] This is the joke of laws. What difference does it make where you libate? Just because some righteous holy can’t get any, they don’t want you to. Or is it a merchant move to keep you in bars to capture your wallet? Of course it is a money maker for the inept junta that so wish to have a Jaws[?] incident here and all the free tourist publicity that goes with it. Follow the money.
I just drove over the newer Bahia Honda Bridge and looked over at the old crumbling bridge.  Once it was new and pristine looking.  How much longer before the “new” bridge looks like that?  What then?  Who will pay?  Shouldn’t we be saving up for that inevitable day?
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bacon pig screaming pan
[“Ransom supports Muslims”]
Pay them in Oscar Mayer stock!
The holy rollers that are coming out of their closets are getting seriously dangerous in that they are gaining power in the media, in politics and international wealth. Can you imagine a world full of dreamers and hypocrite god freaks ruling this planet? That scares the hell out of me!
[Unedited Critic] To the obviously misogynistic dingaling who said FTRs critic couldnt be a man, got news for ya bubba..wasnt my post but youre wrong and your grammar sucks. maybe YOU can spend your evenings learning to write like something other than a neanderthal.
[“Gay Marriage”] sure gays should have the same rights as straight people, but what happens to their kids when they grow up to about 4 or 5 and realize their parents are bent? Do they get bent too? What chance do they have of being straight? Reality is not multi-colored, it is blood red![?]
I had the good fortune to meet Mrs FTR and she is a fine lady with a big smile. Get well soon!
How do you know it’s the Chinese that hacked into Lower Keys Medical Center’s data base?
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from the right
ON FRIDAY A POSTER WROTE: “Good gawd (sic) FTR, you know nothing in Ferguson because you refuse to listen. It’s that simple. The Justice Dept was requested by the local Ferguson residents, politicians and authorities. Your obsession with President Obama is so overt, we all here in the lower Keys have branded you a nut. I use this specific adage daily: God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.FTR’S RESPONSE: Good gawd (sic) I can’t tell you how proud I am that EVERYONE in the lower Keys reads these humble postings. My dear sainted Mom would be very proud.

dept of justice logoBut, once again, the left field critic is dead wrong. On all counts. I can find no reports that any “locals” asked the DOJ to intervene. Certainly, the local government did not, nor did the local PD. To the local authorities, the Feds are about as welcome as scabies. The locals are being cooperative with DOJ, but only to the point that they are forced to be. In fact DOJ leaks have criticized Ferguson authorities. The Feds don’t like Ferguson authorities, and the Ferguson authorities don’t like or welcome the Feds.

But Governor Nixon certainly did ask for DOJ intervention. That’s the same Democrat politico who prejudged the incident and told the world that a prosecution was necessary in order to deliver “justice” to the Brown family. Deer Friends, that statement was ethically and morally reprehensible. But it was true to form and was perfectly predictable Democrat politicos being what they are. It’s probable that the Obama admin actually asked Nixon to ask for DOJ intervention.

What is lost in all of this is that there is a local grand jury convening. That is right and proper. It is probable that is Wilson is indicted by a state or federal grand jury, Governor Nixon’s comments will be found to be so prejudicial that Wilson cannot get a fair trial.

You can be dead certain that the Obama admin and Obama’s DOJ will figure out a way to prosecute and to pillory Officer Wilson, no matter what the facts turn out to be. Both Obama and Holder have made statements that strongly suggest that is their game plan. This is the same set of people who have consistently bashed police. Both chose to ignore that they are supposed to respect the law, and to go only where the facts lead them. To them the facts matter not. They are hard wired and convinced that the officer’s actions were racially motivated. Obama and Holder are hard wired to accept only one outcome in this situation; that is the hide of Officer Wilson nailed to a barn door, and his scalp hanging from their belts.

You may want to consider that only two days after Brown’s death, in Salt Lake City, Utah, 22 y/o Dillon Taylor, became embroiled in a confrontation with local police. Taylor was unarmed, but he was killed by a police officer, a black police officer. Are you surprised that Obama and Holder have no interest in that death even though there were protests against this killing, yet Obama and Holder have no interest in this death.

good newsPart 2) STRICTLY PERSONAL: I am deeply relieved that Mrs. FTR’s surgery seems to have gone better than expected. She is able to walk and sit in a chair. She will have to wear a very restrictive neck brace for a few months, but that is a small price to pay for the pain relief that she is now enjoying. The surgery lasted about 4.5 hours. Prior to the surgery, for about 3 months she suffered from level 7 or above pain all of her waking hours. Today that pain has dropped to about level 3 and should diminish soon. I’m a very relieved. We expect she will have to remain in the hospital for another few days. I’ll try to post as often as I can.