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Friday, January 26, 2018

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[Debris] The County has set a deadline for the final debris removal between MM 28-40, Little Torch to Big Bine and No Name Keys. Sunday January 28 is the last day to put hurricane debris on the roadways.

[Government Shutdown] My kid asked me if the Government shuts down do we have to obey the laws? I told her that we did because the real government has all the guns and tanks, so we couldn’t do anything anyway.
The invasive New Guinea flatworm is tiny, slimy and carnivorous. It moves like a worm, hunts in numbers and has a voracious appetite for tree snails, endangered or not. In the short time the flatworm as been here in the Florida Keys (since November 2016), there has been a steady decline in snails, which serve as an important food source for small animals, says local biologist Jim Duquesnel.

Moving slowly and measuring only 1 to 3 inches long, the flatworm has an innocuous presence that doesn’t elicit fear or shrieks. It’s just not something people commonly would notice despite potentially posing a human health hazard as a toxic parasite carrier. They’re also hard to find as they tend to hang out in flower pots or in leaf litter. But if one is found, there’s a good chance more are hidden close by. The flatworm’s mouth is located in the middle of its white belly and can penetrate through a snail’s shell to consume its flesh.

“They are a large threat (to snails),” said Tim Collins, director of graduate biological sciences at Florida International University. “They hunt in packs and in some parts of the world they were introduced intentionally to eat the Giant African snail, and groups of these flatworms would take the giant snail down.” Link

[“Why can’t people be racist?”]  I don’t like anyone who is not like me. And even them, I mostly don’t like.


[Wood Chipper] 4 cylinder gas.  Ford engine. 10” throat. Runs good. Makes little sticks out of big sticks. Good tires. $3200 located on 20th Street Ocean in Marathon Eric (352) 207-6492

[Conspiracyman] The story given concerning the missile emergency alert in Hawaii seems to be a cover-up. What many aren’t aware of is that 3 days later the same incident occurred in Japan. According to some boat charter contacts I know in Hawaii, they reported that 1/2 hour before the alert went off, what they believed to be a meteor, had exploded in the ocean off the coast of Honolulu. According to some naval contacts, it is believed that the navy intercepted a ballistic missile fired from a type 2 Israeli dolphin submarine. It is believed that the sub was sunk by the navy also. It is believed that the purpose behind this act was to blame North Korea for the missile attack. This wouldn’t be the first time Israelis would attempt a false flag event. Considering that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty back in 1967 making it look as if the Liberty was attacked by the Egyptian air force. The act was due to Israel’s attempt to foil negotiations between Egypt and the U.S.
We will not be able to hold our Big Pine Computer Club meeting at the library this coming Saturday, the 27th. Unavailability of the meeting room is probably going to be ongoing.  If anyone has an idea for a possible future meeting location (wi-fi included), please email me. Betz
[Fat Albert] Thanks a lot for the post about the Aerostat balloon nicknamed “Fat Albert” For you, maybe is just a governmental project, but for Cubans are passion, jail, torture, resistance and dirt of liberty. In Cuba’s darkest moment Fat Albert was the only way to know the truth about our self and the world. Knowing or not, that post literally is a little history of another country. If possible, please expand it and improved it and link it to TV-Marti Chronological Story. Link
[Debris in Canals] The process to restore canals in the Keys is apparently complex. Monroe County, representing unincorporated parts of the Keys such as Big Pine, Key Largo and several others, along with incorporated areas, must each draft and sign individual memos of understanding with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission originally was also part of the multi-agency venture but has since pulled out. Monroe County Commissioner George Neugent says that all the bureaucratic shuffling means the county’s hands are tied.

“It’s not in the hands of the county, and it’s going to take millions of dollars in cleanup (costs),” Neugent said.

While it has been reported that DEP would take on most or all of the costs, that hasn’t been finalized. As that debate continues, Neugent says that the canals will continue to be beset by floating and sunken garbage.

