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Friday, June 27, 2014

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[Dead Tourist] Watch the bystander’s video of Charles Eimers arrest on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day, the day after he arrived hoping Key West would be where he would retire and live happily ever after. This short video destroyed the version written in the cops’ incident reports and what they told FDLE. The cops didn’t yet know of the bystanders’ video, which was smuggled to Arnaud and Naja. But for the video, there would have been no case to break. Mr Emiers never resisted arrest and complied with all police orders. 3 cops with guns drawn for leaving a traffic stop without permission? Video
[“Canal cleanup”] I disagree with your belief that dry lot owners would not benefit from cleaner canals, thus should not help pay for the clean up. All of us in the Keys make our money from the environment, through tourism. Cleaner canals led to better resources which lead to more tourist dollars. Without the tourist coming here to visit, our local economy would fold and the dry lot owners would be unemployed and in foreclosure. Even if our jobs are not directly linked to tourism, it is the tourist dollar which trickles down to each and everyone. So please remember this when we vote.
[Dusty the Frog] My (clears throat) “cleaning lady” must have missed dusting under the vanity as this little fellow can attest.
Here’s an odd headline: Jury recommends second death sentence.
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summer lightning
[Lightening] Most cars are safe from lightning, but it is the metal roof and metal sides that protect you, not the rubber tires. Height, pointy shape, and isolation are the dominant fac­tors controlling where a lightning bolt will strike. The pres­ence of metal makes absolutely no difference on where lightning strikes.
[Exempt] Who does not pay federal income tax? Link
[“Candidate forum”] McAdams raised the peoples’ eyebrows when professed to seeing the Keys as a small little village that she wants to keep the way she thinks it is. That makes her, to be kind, just a wee bit unrealistic in how she views our world.
[Paradise Expensive] My wife, kids and I sat down at our dinning room table and figured out what it costs to live in the Lower Keys per day. Electric, water, taxes, insurance, maintenance, cost of food, fuel, cloths, everything we need to exist except vacations or play stuff. The way it works out, it is cheaper to rent a freaking hotel room suite for four, than to own or rent a house. Scary!
[“Shingles shot”] That is not something you want. First off, it is not very effective, second, it is injecting live shingles vaccine into you and you are temporarily a carrier for chicken pox. But it gets worse, much worse. Here’s what else it contains: MSG (which is a whole lot worse for you when it bypasses your digestive system,) Calf blood, Pork gelatin, Antibiotic, Sugar, Residual cell DNA and protein from a healthy 14 week old baby boy aborted in 1966. (they don’t exactly proclaim that on their ads!)Disgusted? You should be. The alternative to the shot is 500mg of B12 daily as preventative, and if it’s too late, a B12 shot if you are afflicted. Or you can trust the drug companies and the FDA.

Here are two good links you should read before you get a shingles shot or allow your child to get a chicken pox shot (that one has aborted baby girl fetus cells). Link Link


[Safety] A person took this picture, in Shakopee, MN.  He and one of his co-workers were driving by and had to circle the block. It’s a guy cutting down a tree in his back yard. The cops showed up, telling the guy he couldn’t do what he was doing. He told them to go to hell — it’s his property and his tree. Safety be damned!

crusted-fish-cream-sauceTGIF from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today we have a couple of great specials for you, crevice with chips and a parmesan crusted mahi mahi with a tomato basil cream sauce. Why not try both for a palate pleasing combination.Tonight we also have our karaoke dance party with DJ Nick. So join us and let your hair down, maybe sing a few and dance your booty off.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s
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justcloud logo[Cloud Storage] If any of you are looking for online backup, look no longer. JustCloud backs up all your stuff automatically every day or whenever you tell it to. They back it up on two different locations for added security. I used it for a year and it’s saved my butt a couple of times. It’s very easy to use. The trick to getting a great deal is that once you show interest for their reasonably priced $96 a year service they will keep emailing you, lowering the price over a period of weeks, until you get the price that I did of $27 a year. Dropbox’s same service is about $400 a year. Link
[“Canal restoration letter”] Mr. Hawkins, Another way to look at this situation is; I have never had children attend any of the schools in Monroe County, but have paid taxes for over 30 years for the education of our children.All the water that surrounds us whether on a dry lot or wet lot is enjoyed by one and all, and with the restoration of the 5 canals it might help with the health of our water and coral reefs.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue, hope you might consider other thoughts on the canal restoration.

ant carrying hotdog
[Missing hotdog] I wonder what happened to the defunct owner of SeaSide Dawgs, Jim Frenzel? All of a sudden the restaurant is cleared out of the equipment that I bought with my retirement money! Pretty nice that he shows up in Marathon with 6 grand. All else was funded by me and all is gone. I wonder where he went and wonder if I’ll get my money back. Now he has his bill collectors calling and emailing me. Careful, watch this guy if he’s still in the Keys.
[Fat Ass] Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day—and what you can do about it. Your computer is killing you! Link
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eye chart focus
[Eyesight] A recent article in the Philly Inquirer reported that a woman, Anne Maynard, has sued Wills Eye Hospital, saying that after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex. A hospital spokesman stated, “Mr. Maynard was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight!
Regarding the Looe Key Tiki Bar, it sounds like the actual owner has finally gotten involved to fix the free-fall that place has been in for the last few years. He got rid of that jerk owner/manager guy, brought back George the old bartender, and somehow got Brice to return (who may be the nicest/smartest guy in the Keys). If he starts lowering the prices back to a reasonable level, I for one will return to calling the Tiki Bar a locals hangout again. Screw the tourist crowd they’ve been trying to steal from Boondocks. It’s always been a local’s hangout. That’s where their money is. (And what happened to the bartender Beth? Bring her back too!)   ~
[Sewers] Kerry Shelby from FKAA on US1 Radio. I hope you get to listen to it on Morning Magazine. What a slippery interview.
-said people had lost sight of the good intent — as if we are doing this for our personal gain
-said people had responded well to the project outreach -when it was 600 outlying pumps — perhaps speaker did not know how many pumps were planned, yet chastised people for inaccurate statements
-said no one has suggested stopping installation — hah!
-“very good transparency” — not misleading, right?
-blames the contractor for the Sun Sentinel ad “oversight” — yeah, like the Walker email was an “oversight” too?
-important to meet the mandate — they know they won’t
-said $7 million for deep well might better be spent for reused water delivery — here did they get that number?
“Book review of Heavy Wait by Sloan Bashinsky...”.
[Crazy Email] Hello, I have been contracted to fix up 5 HP Compaq Presario cq62-209 (5 laptops) but at the moment i am far away attending to some other jobs. In view of this i want you to handle the fixing of the laptops on agreed terms. These are what need to be done on the laptops.
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pray islam
They say that soccer (football) is the most popular sport in the world. I think it’s second, right after the more popular “My god is better than your god”.
[Recycling Seaweed] Until recently big ships were going out from North and South Carolina and scooping up the Sargasso weed to be used for fertilizer or something.  The insanity of this was finally recognized and the practice was stopped.
The shingles vaccine is a product in search of a market. Their marketing plan is to scare the crap out of us geezers and it sure seems to be working around here
Good luck Mr. police man!
[“Jerk boater”] I wonder if that Big Piner who rammed his boat into the anchored sailboat knew that nobody was seriously injured when he fled the scene?
[“Gluten free”] My screwy, hippy lady friend convinced me I was gluten intolerant so I switched. That was one of the worst times I had in recent memory. I craved dough, light, fluffy, tender dough. The only gluten free bread or dough products I could find felt like bricks and tasted pretty much like bricks too. Come to find out I wasn’t gluten intolerant after all that fuss.
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fish28[Fish Question] Every single day there are photos of people in the Citizen and other papers holding up their trophy fish, perhaps from a fishing boat charter or maybe just a lucky day out on their own. That’s great and of course, no surprise.I’m curious how those fish are then “disposed” of. What percentage do you think are taken home and eaten? sold to restaurants/wholesalers? released and thrown back? For example, what do you do with a dead 20lb barracuda? I’m not aware that is a safe fish to eat and it’s probably equally not a safe fish to catch and release. Or a 30-35 lb dolphin? Wow, you better have a big freezer! Huge grouper?

No hidden motive, just curious as I’m strictly an occasional back country mangrove snapper amateur fisherman and then, only to pass some time. Never had interest in the big fish or offshore fishing so I’m curious what happens after you land that big one?