[Free Flu Shots] It’s not too late. Saturday January 27 at Marathon Park from 11 am to 3 pm and on Friday, February 2, in Key West at the Gato building at 1100 Simonton St, from noon to 4 pm.
[Pot] Buy marijuana seeds. Link
[Mold] Deer Renter with mold, I hope you had renter’s insurance. Mold is a bad scene. My face swells up & I look like a Downs Syndrome person. Thanks to all those moldy scuba dive “resorts” which I can no longer expose myself to mold. Run, don’t walk away from being in any area enclosed with mold. My vote is it is all bad and hurts people.



Aging musicians still with us.

[Crooks] How can the sewer company charge us for sewage removal if we are not hooked up yet? The sewer system isn’t working right anyway. Are they doing something illegal?


China’s record breaking 4,000 ft long bridge. Video

[“Habitat Hammers free help”] Nice info you provided, but what’s the area income needed to qualify?
[“Turd world”] I’ve already booked my vacation! Namibia turned ‘shithole’ slur into a spoof sales pitch for a safari tour. Warning ⚠️ excessive use of the word “shithole.” Video

Levi Roots’ Jamaican Porridge
175g organic porridge oats (oatmeal)
720 ml water
400ml can coconut milk
½ tsp all spice ground
A cinnamon stick or ½ tsp ground cinnamon
A good grating of nutmeg or ½ tsp ground
1 bay leaf
large pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond
Sweetened condensed milk to tastePut the water in the pan in which you want to cook your porridge. And the spices and bay leaf and bring to a simmer. Stir in the coconut milk and add the salt.

Add the porridge oats to the fragrant spiced liquid, bring to the boil and then turn down the heat to a gentle simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring often. Personally, I don’t like porridge too stiff, I like to make sure it can still move around the pan adding more coconut milk or water if necessary.

Spoon your porridge into bowls and add whatever takes your fancy. I like my porridge sweet so add a bit of condensed milk

[Science] Roll a magazine into a tube. Now, keeping both eyes open, look through it with one eye. Compared with the plain view, the tube-filtered scene will seem brighter, as if lit by a flashlight. This makeshift torch will even make textures and patterns pop. No one has a definitive explanation for this false illumination. Neuroscientists’ best guess is that it has something to do with the way our brain interprets contrast. Within a tubular sight, the circular border appears darker than the environment within it. This triggers something called the brightness enhancement effect, in which your perception of an object’s luminosity changes when you view it alongside something else. In fact, researchers found that the interior view appears nearly twice as bright as what’s outside it. Radiologists sometimes use the illusion’s power to make out faint yet potentially important details on scans, like a slight bone fracture or a tiny tumor. Even if the light is all in our head, in a pinch, it still works
Has anyone tried Tonio’s (formerly The Wharf, formerly Billie’s, on the west end of the Niles Channel Bridge)?
Musician and Textile Artist Selected as January 2018 Artists-in-Residence. Link


[Hanging Cables] Does anyone know what company owns the cables that are hanging from the Spanish Harbor Bridge and Bahia Honda Bridge in the water. Both areas have had cable crews working there and not one crew will rehang or remove these cables. This is a big danger to boaters and something has to be addressed.

[Debris] The governor’s pal MCM has again failed to meet a deadline for cleaning up Irma trash. Who’da thunk in an area of half mil and million dollar homes there’d still be trash lining the streets?




Grammar Police

[Patience] Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. ~Emerson
[Going To The Big City] Has anybody been to Key Plaza lately in Key West? We walked from Kmart to the smoothy place. I had a hooker trying to pick me up; she was very aggressive about it. My wife was lagging behind, but was close enough to hear what was said. Glad the young lady walked off before I needed bail money for wifey.  A guy with the hooker was selling something he said was Blues? 4 or 5 drunks passing a bottle of vodka and some really crazy women telling all who would listen, very loudly, how her boyfriend would be mayor! Jesus, KWPD clean that hot mess up please. It is disgusting in that entire parking lot and next to Home Depot as well. If you wanted to take a bus you would have to clean the bums off the benches first. With everybody in Key West hiring this is unacceptable.




Ice festival in China. Link

Love your news. I’ve been keeping up for years. Thank you for the honest news!
The Keys Chamber Orchestra is beginning their next series of rehearsals for our Easter concerts March 19th, 21st and maybe the 25th.  We will meet on Summerland February 4th and 11th at 2:00 p.m. and on Big Pine the following 4 Sundays at 2:00 p.m.  We are looking for additional instrumentalists to join our merry band of noise makers so if you or someone you know plays an orchestral or concert band instrument, we would like to include you in our community.  All ages welcome.  Please email Wayne for location details and to answer any questions you may have.
Weed for warriors project. Welcome home! Link


[Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People] Humanity has 30 years to find out. Link

[Irma Repair] I know this is a dumb question, but who in the Lower Keys will do soffit and fascia repairs at a decent price, without me having to remortgage my freak in’ house?
[Mold] I’m pretty overwhelmed right now and just need some info, encouragement — anything. I just realized that after having my bathroom remodeled and remediated for a small area of mold from a long-term slow leak, that my Jacuzzi jetted tub is drawing air from under the tub (where the mold was), and that is why my eyes start burning every time I take a bath. Am I correct that the pump down there is drawing mycotoxins in and shooting them out in my tub? and that there is no way to completely kill or removed the mycotoxins down there? and that getting a new pump will not solve the problem? Does anyone here have any experience with mold in their jetted tub?
[The Rio Canal] Why not dig the Rio Grand wider and deeper to allow ships from the Gulf to the Pacific and say screw the Panama canal? So it takes years, so what, just put all the Mexicans, druggies, and criminals to work digging it.
[Get High and Die] While habitual cocaine users contend with a certain risk of death due to their drug abuse, the DEA is warning that even tiny amounts of opioid-laced coke circulating in Florida can be fatal. So far, this highly addictive combination has mostly avoided the Florida Keys, despite a recent analysis of seized cocaine.


Launch Scrubbed: Jan. 11 Delta IV NROL-47. Video

Catherine Deneuve just came out with a letter that 100 other woman signed to combat this sick suing crap that is plaguing this planet. She has had enough of the money hungry woman out to get what they can from the rich guys. I would love to see a list of all the woman accusing men of ass grabbing. They would never get any ever again! A list of their lawyers would be nice too.
[Death of Montezuma 1518 Mexico] Several of our men had covered Montezuma with their shields while he was addressing his would-be rescuers; but as the attack was now momentarily suspended, they were not so very particular in shielding his person. Unfortunately, the hostilities immediately again commenced, and before it could be prevented Montezuma was struck by an arrow [by those trying to free him from his Spanish captors], and three stones from a sling, by which he was wounded in the arm, leg, and in his head; so that the unhappy monarch was forced to be carried back to his apartment. We were immediately going to bandage up his wounds, and begged of him to take something strengthening; but he refused everything, and, contrary to all expectation, we soon heard that he had expired.

Cortes, his officers, and all of us, shed tears for this unfortunate monarch; indeed many of our men, who had been in constant attendance on him, mourned for him as if they had lost a parent. Even father Olmedo himself, who never for a moment left his side, and who, notwithstanding all his efforts, had not been able to convert him to Christianity, could not refrain from shedding tears. And no one will feel surprised at this who knew what a very kind-hearted person Montezuma was.


[Trash Talking] I have traveled to all parts of this planet, seen what it is like to live in all countries, and believe me, the president is absolutely correct about shitholes. 99 percent of earths inhabitants should be culled for fertilizer. They do not deserve to live here, only we do.

[Beautiful People Are Nicer] Ever notice the protesters and hate groupies are always the uglies and airheads? Their mental and physical frustrations drive them insane. Seems only the beautiful people are stable! Time to cull the corral.
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