[“Shingles vaccine”] In a clinical trial involving thousands of adults 60 years old or older, Zostavax reduced the risk of shingles by about half (51%) and the risk of post-herpetic neuralgia by 67%. While the vaccine was most effective in people 60-69 years old it also provided some protection for older groups.
from-the-reichDeer Ed, the link to “From the Reich” seems to be down, well at least on my iPhone and iPad. So I you could pass this on to FTR guy.  (Ed: I removed the link a few days ago as people were still using the regular contact us links and it seemed redundant. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Please use the regular contact us links for the newly reinstated national politics crap.)
It’s true about the Jersey women! for the most part all that I have met were over weight, loud, and self absorbed. Why?
[Slow Selling] After looking through eBay, Amazon, and other places to sell my junk, I realize how bad our economy is. Nobody is buying anything. art, tools, cameras, computers, and anything not really needed is not selling at all. People are scared and I do not blame them!
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banana 2d turn
Somebody on here ruined it for those Costa Rican banana hauling guys. Now all of our recent college graduates are going to flock down there, illegally, and take their jobs.
[Editor Sucks] I have been occasionally “tuned-in” to and have contributed to the commentary of this publication for the last year or so. This Unsocial Media has great potential as it is in the midst of government(s) run amok and a public with unlimited social disparity. It is too bad that the editor is part of the establishment and doesn’t post many contributions that disagree with his politics, claiming rudeness, yadda, yadda, yadda. I have never posted anything that could or should have been considered distasteful. My only fault being that none of my ideas support the editor’s extreme conservative rants and slants. This rag could be a true underground paper and might even make more for its owner with a conversion. (Editor: I don’t know what he’s talking about, I really don’t. Writing as well as he does would have automatically gotten him published no matter what crap we spouted on about. I suspect he’s talking about another Big Pine “paper”.)
It is interesting that several weeks have passed since I posted a request for comment on the local governments of Monroe County and City of Key West commission memberships. There has been no response. Are you county voters happy with your five person commission? Do you all, especially on Big Pine Key, feel well represented, or do you think the county should have more commissioners? Key West voters, do you like paying seven commissioners to do the job that formerly five did well for many years? The County has three times the population of the city yet the City has two more commissioners than the county. Does that make any sense? Just a few questions that should bring some interesting answers if anyone cares.
[Manatee Stranded on Florida Beach After Exhausted From Mating
] This was a headline on Yahoo this morning. When I read it I laughed so hard coffee blew out my nose. What was not mentioned in the article due to political correctness was that they later discovered the beached “manatee” was actually a Jersey girl named Blanche. Link
Instead of wasting another $500M on Syria, I wish Obama would just send it to Detroit.  That would make more sense.  OK, chime in here, morons.  Detroit’s coming back no matter what you think (and I use that term loosely).
[Two-faced] FTR, well you’ve unwittingly made my point. If that had been a photo of Obama or any other Democrat meeting with ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq. Well then the wailing, pounding of chest and the gnashing of teeth could have been heard in the vacuum of space. Bit since it was a Republican, it’s ok.
Screw Cheney, McCain and the rest of their ilk.  Get our people out of Iraq and Afghanistan now!  I am really tired of seeing our blown apart wounded hero warriors on TV, we already have more than we know what to do with, we don’t need any more.  Keep picking off the bad guys with unmanned drones like Obama has wisely been doing.  Just keep paying off anyone who complains about it, this will be cheaper and safer in the long run.  Like Willy Nelson says, “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.”  The time to fold ’em has long past.
If the Right  sues President Obama he should just play the Rick Scott card. Simply go to a deposition and only answer your name. Some posters on here think that makes you a wonderful and trustworthy politician. Name only and invoke the 5th Amendment 100 times. The same folks heralding Scott’s brilliant patriotism will surely think the same of our President right? Hmmmm. bet that will be considered “different”. It wouldn’t be.
The IRS is people too!  They should all be waterboarded, same with the VA.  Do it live on Fox News.  The Cheneys and Palin will joyfully help, I am sure.
from the right
corruption27It’s happened again! Charlie Crist’s BFF Ponzi artist, thief, corruptor, Scott Rothstein was back in court the other day in Ft. Lauderdale. This time he was testifying in the wire fraud trial of Christina Kitterman, an attorney who formerly worked for him. Normally that info would be of little more than passing interest. But during the course of this latest testimony from Rothstein he again testified under oath that he had huge influence over then-Gov. Charlie Crist. He testified that in a quid pro quo relationship, Crist appointed him to Judicial Nominating Commissions and that he used his appointments to those commissions to improperly ensure that Crist’s personal favorites were nominated to the 4th District Court of Appeal and to the Broward Circuit Court. Rothstein further testified that his relationship with Crist ensured that his own preferred candidates who would “favor our law firm” would be appointed to the bench by Crist.Charlie’s record keeps coming back to haunt him. If it’s not his lousy record as our governor, it’s his seemingly insatiable appetite to associate with and accept favors from really bad people, corruptors.

Photo caption: Crist and Rothstein share an intimate happy moment.

Part 2) The Obama administration seems totally unable to accept even an iota of responsibility for their myriad foul ups. Even though it has been manifestly evident for months that Iraq was unstable and vulnerable to the ever increasing power and presence of ISSI, Team Obama found an excuse for it’s failure to act. As Islamist militants took yet another Iraqi town today, this one home to four natural gas fields an hour’s drive from Baghdad, the Obama administration’s defense to foreign policy critics is to claim ignorance, telling members of Congress that they never saw the incursion coming because of limited intelligence.

While hard drives crash and evidence is destroyed, Obama once again uses the “dog ate my homework” excuse for the failures of his administration.  When will the Congressional Democrats rise up in revolt, or will they go along to get along?